Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e12 Episode Script

Teacher`s Special Training! Strengthening Program

1 Where's my bag? Reborn What are you doing over there? Wh-What are those?! These are my henchmen.
They gather information for me.
D-Does that mean you can speak insect? Thanks to them, I was able to learn some valuable information.
Valuable information? What?! Honey? Members of the Mafia are always in danger.
This is training.
Oh, you're off early today.
Be careful! I need to start preparing.
Target 12 Master's Training! Strengthening Program Master's Training! Strengthening Program.
Good morning! Oh, Gokudera-kun.
Tsuna left earlier than usual today.
Okay, I'll catch up to him.
Thanks for coming every day.
I'm so glad that Tsuna has made such a reliable friend.
Reliable? Please look after Tsuna.
Which means his mother has accepted me as the boss's right-hand man Please rest easy, ma'am.
I will definitely protect the boss! You can count on me.
I won't allow a single scratch on him! B-Boss! I'm coming to save you! Die! Boss! I'm terribly sorry! It wasn't your fault.
And I'm not hurt that badly.
In a real battle, you would have died.
Don't say stuff like that.
And I broke my promise to your mother.
Huh? My mom? I got too carried away.
I'm pathetic.
I have no right to be his right-hand man.
Go-Gokudera-kun, don't be so hard on yourself.
Okay? I'll I'll train harder! I'll become strong enough to deserve the position of the boss's right-hand man! No, really, that's okay Well said, Gokudera.
Reborn! I'm currently on a campaign to promote the Vongola Family's strengthening program.
Want to give it a try? Strengthening program? You'll become stronger.
There you go again with your nonsense If Reborn-san is wiling to personally train me, they must have high expectations of me.
This is my chance! I wonder if Hayato has the guts for it.
Sh-Shamal?! Kiss me, Bianchi-chan! Sis? You're annoying! You bastard! Why were you sitting there?! What can you do if you're constantly sick? Just to be clear, I only accept female patients.
I don't give a damn about men.
Starting today, Shamal is the doctor at this school.
What?! N-No way! It's impossible to train Hayato when he's in this state.
P-Please wait I-I'll participate.
Please let me participate.
Allow me to meet your expectations as the boss's right-hand man! There's no school tomorrow.
We'll start early in the morning.
I can start right now.
Another person will be training as well.
Another person? Home Run Ciao-su.
Yo, why's everybody together? Why are we here watching Yamamoto? The Family won't become stronger if we only train you.
You're hitting pitches at 130km per hour, huh? 130km an hour?! He was hitting home run after home run off those pitches?! There's still room for improvement.
You've gotta be able to hit straight pitches where you want them to go.
Of course.
You're strict, man.
I'll train you.
You'll be powered-up.
That sounds great.
Hold on.
There's no way you can teach Yamamoto anything about baseball.
Who said anything about baseball? Reborn sure is late.
Oh, well.
We can start without him.
I'm joining in! Don't overdo it.
I'm the boss's right-hand man.
What are they doing? Sorry to keep you waiting.
Wh-What is that outfit supposed to be?! Good morning, Tsuna-kun.
Why? Reborn-kun told me that you guys were doing something fun.
Don't get Kyoko-chan involved in this! School is off because it's Founder's Day.
It won't be very exciting if we don't have an audience.
But what if something happens? You'll just have to protect her, then.
We'll start with Yamamoto.
Reborn-san! Start with me! Impatience won't make you stronger.
Yamamoto, throw this thing.
Cute little ball.
Aim for that wall.
So the "something fun" was baseball practice? I hope so Here I go! What was that?! Amazing! Hey! What did you make him throw? This was developed by the Vongola Planning and Development Division.
It's a bullet ball that can shatter rocks.
I call it the Micro Hammer! You're trying to give Yamamoto a weapon? I told you not to drag Yamamoto into that weird world of yours! Hey, Tsuna.
Don't worry.
Huh? Look closely.
That wall's made out of Styrofoam.
He's trying to instill confidence in me.
No, I don't think so It's like a cute little game.
Okay, I'm all yours, trainer! You're wrong Yamamoto, this is definitely concrete.
This looks fun.
You need excellent reflexes and eyesight to master a weapon.
Yeah, they say that fastballs look like they aren't even moving to good batters.
You're a quick study.
Just let Yamamoto throw some rocks around.
I'm telling you, he doesn't need a weapon.
Huh?! Wh-What is that?! A pitching machine.
It's obviously a tank! It's been a while, Tsuna.
Dino-san?! Thanks for coming.
No sweat.
You need to dodge the balls this pitching machine fires.
That sounds like fun.
Give it to me.
Hey, boss.
They definitely think we have too much free time.
That's fine with me.
Let's go! Full speed ahead! Yeah, yeah.
This sure is cramped.
Hmm? What's that sound? What?! As always, this school is so dangerous.
This is like playing war! Yamamoto looks really happy.
People who enjoy fighting will become stronger.
But what if he gets hit? That'll be the end.
Here's Lambo-san! I'm going to join in the fun! Hold! It! In! Watch out for stray shots.
You're too late! Let's go, Gokudera.
So it's my turn! All right! This game's fun! That guy can almost predict where we're shooting.
He's got good reflexes.
Home Ec Room The three basic attributes of fighting are speed, stamina, and power! Yamamoto is training all three at the same time.
Then I'll also But every person has his own appropriate way to train.
It's useless to do the same thing as him.
We'll start with speed.
Whether attacking or defending, speed is critical.
Should I take notes? You don't need to.
But I'm glad this turned out to be a normal lesson.
Do you know what you should do? Practice sprinting? That's why you're so weak.
The key here is air resistance.
Air resistance? Well, just watch.
Hmm, not bad.
Reborn's definitely toying with him.
What is this? The ultimate hairstyle developed by the Vongola Family.
It's called "Zero Air Resistance.
" Not much of a name.
And he can't see anything around him No, I can see through the slits.
You like it? I really can't stand this hairstyle.
But this is no time to complain.
This is the hairstyle appropriate for the boss's right-hand man.
This style takes time and isn't suited for combat.
H-Huh? It's a bad example, so don't try this.
We'll work on power enhancement next.
What about speed? Reborn-san.
What is it? Isn't there a quicker way to train? It's not that there isn't.
Humans only use 30% of their brains.
But if you awaken the remaining 70% You'll be powered-up into a superman.
To accomplish that, you must be able to control your own brain.
Ramen? How are you? I-Pin? I called a special teacher over.
Gokudera needs to finish this bowl of ramen while enduring I-Pin's Gyoza Kempo.
What will that do? The Gyoza Kempo directly affects the brain, causing muscles to move involuntarily.
If he can eat ramen without succumbing to the Gyoza Kempo, he'll have mastered control of his brain.
Seriously? Boss, just watch me! I'll be sure to meet your expectations! Uh, I'm not really expecting anything It's on! Understood! I can't fail in front of the boss! One more try! I applaud your fighting spirit! Ow! That's hot! Go-Gokudera-kun! Are you okay? That was on purpose.
I-Pin, keep 'em coming! Let's play together! No! No! That's hot! B-Boss! Tsuna-kun, are you okay? Water! Water! Water! I'm terribly sorry! So very sorry! Nah, it wasn't your fault.
Hey, what are you doing? We could hear you screaming outside.
Yamamoto, what a relief! This guy's incredible.
He can already dodge every shot.
Well, it was pretty hard.
You're amazing, Yamamoto.
Gokudera-kun? Leave him alone.
But That guy I have one more task for Yamamoto.
I'll give you this bat.
Use it to hit all of the Micro Hammers.
Yamamoto, what a relief! The boss is relying on Yamamoto, not me One more! You're still too late.
That's obviously impossible.
Hey, run away! Kyoko-chan! It's no use! I won't make it in time! Run like your life depends on it.
Re-Born! Re-Born I'll protect Kyoko even if it kills me! Tsuna-kun! Yamamoto! Swing like your life depends on it! Tsuna Okay! I'm going to do this! Yamamoto, swing at 300km per hour! I'm definitely gonna hit it! Huh? A katana sword? Yamamoto, what is that sword? Uh, I don't really know.
I do.
It's a weapon that turns into a katana sword when swung at faster than 300km per hour.
I call it "Yamamoto's Bat.
" What an awful name I don't really get it, but it's fun! You sure about this, Yamamoto? Yeah, I like it.
Training's over.
You want to join the Family? That's impossible for a piano-playing wimp like you.
Go on home, kid.
You could search all of Italy without finding a Family who'd accept a punk like you.
I guess I'm meant to be alone.
Gokudera-kun? M-Ma'am! You by yourself? Where is everyone? Uh, well That Tsuna really depends on you, Gokudera-kun.
Huh? He always talks about you.
He mentions your name every day.
I had no idea the boss thought so highly of me Yet I Forgive me, boss! I was wrong! We should just He's not that weak.
Sorry to keep you waiting! I'm going to do this! Gokudera-kun.
See? Bring it on! Roger.
Restarting the training! This sucks.
Do I have anything fun? What?! If he's hit by that D-Don't give in I'm the boss's right-hand man Hayato Gokudera! I did it, boss! Congratulations, Hayato.
It was worth spending the time to make that for you.
Go-Gokudera-kun?! Get a stretcher! No, call an ambulance! What? Another daily report on Gokudera-kun? Yeah, his face was even scarier than usual when he was eating that ramen.
You're always talking about how scary he is.
Well, he's seriously terrifying! The strengthening program was a success.
Here are some early greetings.
Happy New Year.
Peace is best! You said it! Tough luck, Tsuna.
Next time: New Spring! The Hundred Million Yen Contest! See ya next year.