Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e15 Episode Script

Clash! Survival Snowball Fight

1 The weather gets cold and the next thing you know, it's snowing.
I'll just stay inside all day under the foot warmer.
Man, it's freezing! Tsuna, why are you talking like a wuss? Don't they say that Japanese children love being out in the snow? You mean little kids love being out in the wind.
And I'm in middle school.
Besides, I don't want a baby like you telling me this stuff.
Anyway, it's too cold, so I'm gonna sleep.
Target 15 Clash! Survival Snow Battle Clash! Survival Snow Battle.
Yahoo! Like India ink landscape of snow! I'm gonna make a big snowman! Me too! Ah, it's cold! Why do I have to come to school and play with snow in this weather? Honestly, you're so sensitive to the cold, Tsuna.
Little kids love being out in the wind, right? What does that make you? I'm a grown man.
How?! I only put three sugars in my espresso.
You use sugar?! It's cold We could just play with the snow in our yard.
Am I gonna have to babysit these kids all day? I'm like a father on a Sunday afternoon Tsuna-kun! Kyoko-chan! Boss! Good morning! Gokudera-kun and Kyoko-chan?! Yamamoto! Kyoko's brother! Haru! Even Dino-san?! The whole gang?! What are you all doing here? Waiting for you guys.
For us? They called us out here today.
Huh? Yeah, we figured we should play with the kids once in a while.
If you stop and think about it, you're always looking after the stupid cow and company.
The least we can do is help out for one day.
You could've asked us to, Sawada! Fire or snow, I'll do anything for Tsuna-san! Guys! They were all thinking about me Everybody's so mature.
Since we're here, we should have a snowball fight! Oh, now that sounds exciting.
I'll make some especially hard snowballs.
A fight?! Love the sound of that! Sounds like fun! A maiden's fighting spirit burns silver! Not Kyoko-chan and Haru too These guys are the real kids Okay, we've gotta form teams.
I'm going to make a love-powered team with Tsuna-san! Knock off the love stuff around Kyoko-chan! How do you pick teams in Japan? Normally, we draw lots or use rock-paper-scissors.
That's right.
I already made the teams.
Reborn-san did?! That outfit is wrong on so many levels! I was moaning and groaning as I tried to make balanced teams.
It kept me up most of the night.
See the bags? What's with the sympathy strategy?! If Reborn-san insists, I'm fine with it.
So am I.
Me too.
Fine by me! You guys all spoil this armored brat.
Why not, Tsuna-kun? It'll be fun no matter what the teams are.
If you say so, Kyoko-chan.
We'll start with the east team.
You'll wear white scarves.
I'm with Kyoko-chan! The west team is on the other side.
You've got red scarves.
I'm the referee.
Hold on, Reborn-san! Why am I, the right-hand man, not on the boss's team?! I want to be on a team with Tsuna-san so we can put on a couple act! Couple act?! Hello! Tsuna Sawada here! Hey! Haru Sawada here! What the hey? What was that?! You're so popular, Tsuna-kun.
I can't accept this! Same here! It's Please explain! A mystery.
You stayed up all night to make these teams and they still don't make sense? There will be special rules just for today.
The object is to capture Leon.
Both teams will battle for thirty minutes to capture this Turbo Leon ball.
The team in possession of Turbo Leon after the time's up will be the winner.
That sounds fun.
Yeah, sure does.
I'm gonna win at all costs! I-Pin and the east team are guaranteed victory! Lambo-san won't lose! There's no limit to the number of snowball hits you can take, but if you're knocked out, you're out of the game.
Okay, start making snowballs and bunkers.
We'll begin in thirty minutes.
Yeah! Th-They're all psyched.
Okay, let's begin.
Okay! I know it's just a game, but I'm nervous! Let's give it all we've got.
White team is guaranteed victory! Okay, how should we do this? We have the numerical advantage Although one of us is already tired out! I hope you freeze to death, stupid cow! That makes it four on four! No strategy needed! Charge head-on with passion! I'm going to win this contest and score Tsuna-san! Begin! If we move out now, we'll just get barraged.
I'm scared.
We can't just charge them.
A stalemate right off the bat, huh? No! There will be no victory without an extreme attack! Sasagawa! That idiot.
He didn't even take any snowballs.
If that's how they're gonna do it Yamamoto! Let's go! There! Wow! Awesome! There it is! His 140km per hour pitch! What?! That weak ball's nothin' but a marshmallow against my extreme straight arm! You're amazing, Brother! Just what you'd expect from a guy who's always ready to die That bastard Let's go! Extreme rush! Yamamoto's speed is going up with each throw.
And Ryohei's counters are impressive too.
I-Pin join in too! Yeah, we have to back Yamamoto up.
You're right.
There! Take this, Brother! Too easy! That won't do anything to me! I can't believe that guy's related to Kyoko-chan I'm impressed by Sasagawa.
Boss, why are you having such a hard time with that guy? Tsuna-kun, Brother's holding us back all on his own.
It's no use, this is all I can manage.
I-Pin! Sorry, but I can't let you get Leon! Take this! Where were you aiming that?! Dino-san's useless when his men aren't around.
Guess I've got no choice.
Take that! Die! All right! I-Pin's Gyoza Kempo! I-Pin-chan's amazing! We're even now! What is this smell? Oh no The Gyoza Kempo's essence is moving downwind to our side Something's wrong with the boss.
What happened? Were they taken out by I-Pin's gyoza essence? That Turbo Leon is mine! We're in trouble, Tsuna-kun! I-I know! Not good! How will this match end? The best is yet to come.
Can't move It's mine! I'll take it! Sudden kaboom! No regrets.
The explosion blew the smell from the gyoza essence away! Where'd that blast come from?! Boss! It's me! Gokudera-kun! I'm done spying on the enemy, so I'm returning to your side.
He's totally switching sides.
Then we will too! What? What?! We will protect our boss! Huh?! Dino-san's men! It might be just a game, but our boss mustn't lose! Man, I'm freezing.
How long were you guys under there? These people are a mystery.
Everything's all mixed up now! I'm back, boss! Welcome back! Are you going to allow this, ref? Yep.
It's as I predicted.
You're toying with us again, aren't you? So it's the Chiavarone against the Vongola, huh? That makes this simple.
Die! This has gone from a snowball fight to a Mafia war! Go ahead, Hurricane Bomb! How do you like that?! Dino-san really dominates when his men are around! I'm taking Leon now.
Any questions? I won't let that happen.
How dare you have fun without me! Bianchi! Sis Go, my servants! We, the Poison Beef Fried Rice Gang, will triumph! Lambo-san is awake! Best Chinese ever! What?! A third team? Ciao-su.
Hi, Reborn.
What's the big idea, Bianchi? Do you understand how it feels to not be invited to a game? You're sulking?! She's like a kid The kids probably switched to Poison Scorpion's side because they were brainwashed by her poison cooking.
Don't be naive, Dino.
I'm wrong? It was much simpler than that.
Join me or die.
Lambo-san's not ready to die! Overwhelming pressure I threatened them.
Bianchi is seriously terrifying.
That's hilarious! Guess Yamamoto's the only one who's not scared.
Huh? Are you okay, Gokudera-kun? Bianchi's right there.
It's because of the goggles, I think.
It's just like that time we took care of the stupid cow.
That day I get it.
It's because her face was covered! Bianchi's face is covered by the goggles! I've finally done it! I've finally conquered my fear of her! No you haven't.
Since we have three teams now, we'll have to change the rules.
Are your outfits going back through time? Human history is filled with war.
We'll start by adjusting the teams.
We'll put both Dino's Chiavarone Team and Tsuna's Vongola against the Poison Beef Fried Rice Gang.
That's fine.
I finally get to be on the same team as Tsuna-san! Wouldn't have it any other way.
You'll still be fighting for Turbo Leon, but you'll win the moment you catch him.
This time, however, Turbo Leon will be on the move.
What?! He'll be zooming around? Great idea, Reborn! All right then, begin round two! This looks fun! Let's go, boss! That's so cute! You're right! Extreme back in action! Th-This is fun! It's like being a kid again! Agreed! Don't slack just because it's a game! Oh yeah! What?! Ivan! No, boss! You must focus on Turbo Leon.
Don't let Ivan's sacrifice be in vain! Ivan Let's go! Bono! Romario! Yeah! Chiavarone Ivan Food Poisoning Out Don't say I didn't warn you.
Note: This is a pun on Ivan's name in Japanese and a common Kansai area expression.
Head's up! Eat Poison balls! Poison snowballs?! This isn't a game anymore! You're going too far! Now's our chance! Let's go! I won't let that happen, Tsuna! Concentrated fire! Kyoko-chan! Reborn! I can't use the Deathperation Shot.
Turbo Leon's not here.
Oh, right Brother! You okay, Kyoko? I'm exhausted.
Kyoko Sasagawa's out.
Vongola Kyoko Sasagawa Fatigue Out Kyoko-chan! Boss! Leave this to me! Take this! Double Bombs! What? What?! Poison Beef Fried Rice Gang Lambo Unconscious Vongola Haru Miura Unconscious Vongola Bono Unconscious Chiavarone Romario Unconscious Out Lambo, Haru, and the other two are out.
The remote-control car's over there! Remote-control? Yamamoto thinks it's a toy! I'm there! Ah, he passed us! Stay calm, Tsuna! Leave it to me! Not a chance! Wow! Yamamoto and Dino are racing each other! Huh? But wait If Dino's men aren't around Oops, screwed up! Wh-What kind of screwup would lead to this?! Ya-Yamamoto! Sorry about that.
Man Dino and Yamamoto are both out.
Chiavarone Dino Immobilized Vongola Takeshi Yamamoto Immobilized Out We're in luck.
Most of the strong players are gone.
Higher chance of winning! You sure about that? I seem to have dropped him on some snow melted by the dynamite.
Him? Enzio! Totally safe.
Good job.
Think again.
He seriously gets that big?! What are you doing? Run for it, Hayato! Hayato! Gokudera's out.
Vongola Hayato Gokudera Unconscious Out He couldn't deal with the shock of suddenly seeing Bianchi's face when he dropped his guard.
Anyway, about Enzio Oh? Enzio's pretty docile.
Yeah, he usually hibernates this time of year.
Hibernates?! Extreme crisis! Whoa! That was close! Bianchi, Ryohei Sasagawa, and I-Pin are all missing.
Poison Beef Fried Rice Gang Bianchi Missing Vongola Ryohei Sasagawa Missing Poison Beef Fried Rice Gang I-Pin Missing Out Huh? Wait, am I the only one left? Strong luck is part of being a boss.
Catch the remote-control car and end this! Do it.
Or their souls will never find peace.
Don't send them to heaven! Ah! There's Turbo Leon! Is it okay for me to win like this? Won't they hate me for it afterwards? Ow Huh? Hibari-san.
What is this? And what is that giant turtle? No, uh Why are you here on a Sunday? We had a splendid snowfall.
I've been itching for a snowball fight.
You too, Hibari-san?! I figured I'd pound anyone who happened to be here.
Why don't the cops arrest this guy? There must be a reason we met here.
I'll make you my target today.
Huh?! N-No way! You're gonna throw Leon at me?! That was the plan, but I have Disciplinary Committee work to take care of.
I-I'm saved.
Thirty minutes are up.
The match is over.
Huh? So there's no winner? And what's this I instinctively grabbed as a shield? I-Pin's Mahjongg Mega Bomb's been activated! But there wasn't anything to make her embarrassed! I-Pin in love! No way! I-Pin's fallen for Hibari-san?! She's gonna blow! Only two pins left! Out of time on this side too! Tsuna Sawada's out because he's missing.
Vongola Tsuna Sawada Missing Out I win.
He's having fun! This was all for his own enjoyment! Ciao-su.
Tsuna's up for some special training, so we're meeting on Death Mountain.
Lambo-san is lost! Can't make it back! Next time: Escape from Death Mountain.
Ah! Enzio's at it again!