Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e14 Episode Script

First Date!? Zoo of Hell

1 No one's here? That's right.
It's been like this all morning.
Really? It's nice to have a quite morning.
After all, since Reborn came, it's been one thing after another.
Eating breakfast quietly by yourself is so great.
Reborn! Don't you just love freshly-made rice? I've had breakfast.
Why are you inside that thing?! Because in the Mafia world, it's eat-or-be-eaten.
That doesn't mean you should eat in there! It's a bit early to be so noisy.
It's all because of you, as usual! Come now, that's not true.
Huh? After all, Lambo-kun and the others I was thoughtful and got them to go somewhere else.
Huh? Recently, I've been so focused on Gokudera and Yamamoto powering-up, I thought I'd do something for you for a change.
Where's this coming from? It's freaking me out.
Namimori Zoo Here.
Go ahead and relax.
The zoo? It's all set.
It is? Well, I appreciate it, but the zoo doesn't See? Someone's here for you.
For me? Coming! Good morning, Tsuna-kun.
Kyoko-chan! G-Good morning.
Wh-What brings you here so early? She's going to the zoo with you, of course.
What?! I'm going to the zoo with Kyoko-chan?! I'm really looking forward to it.
Namimori Zoo has the world's only meditating Torajima lesser panda, Shimatta-kun! Sorry if I'm too exited about it! He's so happy his body can't contain his soul.
Target 14 First Date!? Hell's Zoo First Date!? Hell's Zoo.
Th-This can't be happening.
I'm going to the zoo with Kyoko-chan? I know! I must be dreaming! Ouch! I-It's not a dream! I'm on a date with my beloved Kyoko-chan! Kyoko-chan! Tsuna-kun! That's funny! Stay away from Kyoko-chan, please! Um Um, this is a once-a-month thing! Huh? Once a month, I let myself scarf all the cake I want! It's not like I eat three pieces of cake every day! Kyoko-chan? Haru? Good morning, Tsuna-kun.
Maybe we should take notes? No need to.
Ky-Kyoko-chan? Happy New Year, Tsuna-kun.
Now arriving at Namimori Zoo.
Namimori Zoo.
It's a miracle! I've been blessed with a miracle! Your expression finally changed.
You were like this until now.
You don't have to do it yourself, Kyoko-chan! Kyoko-chan Oh look, Tsuna-kun, it says raccoons! Look, Tsuna-kun! Look! They're adorable! Kyoko-chan looks so cute when she's enjoying herself like this.
I never dreamed I'd get to watch her up close.
Reborn, thank you so much! Tsuna-kun! Look, the raccoons are washing something.
Really? Lambo? Why is Lambo here? What is that? If I end up having to look after Lambo Tsuna! Ice cream! Gimme ice cream! Tsuna! I have to pee! Take this! And this! And this! Athletic ability - Less than a two year old.
All who resist Lambo-san will be sent straight to Hell! That'll be the end of our date for sure.
I think it's a big piece of broccoli.
Y-Yeah! That must be it! Kyoko-chan, there are a bunch of monkeys on the other side.
Huh? Let's check them out.
Not I-Pin too! Wow! Hey, Tsuna-kun, isn't that I-Pin-chan? L-Looks a lot like her, b-but I think it's a monkey.
I have a really bad feeling about all of this Bears! I wanna know where your bears are! I know that voice Let me fight the bears! No way! We can't allow that, sir! A zoo's got bears, right? So lemme at 'em! What is he doing? Wait, maybe he's here to check up on his sister's date! Tsuna-kun, what's wrong? N-Nothing really.
For the time being, I'll pretend I didn't see anything.
How about we head over that way next? 'Kay.
Move out of the way.
That voice sounds familiar And this time it's Bianchi? Do you guys want to die? As we said That'd be an issue.
I'm just here to find rare ingredients.
Poison cooking with animals from the zoo? Please come with us to the office.
Are you telling me I'll find animal ingredients at the office?! Wh-What is she even thinking? Tsuna-kun, is someone there? No, no one! Anyway, Kyoko-chan, the sea otters are over here.
Sea otters! Really? I love sea otters! I have to focus on our date.
There they are.
Wow, he's breaking a shell with a rock.
Not Lambo again! Are they here? Nope, not a one.
It's a shame.
Looks like they're not here.
Let's go see the lions instead.
The lions! Huh? Okay.
Man, they keep popping up everywhere.
At this rate, I'm gonna have to avoid everyone I know.
Hey! Where do you get off not apologizing after bumping into me?! Hey, kid! Say something! Go-Gokudera-kun! Why're you here?! Don't just stand there! Say something, punk! Why is every place a battlefield?! You don't look so good.
Should we rest a bit? Ky-Kyoko-chan! It's dangerous here! What's wrong? We've gotta get out of here, fast! It's started! Kyoko-chan, this way! Then let me fight the lions! Calm down! Her brother! No, this way is better! There're giraffes! Giraffes! Giraffes? I wonder if giraffes would taste good They're not food! Oh? Bianchi! Let's go that way! Yeah, let's check out that lesser panda, Shimatta-kun! O-Ow Sorry about that.
N-No way This is an announcement to our guests.
The explosions earlier damaged the lion enclosure and they are currently loose! It is very dangerous.
Please evacuate the zoo in a calm manner.
I repeat Just a minute ago Gokudera-kun's dynamite Save me! Tsuna-kun! I-I can't move.
Reborn! S-Save me, Reborn! He's asleep! Kyoko-chan Tsuna-kun! Tsuna-kun! I am so dead.
"To the limit" straight right! Brother! Yeah, if you're gonna go to the zoo, you've gotta do something like this or it's just not worth it.
From today on, my ring name will be "Ryohei, the Extreme Lion Puncher!" Jeez, zoos are such a pain in the butt.
We've just gotta catch them, right? Gokudera-kun! Hey, boss, you're not hurt? No, I'm fine.
You didn't get hurt either? I'm cool, boss.
S-Sis! I wonder what lion would taste good in Go-Gokudera-kun.
Looks like you're partying it up again.
Huh? Tsuna-san, I finally get to see you! Lambo-san has arrived! Ni-hao.
Weather is clear! Perfect day for the zoo.
Everyone's here?! Wh-Why?! What do you mean "why"? We were called here for you.
Huh? I called them here.
Huh?! Ciao-su.
Reborn! Master Pao Pao! I thought it was time you had a pet partner like Leon or Enzio.
D-Don't tell me that hippo is my No, this is just the hippo I made friends with a few minutes ago, Saizou-kun.
Note: This is a pun on "Sai" (rhinoceros) and "Zou" (elephant).
If he's a hippo, why is it "sai" and "zou"? I thought I'd call everyone here to choose an animal that would suit you.
Wh-Why would you guys get to decide that? That's not it.
Everyone was busy, so we decided to meet here instead.
What? Then Kyoko-chan didn't come for a date? At first, I thought a hamster or squirrel would fit your image.
I knew things seemed too good to be true.
But after what you just did, I feel like I can count on you more now.
So for now I don't need it! I don't need it! Wait, wasn't it just the lion enclosure that was broken? Why's that hippo, Saizou-kun, here? Reborn, can you understand what the animals are saying? You don't know anything, do you? Reborn is a world-renowned interpreter in both insect and animal languages.
I can talk to aliens and mole-people too.
Really?! I was kidding.
He was kidding But I really do speak insect and animal.
So what is Saizou-kun saying? He was telling me about this: Lambo-san is not gonna lose either! So that's that.
So, it's Lambo's fault?! I have something to take care of.
Wait! No! Geez.
So the bears, elephants and who-knows-what else are out of their cages and walking around?! Oh yeah, that reminds me, I picked up an animal a bit ago.
Which one? Ta-da! This guy! A King Cobra! It looks tasty Huh? It's not food! This thing's pretty realistic.
It's a stuffed toy, right? Y-Yamamoto, you're so clueless Got it.
What is it saying? Everyone went to the amusement park, but he can't move very fast so he was left behind.
The amusement park?! So that's where the bears are? Are the elephants, alligators, penguins, and sloths there too?! It's coming from the amusement park.
This is terrible! I bet the animals are causing all sorts of trouble! We have to put them back! That's your job, Tsuna.
Why me?! Someone! Go away! The world is upside-down! My eyes are spinning.
Man, why am I here? Yeah I was in the middle of making a delivery to Mr.
Kawahira There you are! Why are you two adults? Never mind that, we have to catch the penguins.
H-Hey, come back here! Bears! Where are the bears?! If you're looking for the bears, they went that way.
Right! Wait up! It's on! Romeo! Hey, pretty lady.
Romeo! You're not getting away! Hold it in Poison Cooking: Poison Cobra.
She completely got him.
Kawahira's ramen is going to get soggy! It's an alligator! Wh-What's going on? We are in Japan, right? I caught it, boss! Great job, Gokudera-kun! As long as Sis isn't around, stuff like this is no big deal.
Uh Go-Gokudera-kun Hey! I'm a human! I've got you now! What?! I messed up! It's a mistake.
Extreme rush! Straight right! You'll never beat me! That's right! Go on! Go on! Back to your cages! Well, looks we've put back all the animals who got away.
That's great.
This is terrible! Shimatta-kun is gone! What? You mean that one-of-a-kind meditating lesser panda?! There he is! Eek! But why is he up there?! It's dangerous up there! Come down! It's no use! When Shimatta-kun enters a state of meditation, he can't hear anything! What?! That's very dangerous! Can't we do something? If it comes down to it, I'll blow up the roller coaster.
N-No! You can't do that! If that lesser panda goes flying, Kyoko-chan will be so sad.
Reborn! Give it a shot with Deathperation, Tsuna.
Re-Born! Re-Born I'll save Shimatta-kun like my life depends on it! Wait for me! Boss! Tsuna-kun, you can do it! Tsuna-kun, you're a hero! Tsuna-kun! Huh? Tsuna-kun? Tsuna-san! B-Boss! I've got no choice.
Spring Shot! Addition! Itchy! Itchy! Itchy! Someone stop me! I'm so tired.
Isn't it nice that Shimatta-kun's keeper lent you his clothes? Yeah But you were so cool, Tsuna-san! Huh? You're already in the red zone of my young heart.
Really, I don't need to be there.
You sure are popular, Tsuna.
Yeah! I had so much fun, Tsuna-kun.
Let's come here again.
You've got me to thank for this.
Hey! Don't go taking all the credit! Huh?! Shimatta-kun?! Th-This is bad! We've gotta bring him back! Hey! Right there! Extreme uppercut! Take this! Here comes a straight right! Sir, it's closing time Please go home already.
Not yet! A man never backs down from a challenge! Honestly, you look quite delicious.
All right! Let's go! Take this! Ciao-su.
A battle in the snow for Leon begins.
Get Reborn! Shut up.
Don't let your guard down! Quiet down, everyone! Next time: Clash! Survival Snowball Fight!