Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e41 Episode Script

Feelings of the Protector

1 Target 41 The Guardian of the Sun Ring's Feelings Tsu-kun, wake up.
You'll be late! The Varia are here! A dream? Huh? My ring's gone.
Tsuna, it's lunchtime! Ni-hao! Good weather today! 'Morning.
Better hurry, or Lambo-san'll gobble it all up! Food is important, it gives you energy for the day.
Right, right.
See you down there.
Hey, where's my dad? 'Dunno.
Maybe it was all just one long dream Yeah! My dad's not back, and I never got that stupid ring.
Of course not.
The order from Vongola IX is in a frame?! The ring's right there too.
Iemitsu went to gather information with Basil.
So it wasn't a dream! One-on-one matches between those who bear matching rings! One-on-one matches! Oh, and it says to wait for orders.
Orders? -Excuse us.
-Excuse us.
We have come to serve as judges for the battle of the rings.
Who are you? We're with the Cervello Agency, a division under the direct supervision of Vongola IX.
Regarding the battles for the rings, understand that our judgments are the judgments of Vongola IX himself.
It has a Deathperation flame too Vongola IX has indicated that this is a last-ditch effort to get the entire Family to accept matters.
Any objections, Xanxus-sama? Thank you.
Wait, I have one.
I'm the outside advisor, but I've never heard of the Cervello Agency.
I cannot allow such a group to judge the battles that will decide the Family's future.
Overruled! As servants of Vongola IX, we are outside your control.
What? Too bad.
Normally, the seven different Vongola Half Rings are given to the boss's team and the outside advisor's team.
During the succession ceremony, the completed rings are granted to the team recognized by both the boss and outside advisor.
The current situation is unprecedented.
The two of them differ in their opinions as to who is fit to lead, and have each given the Half Rings to one side.
In other words, the seven members of Xanxus-sama's team, whom Vongola IX has recognized, and the seven members of the Tsunayoshi team, chosen by Iemitsu.
Thus, we will have you risk your lives to determine who is truly fit to hold the rings.
Risk our lives? The location will be Namimori Middle School, at night.
We will explain the details then.
We'll be waiting for you tomorrow night at 11 o'clock.
-Until then.
-Until then.
W-Wait! No way! N-No way This is nuts! Nobody said I'd have to fight a guy like that! He looked insane! Yeah, he's pretty crazy.
Hey, don't agree with me! Why the hell do I have to fight over this succession business anyway? That's what I want to know.
As far as I know, Vongola IX isn't the kind of guy who'd force people into insane battles like this.
I can only assume that something's happened.
What do you mean by "something"? And what about my dad?! Why didn't he just give them the rings? If he had, this wouldn't be happening That's not true.
Xanxus is no fool.
Sooner or later, he would've come to kill you all.
No way! Why is this happening to me?! My life is over! Training is useless! I don't want to do it anymore! I see.
Go to school, then.
I'm still shaking I want to run away.
Maybe I should.
Oh, it's just you.
Man, I couldn't sleep a wink last night.
I couldn't calm myself down enough for training, so I decided to go to school.
I guess he's nervous too This'll be awesome! What?! He's not thinking what I'm thinking! It'll be fine.
At first, all I cared about was beating that long-haired dude.
And I still don't really know what's going on But when we all got together, I realized it's not my fight it's our fight.
You're not alone, Tsuna.
Let's win together! Ya-Yamamoto! Of course! We can't let guys like them run the Vongola.
Gokudera-kun! I don't care who it is, I'll beat the crap out of them.
We're gonna win.
Trust me, boss! It's happening all over again! These two get all excited and I'm dragged along! But Hearing them talk strangely makes me think it might all work out I've stopped shaking Hey, what's with the box, Gokudera? What is this? Hey, don't open it! Paper airplanes? What are you going to do with all these paper airplanes? Training.
To be honest, I still haven't perfected my new technique.
So I'm going to the mountains.
What kind of training are you going to do with paper airplanes? Never mind that.
What's the idiot with the Mist Ring doing? How could he not show himself at a time like this? I wonder what he's like.
I just pray it's someone more useful than that stupid cow.
Yeah Hibari's not here either.
True, but he should be training with Dino-san.
You're actually here on time today, Sawada.
Tsuna-kun, good morning! Kyoko-chan! And Kurokawa Good morning.
Sorry about yesterday, I got separated from Futa-kun and the others Don't worry about it.
It's their fault for getting lost.
Um Tsuna-kun? What's wrong, Kyoko-chan? You look down Lately, my brother's been really into something besides boxing.
It's odd.
Do you know what it might be? He hasn't told Kyoko-chan about this.
What should I do? It's my fault I got him involved, and now she's worried He's even been taking Colonnello out somewhere You know Colonnello? Hmm? He's been staying at our place for a while.
Staying at your place?! Yep! He's been eating with me, playing with me, taking baths with me He gets to have baths with her?! Colonnello-kun, how's the water? Feels great, maggot! Baths with Kyoko-chan What are you imagining? U-Uh, n-nothing! Sorry to ask you such strange questions.
I just thought you might know.
Kyoko-chan I can't let your brother fight.
Maybe I'm making a big mistake.
Anyway, I've gotta tell her.
Kyoko-chan, I'm sorry.
Actually, your brother's been Sumo wrestling! Brother! I'm gonna have a sumo match with Gokudera and Yamamoto.
I'm training for it, that's all.
Sawada, you should join us.
Colonnello likes watching sumo.
Another crazy explanation! Oh, is that all? And Kyoko-chan's buying it Let's go practice, Sawada! That sounds pretty shady.
Sorry, Sawada.
Kyoko worries a lot whenever fighting's involved.
Huh? I got this scar when I was just an elementary school kid from some middle-schooler who had it out for me.
One day, he used Kyoko to bait me.
Give her back! Brother! Hang on, Brother! Brother! Kyoko still blames herself for what happened.
And she's scared I might do something crazy like that again.
I see.
So that's why she's so worried Yeah, I definitely can't let him fight.
Um, Ryohei Come on, there's nothing wrong with not telling Kyoko.
I'm gonna win.
Don't worry about me.
Ryohei The battle starts tonight.
Ryohei's confident, but will he be okay? Safe! Tsuna-san, welcome back! You're home early today.
Wh-What are you doing here? Helping your mom out.
Why would you do that? You could say it's a simulation of the future! You've been training, so I thought I should train to be a wife too.
You seriously don't need to I do appreciate all this help, though.
Right! All done! Okay! All done, all done.
Lambo-san will let you give him a present now Thanks! Right, right.
We'll have your favorite, Salisbury steak, tonight.
Thanks! Awesome! Please join us, Haru-chan.
Okay! Thank you very much! Your father should be home soon too.
Hey, are we really taking Lambo? Have to.
He's a Guardian.
Go, go, Lambo goes too! He's so clueless So, how was school? Did you talk to the rest of the Family and calm down a bit? No! And they're not my "Family!" I refuse to accept this.
Why do I have to be involved? There are plenty of stronger people out there.
Don't misunderstand things.
Iemitsu didn't give you the rings to stop Xanxus.
He gave them to you because he thinks you're fit to run the Family.
Guys! Boss! Hey, there you are, Tsuna.
Sorry I'm late.
Lambo started playing hide-and-seek.
Stupid cow, always causing problems for the boss! Well, we're still missing some people.
Yeah, the Mist guy hasn't shown up yet.
It's pretty quiet.
I wonder if we should be here at Namimori Middle? Are they not here yet? We've been standing by, in fact.
After a thorough discussion, the order for tonight's ring battle has been determined.
The first match will be between the Guardians of the Sun Ring.
The Sun? That means I'm fighting that little boy, huh? Him? We will now begin the tournament for the Vongola succession.
Please direct your attention this way.
What the heck is that? A special ring we have prepared for the Guardians of the Sun Ring.
We have set up this ring in accordance with the abilities of the Guardians of the Sun Ring.
Each pair of combatants will be given their own special combat areas.
What?! That thing's huge! Must've laid down a ton of cash for it.
Yeah, but we know who's gonna win.
What a waste.
These conditions look perfect for you.
The ring is my territory.
The battle's really going to start I'm so nervous! Man, I envy your ignorance! Hey, is the boss not here yet? It's my golden hour! Guess he's skipping.
He's not interested in anyone else's battle.
He shouldn't even bother with this stupid fight.
It's so beneath him.
Let me tear the kids apart, they won't last five seconds.
Hey! Why're you glaring at me?! Somebody's glaring at you, Mammon.
I know.
He's not even a Guardian.
I should charge him a fee to watch.
Guardians of the Sun Ring, please come to the center of the ring.
Time to go have some fun.
I look forward to watching, Lussuria.
Knock 'im dead.
Okay, be back soon.
Leave this to me.
Ryohei Hey, Tsuna Wanna huddle up? That'd be awesome! I've always wanted to! Boxing's an individual sport, you know! Idiot! That's way too lame! Go Ryohei! All right, now I'm extremely powered up! This is why I hate muscleheads He said "Go Ryohei" to himself Namimori Middle School has been completely sealed off by Vongola IX's men.
So the inside of the school is its own world, huh? I'm definitely gonna watch.
It is confirmed.
These are the real Vongola Sun Half Rings.
The rules dictate that the rings must be worn around your necks.
Hey there, you're pretty cute.
Totally my type.
What? What did he just say? I-I dunno I'm taking you home with me.
What're you talking about? You don't see someone who's up to Lussuria's standards very often.
Poor guy.
I dunno what you're blabbing about, but I'm gonna fight fair! Oh, is that a boxing pose? So unstylish.
I'll fight you with Muay Thai, which has the strongest throws in martial arts.
What? So the Varia's Guardian of the Sun Ring is also a hand-to-hand fighter, after all.
"After all"? Throughout the Family's history, the Guardians of the Sun Ring have always had powerful arms and legs.
They signify a blazing sun that incinerates the Family's enemies with their own bodies.
That is the purpose of the Guardian of the Sun Ring.
Compared to my graceful Muay Thai, boxing's merely a child's game.
Hey, I won't let you insult boxing! And now, the battle for the Sun Rings, Lussuria vs.
Ryohei Sasagawa, will begin! So bright! Wh-What is this? The ring's shining! This special ring, illuminated by an artificial sun, was designed especially for the Guardians of the Sun Ring.
It is a sun coliseum.
What? I can't see a thing.
Borrow my sunglasses.
I can't even open my eyes.
I can't fight like this! The Varia guy has sunglasses, so he's completely fine.
This isn't fair.
I've gotta give these to Ryohei! Contact with the participants during battle is prohibited.
If you do, he will be disqualified and will forfeit his ring.
No way! That's dirty! Ah, this feeling You're more muscular than I expected.
I like you even more now.
Where are you? Over here? Over here! Ryohei! You're getting closer to the ultimate ideal body! You see, my idea of perfect physical art is a ravaged, unmoving, and rapidly cooling body.
You mean Man, what a nasty creep.
Screw you! He hit him! Lussuria's just toying with him.
He didn't really hit him, he was allowed to hit him.
Oh, don't be a tease! What? Wait, I can sense him He's in the air.
You're not getting away this time! You're mine! My arm I have overcome adversity just as the Guardian of the Sun Ring should! My left leg has a steel plate embedded in it; a metal knee.
Your poor hand is undoubtedly useless now.
What? Ryohei's hand That's not the only problem.
The heat's getting to him and he's starting to become dehydrated.
Brother! Brother! He's doomed Stand up, maggot! Colonnello! It's about time.
Show him your true strength, Ryohei! No matter what he says now, it's too late.
This boy is done.
He's all mine.
Master Colonnello That's all I needed to hear! And now what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Leo Win at swimming with the front crawl! will be Leo! I'm lucky! You should be happy too! Hold it in The second sign Libra Participate in lots of games! will be Libra! Awesome! Maybe something good will happen with Kyoko-chan! Hold it in And the top sign Sagittarius A morning marathon will increase your endurance! will be Sagittarius! I still have some luck left, huh? Watch again! That was all Lambo-san! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The Power to Overcome Adversity.