Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e39 Episode Script

The Unseen Enemy's Motive

1 Come on, guys! Time to go shopping! Okay! I love shopping! Oh? Where's Lambo-kun? He took a nap after having a snack.
Then it'll just be us.
One cannot know what might happen.
I shall protect thee.
Thank you.
According to my rankings, you'll get the best supermarket deals on Third Street on days ending in three.
You don't say Let's go there, then.
What's wrong, I-Pin-chan? Huh? Mama, wait up! It appears they didn't notice us.
This Optical Camouflage is perfect.
Target 39 The Unseen Enemies' Goal Okay, I'll bring some of my old essays over to your place later.
Ah, yeah What's with the drool, Loser Tsuna? Oh, Kurokawa's here too? Of course I'm here! I'm in the same group! Besides, I couldn't leave my dear friend all alone with a slacker like you.
Slacker Slacker That's mean, Hana Well, Tsuna-kun, see you later.
Ah, see you later.
Oh, you're still coming.
Yes, I am.
Yippee! Kyoko-chan's coming to my house again! Working on a project about our dreams in grade school! What a wonderful assignment! Kyoko-chan.
Oh The girl who'll one day become the boss's wife? She's quite lovely.
Who's there?! Huh? Was I imagining it? Hmm? What's that sound? Ow! Ow! Ow! What is this?! Who's there?! It's a pleasure to meet you, boss.
I am the purveyor of weapons tuning for the Vongola Family, Giannini.
Ah! Not another weirdo! Are you Giannichi's kid? Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Master Reborn, I presume! I appreciate the kindness you showed to my father.
The battle with the Varia is near.
I called Giannini here to help with all kinds of weapons maintenance.
Giannini's family has served as the Vongola's exclusive Weapons Tuners for many generations.
His father, Giannichi, was a famous tuner who could make weapons come to life.
I'm expecting a lot from you, Giannini.
You can count on me.
Though, I still pale in comparison to my father.
How long are you going to sit on me?! Wh-What is this?! I prepared these for the battle with the Varia.
Want me to lend you some? I don't need any! These look like they'd be worth modifying.
Oh, wait My father heard something about a faction plotting to assassinate the boss during the Vongola succession war.
Hm, haven't heard anything about that.
Anyway, I'm counting on you to modify the weapons.
Uh, why did you have to spread them out in my room? Kyoko-chan will be here soon! Excuse me! Boss! I've come to have my dynamite modified! Go-Gokudera-kun Hurricane Bomb-sama, is it? I'm honored to have been summoned here! Reborn invited you over? And Gokudera-kun, where's Dr.
Shamal? Well, he was starting to show symptoms of withdrawal, so he told me to take the day off so he could go hit on girls.
I see Well, Gokudera's training was plateaued.
Sorry, but could you look after Hayato for a day? We're not making much progress.
Taking a break might help you see things in a fresh way.
Huh? What are you talking about? Modify mine too! Not you too, Lambo Oh! This is the Ten-Year Bazooka I've heard so much about! Your weakness for unusual weapons is reminiscent of your old man.
I see Kyoko-chan and Kurokawa are here! What'll I do now?! I can't let them see these weapons! I-I'll let you use my room! But you absolutely cannot come downstairs! I-I have an important appointment! Gotcha.
Okey-dokey! S-Sorry to keep you waiting! A-Are you okay, Tsuna-kun? You're drenched in sweat.
You shouldn't keep ladies waiting.
Ladies? Ah, never mind! Are you okay with working in the living room today? Yes, sure thing.
Huh? Haru? We ran into her on the way over.
I heard that you were doing a project on your dreams from grade school, so I brought my old essays! Well, the more data, the better.
Ah That's true.
Did you find any old essays? Yeah, one from second grade.
What about you? I found one from when I was a second-year.
Whoa! I wanna hear it! Um, "My Dream" by Kyoko Sasagawa.
"My dream is to become a ballerina.
And then, I want to become the prima and dance in Swan Lake in France.
" Kyoko-chan as a ballerina She'd look so cute "If that doesn't work out, I want to become a police officer and catch bad guys.
" You're Vongola X, Tsunayoshi Sawada, right?! What?! Wh-What is it, Loser Tsuna? What's wrong, Tsuna-san? S-Sorry! It's nothing! Calm down There won't be anything to worry about if I don't become Vongola X That's a cool dream.
But it's just stuff I wrote down after watching TV shows.
I'm next.
"Senior Maple Class, Hana Kurokawa.
" Hold on! When did you write this essay? Preschool.
We're doing dreams from grade school Who cares? This was all I could find! "I hate kids.
So I want to grow up fast.
" She hated kids when she was a kid herself?! I'm up next! "First grade, Haru Miura.
" "My dream is to become the best costume designer in Japan.
" "My mind was made up when I saw the parade of costumes for an athletic event at Tokyo Station!" When did people wear costumes at Tokyo Station?! I'm currently working on Tokyo Tower! Wow! You're so cute, Haru-chan! I don't know what's going on anymore It's still a work-in-progress, though! So, what was yours? Oh, um I wanna see! I wanna see! Um "My nickname is Loser Tsuna.
" The worst possible way to begin! "But Mom says it doesn't matter if I'm a loser right now, because people can change.
" "I agree.
" "When I grow up, I want to become a giant robot.
" That's so cute! I sound like a total idiot.
You sound like a total idiot.
It pisses me off when someone else says it.
Huh? What a beautiful composition.
It had such grand scope Gokudera-kun?! Ah, hello.
What are you doing here, delinquent? H-Huh? Why I said to stay in the room I wanted to show you my modified weapons first! No way! That's the one thing I was trying to avoid! I actually haven't seen them, myself.
Here we go! Presenting My new dynamite! Wow! That's so fun! What a childish trick.
Party favors? Giannini better have an explanation.
He left.
Ah, Reborn-kun.
Sorry to disturb you.
Wh-Why are you down here too?! I wanted to see how strong the modified Deathperation Shot was.
What?! Wait! Don't fire that in Kyoko-chan's presence! Huh? I'll go give Giannini an earful.
They're weaker after being modified He's really letting him have it! I-I'm gonna go take a look! Hold on! Hey! Keep it down! Boss! Please save me! Listen to this, boss! He rendered all of our weapons completely useless! Wh-What are you doing, Giannini-san?! I told you that I pale in comparison to my father.
Besides, there's no guarantee that modifying will make a weapon stronger! He's turning on us.
Don't give us that half-assed sophistry! Can you fix them? Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! It'll take some time Hey, is Lambo-san's done? Pick a better time to show up, stupid cow! Only stupid people call other people stupid.
What do you think you're doing?! Oh man Why does this always happen? Gi-Giannini-san! Tell me that wasn't Naturally, I remodeled it.
Huh? He didn't change! This guy's just breaking the weapons.
Damn that fraud.
Gokudera-kun? Huh?! Go-Gokudera-kun?! I'm never asking you to remodel my weapons again.
Huh? Reborn-san.
What's up? I feel closer to you than usual.
Same here.
Is this because of the remodeled Ten-Year Bazooka? Uh, Gokudera-kun? What is it, boss? Wh-What is it? I always knew that you were big, boss.
Huh? Is it your presence? You look bigger than your actual height.
Pretty sure you've got it wrong.
I'll be leaving for today then.
Wait He didn't notice that he shrunk?! Hold on! You can't go out like that! Kyoko-chan?! What a cutie! Were you playing with Lambo-kun, little fella? Shoo, shoo! Get away from me! Why? He's so cute.
Don't give me that crap! I'll send you flying! Wait! Time out! That's my boss! He's got pipes! Gokudera-kun Huh? Gokudera? Ah! No! Goku I mean, let's play on the second floor! What are you doing, boss? Boss! There's a suspicious person on the telephone pole! Huh? Nobody's there.
You don't see anything?! Those are chirping sparrows.
Don't you talk down to me! Wait! Goku- I'll beat the crap outta ya! I mean calm down! What do I do?! That runt pointed right at us.
Don't be silly, Tras.
He can't see us in this Optical Camouflage that Master Verde crafted himself.
Yes, Parenza-sama.
As long as we have these suits, it'll be simple to approach the Vongola X candidate and inject him with this poison.
We can complete the assassination completely unnoticed.
Please let me go! They're definitely enemies! I told you, nobody's there! Yo.
Yamamoto! Bad timing! My dad brought me too much food.
Somebody at your place will eat it, yeah? If you have time for this, go defeat the enemies outside! That you, Gokudera? You're here too? Huh? Perfect timing.
You want something to eat? Yamamoto hasn't noticed that Gokudera shrunk! Huh? Gokudera-kun? N-No! He's Gokudera-kun's cousin! Isn't he small? Now that you mention it, you're right.
He just had a Gokudera feel to him.
H-Hey! Hey! Yamamoto! Let me go, you freak! Spunky fella.
Why can't I reach him?! He doesn't know his own reach! Oh? Oh? Who's the squirt? La-Lambo! Oh, hello there.
Ah, the shoo shoo hag's here too.
Here, your buddy's come.
I guess you wanna be one of Lambo-san's men.
Your haircut's pretty lame, though.
Oh? Ignoring me? I'm pretty scary when I'm mad.
I blow my top with a bang.
Come on Bang! I don't have time to deal with you! Their relationship hasn't changed There, there.
Don't cry.
Oh, Kyoko! Brother.
Yo, Sawada! Kyoko-chan's brother is here! What is it? I was in the middle of training when I happened to hear your voice.
Ah! You bastard! Damn turf top, how could you let the enemy into the house?! What was that, Gokudera?! Ryohei hasn't noticed either?! You're wrong, Brother.
He's Gokudera-kun's cousin.
Oh, I see.
You freak! Can't you see them?! Gokudera-kun's still spouting nonsense! Infiltration successful.
Hey, don't swing your tiny legs at me! Tiny?! What are you My legs are so close! What?! I've shrunk! He finally noticed! And why am I so soft?! Goku I mean, calm down! Look out, boss! Shoot! That's right! That was close Bah, how dare he scare us! Just toys, huh? Lemme go! Boss, they're right next to you! What are you talking about? Ignore the others.
I'll focus on assassinating the Vongola.
At this rate, the boss will I know! What are you? Hey, turf top, I bet your flimsy little punch couldn't even knock me out! Gokudera-kun! What are you saying? I'll show you! I don't hold back! I punch to the limit! I'm over here! What?! Huh?! All right! Wh-What was that?! Bah Yamamoto, let's play catch! Huh? Throw it here! Got it! Huh? Who are these people?! What is this?! Eek! So mysterious! What?! They can see us?! Oh, no! The damage to the Optical Camouflage has Well done, Gokudera.
I'm impressed.
Reborn! Reborn-san! The Vongola hitman, Reborn! You're the ones who were stuck to the telephone pole, huh? Impossible! How could you know that?! The Optical Camouflage was supposed to be perfect! Kids can see them.
They were probably designed to be visible to young children.
And now there's another weirdo! What's that? Looks fun! Why is Giannini here too?! Your boss is the Arcobaleno with the green pacifier, Verde, right? He was researching invisibility.
They found us out! I bet Verde was worried about being betrayed by subordinates wearing Optical Camouflage, so he made them visible to people under a certain age.
That explains it Assassination failed?! Assassination?! In that case We'll do this directly.
No way! Reborn, save me! I can't fight.
My weapons are all useless now.
The Deathperation Shot is dancing around.
N-No way! It's over, Vongola X! I'll protect the boss! Gokudera-kun! How could you do that to a kid?! Get lost! Now, come with us quietly.
Run for it, boss! Gokudera-kun If I had believed you from the beginning Okay, come over here.
You can't, boss! Save yourself, boss! Hurry! I'll be fine, boss! Your life is mine! Boss! Gyoza Kempo! Gokudera-kun! Boss! Reinforcements have arrived! I-Pin-san said that she saw something suspicious.
We have returned out of concern! I-Pin! Basil-kun! Are thee injured, Master Tsuna? Damn it Hey.
Now you've done it Say hello to Verde for me.
I'm saved Tsuna-kun.
Oh, crap! How do I explain this?! It's good you fought off the robbers.
Huh?! Whew She guessed wrong.
Yep, thanks to these guys.
Well, these guys and the kid with the parted hair.
Gokudera-kun! Thanks And I'm sorry.
If I had believed you from the start Boss I appreciate the sentiment.
But But? But how am I supposed to protect you with this body?! H-Huh? Awesome! I'm back to normal! Gokudera-kun! That's great! That was a good experience for you, Gokudera.
Reborn-san! A change of perspective has allowed you to see what you couldn't before.
So what happened today was your way of teaching me that? Well, basically.
Sounds like a lie You've rested enough now.
We're moving on to the third stage of training.
Hey! I didn't get any rest at all! You rang, boss? If you're going to reward me for bringing the Vongola Half Rings, go right on ahead.
Wh-What are you doing?! They're fake.
Counterfeits? Iemitsu We're heading for Japan.
And then We'll eradicate them.
And now what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Cancer Good luck with gifts! will be Cancer.
Ahh, sorry.
I'll be representing the Cancers.
Hold it in Number two for next week Taurus You'll be happy if you make sweets! will be Taurus.
All right! I'll hit a home run next week! Hold it in And the top sign Pisces Aquamarine will bring you luck! will be Pisces.
Can I celebrate by having two whole cakes? That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The Battle of the Rings Begins!