Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e47 Episode Script

The Strongest Invincible School

1 Ciao-su.
It's the battle for the rings against the Varia.
Ryohei won the first match.
However, Tsuna was disqualified after saving Lambo from a dangerous situation, and they took the Sky Ring as well as the Lightning Ring.
The third match between Belphagor and Gokudera was an impressive show.
I can't return empty-handed! If I go back now, I couldn't call myself the boss's right-hand man! Cut the crap! I want to have fun with everyone again! That won't happen, if you die! Boss As the battle progressed, Gokudera chose to live on for the sake of his allies.
But in the end, he lost the Storm Ring.
However Told you so.
Your Guardians'll be here.
What? Captain Levi, someone has infiltrated the school.
Target 47 The Strongest, Invincible Style You're tough Who are you?! Disciplinary Committee As members of the Leviathan Lightning Strike Squad, we cannot allow you to pass! The Lightning Strike Squad's being taken out one-by-one.
We're taking serious damage.
Damn it.
Who is he? Don't let him escape with his life! At this rate, we won't be able to face the boss! Right! I can't wait to see what kind of fly will show up.
I wonder who it is.
Hey, is this Yeah, he's back from his training.
Hibari-san! Hibari-san came! He's gonna help us in the battle for the rings! Plus, he's totally strong! Trespassing on school grounds Damaging school property You're collectively responsible.
I'll bite every person here to death.
He's just mad about the school getting wrecked! Are you a Guardian of the Rings from Sawada's side? If that's the case, such behavior cannot-- How dare you hurt my men.
Guardians cannot fight for personal-- Shut it, Cervello! This guy's just a trespasser! Shall I bite you to death first? Amazing He evaded that Varia's attack so easily.
Who is he? The Guardian of the Cloud Ring and the leader of the Namimori Disciplinary Committee: Kyoya Hibari.
Cloud? That means he's Gola Moska's opponent.
Mammon, what do you think? Levi is the slowest among us and he's not in top condition at the moment.
Even so, he displays considerable skill.
That's enough to impress you? You're better off judging sorcery.
From a swordsman's perspective, he might as well've been standing still.
Hey! How many times do you want me to cut you?! Are you next? Please stop.
Fighting between Guardians outside of the arena will lead to disqualification.
What?! This is bad! We have to do something! Ah Yamamoto? Now, now Calm down, Hibari.
I know you're angry.
Move it.
Don't you get in my way! The long-haired guy is my opponent.
Bear with me.
The way the sword kid just moved Anyone who gets in my way will be bitten to death! Uh-oh.
I've pissed him off.
Ah, Hibari-san! Hold on! Ciao-su, Hibari.
The baby? Sorry, but I'm busy right now.
You're free to let loose here, but you'll miss out on something much more entertaining.
Like what? It won't be immediately But if you suck it up and fight in the battle for the rings, you may get to fight Mukuro Rokudo again in the near future.
Huh? Really? Repair the damage to the school building.
Of course.
We Cervello shall take responsibility.
All right.
I've changed my mind.
Don't lose to that man before I get a chance to end you.
Hibari-san? So long Hibari-san backed down That just shows how humiliated he was by Mukuro.
Hibari-san And Mukuro?! Should you really be making a promise like that?! Beats me.
What do you mean by that?! Hey! Sword boy! Where did you learn that move?! I'm lovin' it! Now your chance of victory has risen from zero percent to Wait, it's still zero.
If Squalo wins tomorrow, the battle is over.
And that will mean your end.
Try not to shake in your booties! See ya! They finally left.
Man Hibari's rampage had me worried there.
But, it's reassuring to have him on our side.
I'm sure he powered-up during his training.
Th-That's right! Yeah.
He powered-up, huh? Can't wait to see that.
But But he thinks we're scum.
Why would he side with us? Good question Gokudera-kun! Ow It's just a scratch.
No, it's not.
You need to get that looked at now! Dr.
Shamal, please examine Master Gokudera.
I don't treat men.
Huh? Buh-bye.
That guy never changes.
But We need to get you taken care of quickly.
Can't be helped.
Romario, you look at him instead.
Got it, boss.
Dino-san! Let's have a look-see.
Well, he's been beaten up pretty badly.
Looks like we just missed the Varia.
Kyoya's not here, right? Huh? Well, he was just a minute ago What? When did he Don't worry about it.
He left without going too crazy.
R-Really But I didn't expect him to get back so fast.
Dino-san, where have you been? I guess you could say, "a training trip".
A training trip? That guy won't listen to a word anyone says, but he's not the type to admit defeat when overwhelmed by force.
So even Dino-san has a hard time with Hibari-san That's why I was worried when I heard the battle for the rings is at Nami Middle.
I figured Kyoya would snap if the school building got damaged, so I used the excuse of training for various situations to distance him from Nami Middle.
That's how I was able to train him in the mountains, on a beach, by a river All kinds of other places.
S-Sounds big.
So, how much stronger is Hibari? Hmm? No idea.
What's that supposed to mean?! He's definitely grown stronger, but even I don't know how much.
Kyoya Hibari has infinite growth potential.
That's how it should be.
Oh, Yamamoto.
I came here for the sole reason of telling you about Squalo.
It might help you defeat him.
Dino-san? You know him? Yeah, I do.
Hey! Since Bel won and I'm up tomorrow, we'll be able to return to Italy soon! Right, boss? I'll finally be free of your stupid game.
Hey! What the hell?! You got a problem? Squalo is the man who was supposed to be the Varia's boss.
Squalo is the man who was supposed to be the Varia's boss.
What?! Th-That's why he's so strong.
I was at the same school as him; a school filled with Mafia kids.
His strength was already well-known back then.
There were many stories of an incredibly strong young swordsman.
Both his strength and his swordsmanship were unorthodox.
At the time, Squalo hadn't decided on his own style, so he attacked both Eastern and Western sword masters, mastering all kinds of sword techniques.
He was like a starved shark blindly chasing the scent of blood.
The Varia scouted him after they heard the rumors.
But Squalo's condition for joining was a chance to battle the Varia boss of that time, known as the Blade Emperor, Tyr.
The Blade Emperor was the Varia's boss? Yeah.
Everyone was sure that the Blade Emperor would win.
But after an intense two-day battle, Squalo emerged victorious.
And that was when he perfected his current sword technique.
Even after he joined the Varia, he was always at the top.
Everybody believed Squalo would be the next Varia boss.
But, Xanxus is their boss Wh-Why? I don't know.
Huh? There's a big mystery surrounding Xanxus.
I have a few guesses, but the truth remains shrouded in darkness.
Though, we may learn something if we win.
It's too quiet.
Something must be going down at Vongola Central.
However, there's a high chance he's manipulating me.
The battle for the rings will soon be over.
I can't just stand idly by.
Oregano? The Varia have discovered our base.
Where is everyone? All six escaped safely and are on their way here.
I knew it would be only a matter of time.
Don't be concerned.
Master Do you intend to carry it out? Yeah We'll be entering Vongola HQ.
Our objective is to save Vongola IX.
If that isn't possible, we must at least confirm he's alive This is Vongola IX? He looks like a kind old man.
Oh? I hadn't showed you that before? No! Never! He doesn't look like a Mafia boss, does he? Excluding the first boss, the various bosses have been split between militants and moderates, and Vongola IX is a classic moderate.
He inspired people to devote their lives to him.
My master said that Vongola IX is quite enigmatic.
My dad? Yes.
This man chose me to be Vongola X.
This man sent Reborn to me.
I hate him! It's his fault that we're in this battle! Master Sawada But there's no point in saying that now.
I'll do my complaining later.
After we've defeated Xanxus and his people.
Okay, back to training! That's reassuring to hear.
I figured that after hearing what Dino had to say about Squalo, you'd be too worried about Yamamoto to focus on your training.
Well I am worried Yamamoto, I'll give it to you straight.
Squalo is a man who's destroyed many styles of swordsmanship.
You can't win by relying just on your style.
You must transcend it if you want to defeat him.
Transcend my style? Easy for him to say.
Yo! Uh, sorry.
Did we disturb you? It's fine.
How's your training coming along? I'm already done.
I happened to pass by the dojo on the way home.
So, how's it going? Think you can transcend your style? Cutting right to the chase?! That's what you wanted to ask? Beats me.
I won't know until I try.
If it isn't Tsuna-kun.
Hey, hello there.
What is it, Dad? Tonight's that sword fight, isn't it? How did you know?! Don't be a fool.
Of course I'd know.
Though the truth is that your dad told me.
He did?! What did that guy tell Yamamoto's dad?! Sounds like you're up against a tough swordsman.
Yeah, he's strong.
Well then, you should take this, Takeshi.
A bamboo practice sword! In appearance maybe, but it's made of steel.
Huh? This has passed through eight generations of the Shigure Soen Ryu: Shigure Kintoki.
If you use it normally it's just like a typical bamboo sword.
It couldn't even cut a cucumber.
But if you draw this while using the Shigure Soen Ryu, the blade will reveal itself.
If you use any other style, it'll return to a normal bamboo sword.
It's a sword designed exclusively for the Shigure Soen Ryu.
Awesome! I see.
So it's like a shinai version of Yamamoto's Bat.
But if it's exclusively for the Shigure Soen Ryu, you can't use it in tonight's battle.
Huh? Why's that? I'm going up against a man who's taken down many different styles.
They said I have to transcend my own to defeat him.
Don't give me that worthless drivel! Listen up.
The eight stances of the Shigure Soen Ryu must be expanded upon, polished, and used repeatedly in battle before they'll become complete and meaningful! It's absurd to try to transcend it! He has a completely different opinion than Dino-san! Come on, Dad I know you're proud of the the Shigure Soen Ryu, but I'm talking about something much bigger here! The Shigure Soen Ryu is flawlessly perfect and second to none! I wonder what Yamamoto's going to do.
His dad told him not to transcend his style.
Who knows.
But, Dino was saying something different I'm so confused! Nobody's here yet? Hey! I'm impressed that you didn't run away, sword boy.
I'll slice and dice you up.
Superbi Squalo! Ah! As scary as usual! That won't be happening, Squalo! I'll use this Shigure Kintoki to take you down! What? A transformable sword? So, he's not gonna transcend his style He's sticking to the Shigure Soen Ryu? My old man said it's second to none, so it must be.
Second to none? I've taken down hundreds of idiots who believed that! Hundreds?! Y-Yamamoto! Isn't that a dangerous choice?! It sure is.
This feels as thrilling as standing in the batter's box with a chance for a walk-off home run! Master Yamamoto? Why is he mentioning baseball now? What is he I see.
That's right.
I'd forgotten.
That's how Yamamoto is.
That's why I was able to concentrate on my training yesterday even after hearing about Squalo.
Because I had a feeling that Yamamoto would somehow pull through! And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! Best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in Cancer Anime character products will bring good luck.
The third sign for next week will be Cancer.
Ahh, sorry.
Yeah, I'm the guy representing Cancer.
Hold it in Taurus It's a good idea to share yummy stuff.
The second sign will be Taurus.
Eek?! Lucky and happy! Hold it in Virgo Be nice to your teacher! And the top sign will be Virgo.
Awesome, boss! I'll give it my all! See ya next time! That was all Lambo-san! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Flow of Battle.