Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e36 Episode Script

Katekyo, Start

1 Target 36 Tutors on the Move That ring is proof that you're the rightful heir to the Vongola.
Hey! Don't decide things for me! Besides, how can you get everyone involved in something so dangerous?! I'm truly grateful! Huh? I'm totally pumped! Let's do this, boss! He's practically jumping for joy Gokudera's ring is the Storm Ring.
Yamamoto's is the Rain Ring, I guess.
You're right It's different from mine.
Huh? Really? What's this about storms and rain? We aren't doing a weather forecast here.
The original Vongola had some idiosyncratic members.
Those characteristics were imprinted onto the rings.
The first boss was said to be like the sky, a firmament over all and possessed of deep understanding and tolerance.
That's why he had the Sky Ring.
And his Guardians were likened to various weather conditions.
The passing shower that cleanses, the Rain Ring.
The gale that blows with fury, the Storm Ring.
The drifting cloud, unbounded, the Cloud Ring.
The illusion which cannot be perceived, the Mist Ring.
The orb that brings the day, the Sun Ring.
The bolts that pierce the air, the Lightning Ring.
But the rings you have are only- Stop! Stop! What is it? Honestly, I don't wanna hear this! You guys agree, right? Right?! Yeah.
Sorry, but I play baseball, so I can't wear a ring.
None of this makes sense anyway.
Right? Right? Bad things will happen if we carry these.
That long-haired guy will come after us again! He's coming? Uh huh.
Bad, right? And we only have ten days! Ten days, you say? Huh? Wh-What's wrong? This is mine, right? Think I'll take it, after all.
Truth is, I can't stand losing! Ya-Yamamoto? I'll spend the next ten days making myself into a man worthy of this ring! Wait, not you too! Wh-Why Good job, Tsuna.
Your words inspired them to train as hard as they can.
That wasn't my intention This isn't funny! Optimistic is unwarranted.
What are you doing?! I have to train the four other Guardians over the next ten days or you'll have no chance of winning.
Who are the other four? They're all people you know well.
Incidentally, the bearer of the Sun Ring should show up any moment now.
Huh? The Sun Ring's Okay.
That outfit D-Don't tell me Master Pao Pao! Do you truly intend to train me?! Ky-Kyoko-chan's brother?! Oh, Sawada! Are you gonna be training with me? This'll be awesome! P-Please wait! Do you even understand what's going on? We're gonna fight off the enemy, right? Sounds like a pretty grim situation.
I was told all about yesterday, what's gonna happen in ten days, and the rings! Huh? So you're voluntarily- But I forgot it all already! Talking's pointless Why him of all people? Kyoko-chan's gonna be worried! He has a vital role to play in the Family.
Huh? He does? I'll handle it to the limit! D-Definitely sunny You really shine as bright as the sun By the way, Master Pao Pao I heard that you called an old friend to help me out.
Huh? Old friend? We've just known each other a long time.
He's here.
His pacifier's glowing That means an Arcobaleno is It's been a long time, maggots.
Colonnello! You're lookin' cheery, maggot! Already laying down the law?! Wh-Why is Colonnello here? 'Cause Reborn came crying to me.
I didn't cry.
Just cry! You know you wanna, maggot! As if I would.
Maggot! Never gonna happen.
Cut that out and explain what's going on! Maggot! Nope.
Maggot! Not happening.
Maggot! We're short on time.
I can't train everyone.
So everyone's getting their own tutor, maggot.
For each person with a ring.
Tutors? Who's the boxer kid you were talking about, maggot? Me! Let's see.
Is he really that weak, maggot? Yeah.
He'd rank at the bottom of the chosen Family members.
What? This is the first time I've seen Colonnello laugh.
You've found an interesting guy, maggot.
If you can make it through ten days of my training, you'll blow the other six away, maggot.
But it's gonna be tough.
Up for it, maggot? I wouldn't have it any other way! I won't lose! Okay! Follow me, maggot! Yeah! A-Are those two going to be okay? Don't worry about it.
Colonnello's had thousands of students.
The fact that he was impressed means that if all goes well, Ryohei will return a lot stronger.
I guess I'll go train my student.
You're a tutor too?! Aren't you going to fight with us? Not this time.
I can't make a move because of the alliance.
No way! I was counting on you! Sorry, Tsuna.
This is all I can do right now.
So, are you going to tutor Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto? No.
Looks like I'm in charge of a different troublemaker.
Don't worry about it.
Gokudera and Yamamoto should be able to find the right tutors.
Then We are still undergoing preparations.
Please wait a little longer -Take Sushi This is some good bream.
I'm almost drooling.
And Takeshi isn't around.
My technique is still pretty Dad! You there? What's wrong, Takeshi? Forget something? Man, I was having a hard time chopping these scallions.
Hey, Dad Y-Yes? Could you teach me kendo? Oh.
Why, if it isn't Hayato.
Hey, Shamal.
What's up? Need some advice on love? My first tip would be to grope.
That's not it! Okay, then what? Will you take me as a student? Hell no.
I'm not looking after a damn kid.
I'll do anything you say! You just have to train me a little every day, like before! I'm begging you! I'm already fed up with you.
Hey! If that's all you have to say, scram.
So you're Kyoya Hibari? Who are you? I'm Dino.
Tsuna's big brother, you might say.
I'm also an old friend of Reborn's.
I see The baby, huh? Guess that means you're strong.
I want to talk about the ring with the cloud seal you're holding.
I don't care about that.
As long as I get to bite you to death.
I see.
A real troublemaker.
Very well.
It'll be faster this way.
Hibari-san got a ring too? Yeah, the Cloud Ring.
That guy hates crowds.
He'll never join us! That's why he's fit to be the Guardian of the Cloud Ring.
Just trust Dino.
Hibari-san and Dino-san, huh? Are those two going to be okay? You don't have time to worry about other people.
Even in Hyper Deathperation Mode, the Varia are stronger than you.
You need some serious training.
So let's start the first stage.
Don't tell me those are all Deathperation Shots W-Wait! You didn't tell me I'd be training! S-Stop! Re-Born! I'll train like my life depends on it! You'd better be Deathperate.
If you lose the succession battle you won't be the only sacrifice.
Your comrades will also pay the price.
Squalo should be back soon.
Now the Vongola Rings will finally be complete.
Huh? Huh? Where am I?! You're the one who chose this place.
What? You made it all the way up here in Deathperation Mode.
Looks like you instinctively know what you have to do.
So come on, climb.
Climb?! Hey, now! There's another hundred meters.
You won't be able to face the Varia like this.
Shut up! I have no intention of fighting! Ow The fake rings should have reached the Varia by now.
Huh? You won't be able to avoid a confrontation with them.
What? No way You have two days.
Train yourself to climb this cliff in two days.
That level of stamina is the minimal requirement for your training.
I can't possibly do that! This training regimen is unreasonable! No, it's not.
This is the time-honored method the first boss underwent himself.
The first boss? The various Vongola bosses each had their own fighting styles.
They had unique personalities and used different weapons.
Like knives, for example.
Or guns.
One even used forks.
But only one of them fought with gloves, like you.
The first boss, hailed to be like the sky.
He is also considered to be the strongest of them all.
Your training will be based on his style, using gloves as he did.
No way First of all, he built enough stamina to climb this cliff so he could go into Hyper Deathperation Mode at will.
Well, this is the gateway to your training.
D-Don't be ridiculous! I'm already exhausted and my muscles ache! That's what the Deathperation Shot is for.
What? Re-Born! I'll rest like my life depends on it! This is the key.
How much you choose to rest can make your training much more effective.
I haven't been on the school roof in a long time.
I like this place.
Well then, I'll allow you to stay here forever.
On your knees! Not bad, for your age.
What was that? I'm holding back.
This kid could turn into a real monster.
That's why he's an indispensable member of Tsuna's Family.
Guess I've got no choice! Too weak.
You're just a big fish in a small pond.
I can't have you satisfied with yourself just yet.
I need you to become stronger, Kyoya.
I refuse.
He avoided a direct hit? Well then How should I tame this beast? That's good.
Keep on fighting.
I didn't know about this dojo, though I knew you used to do kendo.
Do you still come here? The wooden sword and pads are pretty cool.
Where's your protector, Dad? I don't need one.
Don't be crazy! You'll hurt yourself.
Now that this day has come, I intend to beat my knowledge of the sword into you.
But don't forget.
The sword to me is like baseball is to you.
I'm not playing around! Come at me like your life's on the line.
That's right, Takeshi Yamamoto.
What your sword lacks most is spirit.
Master Colonnello.
What is it, maggot? We've been like this for half a day.
When will my training start? It's already begun, maggot.
I'm training you to stop building your body.
What are you saying?! I won't become stronger that way! Under normal circumstances.
But in your case, you already have enough power.
What you need is something else.
Lie down, maggot! To realize the appropriate nature for the Sun Ring Impressive, Arcobaleno.
If the boy manages to blossom, he'll be a strong ally.
Back to training in three minutes.
I have to do more? The way things are going, I'm gonna die! Your men are working hard.
No whining.
That's what you always say The first boss's training regimen, huh? So he intends to have him master that technique.
But it took the first boss half a year to learn it.
He won't make it using normal methods You know, you haven't told me who got the other rings.
The Lightning and Mist Rings? You'll find out soon enough.
Half, anyway.
What do you mean by half?! Man Is it that Basil kid? But he's injured Help! Help me! Haru! What are you doing?! P-Please don't look! I-I'm so sorry! Honestly Why are you here? I heard you were training, so I came to bring you lunch! Thanks Man She's throwing me up.
I should have worn sports gear.
Hey, it's almost time to start training.
Oh, right! Speaking of training, I met Gokudera-san on the way here.
What? Gokudera-kun's here too? Yes, on the other side of the bridge.
I called out to him, but he ignored me.
He looked pretty beat up.
Beat up?! Was anyone with him? He was by himself and looked lonely.
Why? Doesn't he have a tutor? Stupid Gokudera.
Shamal turned him down.
What?! Gokudera-kun's tutor is Shamal?! Shamal wouldn't push him that hard.
He's probably doing the wrong kind of training on his own.
I-Isn't that bad?! I'll go take a look! Stop right there! You don't have time for that.
I can't just ignore him! D-Damn it I'll definitely become stronger without anybody else's help! So Shamal ended up turning him down.
I can't think of anybody else suited for Gokudera Damn I just can't pull off that technique.
Hey, Dr.
What is it? These kiddie games are boring.
Teach me Trident Mosquito.
First you copy my hairstyle, and now you want to learn my killing technique.
You're better off using these.
Bombs? Lame.
The enemy'll escape before they're even lit! Too slow! Man Kids don't understand how manly a mid-range support attack is.
I'll show you how "slow" they are.
I'll shoot them all down at once.
That's impossible.
Watch me.
You just have to do this.
W-Wow! What was that technique? That technique If I can figure out how it works I'll do it.
Even if it kills me in the process.
Gokudera-kun! Here's what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Gemini Your lucky number is anything ending in 9! will be Gemini.
Well, I suppose I should be pleased.
Hold it in Number two for next week Sagittarius Great luck with international relations! will be Sagittarius.
So moved! Very grateful! Hold it in And the top sign Aquarius Great luck with acting boldly! will be Aquarius.
Hey there, senorita.
Let's date.
That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Teacher and Student Together.