Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e13 Episode Script

New Year! Great Match of 100,000,000 Yen

1 Tsu-kun, time to get up! Wow, it's cold.
Three days into January and there's nothing to do Finally awake? For breakfast, I put some New Year's food on top of the foot warmer.
That again? I'm sick of New Year's food.
Man, it's freez- Winter vacation is almost over and you're all still being lazy! All seats are taken.
You'll have to go elsewhere.
You're taking up two of them! Give me one! Why? Because I want to eat breakfast! You ate it all! No, Reborn ate it all.
What about me? There's still one thing left.
I made it.
Help yourself.
I'm not dying three days into the new year! Okay.
Good night, then.
Hey, how long are you gonna sleep? Doesn't the Italian New Year's end after a day?! This is Japan.
Jeez But, yeah, New Year's in Japan is great.
That's it! Japan's New Year's is famous for one thing! Target 13 New Spring! The Hundred Million Yen Contest! Otoshidama [Note: Otoshidama is a money bag given to kids on New Years.
Lambo-san will take your Otoshidama! Hand over the Otoshidama to me! Come on, give 'em to me now! All right, here.
Yes! Idiot, don't be so embarrassing.
Otoshidama Didn't Mom give you one? I'm sorry, don't mind him! More Otoshidama! Shut up! Enough already! Tsuna-kun! Lambo-kun! Ky-Kyoko-chan? Happy New Year! H-Happy New Year! But why is Kyoko-chan here? Did she come to see me? My brother said he'd never been to your house before Oh, that's right What? Your brother?! Happy New Year! My resolution this year is "extreme!" Extreme Happiness Isn't it always? My brother never changes.
Anyway, Sawada, I appreciate your New Year's invitation.
Invitation? Boss, Happy New Year! Tsuna-san, Happy New Year! Yo, Tsuna.
Wow, Kyoko-chan, that kimono is beautiful! Oh, no.
Yours is much nicer, Haru-chan! No way, yours is So whatcha call us here for today? I didn't call anyone What the heck? I invited you all! You and your weird entrances.
Great, everyone's here.
We're going to have a Vongola-style Family vs.
Family New Year's competition.
What the heck is that? Great, our opponents have arrived.
Huh? We're here.
Hop on, guys.
Dino-san? The Chiavarone Family is here! Thanks for coming.
So this is your Family? I see there are some new faces too.
This Vongola-style Family vs.
Family New Year's competition is gonna be fun.
What's "Vongola-style"? It's a tradition in our family alliance where we show off each family's enthusiasm for the new year.
A fight? Don't tell me we're using guns or something? Nope! Representatives from each Family compete in New-Year's-themed events, and the team with the most points wins.
The winning Family gets a fabulous prize! Phew, so it's just a game? But! The losing Family has to pay a fine of 100 million yen.
So it's serious stakes after all! It can't be helped.
Rules are rules.
I hate when you talk like that! 100 million yen It's like a dream! Sounds like a super-exciting New Year's event! Everybody thinks it's a game Let's get started! I'm the judge! Win or lose, no hard feelings, Tsuna.
Wh-Why does this always happen? Round 1 - Omikuji (Fortune-Telling) The first round is fortune-telling.
Fortune-telling? Yes, look over there.
A-An alligator! Why is there an alligator? It's a fortune-telling alligator I brought over from the home country.
A fortune-telling alligator?! Take your fortune from inside its mouth.
But if you don't grab it before it closes That's incredibly dangerous! Games must have thrills! How do you get points from fortunes, anyway? Like this.
Great luck is two points, good luck is one point, normal luck is 0 points, bad luck is minus one point, and horrible luck is minus two points! H-How do you even gauge that? So the alligator has nothing to do with it?! Rules are rules.
The way you say that pisses me off! Okay, let me at it! Brother? I've got my punch! The game is to get points from fortune-telling.
I don't believe in fortune.
We create our own destinies! Fast! Way to go! Ry-Ryohei? Oh no, he's getting eaten! B-Brother? Extreme! This is how I do things! He took a whole handful! We're after a huge amount of points! We'll pull ahead from the start! Horrible, horrible, horrible, bad, horrible, horrible, horrible, bad, horrible.
Minus 16 points.
Next up: Chiavarone.
Good luck.
One point.
1 to -16.
They've taken the lead! Next is Hanetsuki (Shuttlecock).
What is that? The racket.
It's made of steel and weighs 50 kilos.
50 kilos?! As an aside, the shuttle weighs 20 kilos.
Why do we have to play shuttlecock with those? Like I said, it's the rules.
Don't look at me like you feel sorry for me! What's the problem? It looks kind of fun.
It's just like the bat I used for practice.
Y-Yeah? That's our Yamamoto, good at any sport there is! We're counting on you! All right, I choose Brutus.
Okay, boss.
Don't run away, kid.
Miss the shuttle or knock it out of the court and you lose.
Just like badminton, huh? I'm counting on you, Yamamoto.
First to take three rounds wins.
The winner gets 20 points.
Okay, let's begin.
You Yamamoto! Wow, this'll be fun! Huh? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just getting started.
Bring it on! Wait.
Tsuna, come here a second.
What is it, Reborn? Wh-What the heck? When the Japanese play shuttlecock at New Year's, the loser gets his face drawn on.
But why me? A subordinate's mistake is the boss's responsibility.
No way! Got it! Yay! No, that won't do.
Now's my chance.
Smash! Y-Yamamoto Okay, I'm getting the hang of this.
Is he immortal? This is a pretty rough game Good luck, Yamamoto-kun! I'm glad he's okay.
Now he's done it He's just gonna get hit by another smash.
This is it! He's done for! He's done for! Baseball's always at its most fun after two strikes! That's right, he's Wait, Brutus! The shuttle looks like it stopped! He hit it! Home run, clear out of the park! Out! The Chiavarone Family wins.
What did you hit it out of the court for?! Oh yeah.
Sorry, Tsuna.
At this rate, you'll owe 100 million yen.
N-No way Chiavarone Vongola Vongola Family: -16 points.
Chiavarone Family: 21 points.
The next match is Karuta.
Note: Japanese new years card game where players grab the card that is read off.
Tsuna-san, I'll handle this round! O-Okay No problem! When I was in daycare, my aunt used to call me the "Karuta Master"! I-I see I'll tell you which card to find.
The winner gets 30 points.
Lemme at it! First, let's take a tea break.
All right, let's begin.
I can't do it.
My legs have gone numb The Vongola are one member down.
Th-That was fast Dang it! You're up, Lambo, I-Pin! Lose, and I'll make sure you regret it.
I-Pin understands! Leave everything to me! Here I go! I haven't told you which to grab yet.
If you take the wrong card, it'll explode.
No way! Too bad, Haru-chan.
It looks kind of fun! Y-Yeah, it does Hold it in Okay, here I go.
Iron Law He had the right one! Wait until after I've read the whole thing.
Hold it in Now Iron Law: the tightly-bound Vongola Family Has a boss that's completely unreliable, Tsuna Sawada.
Hold! It! In! The Vongola are down another member.
What should we do? We've still got I-Pin! But What are you doing, I-Pin? She'll be fine! A true master only moves when necessary.
I see.
Okay, I'm counting on you, I-Pin! This one is simple.
My name is Home Tutor Reborn! Come to think of it, she has really bad eyesight, right? I-Pin, your glasses! Wear your glasses! There it is! Go! What's wrong? Take it, quickly! Dui bu qi I am sorry! I can't read Japanese! Why didn't you tell us sooner?! Chiavarone Family: 51 points.
Vongola Family: -16 points.
Wh-What should we do? At this rate, we'll really lose.
I'll go this time.
I'll turn it around and prove myself to you, boss! I'm counting on you, Gokudera-kun.
Leave it to me! What's next? A test of intelligence? A test of endurance? Pin the Face Together The next game is "Pin the Face Together.
" I'm sorry.
I lost.
He lost in a very strange way! You could almost call it art Gokudera-kun, great work! Chiavarone Family: 81 points.
Vongola Family: still -16 points.
No! At this rate, we'll owe 100 million yen! I'll spend the rest of my life in debt! I'm sorry, boss.
It's our fault for being such failures Come on, the game's just getting started! Yeah, we just have to turn it around! Yeah But Those eyes scare the crap out of me If I lose, he's definitely going to make me pay the 100 million yen! Tsuna, is adults against kids a bit hard? I'm willing to allow a handicap.
Dino-san I see what you mean.
We'll just reset the scores.
Hey! All right! I'm getting bored anyway.
The winner of the next round wins, the loser pays 1 billion yen.
Y-You're kidding me! Forget it.
He's made up his mind.
What?! You're going to agree to that? I'll add a bonus.
Win, and you can take whoever you want from the other team.
Reborn All right.
Who will he chose? No way Not Kyoko-chan Okay, I've decided.
It's Kyoko-chan.
It has to be.
He'll choose Kyoko-chan.
Let's get started.
Why did you make that rule? It's not fair to Kyoko-chan or the others! If that's what you think, protect them.
It's a boss's job to protect his friends.
Mochi (Rice Cake) Pounding Contest The last round involves both families.
You'll be doing mochi pounding.
Whoever serves me the tastiest ankoro mochi wins.
Note: Ankoro mochi = Rice cake coated with sweet red bean paste.
If I lose Tsuna-kun! Goodbye! Kyoko-chan Boss! We can turn the tables! We can? We have the advantage here! Boss, what's this hammer for? I have no idea.
I've eaten mochi before, but That's right, they all grew up in Italy! They can handle Hanetsuki, but they don't know how to make make! We can win this! Secret plan: keep them from seeing! Secret! We won't let them see! Haru-chan, let's do our best too! Okay, I'll make the bean anko! Hey, we can really do this! So, um, about these mochi I won't show it to you! The mochi everybody worked so hard to make! This is against the rules, but whatever.
Re-Born! Re-Born I'll save the mochi like my life depends on it! I've been waiting for that, boss! Stay out of my way! Time's up.
I'll give 'em both a try.
Bring them here.
We tried making them But with our knowledge, this is the best we could do.
Tastes absolutely horrible.
I figured And this was my chance to get Leon I see.
I thought he'd go after Kyoko-chan for sure What're you smiling for? Vongola, you're next.
Wh-What are these things?! I started helping halfway.
Bianchi! You're the Poison Scorpion Haven't seen you for a while.
Not since you were Reborn's student, I think.
We're going to lose for sure! Why would you lose? Cooking is love.
If you have love, neutralizing poison is nothing.
Eat up, Reborn.
Seriously? You're gonna eat it, Reborn? He's fast asleep! Oh Reborn, you're so cute when you're asleep.
I went to a lot of trouble to make these, so eat up.
Whoever doesn't eat them will lose and pay 1 billion yen.
He's saying horrible, horrible things in his sleep! Come on now, eat.
No thanks! Stay away! Wait right there! Tsuna-kun's silly! I get the feeling this is gonna be a dangerous year.
We'll put off this battle until next year.
Save me! Ciao-su! Tsuna and Kyoko are going on their first date at the zoo! Lambo-san's gonna play too! Where's Son-goku? Note: Son-goku = The Monkey King, famous fictional character from the Chinese literature Journey to the West.
" Son-goku is not at the zoo! Target 14: First Date!? Hell's Zoo.