Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e46 Episode Script

Reason to Fight

1 Ciao-su.
The Sky Ring has fallen into the hands of the Varia.
As it stands, they now have two rings, and Tsuna's side only has one.
And now, the third battle is underway between the Guardians of the Storm Ring, Gokudera and Belphagor.
Here I go! I'll wait to see what happens first.
What will you do? What? Knives?! At first, Gokudera couldn't tell that wires were attached to Belphagor's knives and he was having a rough time, but Dammit What happened? For my final trick as the Guardian of the Storm Ring, I'll stick you so full of these you'll look like a cactus.
No way! One cactus, all done.
That's a human model? This is the trick behind your technique.
Die! Go! I can't screw up and embarrass the boss! With his new technique, he turned the tide in his favor.
But this battle has a fifteen-minute time limit.
If neither participant completes the Storm Ring within fifteen minutes, the bombs planted on the Hurricane Turbines will explode sequentially and destroy the entire floor.
Also, Belphagor is acting strange.
How dare you spill my royal blood? What the heck? It's coming.
The true form of Prince the Ripper.
It's time for you to show the fruits of your training, Gokudera! Target 46 Reason to Fight Gokudera-kun It won't stop flowing What's going on? H-He's smiling.
I think he's lost it.
I'll never get why he's so weird.
The slashing prince, Prince the Ripper He was born with the innate abilities of a hitman.
Guileless and blatantly cruel There's no one better fit than Bel to be in the Varia Assassination Squad.
What's wrong with him? This looks bad I don't know what's happening, but I've already figured out the wire trick He can't use long-range knife attacks in this wind.
I'll have to take him out in one blow.
Rocket Bomb! Why doesn't he dodge? What is he planning? I've got this one.
He dodged it! He did more than that.
Huh? He doesn't waste a single movement.
He's quite the agile one.
Finally revealing his true nature, huh? Yeah.
It's only when he snaps that his true genius comes through.
His aim is off because of the wind.
This is nothing to be afraid of.
Huh?! What happened?! Huh? What's going on?! The knife didn't even hit me! To cut without even touching A whirlwind effect? Boom! Gotcha.
Not gonna happen! Go-Gokudera-kun.
Gokudera! Taking some damage from the blast instead of being killed by the knives? Smart move, lil bomber.
I was hurt again It's spilling out.
Th-This is bad.
That guy's barely Hayato, stay focused.
Yeah, remember your training.
It's not just about what you can see.
This distance is bad.
Stop right there.
Damn it.
It happened again The knife didn't even touch me.
What should I do? The Hurricane Turbines will begin detonating in six minutes.
I'm running out of time! Damn it.
I guess I'll Hide and seek again? Library Come and find me.
I'll get you good.
The library? That's the only entrance.
Gokudera must be planning a showdown.
Facing Bel with your back to the wall He might as well be committing suicide.
He jumped in! Take this! They didn't hit again! But he still It's exactly like a whirlwind.
Huh? That was weird.
Where the cut was, and the direction of it Something's off.
Time to strike back! These are the actions of the true Guardian of the Storm Ring; an unrelenting wave of attacks.
Gokudera! Doesn't this strike you as strange? Yeah, it looks like he's missing on purpose.
I-I'm not done! You are.
What's wrong, squid head? Master Gokudera, thou must flee! If you don't run It's not that he doesn't want to, he can't.
What? You can't quite see it on the monitor, but he's surrounded by extremely sharp wires.
When did that happen?! How?! Those knives, huh? Yeah.
Knives?! He attached wires to the hilts of those knives.
When you take that into consideration, the whirlwind effect makes sense.
Yeah, and that gives him two ways to cut.
The first method is to throw and cut.
The target will think he's evaded, but the wire between him and the knife will change its trajectory turning it towards him to make the cut.
The second method is through construction.
If you place wires on the walls, it'll become a system that can cut while remaining unseen.
He threw knives into the library before he entered, which were what actually sliced Hayato's bombs.
In other words, he's not just a knife-thrower.
He's a master of using knives and wires together.
You were caught in his trap.
Bel's not just gifted in combat, he's also an expert at setting traps.
This ends here.
You're Gokudera-kun? You were caught in his trap.
Bel's not just gifted in combat, he's also an expert at setting traps.
This ends here.
You're Gokudera-kun? He's using the spilled gunpowder as a fuse! You won't be able to cut me with a loose wire.
Gokudera-kun got it! Way to go.
It's not just about what you can see.
Looks like his training wasn't just for show.
These bombs are gonna be guided by your wires! This is the crashing wave attack of the true Guardian of the Storm Ring! And here's the kicker! Rocket Bomb! He did it! A K.
! Yeah! A-Awesome.
It can't be Hit with such force, even Bel will fall.
He did it.
He'll make a great Guardian of the Storm Ring.
It's over.
Until you have the complete Storm Ring in your hands, we will not acknowledge your win.
Please take both rings and complete the Storm Ring.
We'll be waiting.
There are three minutes remaining.
What a pain.
No choice, though.
Gokudera-kun! Don't let a little wound like that throw you off balance.
Finish this already.
I'll buy you a beer.
Oh yeah, and bring Bianchi-chan too.
How can that perverted old man talk about that at a time like this? Geez, what a stupid-looking face.
Pretty goofy, for a genius.
I wanted to make you take back those insults you said about the boss.
But, I guess it motivated me a bit.
Idiot! Never let your guard down.
I'm going to win! You bastard! My ring My ring I guess Bel has some fight left in him.
No, what's most likely spurring him on is the instinct to win.
He's a prince who doesn't want to admit defeat.
The more I learn about him, the weirder he gets.
Regardless, he is not inflicting much damage.
My ring My ring You've got some bad manners.
Damn it I wish I had more strength This guy just won't go down.
It's about time.
The detonations have begun.
We warned you that this would happen.
It has been fifteen minutes since the battled commenced.
Therefore, the Hurricane Turbines have begun to detonate.
Library It will take approximately one minute before the library explodes.
However, the observation area will not be affected.
N-No way! Gokudera-kun's doomed! He'll die with the enemy.
What're you doing, squid head? Get outta there! Shut up! I'm busy! This is bad, his injuries have wiped him out.
He's in trouble.
My vision's starting to blur Fifteen seconds have passed.
Forty-five remain.
Win or die, eh? Awesome! Tsuna, what will you do? Huh? What do you mean? No choice.
Give the ring to the enemy and get out of there, Hayato! Shut yer yap! It's stupid to die over something like this.
Get out of there! What are you saying?! You wanna watch me lose?! One win and three defeats would mean we've lost! It'll be over for us! Your opponent's broken It's not even a fight anymore! Get back here! I can't return empty-handed! If I go back now, I couldn't call myself the boss's right-hand man! Gokudera-kun, that's Boss, if I win, the tide will turn.
Trust me.
I can do this.
Gokudera! Get back here, squid head! Twenty seconds until the library explodes.
Hayato, have you forgotten what I taught you at the start of your training? Like I'd forget.
What I couldn't see was my own life.
I'd never forget that.
That's why I'm going to use it when it matters most! I won't leave this place, even if I die! Cut the crap! What do you think you're fighting for?! We've gotta have a snowball fight together again! We've gotta watch fireworks! That's why you're fighting! That's why you're getting stronger! I want to have fun with everyone again! That won't happen, if you die! Boss Gokudera-kun! Gokudera! Gokudera-kun! That idiot This can't be true.
It can't Why, Gokudera-kun? Look over there.
The infrared sensors went off.
Gokudera-kun! Gokudera! Squid head! I'm sorry, boss.
I told you I'd get the ring, but I came back to see the fireworks.
I'm glad, Gokudera-kun.
I really am.
But I lost, you know! The ring I'm the winner Thank you, Gokudera-kun.
Please don't say that, I don't deserve it.
Gokudera escaped with his life.
He sure matured at the end there.
I'm not so conceited that I'd take the credit for that.
The Vongola kid won this round.
Hey Yamamoto? I'm leaving the rest to you.
It's not like I want to ask you! You of all people I got it.
Gokudera-kun! Hey, give yourself a break.
The Storm Ring has been given to Belphagor.
He is therefore the winner of this match.
What an hilarious ending.
Your lives are as good as blown now.
Not only that, your Guardians of the Mist and Cloud Rings haven't appeared yet, have they? I sure hope you won't be disqualified.
Yeah, I wonder when Hibari-san and the Mist guy will show up.
We will now announce the next match card.
What are we going to do, Reborn?! If they choose the Mist or Cloud Rings No big deal.
They'll be here.
You can't just say that Tomorrow night's match will feature Rain.
The next match will determine the Guardian of the Rain Ring.
I see.
Yamamoto's opponent is the insanely strong long-haired guy.
Yeah, I've been waiting for this! Finally, I can kick some butt! Better not run off because of how I wiped the floor with you last time, sword boy.
He's always so confident.
No need to worry about that.
I'm so excited I'll be up all night.
Cocky, huh? Excuse me! Captain Levi, someone has infiltrated the school.
The Lightning Strike Squad's being taken out one-by-one.
What? Told you so.
Your Guardians'll be here.
What? Captain Levi, someone has infiltrated the school.
The Lightning Strike Squad's being taken out one-by-one.
Told you so.
Your Guardians'll be here.
What are you doing to my school? No mercy for intruders.
I'll bite you to death.
And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week.
Best three, maggot! Lambo-san's here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The first sign Pisces Strong willpower is the secret to success.
will be Pisces.
I wonder if that means I can eat two special cakes to celebrate? Hold it in The second sign Virgo Red fruits and veggies are super lucky.
will be Virgo.
Awesome, boss! I'll give it my all! Hold it in And the top sign Capricorn Get rich by petsitting.
will be Capricorn! I'll write that in my Book of Rankings! That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The Strongest, Invincible Style.