Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e44 Episode Script

The Stolen Sky Ring

1 Ciao-su.
The battle for the proof of succession for the Vongola Family Rings with the independent assassination squad, the Varia, has begun.
Maximum Cannon! Extreme Sun / Maximum Cannon The first battle, between the Guardians of the Sun Ring, ended with Ryohei as the winner.
Next came the Guardians of the Lightning Ring, the battle between Lambo and Leviathan.
A fight between adult and child had Lambo at an overwhelming disadvantage.
However Lambo from twenty years later, who appeared after two consecutive uses of the Ten-Year Bazooka, was strong.
That's Lambo, twenty years later?! Take this.
Elettrico Cornata! Fool.
I already know that move.
However Disappear into nothing! Lambo! Look out! Wh-What? If I were to lose an important ally before my eyes I wouldn't be able to die enough times to make up for it! Target 44 The Stolen Sky Ring What's with those flames? Who is that? Could it be? Tsuna? Yeah.
No doubt about it.
That's the boss.
Yep, that's Tsuna.
Yeah, Sawada's the only one who could do that.
The metal which composed the Electro Circuit's structure is heat-conductive.
That heat reached the narrow parts of the lightning rods.
Once melted, the rods collapsed because they could no longer support the weight.
I've never heard anything about a guy who could generate such a huge flame, Squalo.
What happened to that kid? He's like a completely different person.
What did he do? Did Iemitsu? No The Arcobaleno, appointed to be the kid's tutor by the current boss, did this? No matter how important you say they are The Vongola Becoming the next boss I will never fight for those things.
But I will fight to stop My friends from getting hurt! Shut up! Tsuna! Boss! Xanxus.
What's with that look? You don't really think you can defeat me and become boss, do you? I don't think that.
I just don't want to lose any of my allies in this battle! I see You're Master Xanxus, you mustn't! You'll negate the point of the battle! Lower your hand Now! Shut up! I haven't snapped.
If anything, I'm finally havin' fun.
H-He smiled This is rare.
When did we last see that? About eight years Now I know why dad chose you, even if it was just temporarily.
With that putrid nonsense and that weak flame You and that old fool have much in common.
This will be quite the tragedy No, comedy.
Wh-What's so funny? Hey, woman.
Of course.
I shall announce the results.
Sawada's interference in this Guardian battle means that Leviathan is the victor.
The Lightning and Sky Rings will be given to the Varia.
Not only are they taking the stupid cow's ring, but the boss's too? That is not what thou said earlier! He should not be disqualified! Master Sawada did not enter the field! Master Damage to the field is considered outside interference.
It goes without saying that he would be disqualified.
N-No way We make the rules here.
That's unfair! Master Xanxus, the ring.
This belongs on my finger.
I'm the only one who can be the Vongola's boss.
Crap I don't care about the other rings.
Now I can issue orders as the Vongola boss, to bury you in darkness.
No way But it wouldn't be fun to eliminate you like that.
Not after the old fool chose you.
I'll bury you after you've tasted true despair in this battle for the rings.
Just like that old fool Xanxus! What did you do to Vongola IX?! Isn't it your job to find out, outside advisor? Don't mess with me, you- Calm down, Iemitsu.
You don't know anything yet.
Nor you.
You should put the gun away.
What's going on? What did Xanxus do? Be grateful, you frauds.
I'm giving you a chance.
The remaining battles will take place.
If you somehow manage to win I'll give you the Vongola Rings and the position as boss.
But if you lose, everything you cherish will vanish.
E-Everything I cherish? Do your best to show me the power that old fool fell for.
Woman, go ahead.
All right.
I'll now announce tomorrow's matchup! The next battle will be between the Guardians of the Storm Ring.
So Gokudera's up next? You'll be fine.
We're counting on you! Y-Yeah This is bad Already? I haven't perfected that technique yet Bel, huh? Not bad.
Please accept the Ring of Lightning.
I don't need it.
Levi, if you disgrace me again I'll die.
Iemitsu, would you go to Italy? I'm worried about Vongola IX.
Of course, Reborn.
Look after Tsuna All of them.
You can count on me.
I know them better than you do.
Lambo! Stupid cow! Are you okay?! C'mon! So naive You haven't changed, Tsunayoshi Sawada Lambo is still unconscious What do we do? We're at a disadvantage now that my ring was taken.
One win, two losses.
If we lose again, we'll really be in trouble.
Xanxus seems to be plotting something.
Did I really do the right thing interfering with that match.
Tsuna Boss It's all right.
The Vongola Family doesn't need a boss who'd abandon his allies.
Reborn Reborn, I want to become stronger.
The third stage of your training will be even tougher.
Darn it! Why am I wasting time? The boss is in big trouble I need to turn this situation around A drunk?! Who're you callin' a drunk? Yo.
Shamal! I heard your battle's set for tomorrow.
Did you come to make fun of me? You idiot.
I have no intention of wasting the precious time I spent on you.
Let's finish this.
Sawada! Oh, Kyoko-chan, Haru-chan.
Here for a visit? Thank you for coming.
How's Lambo-kun? How does he look? He's out of danger and stabilized.
We just have to wait for him to regain consciousness.
Lambo-kun He's in rough shape What happened? A-Actually Lightning apparently struck his umbrella yesterday, and then he fell off a cliff.
The poor thing Lambo-chan Mom, please Please take care of Lambo.
I can't explain right now.
You can't explain? What do you I'm sorry.
Tsuna Help Tsuna all you can and trust me.
-From Iemitsu What is that man up to? When he comes home, he'd better have some straight answers ready! All right, let's begin the third stage of training.
Ready, Tsuna? Yeah.
The third stage is the final form of Deathperation control the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough.
Zero Point? At last, we're moving on to a legendary technique only the first boss was capable of.
If I achieve this, I'll be stronger than the Varia Will I be able to defeat Xanxus? Can't say.
He's pretty strong.
Master Sawada I'll do it.
If there's even a chance, I'll try anything! All right.
We'll start with a little sparring to help you learn how to control Hyper Deathperation Mode.
You'll both need to go into hyper mode.
What?! Both of us? I pressed my master to grant me permission.
It shall place strain on the body, but, in theory, it should work.
It is more difficult than I expected.
Ba-Basil-kun? Master Sawada Preparations complete.
Are you okay, Basil-kun? I do not wish to surrender the Vongola my master has protected to those fiends.
Please don't hold back, Master Sawada.
Basil-kun I understand.
Basil, I owe you one.
Between the beach and the mountains If you keep running, this won't be much of a fight.
I have my own things to deal with.
And aren't you willing to listen to what I have to say about the ring yet? Not interested.
Honestly What am I going to tell Tsuna? Okay! Wake up, Shamal! I'm done.
Ah, you folded it all into paper airplanes What are you doing? Wh-What am I doing? I'm training! Didn't you say we were going to finish up the new technique? Ah, you can stop making airplanes.
What?! I said we were going to finish up, which means you already got what you needed from that training.
W-Wait! But I still can't shoot any paper airplanes down! You really don't get it, do you? What I'm saying is, guts aren't going to take you the rest of the way.
It's just like picking up girls.
What the heck is he talking about? Do you know the key to success when picking up girls? W-Well Sexiness? This kid's still in puberty You're so hopeless, man.
Up here, up here.
People who can't get girls make up all sorts of excuses.
But in the end, they just weren't smart enough.
Use your head a bit and you can land any woman on the planet.
He actually said it! Hey, could you cut the roundabout methods and get to the point? Oh, there he goes There he goes.
I might know the answer, but I'm not telling you.
Wh-Why not?! Only people who discover their own ways to stay alive can survive in the world you're in.
All of my friends who were naive and reasonable died.
Only the idiots with ulterior motives survived.
Squeeze that empty head of yours a little harder.
I didn't have you fly those paper airplanes for all those days without a reason.
First of all, if you're too weak, you'll make me look like a bad teacher.
So you're doing this for yourself?! Got it? I won't let you go to the match until you master the technique.
Don't mess with me! What's with that? If I let you go in your current state, you'll die a dog's death.
Your opponent, that Belphagor, is the Varia's top prodigy.
But I'll say it again.
I won't let you go to the match until you master the technique.
Forgive us.
Sorry to wake you.
Why are you here? You've been watching Lambo-kun since yesterday, without a break, right? We'll look after him tonight.
Don't worry about a thing.
But We thought Tsuna-kun would have a hard time at home by himself.
Speaking of Tsuna-san, where is he? A-Ah He left a moment ago.
You must have just missed each other.
Oh, okay.
Anyway, you can count on us tonight! You need to rest before you collapse.
We have school in the morning, so we'll let you take over then.
All right.
Thank you.
I'll leave him to you tonight.
Okay! Tsuna.
Kyoko-chan and Haru-chan are worried about you too.
What are you doing? Basil-kun, are you okay? Forgive me, Master Sawada.
Using hyper mode for the first time has left me slightly tired.
Do not be concerned.
It's almost time for Gokudera's match.
I'm sure he'll be okay.
Gokudera's opponent, Belphagor, is nicknamed Prince the Ripper.
Prin-? It means that he's the prince of ripping.
What? The prince of ripping? Like a prince in a fairy tale? Yeah.
He's supposedly of royal blood.
But he's eccentric, and has combat instincts beyond those who typically join the Varia.
He's an incredible opponent.
My master had informed me of this.
Of the various types of combat styles, Belphagor's skill is above any of the other Varia.
And Gokudera-kun's going up against that scary guy? It'll definitely be a tough match.
You're here.
Huh? Where's Gokudera-kun? Not here yet.
Huh? I thought he'd come with you guys.
Wh-What happened? Shamal might be delaying his arrival.
Knowing him, he'd never send a pupil into a hopeless battle.
Then The new technique hasn't been completed yet.
No way! Guess we're indoors today.
But Master Gokudera What are you doing, squid head? He'll definitely show.
But his opponent is terrifyingly strong.
Maybe he shouldn't fight him It appears the other participant has yet to arrive.
Hey! Did he get scared?! What's the point in running? You're all going to die after you lose the battle for the rings.
At the stroke of eleven, Hayato Gokudera will be disqualified and Belphagor will be declared the winner.
Not good.
Sorry to keep you waiting, boss.
Gokudera-kun! He's here! Hayato Gokudera is ready to go! And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! The best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Aquarius Go watch an anime movie with your friends.
will be Aquarius.
Enzio's happy too.
Hold it in Leo Summer festivals are super lucky! Number two for next week will be Leo.
Lucky me! Look happy! Hold it in And the top sign Aries You may receive more allowance.
will be Aries.
Maybe I'll find a wonderful person to fall in love with! See ya next time! That was all Lambo-san! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Raging Storm Battle.