Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e16 Episode Script

Escape from the Mountain of Death!

1 Yikes, it's freezing.
Why are we in the mountains during winter? Well, why not? It's not often we get the chance to see nature in all its glory.
This place is so remote it's not marked on any map.
Hey! The boss is really here, right? I'll give it to you good if you tricked me! Cool your jets.
He should've got here before us with Reborn.
What's out here in the mountains anyway? Reborn asked me to help with Tsuna's training.
I figured the two of you could lend a hand.
Well, all you've gotta do is mention the boss's name and I'll go anywhere.
Help me! I'm gonna fall! Help me! B-Boss! Tsuna! You're quite a troublesome little brother.
Th-Thanks, Dino-san.
It's no big deal.
Target 16 Escape from Death Mountain! Escape from Death Mountain.
Sorry about that.
Like that makes it better! I really screwed up there.
My bad, Tsuna.
No, it's okay.
Just think if we hadn't been there to help Huh? Wait a sec Uh, Dino-san? Your men aren't with you today? Nah, they went to a hot spring.
Hot spring?! Gotta let them rest their bones every once in a while.
It's part of a boss's job to take care of his men.
That means Dino-san's going to be totally useless today.
And here I felt relieved to have him along Something wrong? No, nothing.
By the way, where's Reborn? Wasn't he with you? Only until the base of the mountain.
He told me to climb the rest of the way myself.
"Around Here!" He left this map.
It's awfully simple.
Yeah, and I ended up lost and almost falling off some cliffs What a nightmare.
It's training.
Do your best.
It's all kiddy and cute.
If he says it's around here, we should check out the area.
This isn't a joke! How can we find him with this map? Around Here See.
Found it.
That was fast! You're right.
It says "around here.
" There's also something written underneath.
Beware of Falling Bears Beware of falling bears?! What's this? Maybe it's supposed to say falling rocks.
Or just beware of bears? That's a dumb mistake.
We really should be careful.
As if bears are going to start falling on us.
A-A bear! And it's actually falling down! Bear! H-Head's up, boss! Run for it! Bear! Aren't bears supposed to be hibernating right now?! I've heard they wake up from time to time.
That's not the issue here! It doesn't matter! Help! Up here! We're saved.
Around Here Beware of Surprises Again?! Beware of surprises? Oh, there's a bat here.
Baseball freak.
But what kind of surprise does he have in mind? Is somebody hiding in the bushes? Move, Tsuna! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Help! Okay! Yamamoto! This is fun.
You're amazing, Yamamoto! Thanks! It's like nature's batting cage! Okay! Bring it on! You want more? I can't let Yamamoto steal the show.
Give me a bigger surprise! Go-Gokudera-kun.
Don't worry.
Bring it on! Note: This is a play on words with "Big Kuri" (Kuri = Chestnut) and "Bikkuri" meaning "Surprise".
So I get a surprisingly big chestnut?! What a sad bunch.
Our training won't go very far if you can't even handle this.
Reborn! This was all your doing?! I went to a lot of trouble to make an exact replica of Italy's Death Mountain.
I wish you'd try harder.
D-Death Mountain? What is that? A secret Vongolian training facility.
It's said to be the toughest place on Earth.
Only one in a hundred people return alive.
O-One in a hundred?! That sounds like fun.
It's more entertaining when they joke around like that.
No Yamamoto, he's serious.
Tsuna, if you can safely clear this place, you'll have leveled up quite a bit.
I'll be here to watch over you, so have at it.
N-Now just hold on.
I never agreed to this.
It's so cold! Help me! What is this training for?! Reborn! Say something! Don't whine like that, Tsuna.
That's right.
A member of the Mafia should be able to endure the cold.
It's not fair to say that when you're sitting under a foot warmer! Just looking at him makes me cold.
This is more like how to become an ascetic than training.
Not good I'm gonna pass out Ow! Ow! What are these? It wouldn't be very exciting if you just stood under the waterfall.
You have to dodge those things at the same time.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Concentrate harder.
Don't ask for the impossible after tying me up! Do something about it, then.
Oh, and you should look up.
What the heck is that?! You'd better hurry up.
Once that thing falls, you'll be a pancake.
Life, for a man, is a battlefield Are you trying to kill me?! You're still alive, so don't complain.
Yeah, calm down.
I'm leaving.
Boss Reborn, you're not gonna stop him? I don't care.
Huh? So training's canceled? If he can make it off Death Mountain alive by himself, he's strong enough.
What's wrong? Aren't you leaving? Fine, I'll train! Since you guys are here, you can help with the next part.
Ah! Enzio.
When did he get here? S-Stupid! If you throw Enzio into the water! Listen up, fellas.
The next task will be a deathmatch with Enzio.
D-Don't be ridiculous! H-He's huge! H-He's The spirits! The spirits of the mountain are enraged! Settle down, calm down! Settle down, calm down! That's not it! You've seen this happen before.
Enzio is Dino-san's pet.
Settle down, calm down! Settle down, calm down! In any case, we can't do anything to him when he's that big.
Run for it! If you miss one step, you'll be flattened like a pancake! Not good! We can't shake him! Cross the bridge! I-It's swaying! Calm down, Tsuna! Easier said than done! Ah! Here it comes! You guys go on ahead! I'll buy you time! Don't be stupid! You can't do anything! He's right! Your men aren't around! It's on, Enzio! He cut the ropes supporting the bridge Crap! You dumbass! Ow You okay, boss? I-I'm alive The tree branches cushioned our fall.
Yeah, but where's Enzio? It's okay now.
The sun dried him out and shrunk him quite a bit.
You guys are lucky.
If Enzio hadn't flipped over while you were all unconscious, you'd be I'm sorry.
My hand slipped.
Like saying your hand slipped is gonna make up for it! Now, now.
We're all okay.
Everything worked out in the end.
Right? Who said we're out of the woods yet? The problem now is figuring out where we are.
You don't know?! This mountain is just like Death Mountain.
Nobody who's gotten lost has ever returned alive.
It's truly a mountain of death.
This is seriously not funny! What'll we do?! Don't worry, boss! I've got this thing! Oh, great! You can use that to call for help.
Uh, sorry.
I'm not getting any reception Just stay calm.
I've got a cell that even works in the desert.
A satellite phone! Huh? Was this how it looked? O-Our hopes have been shattered.
And just so you know, all of the food was left behind.
A final blow to people already in despair! We need to get out of here fast, before it gets dark.
It'll be really cold if we have to camp out overnight.
Camp out? No way Let's try survival! You're enjoying this, aren't you?! I've got enough for you.
This was your fault to begin with! I'm going to survey our surroundings so we can survive.
Yeah, let's enjoy ourselves.
Okay, let's go.
I-It's gonna eat me! I-It's gonna eat me! It's gonna eat me! You almost got eaten a bunch of times.
Don't look so amused when you say that! Uh, shouldn't we wait for help somewhere? Hey, there's a perfect spot.
A cave? We'd be sheltered from the cold in there.
Be careful.
It could be the den of some ferocious animal.
This is bad.
What if I almost get eaten again? You're the only one who has to worry about that.
So sorry! Okay.
I'll take a look inside.
I can't let you do that.
I'll be the one to protect the boss.
Got it.
Be my guest.
Boss! You can count on me! Y-Yeah.
Be careful.
Give us a shout if you run into any trouble.
Like I'm gonna shout for help, moron.
Gokudera-kun screamed! Something's coming out.
There it is! Huh, Bianchi?! Oh! Welcome, Reborn! Ciao-su.
Wh-Why? Why is Bianchi here? Three days ago, I was searching for poisonous mushrooms and somehow wound up here.
So you're lost too? Don't be silly.
This is a pretty amusing place, though.
Every time I try to leave, I end up back here.
She doesn't realize she's lost Hey, Poison Scorpion.
What'd you eat the past three days? Poisonous mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, and poisonous mushrooms.
You can have some, if you'd like.
Like we're gonna eat those! Something else is in there?! Ah, I forgot.
Come on out, you two.
Wh-Why are you all here?! Haru?! And Kyoko-chan too?! I thought my life was over! W-Wait I'm so relieved to see you guys, Tsuna-kun.
My stomach You okay? That was a total surprise.
Why are you guys here? This morning, Haru-chan was like Hey, hey! I read a magazine article about this super amazing bakery.
Really? It's up in the mountains, so only die-hard fans ever go.
Let's invite Lambo-kun and I-Pin-chan.
But then There Here We're in trouble.
Uh oh We've gotten lost.
Never fear! Lambo-san will show you the way! And then we just got more and more lost We ended up here around noon.
I did the best I could! I didn't know where I was going, but I did my best to lead the way! Don't lead the way if you don't know where you're going! But I couldn't be happier.
You came to rescue us! No, uh Actually We're lost too.
What?! What's going to happen to us?! Will we end up like Robinson Crusoe on a Two Years' Vacation in a 3,000 League Search?! It hurts! I'm the one who wants to cry! Honestly They've been like that ever since I told them I don't know the way home.
That's a pretty normal reaction.
Anyway, we need to think of a way out of here.
I'm sure they're worried about being unable to reach me.
A fire Are you going to burn the branches? Yeah.
We can send an SOS signal, and it'll protect us against the cold and wild animals too.
I see.
Great idea.
Everyone, help gather branches.
Kyoko-chan! I hope this gets us home safely.
I-It was a good idea to use fire.
Dino-san's amazing.
He's pretty reliable in a pinch.
Okay Huh? I must've dropped my lighter somewhere.
What?! No way! I'll handle this.
Gokudera-kun?! Are you okay now? Yeah This is exactly when I need to come through as the boss's right-hand man.
Just you watch I'll get a fire blazing in no time.
There was still that option, huh? I'm impressed, Hayato.
I-It's a wildfire! It's spreading fast! Take shelter inside the cave, people! The entrance! Lambo-san will help! Man, stupid Lambo! We're completely surrounded.
Wh-What should we do? Th-There's nowhere to run! It's all over! Put it out.
Don't give up.
Re-Born! Re-Born I'll extinguish the flames like my life depends on it! Come, Leon! I'll douse like my life depends on it! Douse like my life depends on it Douse like my life depends on it Why's he wandering around? He's using a divining rod.
Douse like my life depends on it.
Douse like my life depends on it Tsuna-kun Douse like my life depends on it Water vein found! I'll throw in some Fist Shots.
It's water! Great, the fire's going out! Yeah Heh, so he saved us.
Tsuna-san's so wonderful.
Thank you, Tsuna-kun.
I guess we survived somehow.
That's not quite right.
You saved us, Tsuna.
Dino-san Everyone A boss's true caliber is shown when he protects his comrades.
You've displayed the fruits of your training.
What? Nah I didn't do much To commemorate your conquering Death Mountain.
Huh? But I don't use weapons It's one of my old ones.
And that takes care of that.
Or so I'd like to say.
Haven't you forgotten something? Wh-What are you talking about? See ya.
That was W-Water! Crap! Run for it! Everybody run! Back to where we started, huh? Calm down! So dangerous! I do not welcome monster movies! S-Stay away! Why this way?! Enzio really likes you, Tsuna.
No more! Ciao-su.
Tsuna's in the hospital after getting injured.
Oh no! My heart pounding! Wait, why is Hibari-san here?! Something came up.
Next time: Don't Make Noise When You're Hospitalized.