Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e11 Episode Script

The Gyoza Dumpling of Love and Death

1 I-I finally get to marry Kyoko-san! It's a dream come true! I'm so happy, Tsuna-san.
Haru?! Congratulations, boss! Huh? Kyoko-chan? What? Tsu-kun, isn't it wonderful that you've got such a lovely bride? You two were made for each other! I'm extremely moved! Yo, playboy.
I'd love to trade places with ya.
No way! There must be some kind of mistake.
Be happy together.
Even Kyoko-chan! Thank you, everyone! No! This is You're not allowed to flee in the face of the enemy.
Surrender and marry her.
What?! Let's build a sweet and thrilling household together, Tsuna-san.
Kyoko-chan! Target 11 The Gyoza Buns of Love and Death?! The Gyoza Buns of Love and Death.
Kyoko-chan! J-Just a dream? Why did I have a dream like that? And I thought I was going to marry Kyoko-chan Ow It's too early to be so noisy.
Reborn! I bet you had a dumb dream.
Haru's probably a better match for you.
How do you know what my dream was about? Kyoko Sasagawa is a good woman, it's true.
She's more than qualified to be the wife of the Vongola Family boss.
If you can't tell her how you feel, I'll do something about it.
Wait, wait.
What are you going to do to Kyoko-chan? We have a number of options.
You've got some worthless plan in mind, don't you? Stop that.
In that case, want me to shoot you with another Deathperation Shot? That's bad, too.
I'd rather tell my feelings myself.
Can you do it? Probably Tell her how I feel, huh? There wouldn't be any problem if I could do that.
Ah, Tsuna-kun.
Good morning.
Whoa! Kyoko-chan! I-I've already been given a chance? Wh-What do I do? Go for it! S-Say, Kyoko-chan Extreme running! Hey, Kyoko.
Oh, Brother? You left before I did.
Yeah, I ran a lap around town.
It feels great to jog in the morning! Well? Wanna join me, Sawada? No thanks! Wow, nice running form! I'll start off by asking her to eat lunch with me.
Kyoko-chan Hey, Tsuna.
Let's eat lunch together.
Yamamoto I'm the one who's eating with the boss! Don't go inviting him to eat with you, baseball freak! Gokudera-kun's here too.
Where do you want to eat today? Let's see How about the courtyard? Why not? The weather's great.
For Tsu-kun Were you planning on asking Sasagawa to lunch? Guess I screwed things up.
Huh? What? Really, boss? I'm rooting for you! Huh? Wh-What're you talking about? You've got it all wrong.
I'm sure you can pull it off, boss.
No! Like I said Besides, a guy like me could never That's not true.
Right! Besides, if it doesn't work out, that means the chick has no taste! Y-You think so? But you know, chicks are just loud and annoying.
There's Gokudera-kun.
He's so cool and hunky.
Um, Yamamoto-kun Please eat this if you'd like.
Dunno why you're giving this to me But thanks! Girls are so nice.
They share food with me sometimes.
Did he take it? All right! That's right These two are ridiculously popular.
Tsuna, you want some? It looks great.
Boss! Please have some of my bread.
Uh You're very popular, Tsuna.
With your men.
I'm not happy about it! Namimori's Warm and Fuzzy Shopping District Ah I couldn't tell Kyoko-chan how I feel Wanna go see a movie? Used Books Sounds great! Let's go! Let's go! What do you wanna see? Well I'd love to hold arms and go on a date with Kyoko-chan like that Hello, Tsuna-san.
Haru?! Wh-Why are you here? I'm doing some shopping.
But I never dreamed I'd run into you here.
It must be fate! No, it's coincidence.
Pure coincidence.
It's not that I dislike Haru or something In fact, she's the first girl who's ever felt this way about me.
Over here! A pastry shop? Wow! They look yummy! You're going to buy a cake? That's right.
Today is Haru Appreciation Day, a monthly event I came up with.
What the heck? Ah! Kyoko-chan.
I didn't expect to see her here! Lucky me! No.
This is bad.
Kyoko-chan will think that I'm on a date with Haru! Are you okay with whipped cream, Tsuna-san? No, I think I'll pass.
Why? The cakes here are really good.
No, it's okay.
I need to get out of here quick.
Ah, Tsuna-kun! No, uh, Kyoko-chan This is, well Um! Um, this is a once-a-month thing! Huh? Once a month, I let myself scarf all the cake I want! It's not like I eat three pieces of cake every day! Oh, really? Not that anyone was asking I do that too! On every Haru Appreciation Day, I pig out on cake as a reward to myself! Wow, just like me! In my case, I always get the Mille-Feuille! Me too! And the cream puffs! They've completely forgotten about me.
Don't just stand around talking.
You can come to our place and have a nice long chat.
We'll serve you tea.
Why green tea?! Reborn-chan.
Wow, you're as cute as ever.
Well, let's go.
Huh? So Kyoko-chan is coming to my house?! How is it, Reborn-kun? The Mont Blanc is quite good.
That's great.
I highly recommend it.
And naturally, this is how it ends up.
Go on, I-Pin-chan.
Help yourself.
Thank you.
We bought a whole bunch, so we have plenty left.
By the way, why're you here as an adult, Lambo? Seems my infant self mishandled the Ten-Year Bazooka and took a round.
Who are you? I'm Lambo.
Who am I? You're Lambo.
Lambo-chan, we have cake! Yay! Lambo-san wants to eat! Ow! Well, I suppose that I'm lucky enough to have some delicious cake.
The child Lambo will probably be mad when he gets back.
That's right.
The new cake this month was so good.
Creamy and delicate at the same time! I would've bought one if they weren't sold out.
Such a shame.
You have to go early or they'll be sold out.
I was planning on lining up before they open on our next day off.
Ah, I want to go too! Let's go together, then.
These two are really hitting it off Well, I-Pin-chan? How do you like the Mille-Feuille? She's crying?! It happens to everyone.
It's so good, it makes you cry.
Just like any normal girl.
Really?! I've never had anything so good before.
Allow me to show my gratitude.
My secret gyoza buns.
We can have the gyoza buns later, I-Pin.
We're eating cake right now.
They look great! Huh? Let's dig in! Even Kyoko-chan The young Vongola doesn't know how to treat the ladies, huh? Women are like kittens possessed by mysterious appetites.
Huh?! Kittens? Lambo, you know about that stuff? It's juicy! The garlic really brings out the flavor.
Kyoko-chan? Haru? Oh my Hey, Kyoko-chan! Haru! What's wrong? A form of poison cooking.
Huh? Bianchi! Romeo! It's cake! Lambo-san gonna eat this up! Must've been my imagination.
What a relief I guess it's been five minuets.
Wait, what do you mean by poison cooking? The gyoza buns used for the Gyoza Kempo are made by a secret method.
One theory suggests that a single gyoza bun contains 5,000,000 times the essence of a normal gyoza.
Only those trained in Gyoza Kempo can safely eat them.
An ordinary person would be finished in no time.
What did you say?! I-Pin, didn't your master tell you not to give gyoza buns to other people? That's right, I forgot! What?! So you're saying Kyoko-chan and Haru are going to die?! It appears that it's only a matter of time.
No way! Th-That's right! What about Shamal? He can cure any illness, right? He should be happy to take care of a couple of girls! His personality aside, he is a skilled physician.
He's not in Japan right now.
He had to return to Italy to take care of something.
Hey there, darlin'.
Wanna spend a passionate night with me? He's gone when we need him! As useless as ever Ah, what'll we do?! Now, calm down.
This isn't the time to be calm! We're dealing with a careless hitman.
Her master should've given her the antidote as a safeguard.
Ah! Here! Is that the antidote?! Give it to them, quick! One.
One dose.
Wh-What?! Wh-What'll we do?! Now comes a test of your love.
Only one can be saved.
Which girl will you choose? Wh-Which one? Haru or Kyoko-chan.
You're amazing, Sawada-kun.
Like, someone special.
May I call you Tsuna-kun from now on? O-Of course! Tsuna-kun, will you eat this? Do you not like sweets? No! Th-That's not it! Don't look at me like that, Kyoko-chan! Crotch block! Amazing.
Tsuna-kun's efforts are bringing everyone together! Good morning, Tsuna-kun.
Kyoko-chan always smiled to a loser like me.
She always gave me courage You're despicable! What are you teaching this baby?! Wh-What? Babies are angels with totally pure hearts! You would destroy that young and pure innocence with your rotten heart?! I don't know what you're talking about! Tsuna-san.
You were wonderful.
Tenth-generation boss.
Calm down! Haru! Please call me Haru, boss! Hey, let's play.
Tsuna-san! Haru tends to act crazy, but she's always trying her best I can't choose! I don't want either one of them to die! Then save both of them.
Huh? Re-Born! Re-Born I'll save both of them even if it kills me! If we don't have enough antidote, we just have to get some from whoever has more.
Master is nearby.
Ah! Ah.
Boss! What's B-Boss! Tsuna.
Where is he?! I just finished practice.
Wanna get some food? Tsuna? Boss, wait up! Playing tag? Looks like fun! Is he around here?! Where is he?! Master spotted! What?! Welcome.
Is it you? Wh-What is it? I doubt he's I-Pin's master.
It's someone else.
I got the wrong person.
Ah, over there! Hey, welcome! The Yakitori here is good.
Wrong again.
Damn it! Then we'll assemble all the vendors here! Is it that guy?! Is that your master?! Okay! Not this one.
Boss, are you assembling all the vendors? Allow me to help.
What's with all the vendors? What are you doing, Gokudera? Shut up! Is there gonna be a festival? Well, boss? Are these enough? Master isn't here.
At this rate, we'll be too late.
I smell gyoza buns in that direction.
I-Is that This time for sure! Hand over the antidote! The antidote! Master! Emergency.
I-Pin screwed up.
B-Boss? Hey, aren't we holding a festival? I fell asleep So did I.
I was sound asleep.
Sorry, Tsuna-kun.
I can't believe I took a nap in someone else's house.
Huh? I-I don't mind at all.
When did Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun show up? Hey.
That nap made me hungry.
There's still some cake left.
That's right.
Let's eat it together.
What a relief It doesn't look like they remember the gyoza buns.
Lambo-san took it from you! I'll avenge the cake! Justice! I'm outta here! Justice! No way! Justice! No way! Shut up! Don't be angry, Hayato.
There's enough for you.
I'm glad they're both okay.
This isn't too bad.
I don't have to tell Kyoko-chan how I feel right now.
Tsuna, that's called having no guts.
H-How do you know what I'm thinking?! Did you forget? I can read minds.
N-No way! Ciao-su.
We're going to do some special training for Gokudera and Yamamoto.
Let me ride the tank! I-Pin, special advance.
Uh, what kind of training is this?! Next time: Master's Training! Strengthening Program.