Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e38 Episode Script

The Disapperance of the Stubborn Fawn

1 Wh-What?! What did you just say, Reborn? A vacation.
A-A vacation? You mean take a break from training? That's right, doing too much at once isn't good for you either.
Yay! I'm all for that! I'm gonna go all out! And by vacation, I mean a test and more training.
Target 38 The Selfish Baby Cow Vanishes! She did it! 10.
0! Haru wins! It's Tsuna-san's house.
I wonder what he's up to.
There have been many dangerous things going on lately.
Lucky me! Those shadows are Tsuna-san and Lambo-chan! How nice Lambo-chan gets to play with my wonderful Tsuna-san.
Knock it off! Eek! Tsuna-san is being mean to Lambo-chan! No way! Tsuna-san wouldn't do that! Take that! Stop! I'm sorry! I think Tsuna-san's abusing Lambo-chan.
Take that! I can't believe Tsuna-san would pick on Lambo-chan Then again, Tsuna-san does often speak rudely to Reborn-chan.
No way! As if, Reborn! And with I-Pin-chan She's gonna blow! Maybe Tsuna-san's not as nice as when I first met him I wonder if it's wrong of me to keep liking him? You'd better find out.
If you're losing faith in the person you love, you'd better figure this out and come to a resolution.
Bianchi-san! I'm on your side.
Bianchi-san Have a bite to eat.
Reborn-chan's here too! We serve Italian oden.
It smells good! Have as much as you'd like.
'Kay! There're tomatoes in it.
Wow, that's avant-garde! Have you come up with a test to see what type of person Tsuna is? Yes.
I thought a lot about how to create a test with the theme you chose.
Well done, Haru.
The first stage will be a standard test of kindness.
Right! I'll be using this.
Lucky me! I found a 500 yen coin.
Wait There's no way I'd be this lucky, though.
Maybe the Varia set a trap! He's sure on guard.
Nah, there's no way.
Eek! A terrible criminal! You didn't think he'd take it to the nearest police station, did you? He wouldn't go out of his way like that.
But I wrote my address and telephone number on the back of the coin! I don't think many people would notice that.
Next, we'll see how he treats the helpless.
Sorry to make you wait! A-Are you really Haru? Yep.
Perfect, isn't it? We're going to have you impersonate an elderly woman to see if Tsuna will carry you on his back to your destination.
That's right! That's one sweet make-up job.
Yes! I stayed up all night making the papier-mache! I like that mysterious energy of yours.
Thank you! I'm going to hide myself and wait for Tsuna to get here.
He's not coming.
Haru, are you okay? It's making my face all sweaty.
H-He's here! Go for it! O-Okay! Excuse me, sonny.
Yes? I was wondering if you could help me find my way.
I'm not familiar with the- Um wait! He's a terrible person! I can't believe he'd leave an old woman in the lurch! Have you truly changed, Tsuna-san? I guess his speed was about average.
The last stage will test his sense of justice.
Right! Here I go! Is something wrong? Haru You're one crazy girl.
This is my version of Namahage, a demon in nursery rhymes of the Akita region.
Are there any crying children here? I'll scare some children like this, and test to see if Tsuna comes to their rescue! I won't forgive anyone who scares children! Hero of Justice So you're prepared to become the villain in order to test Tsuna, huh? That's right! It's my last gamble! Tsuna-san, I believe in you! What was that all about? What's that?! You're supposed to be terrified! Ah! Tsuna-san's here.
Sure is a lot of weird stuff going on today.
I'm gonna act like I don't see it Tsuna-san have you cast away your human heart? Where did my kind Tsuna-san go? Haru's the only one who'd wear something like that.
I guess his intuition still isn't up to snuff.
He gets points off.
Five o'clock already? Time flies when you're on a break.
Lambo-san Tsuna! What's up? You're sure in a rush.
Going to a friend's house.
A friend? Someone you know! I got this from them just now.
But I won't tell you any more! Bye! Loser Tsuna! Don't you dare call me that! What's his problem? Oh look, he dropped it.
"Come here by six, and I'll give you candy.
" Huh? What's this? Who are you? I'm Lambo.
Who am I? You're Lambo.
Lambo! A nice little cow! Bomb A Head! My, how strange.
Where did Lambo-kun go? He'd normally come right home.
Don't worry about him.
But it's been dangerous around here lately.
What if he's been kidnapped? G-Good point.
No, that's not I mean, think about it, who'd want that annoying kid? You've got it backwards.
Maybe someone wanted to get rid of him because he's always so annoying, and that's why they kidnapped him.
A kidnapping! By a murderer?! Oh no! What should we do?! I-I'm sure you're overreacting.
It'll be fine.
Isn't that great, Mama? Tsuna's saying he'll take care of it.
What? I-I wasn't planning to look for- I'm so proud of how much you've grown! So am I.
Well, Tsuna will do what he needs to do when he needs to do it.
He'll solve the case and find Lambo with his razor-sharp senses.
You're so dependable.
I-I suppose Guess I have to I've also prepared a Watson set for you.
So you're Holmes and I'm his assistant?! So Lambo dropped this note around five He said he just got it, which means he met up with someone right before then.
Are you presuming that this person committed the crime? That means those without an alibi before five are prime suspects.
Hey, I-Pin! Could you tell us what you were doing yesterday evening? I was training! Wh-What's the sandbag for? Lambo ate the cake I was saving.
I can feel her hatred for Lambo embedded in the sandbag, along with how annoying he is.
I-Pin's definitely a suspect.
I dunno Wait, there's no way I-Pin could've written this.
She can't even read Japanese.
We've found an important clue.
Huh? Where?! Ouch You're still such a wimp.
Look at this.
It's stationery from Namimori Middle School.
You're right! So whoever called Lambo out was either a Namimori student, or someone connected to it? Oh yeah, Lambo said it was someone I know.
We've certainly narrowed things down.
Y-You don't mean No way! Huh, Lambo-kun? I wouldn't know.
I didn't leave my house after four.
Hana came over.
I-I see I guess that rules Kurokawa out too.
What's wrong? Did something happen to Lambo-kun? She's actually worried! N-No, nothing.
Not a thing! What's wrong, Tsuna? Shut up! How could I ever suspect Kyoko-chan? I'm terrible.
Stop getting depressed.
Let's get on with the investigation.
Boss! Go-Gokudera-kun! What are you doing here, boss? You know, that stupid cow really pisses me off.
He's talking about it already?! I hope he disappears.
Don't tell me he's turning himself in?! U-Uh, Gokudera-kun, what were you doing last night? U-Uh, l-last night? Well I was wandering around town after training Stupid Yamamoto kept getting in my way.
Get lost! It's okay every once in a while, right? And he wanted to grab some food.
While I watched baseball, which I hate, at Yamamoto's restaurant, I ate some crappy food, then went home around seven.
This food sucks.
I'm bored.
What a terrible customer.
Oh, I saw your mom and my sister eating whole cakes at the shop in front of the train station.
That was around five.
So you didn't see Lambo? That stupid cow? Nope, didn't see him.
Yeah, that's right.
I went home with Gokudera around four.
We saw your mom and Bianchi on the way and waved to them, and we ate food at my restaurant after that.
He went home around seven.
So you didn't see Lambo? Nope, sure didn't.
This is tough, we have no clues.
You're obviously blind.
What?! Someone's lying.
Huh? What are you saying?! The times and places they mentioned line up with their alibis.
You know how bad Gokudera is with Bianchi, right? Well yeah, he collapses at the mere sight of her.
What of it? Do you really think Gokudera would be able to look at a table where Bianchi was sitting and notice the cake she was eating? I saw them eating whole cakes.
And do you think he'd actually be able to wave to her? No! Definitely not! That means someone's trying to stop us from figuring out more about the kidnapping.
N-No way.
Does this case go far deeper than I thought, to the point where my friends would lie to me? You've got me! You've caught me red-handed! What? Yamamoto?! Gokudera made me keep it a secret, but I'll tell you what happened.
Gokudera-kun made you keep it a secret? It's true that both of us went back together, but we ran into Lambo near the station.
What?! You ran into Lambo? Yeah, and they started fighting over something stupid.
You bastard! You have a octopus for a head! And there was trouble?! That's a big enough trigger to make him hate Lambo Does that make Gokudera-kun the culprit? So then, Haru passed by Huh, Haru? Don't be mean to Lambo-chan! Shut up, you stupid broad! Eek! I am not a broad! That's when your mom and Bianchi suddenly showed up.
Sis! Gokudera ran into Haru, their stuff spilled all over the place, and then he fainted.
I can totally picture that! And then, I took care of him at my place until seven.
Th-That's what I'm sorry, boss! Huh? Gokudera-kun! I didn't mean to keep it from you.
It was just so pathetic that I thought you'd lose faith in me I'm sorry! Forgive me! Wait, it's- I'm really sorry! I know what really happened now, but we still haven't figured out how Lambo disappeared! Lambo disappeared? The stupid cow disappeared? Yeah, he didn't come home last night.
That stupid cow, making the boss worry! I saw him last night.
Kyoko-chan's brother? Is that true? Yeah.
It was dark so I couldn't see all that well, but I saw him walking with a girl.
She was probably in middle school.
The criminal is a girl! It couldn't be U-Um, yesterday around four, a girl from our class visited Kyoko-chan, right? Yeah, she did.
But not at four, it was after five.
What? That means Kurokawa could be the culprit! She was saying, "shoo shoo!" That makes her a shoo shoo hag! Annoying Lambo totally pissed her off! She fits the description perfectly! Kurokawa! Wait, Kurokawa! Why are you following me?! Knock it off! I'm the one asking the questions! Why are you running away?! You know I hate kids! Why are you chasing me with all those behind you?! Behind me? These are the plentiful child dolls I made to help correct her fear of children! That's not what we need right now! Stay away! She's going outside the school gates! Wait! Ouch Haru?! Oh, sir Hey, Sawada, what are you doing? Carry her to the infirmary, on the double.
What?! I'm fine.
Let me down.
What are you mad about? You've got a sprain.
You need to let a doctor look at it.
Man, why'd Shamal have to be on vacation at a time like this? Pretend to be nice all you want, but I know the truth about you! Huh? What're you talking about? Hmph! I won't let you take advantage of my love! You're gonna bust my eardrums! I already know you're a horrible person without blood or tears to shed! Hey, chill out L-Lambo?! Why are you here? Yo, Tsuna! Oh, Haru, gimme more of that candy you gave me yesterday.
I'm all out.
That was something my father gave me Huh? Yesterday? Candy? That means Haru- Lambo! Lambo-chan! Haru! Tsuna-san H-Hang on, Haru! Don't worry about me! Save Lambo-chan! Wh-What are you saying?! At this rate, you'll fall too! But as long as you save Lambo I'll fall! Just save Lambo! Don't be ridiculous! I'm not letting you fall! Tsuna-san I said that, but I'm almost out of strength Lambo, stop struggl- Th-That was dangerous.
Thank God for this luggage compartment.
Hey, Haru, you okay? Are you still mad? And why didn't you let Lambo come home? Because I didn't want you to abuse him anymore.
So I let him stay at my place last night.
Huh? Abuse him? You can't fool me! I saw it with my pure eyes! I saw you hurting him! Huh? No, that was I'm gonna die! Help me! Calm down.
Sit still.
Stop! Huh? Tsuna, let's play that game some more today.
Lambo-chan I see Lambo wasn't kidnapped after all.
But why did you have stationery from our school? W-Well, you see When Gokudera-kun bumped into me, the contents of our bags got mixed up.
I thought I'd sorted it all out, but I got a bit distracted and ended up using it before I realized.
Ah, that explains it.
Tsuna-san! Tsuna-san, you truly are a good person! You've stolen my heart once again! What?! You've taken my breath away! What're you saying?! Uh, anyway, we've gotta get off this truck.
Tsuna-san! What are you doing?! We have to get the truck to stop! No! Let's keep going! That way, I can ride on your back all the way home.
Yeah right! Driver, stop! Those two are a good match.
Iemitsu, what do you think of his training? He's got a long way to go.
Tsuna, we've got a lot more training to do.
We don't know what will happen after this.
And now what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san's here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Pisces You'll get lucky listening to music.
is Pisces.
I wonder if that means I can eat two special cakes to celebrate? Hold it in Number two for next week Virgo Looks like your hard work will pay off.
is Virgo.
Awesome, boss! I'll give it my all! Hold it in And number one will be Cancer Keep what you wish for realistic! Cancer! Ahh, sorry.
I'll be representing the Cancers.
With Leon.
That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next Time: The Unseen Enemies' Goal.