Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e43 Episode Script

Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later

1 Ciao-su.
One-on-one matches between those who bear matching rings have begun.
The first match was between Ryohei and Lussuria, the Guardians of the Sun Ring.
Brother! He moved! Maximum Cannon! Extreme Sun / Maximum Cannon He did it! Ryohei was the winner.
But Hurry! Losers have no future.
That's the Varia's policy.
Tomorrow evening's match will be Lightning.
There's no turning back now, Tsuna.
You have to protect the lives of your friends.
Target 43 Thunder Strike from Twenty Years Later Take leather boots and boil, boil! This is way too dangerous.
If only we could switch participants.
That stupid cow has no chance of winning.
All of you were chosen.
If you show any hesitation or doubt, you'll lose your life.
But Now that the battle's begun, it can't be stopped.
What is that?! Thunder goes boom and lightning flashes! He is so clueless Th-The roof is What is this? An arena worthy of the Guardians of the Lightning Ring has been prepared for tonight's battle.
It features lightning rods and is called the Electro Circuit.
The floor flashed! Special superconductive wires cover the floor of the Electro Circuit.
They are designed to amplify and distribute the electrical currents from the lightning rods.
No way You'll be burnt to a crisp if you stand on that.
Bastards They set this up knowing full well there'd be a thunderstorm today.
Lambo-san wants to try that! Hold on.
Lambo, it's dangerous.
So what! I'm gonna play out there! He thinks it's some kind of theme park attraction! I'm gonna have fun! Oh man You dropped a horn again.
God, stupid cow Don't make the boss worry.
There! If you ever lose this, whoever finds it can return it to you.
Stupid Cow He wrote "stupid" on it! Guardian of the Lightning Ring, please go to the center.
Your opponent has been waiting for two hours.
T-Two hours?! H-He's really there! Levi showed up two hours early again? He's not as worldly as you.
I find that hard to believe.
Just get this over with! Okay, Sawada! Let's do it! Huh? Do what? Get pumped up! U-Uh Go, Lambo! Yeah! Yeah Hilarious.
Do it again.
Not happening! Tsuna's such a party pooper.
You think he'll be okay, though? He obviously has no clue about what's going on here.
I know what's happening, dumbbell! What?! Lambo.
Listen carefully.
You don't have to go if you don't want to.
Boss I don't know how my dad made his choices, but it's wrong to make a kid like you fight.
You don't want to die, right? Huh, what? Didn't you know? Lambo-san's invincible.
I can't die.
Be serious about this! See ya.
You can't fire the Ten-Year Bazooka.
Adult Lambo said not to.
Shut up! If you still insist on going, take these.
What? I don't need cheap tricks.
Just take them! 'Kay, I'm off.
He's got a lot of spunk.
Yeah, but he's still clueless.
Hey, hey, big lady.
How do I play this game? Hey, hey.
That stupid cow still thinks he's at a theme park.
What a dangerous night I wonder what Tsuna-san is doing right now.
I wonder where Brother went so late.
In the middle of a storm too Now then The Lightning Ring match between Leviathan and Lambo will now begin! Pretty surreal scene.
It'll be over in an instant.
I wonder how you work this.
Is it gonna flash again like before? Oh man Don't stand on that! You'll be electrocuted to death! I can't watch this! Run away, Lambo! Lambo! I shall verify if he's still alive.
That won't be necessary.
He was burned to a crisp.
That hurt! Th-This is He's okay! He's alive! Yeah! In rare instances, a body can change after being struck by lightning more than once in their lifetime.
It's called Elettrico Cuoio.
Ele Cuoio? In Japanese, it would mean electric skin.
Skin that's very conductive for electricity.
Even when struck by lightning, the current passes through the surface of the body on its way into the ground, so there's practically no damage to the body or any internal organs.
Lambo's amazing! He not only serves as a lightning bolt to attack the enemy, he's also a lightning rod that absorbs potential damage to the Family.
That is the duty of the Guardian of the Lightning Ring.
The stupid cow's body is perfect for that purpose, even if he is annoying.
My tail There isn't anyone better suited to being the Guardian of the Lightning Ring.
Shouldn't that have flipped Levi's switch? Most likely.
The flames of jealously are probably raging inside him right now.
Suited to being the Guardian of the Lightning Ring? I carried out every mission assigned to me, no matter how cruel.
I've never been late for an appointment.
Everything I've done has been Well done, Levi.
Boss To receive praise from the boss To become a Guardian recognized by him, is the sole purpose of my life.
Hmm? And to lose everything to a little squirt like you! Lambo! Die! Th-This is bad! Lambo, run away! Yeah! There's still that option! He can't use the Ten-Year Bazooka! Go, stupid cow! Dive right in! No, adult Lambo said not to do it.
The bazooka went off! La-Lambo Good grief Adult Lambo! Didn't expect my last supper to be gyoza Who is that guy? A friend of Tsuna's, right? Th-This is bad He brought him here Hey! What the hell is that?! We've got an outsider on the scene.
He was summoned by the Ten-Year Bazooka.
He is the ring's Guardian ten years from now.
Therefore, he is accepted as a participant and the match will continue.
Heh, fun stuff.
First time I've seen this.
Lambo, I'm sorry! I guess the kid version of you couldn't handle it.
Honestly, you needn't apologize.
I had a feeling this would happen.
Besides, Young Vongola, I may not look it, but I'm a man who gets tough at crunch time.
Yeah, I know.
I know! Like when Haru was in danger Don't steal my spotlight.
That's an impossible request.
I have natural star quality.
Watch this.
Thunder Set! I'm a bit surprised that he would summon lightning without any regard for the lightning rods.
The makeup of his body is what allows him to store all that electricity in his horns.
That's actually a high-level technique?! Go for it, stupid cow! Let's get this over with.
The one to become the Guardian of the Lightning Ring, and earn the absolute trust of the boss, will be me.
Take this! Elettrico Cornata! Levi Volt! A-An umbrella?! Die.
Lambo! Wh-What is that?! This looks bad.
Even Lambo's body won't be able to endure that much lightning pressure.
No way Lambo, hang in there! Prepare yourself! I'm going to kill you.
I'll mince and grill you! Lambo, run away! That hurt! That stupid cow really ran away Not so fast! That's young Lambo's Ten-Year Bazooka! If the already adult version of the stupid cow uses the Ten-Year Bazooka Wh-What happens? What is this extraordinarily intimidating pressure? What's happening? Is he another of Sawada's acquaintances? Y-Yeah, probably Do-Don't tell me That's Lambo, twenty years later?! My my, what is this? Either I'm dreaming, or I've been brought to the past by the Ten-Year Bazooka for the first time in a while.
Is that really that stupid cow? Somehow, Lambo seems mature now.
I didn't expect to meet you people again.
Sure brings back memories.
Such familiar faces Lambo I can feel tears rising, but this doesn't seem to be the time to get sentimental.
I'm being glared at by a savage.
It doesn't matter who you are, I'll eliminate you.
The old me appears to have had a great deal of trouble with you, but I won't.
Enough talk! Look out! He's using that technique again! Lambo, run away fast! Levi Volt! Once he's opened the parabolas, it's over.
The Levi Volt has no weaknesses.
The parabolas absorb lightning as they charge each other, cornering their prey.
Why is he just standing there? It's impossible to evade.
The seven parabolas simultaneously focus their charged currents on the center point.
It's a veritable one-hit knockout.
This technique is why Levi was chosen to be one of the Varia's elite seven.
This match is over.
Die! Lambo! There's lightning hitting the rods too! He's being shocked by both the force of the Levi Volt and the Electro Circuit.
The damage will be exponentially higher.
He'll be a cinder.
This is bad! There isn't anywhere for the electricity to escape! He's dead.
I wish I could've shown the boss this light.
Now now, where are you going? What? Watch this Elettrico Reverse! He sent all that electricity into the ground Electricity is as harmless as a kitten to me.
My Elettrico Cuoio is fully developed.
Amazing! This is Lambo in twenty years?! A lightning rod in every sense of the word.
He's better than I'd expected.
Dad? The boss's father? I had a feeling he'd develop into someone worthy of the Guardian of the Lightning Ring in the distant future.
That's amazing! I don't really get it, but he's kicking butt! Th-This is great! Okay! This match is ours! Go, stupid cow! You'll really get it if you lose! Your joy makes me blush.
That's I'll do whatever it takes to eliminate you.
Good grief.
Take the next jolt straight to your heart! Oh hey, I've been looking for this for a long time.
That attack cracked the varnish and revealed Stupid Cow those humiliating words written by Gokudera when I was young.
Stupid Cow I just wrote that now Wh-What's going on? That's Lambo's horn twenty years from now.
The boss of the Bovino Family gave it to me.
I gave it to Lambo ten years in the future to remind him to call on himself ten years further on.
Looks like he didn't get it.
But it turned out just fine.
They feel much better than my spares.
I can go all out now.
You won't get away this time.
I have no intention of getting away.
Thunder Set.
This is kinda amazing.
So extreme! Take this.
Elettrico Cornata! Fool.
I already know that move.
What? It has a fatal weakness.
It does? It has no effect if his horns don't make contact.
The lack of range will cost him his life.
You're mincemeat! Maybe in the past.
The electricity's extending? We're on different levels.
Try again.
Impossible How could I fail here? B-Boss Well done, Levi.
Boss Boss! Praise me Praise me one more time Throw down your sword.
Any more and your life will Stupid cow! Why?! He's only been in his fully grown form for a little while! But five minutes have passed since the bazooka's effect first kicked in.
He only gets five minutes in total?! Lambo! I'm all dizzy now.
Indeed I am the one most suited to being the Guardian of the Lightning Ring.
Not you.
Scum like you isn't needed.
Disappear into nothing! Lambo! Look out! Not good! That bastard! Hold on.
You'll be disqualified if you interfere.
What do we do? It's just as he says.
If you step into the Electro Circuit, you will be disqualified.
And his ring will be confiscated.
Our backs are up against the wall like this! Do something, Reborn! We have no choice but to watch.
B-But Die! We'll be witnessing a harsh end.
Hey! Burn him already! This ends now.
Stop! Where are you going? You'll be disqualified.
I know.
But I have to protect Lambo! You're so hopeless.
This is the end! I'll burn every last cell of your body! Stop! Die! Stop! Die! Wh-What? It doesn't seem to be the wind.
Yeah Look at how the lightning rods are bent at the base.
It was heat Heat which melted the weak parts of the rod The entire Electro Circuit has heated up.
This is heat conduction.
If I were to lose an important ally before my eyes, I wouldn't be able to die enough times to make up for it! And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Sagittarius You should play sports in pairs.
will be Sagittarius.
So I still have some luck left? Hold it in Number two for next week Aries Exciting survival games.
will be Aries.
I'm so happy.
Maybe I'll make a great big feast.
Hold it in And the top sign Leo Wear a yukata to a fireworks show.
will be Leo.
Lucky me! Look happy! That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The Stolen Sky Ring.