Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e45 Episode Script

Storm Brewed by Angry Waves

1 The battle for the proof of succession to the Vongola Family, the Vongola Rings, has begun.
The fights are being held each night at Namimori Middle School.
First was the battle for the Sun Ring, between Ryohei Sasagawa and Lussuria.
Brother, what's going on? You're hurt! Oh, are you this boy's sister? Brother, stop! You promised me you wouldn't do this anymore! I I won't lose! He stood up! Maximum Cannon! Extreme Sun / Maximum Cannon Ryohei ultimately took the victory, thanks to his right fist filled with his feelings for his sister.
It is called the Electro Circuit.
The floor flashed! The second battle was for the Lightning Ring between Lambo and Leviathan.
Summoned by the Ten-Year Bazooka, Lambo's twenty-years-older self was about to take the win, but That's young Lambo's Ten-Year Bazooka! That's Lambo, twenty years later?! You won't get away this time! I have no intention of getting away.
Thunder Set.
This is kinda amazing.
So extreme! Throw down your sword.
Any more and your life will Stop! Tsuna intervened to save Lambo, who had returned to his child self.
But he was disqualified for breaking the rules and the Sky Ring was taken by Xanxus.
The third battle will be for the Storm Ring.
Sorry to keep you waiting, boss.
Hayato Gokudera is ready to go! Target 45 Raging Storm Battle Gokudera-kun! Squid head! You have arrived in time and may therefore participate in the match.
All right! Excellent, we haven't been disqualified.
You scared us there.
Did you oversleep? Of course not! Sorry I'm late, boss.
It took time to get ready.
That's okay.
I'm all set now! You can count on me! Great! But I thought he turned tail and ran.
He probably should've.
Bel's his opponent after all.
He's fighting the most talented member of the Varia Will he make it? Before we explain the combat zone, we have an announcement to make.
The Cervello member who was previously wounded has been replaced.
Shut up! Good evening.
She's a carbon copy of the last one! The Cervello apparently have many replacements.
This evening's combat field will be the entire third floor.
Of course, this includes not only the hallways, but the west wing and third-floor classrooms as well.
Good, there'll be lots of cover, just how I like it.
However What was that? Hurricane Turbines like this one have been placed around the field.
Hurricane Turbines? They each have four openings that will periodically emit powerful blasts of wind.
'Tis a true storm field indeed.
A head-on blast with that would knock you outside.
That's nuts.
Gokudera-kun Furthermore, this battle will have a time limit.
What? If neither participant wins the Storm Ring within fifteen minutes, the bombs planted on the Hurricane Turbines will explode sequentially,,, and destroy the entire floor.
N-No way! So if neither of them wins, they'll both Die, yes.
It would mean that neither is fit to be the Guardian of the Storm Ring.
That's crazy So, in the end, they don't care about destroying the Storm Ring.
The only one who'd be so indifferent to a Guardian Ring is him.
Looks like he's serious.
That's terrible.
His own ally is in danger! A death match, huh? Sounds fun! That's rather flashy, don't you think? Anybody hurt? Hey, that hurts.
Sh-Shamal?! "Shamal"? Trident Shamal Two generations ago, it's said he was asked to join the Varia but refused.
What the hell are you doing here? I heard a loud noise, so I came to see if anybody was hurt.
I figured I would laugh at your little fight while I was here.
So yeah, I'll be over here.
Have fun.
So Shamal's with them, huh? Dino, Colonnello, and Shamal Why are so many powerful figures gathering? What the hell's going on? This can't be the Arcobaleno kid's doing.
Well, I'll be able to have some fun with my opponent tonight.
All right, let's do our thing before the fight starts! Uh, hold up! I don't need that! It's embarrassing! We don't need to huddle up for my fight! Aw, come on.
Why not, Gokudera-kun? Wh-- I-I dunno how to say it, but, like We're all in this together, so I want every single person to take part.
I think it's important to be united Boss You care so much about your Family! How could I not get that? I'll do it! Please let me join in! O-Okay.
Let's All right! Put this in too.
What's this? The tail from the stupid cow's outfit.
It got cut off yesterday.
Lambo Looking at it makes me think back to when he was still around and doing well Don't talk like he's dead! I think it's a great idea.
He's one of us.
Even if he's just a stupid cow, it's better than having no one, I think.
Yeah, he might not be here, but he's with us in spirit! Guys That's right.
Okay, let's do this.
Gokudera, fight! Yeah! Man, kids can be so embarrassing.
Now, will both participants please come to the center.
Boss, I'll put up a fight worthy of your right-hand man.
Okay but be careful.
Since the field is large, spectators will view the battle through cameras placed in each room.
We've also placed infrared lasers between the viewing area and the field to prevent any interference.
So, we're stuck here, huh? They don't want a repeat of what happened with Lambo.
We have confirmed that both participants possess a Vongola Half Ring of the Storm.
I hear you use explosives.
Well, I guess that's obvious.
You're too tense.
Aw, so scary.
I won't lose.
I don't care if he's their best.
Boss Lambo, listen carefully.
You don't have to go if you don't want to.
No matter how important you say they are The Vongola Becoming the next boss I will never fight for those things.
But I will fight to stop my allies my friends from getting hurt! I-I dunno how to say it, but, like We're all in this together, so I want every single person to take part.
I'm going to win this and prove that he's the only one fit to lead the Vongola! And now, let the match between Belphagor and Hayato Gokudera begin! Here I go! Short fuse, huh? I'll wait to see what happens first.
What will you do? Knives? Gokudera-kun! Stop wasting time on tricks.
Do you have any idea who you're up against? Hayato's sudden attack didn't even scratch him, huh? I guess that Varia quality stuff is true.
He's gonna have to take this seriously.
I guess I can't hold back.
Triple bombs! Is that Gokudera's new technique? Wow, he finally perfected it! Why doesn't he dodge? Wha--? This wind That machine? I'm sensitive to the wind.
Makes sense, since I'm the Guardian of the Storm Ring.
Dammit! Random gusts of wind! He won't be able to use his bombs! This is nuts But with the wind this strong, he won't be able to use his knives either.
No way! Dammit What happened? A lucky shot? Princes don't make lucky shots.
It's dead simple.
I read the currents of the rushing wind and let my knives slide right along them.
What? He can read the wind? Is that possible? He's turning a disadvantage into something that works for him.
It's something he's easily capable of.
You can't deny his genius.
Three minutes have passed.
Do you know the Guardian of the Storm Ring's purpose? He's to be the center of every attack; an unceasing, raging storm.
I can be that.
But you can't.
What are you standing there for? Keep moving, Hayato! Don't screw with me! Dammit, I'll never get to attack! Bel keeps his opponent on the defensive by his relentless, masterful knifework.
He's the only one who could do that in this wind.
Dammit, I can't attack! I'll have to temporarily withdraw to place his attacks won't reach.
Using explosives to try to camouflage yourself, huh? I love hide and seek.
Science Room I'm at a disadvantage in a head-on fight against those knives.
I'll have to lay a trap and try to hit him in his blind spot.
Wh-Where did that come from? That Bel guy's still in the hallway! Can he see Gokudera? How? I told you, I love hide and seek.
I'm a prince.
I'm better than you frauds.
Go-Gokudera-kun! Dammit! How?! I hit him already? Some Guardian of the Storm Ring.
Your boss must be nothing special.
Because of me, the boss will I must not lose.
But, I've gotta find a way to stop his attacks or I have no chance.
Think How can he land hits without seeing me? That's right, think.
Even if he is a genius, his techniques must have some kind of trick to them.
Don't panic, stay calm.
What's happened since the start of the battle? You're too tense.
My shoulder? I-It can't be For my final trick as the Guardian of the Storm Ring, I'll stick you so full of these you'll look like a cactus.
Bye-bye! No way! One cactus, all done.
That's A human model? It moved! Don't be stupid.
There's something around its neck.
This is the trick behind your technique.
A-A string! When you patted my shoulder at the start of the match, you put a nearly-invisible wire on my shoulder.
It even had a localized anesthetic so I wouldn't feel it.
And then, you pulled the wire taut and threw the knives along it.
That's why they flew right at me like they were on rails.
So that's how the knives went straight for him! Reminds me of a monorail.
Not bad, but you're only half right.
Actually, you're welcome to think you've won because you figured that out.
But in such fierce wind, you're powerless.
So, now what? B-Bombs? B-But Those will never hit me.
I gave up flirting with girls to make sure those bombs would hit their mark.
I was once well-known as a genius myself.
What? Die! It's no good, the wind will interfere again! Oh no You're so dumb that I'm at a loss for words.
Go I can't screw up and embarrass the boss! Wow, Gokudera! What was that? Another new technique? Rocket Bomb.
This is the new technique Hayato learned during his training.
A bomb that changes direction mid-flight? Indeed.
Its direction changes twice, thanks to a propellant explosive implanted in the bomb.
What Hayato lacked most was speed.
A bomb's usual design prevents him from capturing his enemies.
So, he increased the speed of the bomb itself.
He realized it by watching my Trident Mosquito.
It takes some skill to pull off, but by changing the bombs' direction twice mid-flight, his tactical capabilities vastly increase.
He learned it to survive.
Techniques like this are pretty damn powerful.
Wow, Gokudera-kun! Did he do it? It was a direct hit.
He should have taken a great deal of damage.
Certainly, Bel's not unharmed.
And so it begins.
Freaky, man.
How dare you spill my royal blood What the heck? It's coming.
The true form of Prince the Ripper.
And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! Best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then! That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign Capricorn Cycling will increase your endurance.
will be Capricorn! I'll write that in my Book of Rankings! Hold it in The second sign Taurus A walk in the woods will cheer you up! will be Taurus.
I decide my own luck.
Hold it in And the top sign Virgo With your friends' help, your homework will go well! will be Virgo.
Next week'll be extreme! But my luck goes to boxing! That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Reason to Fight.