Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e42 Episode Script

The Power to Rebound Adversity

1 Target 42 The Power to Overcome Adversity Stand up, maggot! Colonnello! So that runt's Colonnello, one of the Arcobaleno, huh? Why is he here? I got stuck with Kyoko, so I'm late, maggot.
You were playing with Kyoko-chan again?! It's about time.
Show him your true strength, Ryohei! No matter what he says now, it's too late.
This boy is done.
He's all mine.
Master Colonnello That's all I needed to hear! He got back up! Great! B-But is he okay? All of his sweat is evaporating.
There are great differences between our bodies.
You won't last much longer under this blazing light.
Become part of my collection.
I'm not done yet! Nothing good will come of you standing up.
Your punch has no effect on me.
But so far I've only used my left hand! Hey, that's true.
Ever since he saved Futa and the others, he's only been using his left hand.
What?! You got it.
He's been saving his right hand, maggots.
But why? For one, he wanted to let his cells rest, so they'd be in peak condition.
And also because He's the Guardian of the Sun! This right fist of mine is for overcoming extreme disadvantages! Oh my! How truly comical! What's so funny?! I don't know how strong this punch you're saving is, but It makes no difference if you can't hit me.
That's some fancy footwork.
Ryohei I can't even see him! Ryohei! I'm fine.
Let's go.
Got a pretty good feel to it.
That's his right The second you miss will be your last.
I see him! Maximum Cannon! He did it! Huh?! A clean hit might've nailed me that time.
Darn, he was so close! Nah, that punch was just right.
Huh? What? Above you, boss! You mean The lights! Looks like we're evenly matched now.
Watch out! He can see! Way to pull through, turf top.
Guess he was aiming for the lights from the beginning.
It makes no difference if the lights are on or off, though I would like to know how the force of his punch was so strong it could break them! Lussuria What? Take a good look at his body.
Huh? What? Sand? No Is that salt?! Crystallized salt?! Salt? Yep.
That salt is the secret behind the destruction of the lights.
I see.
You were dehydrated from sweating and the heat from the lights made that moisture evaporate.
But the salt in the sweat remained, and you shot it from your fist like bullets.
That's all there was to it.
It's already too late if you're just noticing that now! Oh please, don't make me laugh so hard.
My abs will get even more defined.
What?! All that concerned me was the strength of that punch you just threw.
I thought you'd broken the lights with the sheer force of your fist.
The only one who could do that before was the man who earned the designation of the Shining Punch The first Guardian of the Sun! But as for your paltry technique Even I could do that.
He used turf top's salt And did the same thing?! No, it requires an even better technique.
He used the force of his punch to blow away the salt on Ryohei's body while he dodged.
Definite Varia quality in that move.
Varia quality? What's that? The Varia are a gifted group with a perfect record of assassinations; missions that could not be accomplished by normal means.
The incredible skill used by these hitmen to carry out those diabolical tasks earned them such admiration that regular Mafioso came up with the term "Varia quality.
" Impressive, Reborn.
You're spot on.
Do you get it now? The difference between us is too vast.
I wouldn't call this playtime, let alone a challenge.
You don't get to say that until you've taken a punch from my right fist! You don't get anything, do you?! I just showed you that I can do that same technique.
I can see right through it.
What of it? You don't know until you try! Way to go, Ryohei! That's my student, maggot! What? Are you sure, Colonnello? The Maximum Cannon is a skill that releases energy from all of the cells in his body.
He hasn't correctly focused all of the energy into his fist.
Master For him to stand a chance, that's what he needs to do.
Direct your power into your fist, maggot! Right! I'm going To the limit! I'll show you what it means to have a wall you can't breach.
He's going even faster than before.
It's almost like he's duplicating himself.
I can see him! Maximum Cannon! That made a nice sound.
Turf top! Oh man, not his right hand too! His cell energy transmission rate is about 90% This is all he can do with the training he's had Lambo-san won't lose! I'm strong! Hey! How long are you gonna make us wait? Aw, you're so impatient.
Don't you worry, I'll end this! Wh-What should we do?! What should we do, Reborn?! Are you going to leave him?! Colonnello! Time to end this! S-Stop! Brother! Kyoko-chan?! And I-Pin?! Why are you guys here? Dad! The ladies were looking for Colonnello, so I escorted them.
Wh-What?! Hey, Kyoko, this looks kind of bad Brother Ky-Kyoko? Brother, what's going on? You're hurt! Oh, are you this boy's sister? You came at a perfect time.
Your brother lost to me in a fight and I was just about to finish him.
What should I do? Now she knows! Brother, stop! You promised me you wouldn't do this anymore! She thinks it's just a normal fight Lambo, you all right? Oh, he's sleeping, not hurt.
Brother! Stop it, Kyoko! This is bad! Brother! He moved! I know I promised that I wouldn't fight anymore back when I had my head split open by a bully in grammar school.
Brother! Hold on, Brother! But I said something else too.
I'm a man! There may come a time when I have to fight.
Brother! But But if it's gonna make you cry like that I I won't lose! He stood up! His feelings for his sister increased that maggot's cell energy transmission rate to 100%! You really are persistent! But I'll finish you! Check this out! This is the real Maximum Cannon! Extreme Sun / Maximum Cannon Ryohei's punch! He did it! Impossible! My metal knee is broken It's game over.
That punch left Lussuria with no defenses.
That perv's a lark.
Now that was a Shining Punch, maggot.
Way to go, Ryohei.
Master Okay, let's go home, Kyoko.
Colonnello-kun! What's the deal with this kid? But wait, my brother's still It's over now.
I'm tired, maggot.
Kyoko! Kyoko! Good fight Didn't know if I'd make it Now give me the ring, please.
N-Never! I'm a Varia! I can win with one leg! It'll be easy! Man, he's tough.
Nah, he's not.
What?! What do you mean? All right, let's continue! What's the rush, pal? Hurry up- Gotta take care of business.
You're a fine aide to the boss, Gola Moska.
He shot a friend What's going on? Kill the weak.
It's the Varia's policy, and the reason they remain the strongest.
Lussuria knew that and panicked.
That's Hey, hold on! Do not approach him, please.
What?! We have determined that Lussuria can no longer fight.
Therefore, Ryohei Sasagawa, you have won the match to decide the Guardian of the Sun Ring.
Tonight's round has now come to a close, however Based upon tonight's results, we will announce the next challengers.
Huh? You already picked them? Let me go next! Accordingly, tomorrow evening's match- will feature the Guardians of the Lightning.
The Guardian of the Lightning will be decided next.
Lightning? You mean Lambo-chan? How can he fight? Lambo, wake up! Lambo! Lambo-san's sleepy.
We will meet again tomorrow night.
Boss! The Sun Ring! Those guys are nuts.
I don't believe this.
Tsuna-kun! Ky-Kyoko-chan! Tsuna-kun, tell me the truth.
What is my brother doing? That's Um Tsuna-kun! What should I do? I can't say he was in a life-or-death fight Well, he was Sumo wrestling! It's a hybrid form of sumo done in a ring.
It's gaining popularity on the underground circuit.
Pretty good fight today, huh, kid? Yeah.
Oh? That's really all? Yeah, I told you it was just sumo.
Let's go home, Kyoko.
Oh yeah, here, you can have this! Oh, the ring.
Gotta put the pieces together, right? This is the real Sun Ring.
We got the first one.
We won! This is a good start! Let's keep it up.
You betcha.
Let's go, Sawada! Y-Yeah.
Anyway, I'm taking off.
See you later! Brother, what was that ring for? That? Just a prize from the sumo match.
Oh, neat.
Kyoko-chan's a sweet girl.
She reminds me of your mom when she was younger.
Haru's cute too.
You're quite the ladies' man, Tsuna.
Wh-What the heck, Dad! Knock it off! We've got a lot to talk about! Yeah, I guess we do.
Sorry, kiddo.
And with that, here, take this guy! There's a lot of power hidden within him.
Lambo is still dreaming.
Congrats on your victory.
I can't go home for a while, so be good! Hey, this is a problem! Don't run away! Time to show off your babysitting skills.
Not you too! Besides, there's no way I can let Lambo fight.
He won't be able to drop out.
His opponent, Levi, takes everything seriously.
Once he's chosen a target, he'll beat them to a pulp, women and children included.
He looks like the type to do that! And don't forget, your training isn't over yet either.
Oh, yeah We're starting again tomorrow.
We'll finally be using that bullet in stage three.
What bullet? Don't stand there sleeping! No more.
I can't take this anymore.
But training's gonna start up again, and we've got those awful fights every night How could Lambo's boss okay this? He's only five.
Who would be up at this hour? Adult Lambo! Been a while, Young Vongola.
Wh-What are you doing? I couldn't sleep, so I decided to get a glass of milk, and somehow ended up ten years in the past.
Huh? Most likely, my child self inadvertently set off the Ten-Year Bazooka in his sleep.
How can he analyze it so calmly?! Seeing him always reminds me of what ten years can do, though If this Lambo could fight tomorrow instead of that idiot, then at least he'd Hey wait, he could us the Ten-Year Bazooka! Yeah, you should fight! Honestly You mean that stuff about the ring tournament in the notebook? Huh? You know about tomorrow's match? The last time the Ten-Year Bazooka accidentally went off and I came back to this time, there was a notebook with a ring, addressed to me.
That was probably my dad These were there too.
Horns? What are those? They look pretty old and worn out.
Who knows.
I mean, they're intact and I can put them on, but their condition does worry me some.
A-Anyway, if you already know about it, this should be simple.
Your opponent's an adult too, so please fight! Young Vongola, you must think this through.
If my infant self is to be defeated tomorrow, would the current me even exist? O-Oh, I see! So that means you'll win! You'd think so But I can't say for certain.
Huh? Why not? I don't have any memories of the ring tournament.
The boss has never so much as mentioned it to me.
It's possible I come from a world ten years from now where the tournament never happened.
Huh? Wh-What are you saying? A parallel world.
Parallel? They do say that the future can change.
So if my infant self is defeated tomorrow, all that might happen is that my current self would not appear in this world.
What? That's So you don't know what'll happen?! Right.
And there's no way we can know, that even if my infant self didn't die in that fight, that my current self would not fight and die instead.
That's true! So, can you make sure that my infant self doesn't use the Ten-Year Bazooka?! This lazy, complacent, good-for-nothing Anyway.
Wh-What're you saying, Lambo?! Are you gonna abandon your younger self? I don't like pain, so I'll just watch from ten years from now.
Hey! Oh yeah, Vongola, you can have these.
They're bad luck anyway.
I don't need them! What is Lambo going to do?! Nothing was resolved at all! Loser Tsuna! You worry me bigtime! What's wrong, Tsuna? You're distracted.
The Special Shot carries a high risk of death.
If you keep that up, you'll die.
Say what you want, but I can't help it! I'm worried about tonight's fight! We'll postpone stage three.
Let's head home.
Huh? It's finally the second fight.
We've gotta jazz ourselves up! Y-Yeah That stupid cow He's completely clueless.
Think he can withdraw? Don't worry, Tsuna.
If it comes down to it, we'll stop the match.
Don't worry about a thing, boss! You can count on us! Thanks, guys But If you do that He'll be disqualified and we'll stop the match.
And the rings of both the person aided and the person who helped them will be forfeited to the opponent's side.
Damn it They're outta their minds.
Yeah Look over there.
That is tonight's battlefield.
The roof! What's that?! And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! Best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Sagittarius Party at the camp site.
will be Sagittarius.
I wonder if that means I still have some good luck left? Hold it in Number two for next week Gemini Focus on what's in your lessons too.
will be Gemini! Well, I suppose I should be pleased.
Hold it in And the top sign Leo Limited-time summer events are luckiest.
will be Leo! Lucky me! Look happy! That was all Lambo-san! See ya all next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Thunder Strike from Twenty Years Later.