Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e40 Episode Script

Fight for the Ring Begins!

1 Ciao-su.
A new enemy is on the move in pursuit of the Vongola Rings, which prove the rightful heir to the Vongola Family.
They're an independent Vongola squad, known as the Varia.
These little beauties are comin' with me! See ya! They're right here.
Wh-Why?! But I saw him take them! These are the real ones.
The ones chosen to be Tsuna's Guardians began training to protect the rings.
Not bad, for your age.
Hit me, maggot! In no time, the fruits of their training began to show.
They're fake.
Counterfeits? We're heading for Japan.
We'll eradicate them.
Psych yourself up, Tsuna.
The battle with the Varia is about to begin.
Chuga-chuga-chuga, choo-choo! Brother.
Your big brother trains full-time.
Yeah, and he's training even harder lately.
I wonder if a match is coming up.
Chuga-chuga-chuga, choo-choo! Next stop: Namimori Store! What kind of regimen is this?! We're preparing for the third stage of your training.
Training your spirit.
Okay, fine But why are you using a bunch of mines?! Do not worry.
They have been weakened.
That's not the issue here! You'll die if you don't focus.
Target 40 The Battle of the Rings Begins! So this is the town where the Vongola Half Rings are? If Squalo's right, they should be here.
Mammon, can you use your Mucous Imaging? I suppose I have no choice.
I'll put it on your tab, Leviathan.
Levi, which ring was yours? Lightning.
Then I just have to look for the other Lightning Ring.
It should be simple if I can read the vibrations between them.
Here goes Mucous Imaging! I'll never get used to how gross that is.
It's nearby.
At a point 205 meters south and 801 meters west.
Hear that? The Varia's Leviathan Lightning Strike Squad will now retrieve the Lightning Ring.
Eliminate the bearer of the ring, along with anyone else in our way.
As red as blood Man I thought I was gonna die.
Thou art rife with splendid potential, Master Sawada.
I can understand why my master has such high expectations of thee.
Your master again? You always talk about him.
You'll meet him soon enough.
R-Really? Sorry, Basil-kun But that's the guy who forced the rings on us.
He made a bad first impression on me.
I bet he's a creepy old man.
I'm home.
Welcome home.
D-Dad! It's rare for you to be awake at this hour! Good thing I ran into you before I left.
Huh? Are you going out? Yeah, some uninvited guests showed up earlier than expected.
Guests? Is that true, Iemitsu? The information came from the double I left back in the homeland.
There's no doubt about it.
But it's too soon.
We didn't expect them to notice the rings were fake so quickly.
It must've been Xanxus' super intuition.
Wh-What are you talking about? Seems the Varia have arrived in Japan.
What?! Those scary guys?! But wait, how do you know about this?! I'm going to confirm the safety of all the Guardians and explain the situation to them.
Give me a hand, Basil.
Yes, master.
What?! Master? Yes.
Master? Master.
No way! It can't be But Tsuna, we don't have time right now.
I'll explain everything later.
For now, keep this a secret from Mom.
A promise between men.
'Kay? Uh, but The enemy's advance unit is the Leviathan Lightning Strike Squad.
They're considered to be some of the strongest fighters in the Varia.
He'll come to take the Vongola Lightning Half Ring.
I'm worried about how inexperienced our Guardian of the Lightning Ring is.
Huh? I'll send help to the other Guardians once I've contacted them, but it'll take time.
Tsuna, I want you to go to the Guardian of the Lightning Ring and protect him.
Basil, let's go.
W-Wait! Dad! What is this?! What's going on?! What do I do?! Calm down, Tsuna.
How could I possibly calm down?! You should follow Iemitsu's instructions.
We're going to protect the one with the Lightning Ring.
B-But First of all Who is the Guardian of the Lightning Ring? This is the spot.
A street? No signs of anyone around.
He couldn't have gone very far.
Find him.
You deserve the title of the swiftest in the Varia, Levi.
With your diligence and brutality, you have a fair chance of becoming the next advisor to the boss.
I have no interest in that.
And you, shouldn't you look for the Guardian of the Mist Ring? Haste makes waste.
According to Squalo's information, we're up against amateurs.
I'll act in an appropriate fashion for the Guardian of the Mist Ring and watch from the shadows.
So long.
Did you find him? We've spotted three children, including infants, 300 meters to the west.
Reborn, where are we going? Just follow me.
But you said they wouldn't be here for ten days! This wasn't what I was expecting! We can't do anything to change the fact that they're here.
Tsuna-kun! Kyoko-chan! Haru! Did Futa-kun and the others return yet? Huh? Futa and the others? We went out with Futa-kun, I-Pin-chan, and Lambo-kun.
But we got separated.
Did they go home already? No, not yet, as far as I know What do we do? What if something happens We've been frantically searching for them, but we can't find them! We're so worried! It'll be fine.
They'll come home when they're hungry.
But There's nothing to worry about.
Anyway, sorry, but I've gotta- This is bad.
Reborn? We have to find them before the enemy does.
I'm hungry Lambo-san can't go on Futa, carry me.
Lambo, you're too heavy.
Walk by yourself.
Lambo's too spoiled! Why not? Futa's such a meanie! Why would you say that? Isn't this your fault to begin with? Chuga-chuga-chuga, choo-choo! Crepes! Crepes! Lambo-san loves sweet things! W-Wait! And then we got separated from Big Kyoko and Big Haru Seriously, give me a break.
I already forgot about that, blockhead.
Sheesh Lambo's so irresponsible! Uno to Captain Levi.
They're just kids.
No sign of anything unusual.
Due here.
No sign of what we're looking for at 12 o'clock.
Tre reporting in.
No sign of anything at 9 o'clock.
One of the three kids has the ring.
Uno, deal with them.
Due and Tre should hurry over.
Don't leave any of the kids alive.
What did you say?! Lambo has the Lightning Ring?! Why?! He's five! And he's a moron! There are reasons for it.
But isn't Lambo in the Bovino Family? Is it okay to let him into the Vongola Family? The first boss was the only one who ever did anything like that.
Huh? The first boss took in anyone who struck his fancy.
So, his Family included kings, soldiers, Mafia rivals, religious figures Pretty much anything went.
How would I know about that? Besides, maybe we're okay with it, but what about Lambo's boss? He was apparently weeping about how much of an honor it was.
What?! Anyway, we need to hurry.
If they find him first, who knows if he'll survive.
No way Wh-Who's there? What do you want? Oh.
You wanna play with Lambo-san? I'm so popular! Unforgivable! Defeat the villain! Hey! Lambo! I-Pin! Futa! Where were you?! Help! Over there! This is bad! Really bad! Stay away! Futa! Big Tsuna! Futa! Look out! I won't make it in time! The Vongola Family's Guardian of the Sun Ring Colonnello's number one pupil Ryohei Sasagawa has arrived! Ryohei It's not over yet.
Due here.
Target sighted! Commencing attack! Tre here.
Uno and Due have been taken out.
I shall carry out the mission.
Man Why does the dumb cow have a ring? It's okay now.
G-Guys! Looks like Iemitsu made it in time.
Guys! Boss! Yo, Sawada.
Sorry for being late.
Big Tsuna! I was so scared! What a relief.
Are you hurt? I'm not.
But I-Pin, you okay? Did you fight? A little.
But there's no problem.
Hold on a second.
Pretty good job for someone so little.
Thank you.
Lambo-san's starving! Tsuna, carry me! I can't move Don't fall asleep in the middle of the road.
You'll get all dirty.
Piggyback! Piggyback! Man You were their target! Don't you have any sense of danger? Uh You've got the ring hooked there You're treating it like trash.
He has no idea he's being targeted because of it I don't get it.
Why does this moron have a ring? Come on, it's all right.
At least everyone's safe.
You guys are lifesavers.
I had no idea what was going to happen.
Well, they were weaker than expected.
It was a cinch.
That's foolish thinking.
Those were the lowest-ranked Varia.
The truly terrifying one He's coming.
Did you do this? Who has the Lightning Ring? The kid with the afro.
Y-You're wrong! I-It's not what you think.
If you get in my way, I'll eliminate you.
This is bad.
Reborn was right.
This guy's on a whole different level from those other guys.
Hold on, Levi.
You don't get to hunt them by yourself.
Share your prey.
The situation's changed.
It appears that the other ring bearers are there.
S-So many Hey! Nice trick, trash! Th-There he is! That bastard! Which one of you has the Rain Ring? Me.
Oh, you? Three seconds.
I'll slice you up in three seconds.
This is bad! Very bad! Move.
Here he is.
I never thought I'd see you again Xanxus.
Wh-Who is this guy? Damn it My body Won't move Tsunayoshi Sawada.
Boss, you're going to start with that? Here? You gonna take us down too?! This is bad.
Run for it! Die.
Wait, Xanxus.
That's enough.
I'll be running the show now.
D-Dad?! What?! The boss's father?! Iemitsu.
What are you doing here?! Xanxus, will your men be able to fight against me, the outside advisor? D-Dad? What are you talking about? Y-You can feel the bloodlust oozing from them.
Don't butt in now, Iemitsu! You're just a coward who only knows how to run! What was that?! Wait, Basil.
I wasn't running away.
I was waiting for an answer from Vongola IX.
I had my doubts about your recent actions and the fact that Vongola IX was allowing them.
So I informed him of my objections.
And this was his response.
It's a direct order from Vongola IX.
I have no idea what's going on! Why is Dad The outside advisor.
That's Iemitsu's position in the Vongola.
He's a member of the Vongola who isn't a Vongola.
Normally, he's considered an outsider, but in emergencies he can wield authority second only to the boss.
He's basically the second-in-command.
D-Dad's the second-in-command?! And when it comes to choosing a successor, the outside advisor has as much authority as the boss.
In other words, the authority to present the two halves of the Vongola Half Rings to an heir of his choice.
Two halves? Didn't I tell you? The seven different Vongola Half Rings are merely fragments by themselves.
They can only become the true Vongola Rings, the proof of succession, after the two halves have been joined together.
So that's why it looks so weird.
You could also say that you can't become the successor without both halves.
Though it's rare for the boss and outside advisor to choose different candidates.
This is the direct order from Vongola IX.
Direct order? A Deathperation flame?! That is Vongola IX's Deathperation seal.
There can be no doubt.
It's a direct order.
I can't read Italian! What does it say?! In short, this is what it says: Until now I had always believed that Iemitsu's son, Tsunayoshi Sawada, would be the appropriate successor, and acted accordingly.
But lately, perhaps because my death is near, my intuition has awoken and I have chosen a more suitable candidate.
That would be my son, Xanxus.
He alone is worthy to be my successor.
That guy is Vongola IX's son?! However, there will be those who disapprove of this change.
Iemitsu has, in fact, refused to pass the rings on to Xanxus.
What?! Wh-Why did Dad refuse? He should've just handed them over! But I have no wish to begin a pointless succession war within the Family.
Therefore, I shall hold an officially-sanctioned Vongola battle.
There you have it.
Vongola succession candidate, Tsunayoshi Sawada! Second succession candidate, Xanxus! The Vongola Rings necessary for you to become the legitimate heir Their ownership shall be determined by a battle between Tsuna's Family and the Varia! The Vongola Rings necessary for you to become the legitimate heir Their ownership shall be determined by one-on-one matches between those who bear matching rings! And now what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold It In The third sign for next week Capricorn Boost your luck by recycling! will be Capricorn.
I'll add that to my Book of Rankings.
Hold it in Number two for next week Scorpio Curiosity is the key to good fortune! will be Scorpio.
That's nice.
Hold it in And the top sign Cancer Being second will always bring you luck! will be Cancer.
Ahh, sorry.
I'll be representing the Cancers.
That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The Guardian of the Sun Ring's Feelings.