Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e10 Episode Script

Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box!

1 I'm off.
Have a good day.
Traffic accident and purse snatcher, huh? All I see is bad news.
Here's your tea, Reborn.
Oh, a tea stalk is floating.
That's a sign something good might happen! Oh, Lambo-kun, you're cleaning up? That's great! Lambo-san is a good-boy hitman.
Oh dear Hold it in So he did it, after all.
Reborn, you can see through everything, can't you? It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
I wouldn't want you to get hurt, so go over there, okay? Huh? What is it? Tsu-kun forgot his lunch.
This is bad.
I'll take it to him! Oh? You will? Oh? Can you do it, Lambo? It's your first errand.
There will be many dangers.
I'm going! Lambo-san is a helpful hitman, after all! I'll be back! See you! Target 10 Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box! Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box! Master, I-pin understand.
It explodes when it falls.
Very dangerous.
But I-pin will deliver it without fail! Tra-la-la! Lambo-san will stick to the task! La-la-la- Drop.
There we go.
No explosion.
The same package! A big explosion! O-Ouch.
Lambo-san can't stop that quickly.
I'm relieved Which is the real nitro? Lambo, hand that over! This is mine! Wait, Lambo! No way! Quiet down, people.
First period will be self-study because of the executive committee meeting.
Sweet! You love self-study, don't you? You can slack off, and that annoying idiot won't be here either.
Is that a panda? I think it's a cow.
Huh? Could it be? Lambo?! Oh, you're from Tsuna-kun's house.
Hold it in What did you come here for?! Tsuna! My zipper's broken, so I can't go pee! What?! Oh, he's here for you, Tsuna.
Tsuna! Pee! Pee! I'm gonna pee! What're you doing? Hurry up and get to the bathroom.
Dynamic Entrance.
You followed me, tail head?! Should you be doing that right now? He did it I feel bad for him.
Tsuna's little brother wet himself.
Stupid cow.
You've sure done it now.
Hold it in You didn't hold it in one bit! This is so stupid.
Self Study This sucks.
Why did you come here? Crying won't tell me anything! What's that? It's your lunch.
You forgot it, so I came to give it to you.
Lambo came because I forgot my lunch? If all he's gonna do is embarrass me in front of Kyoko-chan, I wish he hadn't come.
Wow, good job, little guy.
Well, it's no biggie if Kyoko-san doesn't care That's right! Lambo-san's the best! He recovered way too fast.
My lunch! She took the boss's lunch! Men take it to the limit! Wait! Wait! Wait! Sawada and the guys are all fired up! Let me join in! I'm Ryohei Sasagawa, and my motto is "to the limit!" She ran to the roof! There she is! Hand over the boss's lunch, peacefully! Wait just a second, Gokudera.
Two of the same wrapped lunches? What's going on? One of them is the lunch I brought with me.
Then the other is? Shock explosion.
Oh, that stuff that explodes with just a small shock.
Why is she carrying around something so dangerous?! She must've forgot which is which! You're too easygoing! If that amount of nitro goes off, it'd take out the school.
Don't mess up which is which! She can't tell them apart! That tail head's such a dummy! A dummy! When she sweats like that The Mahjongg Mega Bomb countdown's gonna start! Once there's only one mark left on her forehead, there'll be a huge explosion! You stupid cow, mouthing off like that! What should I do?! If a big explosion is caught up in a big explosion It'll make an even bigger explosion to the limit! Sounds kind of cool.
Huh? I-Pin disappeared! Oh, right.
Once the countdown starts, she clings to people for reassurance.
Someone do something! Save me! B-Boss! I guess we'll have to use Deathperation.
Re-Born! And a shot to his shoulder.
It's the Iron Arm Shot.
I'll do a long throw like my life depends on it! That's our boss! She sure went flying.
One of them is falling.
I-Pin dropped one.
If that's the nitro It's the end of school Boss! Tsuna! Sawada! Deathperation Jump! Deathperation Jump! Deathperation Catch! That was close.
Tsuna! Way to go, boss! Nice catch, Sawada! I'm glad.
But I wonder which one this is Tsu-kun That's a good-looking lunch.
All right! It's the lunch I brought for you.
You mean to say I was desperate to save this embarrassing lunch? Geez, don't do that.
Thanks to you sending Lambo on that errand, I was totally humiliated.
Now, I don't believe that.
I delivered it to you just fine.
That's right.
Lambo-kun's a good boy.
Tsu-kun, you're a grown up, so you need to watch after him too.
What?! That's right.
You're a pathetic man.
If you can't stand him that much, get a babysitter for that stupid cow.
Do what? That's easy for you to say Well, I'd be grateful if someone wanted to babysit him but who'd have the time? How about I set something up? S-Seriously? But don't you usually ignore Lambo? Well, I don't want him to interfere with your studies.
Reborn Have fun tomorrow.
W-Wait What is it, boss? Are you finally agreeing to join the Boxing Club, Sawada? I came 'cause the kid called me.
So it comes down to these members, after all? Is something wrong? Hold on, why're you dressed like that? And what's with that rope? Where's it even hanging from?! H-Hey, Reborn! Aren't you supposed to be introducing me to someone who'll raise I mean, babysit Lambo? That's what I'm doing.
Of course, being the boss, you'd pick people from your own Family.
I have arrived, fresh from my first successful errand! You sure are proud for being a kid who peed everywhere.
That's not true! I only pretended to wet my pants! Don't fall for such a simple trick, idiot! Looks like going through hell once wasn't enough for you! Hey, what's that?! Made you look! Die! Don't make me pawn you off to some shop that sells beef bowls.
Hold it in I can't! Now that's passion.
Good stuff.
What's good about it?! Are you all ready? Huh? Is that Sis? But my stomach doesn't hurt What does that mean? I guess I'm fine if I can't see her face! We'll now begin the test.
Test? Whatcha mean? What for? Babysitting Lambo?! I think I'll opt out of looking after that stupid cow.
I can't stand him.
See, Gokudera-kun's not a good choice.
I'm fine.
What game are we playing today? And Yamamoto thinks it's a game, as usual By the way, the babysitter also gets to be the boss's right-hand man.
Right-hand man?! Sounds good.
It doesn't matter if I'm right or left.
But it looks like this'll get heated up real fast I actually like Lambo a lot.
He's totally faking it.
The rules are simple: the one who can make Lambo laugh wins.
I'm going first.
The time limit is three minutes.
Time, start.
He completely pisses me off But now's not the time.
I've gotta become the boss's right-hand man.
Hey, I'm sorry about what happened before.
How about we make up? Let's shake on it.
What is this?! You really do piss me off! Stop! Stop! Calm down, Gokudera! Break! Get away! Let me go, Yamamoto! That's why I said Okay.
Time's up.
Hayato fails.
Damn it.
All right.
I'm up next.
I said laugh! Laugh, you! I'm scared! Laugh! Have some guts! You can do it if you try! Laugh! He's being too forceful! That was three minutes.
Next is Yamamoto.
Looks like our star is up.
Yamamoto seems like he'd be good with kids.
But how will he deal with Lambo? This will be worth watching.
Have you ever played catch before? You just have to catch the ball with this glove.
Catch? I see.
Catch, huh? Way to go, Yamamoto.
Lambo seems to be showing interest.
Okay, here we go.
Take this! S-Sorry, my bad! Is he dead? Can't hold it in When it comes to baseball, I just can't hold back.
That's how an athlete should be.
What the heck Who knew Yamamoto had such a scary side That's the first good thing he's done.
But thanks to that, everyone has failed.
What are you doing?! Haru! You all made Lambo-chan cry! You included, Tsuna-san.
What are you doing?! No, there's a reason for this- You're terrible.
Are you okay, Lambo-chan? Don't cry.
Now that's what I call a babysitter.
No kidding.
Then she'll be the boss's right-hand man? How dare you make a child cry.
I won't forgive you! Not even you, Tsuna-san! Oh no! The Ten-Year Bazooka! He lost himself since the pain was so great.
Lambo-chan, what's wrong? Adult Lambo! Eek! No! You beast! What a beautiful bridge! It's me, Haru-san.
What?! Wh-Who are you?! He's completely sexed up! Stay away! Haru can't handle adult Lambo.
If she can't handle him as an adult, she fails too.
Romeo! This is bad.
Oh yeah Bianchi always mistakes adult Lambo for her ex-boyfriend.
How dare you! How dare you! Poison Pizza: Magic Cutter! Romeo! I won't let you escape! I'm outta here! Adult Lambo is always miserable.
Oh, he forgot his horn.
I'll throw it to him.
Here goes! Hold it in And this is how it all ends Sorry about that! Sorry! Cry your heart out, it's part of growing up.
Reborn! Seriously, where are you hanging that from? Looks like there's no one else to take care of Lambo but you, Tsuna.
I bet you were planning that from the start! And so, Lambo's babysitter has been chosen! I'm home.
Excuse me.
'Sup! I'm tired.
What a terrible day Yeah Tsu-kun.
Yeah? You left your lunch behind again.
A nice person found it and brought it back.
Now, madam, I just did what any man would do.
Shamal? Th-That's It was caught up in the tree in your garden.
Then, that means It's the nitro?! Sure makes a weird sound for being a lunch.
What's in it? Stop! Ciao-su.
Haru and Kyoko are hitting it off, all thanks to cake! Lambo-san want cake too! Want cake.
What an exciting development! Huh? The two of them are what?! Next Time: The Gyoza Buns of Love and Death?!