Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e37 Episode Script

Master and Disciple Combi, Set

1 Target 37 Teacher and Student Together That explosion came from over there! There he is! He's a mess! Dr.
Shamal! Leave him.
I can't possibly do that.
Guys who refuse to grow up don't deserve to live.
Grow up? Come to think of it, why did he ask you to be his tutor? I'm the one who suggested dynamite to him.
What? You taught him how to use dynamite?! Don't you dare call me his teacher, that makes me sick.
If I ever do take a student on, it's gonna be a nice girl who'll let me kiss her.
He's such a creep! But why would you deny him when he's come so far? He can't see it.
See what? As long as he can't see it, I don't care if he dies out here.
Watch out! Go-Gokudera-kun! Wait.
D-Dad? Great, another wacko.
You're lucky you fell into this hole, kiddo.
Wh-Who the hell are you? That's no way to talk to the man who saved your life.
I'm just a guy from the neighborhood.
I have a cute wife and kid.
You're still young, so I can understand you not being afraid of death.
But you've gotta remember that some people hurt and some people heal.
From the latter's perspective, they wouldn't want you to undermine the things they treasure.
And what's more, a person who can't protect themselves, can't protect anyone else.
Anyway, gotta get back to work.
See ya, kiddo.
Shamal! I won, Shamal! It's an honorable wound! I ran into them while I was carrying a bomb and they freaked out! I'm not teaching you anymore.
Shamal! You can't see it at all.
I have nothing to teach someone like that.
Shamal? What I couldn't see was my own life.
Gokudera-kun, are you okay? B-Boss! I I'm so ashamed for you to see me like this.
You really do look pathetic.
Next time you do something so dangerous, I'll finish you off myself.
Shamal Heal your own damn wounds.
I don't treat guys.
Then What are you doing? Get out of that hole already.
How many girls do you think I could pick up in ten days? Now all the pairs are together.
Wait, why was my dad here? Does he work nearby? You're the only midrange support we have.
We need you, Gokudera.
I'm beat Seriously, why was my dad at the same place Gokudera was training? He's asleep! And it's early! It's only nine! You're kidding me I never knew my dad was so powerful.
He's like a totally different person! If you're not ready for this, go home.
If you just want to learn swordsmanship for fun, you'd better ask someone else.
Why I want to learn Nice so-called swordsmanship.
You haven't been formally trained, huh? I'm not playing! Ouch.
Attacking from behind's cheating, Dad! Cheating? Don't make me laugh.
That's what I meant by not doing this for fun.
The style I'm about to teach you is for killing; a style which condemned thousands to the darkness of hell during the civil wars.
Killing? What the heck? It's called Shigure Soen Ryu.
Shigure Soen Ryu? I'll climb the mountain like my life depends on it! Climb! Climb! Climb! Crap! I'm gonna fall! That was close.
Good, you've passed the first stage.
We'll move on to the second.
L-Let me rest a bit.
Actually, I've had enough of this! You want the Varia to kill you? Of course, if you're not careful, you'll die during the next stage anyway.
Master Sawada! I'm impressed that thou have progressed to the second stage so swiftly.
Basil-kun? Are you all right? Indeed.
Romario and the master's herbs have healed me significantly.
The master, again? So what are you doing here? I came to aid thee with thy training.
Aid? The second stage is sparring.
You'll understand why later.
Sparring? Like boxing practice? If you knock Basil to the ground, you've cleared the stage.
What?! Why do I have to knock him to the ground? Let us begin.
What? Deathperation Mode? Yes.
This is called the Deathperation Pill, and it will place one in Deathperation Mode.
My master made it just for me.
It's not quite as potent as the Deathperation Shot, though.
Now come, let us begin.
I've gotta fight someone who's Deathperate?! Time out! Time out! This is impossible! Reborn-san? That's just how Japanese men try to hide their excitement.
Very well.
Reborn! Here I go! M-Master Sawada.
Wait, Basil.
That hurt! That really freaking hurt, dammit! The old you would've been knocked out by that punch for sure.
You improved your basic stamina during the first stage of training.
Good work.
I'm not happy about this one bit! I would've much rather been knocked out! Okay, let's get to the real thing.
Take Basil down.
A Deathperation Shot? There's still a lot you can learn from Basil.
Good luck.
What are you saying? Re-Born! I'll defeat you like my life depends on it! I look forward to fighting thee.
Here I go! Thou art too Deathperate, Master Sawada.
Thou need only be Deathperate for an instant.
Basil is several times stronger than Tsuna.
I'm impressed by your student, Iemitsu.
I put him through some harsh training.
Master Sawada, thou can only fight in Deathperation Mode for five minutes because thou art constantly pushing thyself to the extreme! Thou cannot last in a fight of endurance in such a manner! Thou must control thyself in order to fight for extended periods! Hyper Deathperation Mode is incredibly taxing on one's energy reserves, so being able to control yourself becomes even more vital.
Above all else, if you can't do that, you can't use that move.
Hence, this training.
If he can't control himself, he won't be able to defeat Basil.
This training will test Tsuna's fighting sense.
Hey, Kyoya.
Today, how about you listen to what I have to say about the rings before we fight? Not interested.
I don't care about anything other than kicking your ass.
You've got issues, buddy.
If you don't take me seriously, I'll throw this ring away.
Wait! Don't do that! I dunno if this jerk's got pride issues, or if he's just obsessed with fighting Fine.
Then I propose a trade.
If I win in a fair fight, you have to join Tsuna's Family.
If you win? Watch this, maggot! A-Amazing, Master Colonnello! I know.
A powerful attack like this can turn the tide in the most desperate battles, maggot.
That is super cool! Well done, student.
You understand the aesthetic of blowing stuff up, maggot! Okay.
I'll grant you this technique! Really? That's awesome! First, destroy that rock, maggot.
You got it! Give me that rifle.
This is mine.
Do it with your bare hands.
What?! Are you sure? There must be some mistake! Of course not, maggot.
Then I will put this plainly, master.
That's impossible! I just slept for two days! I can't possibly destroy a rock that size! It's the opposite.
Two days of good rest have put the cells in your badly-abused body in top condition, maggot.
My cells? That's right.
Your superiority over others goes beyond the muscular level.
Your cells themselves possess a resilience seen only once in hundreds of millions, maggot.
S-Seriously? The rest is about how you use it.
And so I'm going to hit your body with a powerful strike.
What for? You're the type who learns with his body, not his head.
Take my attack.
Feel it.
And learn, maggot! What?! That's impossible! Special Shot loaded! Bam! I-I thought I was gonna die But I think I've learned something.
Something that will let me make a powerful attack.
Now it's your turn to use it.
Make your body itself into a rifle, maggot.
Yes, your right leg is the trigger Draw all of the energy from your cells, one by one, into your fist.
Fire, maggot! Don't forget that feeling, maggot.
The Special Shot is one of the Arcobaleno's powers.
They can instruct their students by sealing their memories into a bullet that they fire into them.
Colonnello thinks that highly of Ryohei, eh? But the Special Shot carries the risk of killing its target.
Ryohei should be praised for meeting Colonnello's expectations.
We don't need to worry about those two.
Next, Stance 7: Blowing Rain.
Next, Stance 8: Pouring Rain.
We're done.
There's nothing left for me to teach you.
Hold on, Dad! We're done? I just watched your stances one time and then copied you! The passing of stances from master to pupil is done only once.
That is the law of the Shigure Soen Ryu.
The Shigure Soen Ryu is so dangerous, it was decided that it must pass from this world if none existed with the spirit and talent to use it.
F-For real? So if I got the stances wrong Takeshi, if you have the drive and honest desire to learn this style, there's no way you'd get them wrong.
That's true! Okay, I'll do this my way from now on! Indeed.
The eight stances contain all of the techniques of the Shigure Soen Ryu.
Constant training will reveal their secrets to you.
Come to think of it, do you know why I want to learn swordsmanship? I inherited these techniques at about the same age as you are now.
I can imagine.
But I won't pry.
Best of luck.
Dad It's been an honor.
Okay, I'm heading back.
We're having chirashi sushi tonight, so don't be late.
Can't wait.
And now, we can trust Yamamoto's training.
So I guess we're good here too.
Guess that leaves Tsuna, Hibari, and Gokudera.
Another miss! Dammit, why do I keep missing? 'Cause you fail at elegance.
I don't ever wanna hear that from you! Dammit, Shamal hasn't taught me jack squat! It's like I'm training on my own here! Hey, Hayato Dude, shut up! Want a hint? A hint? For picking up girls.
It's very similar, you know.
You don't get it, do ya? The paper airplane is like a hot girl.
And you're the dynamite.
Now, how are you gonna knock her down? What? That doesn't make a damn bit of sense! What the heck do bombs and picking up girls have to do with each other? You crazy old pervert! Man, this is why I hate kids.
We're gonna be here a while.
Okay then, keep going.
Fold up a paper airplane.
I hate my life! Six minutes have passed.
That was close I guess there's a difference between strengths in Deathperation Mode now.
The time he can last is going up too.
Little by little, he's learning to control himself.
He's not bad, to get this far on only the third day of training.
All right, now it's my turn.
I shall come at thee with all my strength! Pathetic! We are not yet finished.
Prepare thyself! He can't beat Basil when he's serious I guess this will end it.
A clean hit.
Did you see that, my friend? Yeah.
When the punch connected, Tsuna used his Deathperation control to raise his defenses and reduce the damage.
Had you even taught him that yet? Nope.
It must've been instinct.
Well, this clears the second stage.
I'm pretty proud of my boy.
You're awake.
Hey, wasn't my dad here? Dunno.
That's weird, I thought I heard his voice.
Maybe I dreamt it.
You defeated me.
Well done, Master Sawada.
That was a splendid attack! I did? I actually beat Basil-kun? You did.
So I'm finally finished train- Now we can move on to the third stage! Wait, what? I'm done with training! I wanna go home! Don't be such a wuss.
There's no time Let's head home for dinner.
Are you ruled by your stomach?! That was good.
Lambo-san ate a ton! I'm full, I'm full.
Mom's food ranked number one again today! We must thank heaven for the blessings it bestows.
That was great! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Uh, why are you here eating with us? Well, I figured you'd be tired when you got home, so I thought I should be here to encourage you with a smile! That doesn't answer why you're eating our food Hey, Basil-kun Yes? Where'd you learn all that "thee" and "thou" stuff? From my master.
He taught me all about Japanese culture.
I especially enjoy the traditional Japanese method for washing clothes.
Would you like to use it when I'm done, Master Sawada? That's not right! And what screwy master would teach him this crap? And now what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week.
The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too.
You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Capricorn Taking care of your pets will make you super lucky! is Capricorn! I'll write that in my Book of Rankings! Hold it in Number two will be Cancer Attentiveness to others will make you popular! Cancer! Ahh, sorry.
Yeah, I'm the guy for Cancer.
Hold it in And number one will be Scorpio Curiosity is what will make you a better person! Scorpio.
Let's celebrate with poison cooking.
That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao! Bye-bye.
Next Time: The Selfish Baby Cow Vanishes!