Killing Eve (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

A Rainbow in Beige Boots

1 She's just the kind of girl they would recruit.
Disenfranchised, disposable.
- How is Villanelle? - She's Christian now.
I'm a bad person who's trying to be good.
Is that possible? I think reinvention is a form of avoidance.
- Who's at the top? - I'll tell you after dessert.
A rat for a rat.
A little light intimidation.
Ugh! Now I don't think anyone could love her.
I think she's the Devil.
Here you are.
- Oh, thank you.
- No problem.
What the Actually, never mind.
Are you going to slap me again? No.
What's it this time? - I need help.
- Oh.
Why don't you ask Jesus? Where have you been? - Paris.
- Paris.
What happened to your hand? What happened to your clothes? Can I stay here? Eve? Just for tonight.
Eve, things are bad.
Um, take whatever you want.
There's money on the bedside table.
Can you be gone when I get back? Oh! I've barely had a chance to wash my bits.
Villanelle's in my room.
What? What does she want? Sanctuary? I think she's killed again.
What do you wanna do? Nothing.
It's not my job.
Whoa! There's some sensitive material on there.
Well, is it sensitive if everyone in a 10-mile radius has seen it? Can you What? Fair.
Oh, can you find where Helene's car has been? - Here's her reg.
- Yeah.
ANPR will flag that.
- Automatic number plate - I don't care.
Well, then just yes.
Okay, you ready for my theory? Born ready.
Helene is as clueless as we are about who sits at the top of The Twelve.
I think she is torturing each member to get to the next, one by one until she works her way up to the head of the monster.
It's a form of the contact chain method.
That would make sense.
Why didn't we think of that? Yeah.
I'm I'm kicking myself.
Torture is actually one of my strong suits.
So, she's not that far ahead.
This number plate was picked up on a congestion zone camera, - 10:30 last night.
- Fitzrovia Garage.
So her London base must be near Fitzrovia.
Or the driver keeps her car in Fitzrovia.
I mean, that's rich people for you.
- Wanna do a stakeout? - Uh, yes.
But one of us is gonna have to spend the morning keeping a senior diplomat from Bahrain alive, so You're such a rock.
"You're such a rock.
" Eh! Huh! Uh! Ugh! Hey! Paper wins.
I've been bad, I've been good I've been doing what I should People, shout it loud Can you hear our anthem? People, say it proud And we don't stop And we don't stop And we don't stop And we don't stop Boy will creep into my 'hood I ain't doing what I should People like my vibes double-size You a liar People got my vibe on my elevator higher - But you know they don't - And we don't stop And we don't stop No, resist The world Don't take our voice away No, resist The world is ours again Resist Don't take our voice away No, resist The world is ours again We said don't take - Mmm.
- Our voice away.
For a princess.
I've run out of my brochures.
Won't be a minute.
- Oh, Elliot.
- Get away! Creep.
I finished with Mr.
We can do family viewings tomorrow.
Thank you.
It's not the rat.
And the smell is ever ripening.
For the life of me, I can't find the source.
You could have cleaned the place up.
I wouldn't dream of it.
Of course you could get me an office, instead of having me pecking around here like a pigeon in the attic.
You know I can't.
Well, then, three suspected members of The Twelve murdered so far, all of them by sadistic torture.
I may have found us a fourth.
Who? Well, 'how' might be a more pertinent question.
A man was found dead in a farm.
He'd been tied up, his feet had been dipped in salt and goats allowed to lick them raw.
Like fleshy ice creams.
Carolyn, come on.
Nobody else claimed it.
It's interesting.
Keep digging.
Why don't you take the rest of the afternoon off? Go sightseeing or eat some brunch.
I knew a man who died eating brunch.
He made handwoven silk rugs using an ancient technique from China.
They were just utterly exquisite things.
But, alas, he choked on a stray raspberry floating in his bottomless Bellini.
I'm gonna have to start charging Oh! What can I help you with? Aren't you a therapist? - Yeah.
Sort of.
- Well I want therapy.
Um, therapy requires a situation where we both feel safe, but I don't feel very safe.
So my suggestion is you leave - and we make an appointment - No.
I work at Broadmoor.
If I don't turn up to work today, alarm bells will be raised.
You're going to call in sick.
What do you want to talk about? What do you know about me? I know that you're an assassin, highly skilled one.
Are you flattering me? - No.
- No.
Just the facts.
What's bothering you, Villanelle? I don't like the way I feel.
Which is what? Hmm.
Like shit.
All of the time.
I want you to fix that.
I just want to pay for this, you know? You know me.
You know I know Helene.
And Helene Look, I can't have trouble today.
I mean, Helene she just didn't punched my heart to bits.
- Read one bastard letter.
Read! - I'm sorry.
Helene's a player.
I've gotta go pick her up.
Are you honestly doing this over the phone? Can we just at least Yeah, well, screw you! - I'm so I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? Um, uh - Oh.
- No.
My girlfriend just dumped me over the phone.
That dog.
- I'm so sorry.
- No.
- Women can be cruel.
- Oh, you're telling me.
- Oh, you've been there? - Oh, yeah, chica.
You know what? Forget her.
She's poop on your shoe.
Um, you know, I know this is, like, totally pathetic, but I have no friends in this country.
Literally not one.
And I I really don't wanna be on my own right now.
Can I Can I buy you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? No.
'Cause you do have a friend.
Oh! Oh Thank you! Are you stupid? Just a genuine question, 'cause I've said so many times, you're only allowed out there when I say so.
You scare off the customers.
" You know I don't need to be here, don't you? I could've just put you in foster care and then I'd be at uni.
Having the time of my life.
Yeah, you've mentioned it.
You're a nobody.
It's no wonder Dad hated you.
He wanted Mum to have an abortion.
He'd be embarrassed to see how you run his business.
Don't you agree, Mr.
Turner? 'Bye, Pam.
Here's to being dumped.
And this girlfriend from hell.
- Salud.
- Salud.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- I'm Nicole, by the way.
- Mmm.
Oh, I'm Fernanda.
Nicole, women are so much worse than men.
No-one told me.
- You didn't get the memo? - No.
This was actually my first time with a woman, so - Really? - Mmm.
She must have been really special.
Hotter than potatoes.
Sexy, mysterious and French.
We'll have a bottle.
Thank you.
Like toxic waste.
So British.
It's melting.
- So, what do you need, Pam? - Um, yeah, so I was just wondering if you think I'm ready.
Whether I could start work soon.
Not just yet.
- Right.
- Mmm.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I can put extra hours in.
Pam, is there anything you'd like to tell me? I don't know.
I don't think so.
Well, there's a former employee of MI5 who came to your funeral home and you didn't tell me.
That woman then, in turn, tracked down my home in Paris, where my daughter lives.
MI5? It's fine.
What's the rush? What's so pressing? I just Things are difficult at home.
I get that.
It must be hard.
You know, I was drawn to you the moment I first met you.
This little ghost of a girl hiding in the shadows.
People don't notice you.
And if they do, they underestimate you.
And there lies your power.
You're going to be extraordinary, Pam.
But you're not ready yet.
Trust me.
I'll tell you when you are, okay? We connected here, you know, Nicole? Before we connected here! It was fire.
It was danger.
She changed me.
The woman on the phone, what's she like? Controlling.
You go and talk to her, Nicole.
She only gets to play games if you are ready to play them.
You said that you felt like poo.
Is that common for you? No.
So why now? I don't know.
I killed two people last night after I tried really hard not to.
Okay, well, that's not ideal, but presumably common for you.
So why has this shaken you? Martin, I'm a rainbow in a world full of beige people like you.
- No offence.
- No.
I usually know what I want and who I want and how I want it, and now I don't.
I don't even trust my own thoughts right now.
Can you say more about that? Is this what being insecure feels like? Okay.
Let me put it this way.
Change isn't always comfortable.
But feeling like poo might be a good thing.
A sign that you're already mid-metamorphosis.
- Are you afraid of dead bodies? - Oh! What the hell are you doing? Are you? - No.
- Elliot? Apologise.
- You are, aren't you? - Apologise.
Boo! Apologise! - You think I'm joking? - No.
Please don't, Elliot.
Please don't.
I'm sorry.
Oh! Oh! I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you.
Arrgh! Ugh! You're not a very nice boy, Elliot.
Ahh! Ugh! - It was so cruel.
- Mmm.
Because she knew that my husband had just left.
Oh, you were married? Five years.
He was rich.
Big-bucks rich.
What did he do? Was he, like, in finance? Oh, you know what? I have no idea.
- I was never allowed to ask.
- Oh.
- But I found out why.
- Why? I find these letters from this woman.
He's clearly been shacking up with her every time he's out of town.
Ohh! So you know what? I confronted him.
And he walked out.
Never came back.
So you haven't spoken since and you don't know where he is? Mm-mm.
Well, wh Where could he be? I don't know.
And that's why I'm here.
I have nothing left in Cuba.
- And then you met Helene.
- Oh! Then She's done the same as him! I think these are out of date.
Oh, you know, we should get you some water.
That ex-husband sounds like a real asshole.
What was his name? I need the bathroom.
Oh, um Okay.
Uh, let me know if you need anything.
Nicole? Mmm.
Sorry, it's all I've got in.
It's, uh, Lunchables.
- You have kids? - No.
- Aren't you going to eat? - No, my, um, IBS is playing up.
- Yeah, feeling a bit - Mmm.
cramp crampy.
Do you think I was born like this? What do you mean, a psychopath? Do you think you were born like this? Hmm.
Being a therapist is easy.
I ask something and you just repeat it back with a question mark on the end.
The point is, is that I don't know you, so how you feel is more important than what I think.
And, no, I don't believe you have to be born with psychopathy to behave like one.
I mean, look at mercenaries.
They're trained into it.
Would you rather you weren't? A psychopath? Do you know how many psychopaths have sat in front of me and said they don't want to be a psychopath? Zero.
Psychopaths feel superior.
Like a god.
And gods don't often think they need to change.
So I'd say that's hopeful.
You've done a lot of good work.
Think that's a good place to end for today.
Did you just say that stuff to try and get rid of me? - Did you? - No.
Don't make fun of me.
Are you okay? What's happened? I murdered my brother.
- Excuse me? - I stabbed him 19 times and then embalmed his body.
- Did you clean up? - Yeah.
- Where's the body now? - It's in the morgue.
I told you you weren't ready.
Did you think that was open for interpretation? No, it's just you said people underestimate Yeah, I'm still talking.
Disobey me again and you will learn how easily dispensable you are.
Are you following me? Are you following me? Good.
Now, go.
I need to handle this.
- What? - Rustem survived.
The FSB have got him.
Merde ! Morning, Claudia.
How is the English coming? Tremendous.
Good! Is that for me? I made my own sausages.
Chubby bangers! Oh, you're spoiling me.
Special treat for Mr.
Big Boss.
- Uh, I'll get - No, no, no.
It's one of mine.
Thank you, Claudia.
Yes? Peat moss.
Hang on, say that again.
So Helene's ex-girlfriend's ex-husband is who? I don't know.
- Oh.
- But he's someone I think that's who Helene is trying to get to because Fernanda isn't her type.
How do you know what her type is? Oh.
I know what she likes.
I think you're being sexist.
Maybe Fernanda's the one in The Twelve.
Number one, if she was, Helene would have yanked her fingernails out by now.
And number two Oh.
- Right, yeah.
Not very Twelve.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, is that it? Yeah.
You need to be much faster.
Marriage certificate.
- Ohh.
- Mm-hm.
Hello, Lars Meier.
- 'May-er'.
- Lars 'May-er'.
I have never seen your toes nude in public before.
It's very unsettling.
It seems our assassin is in Scotland.
- I'll fly there tomorrow.
- Well, there's been another attack.
A Russian agent in Cuba.
Rustem Zeman.
He survived.
Well, then he must be a member of The Twelve.
Which means he's been under your nose all along.
He was sadistically tortured and left for dead.
His toes were severed and inserted into his nostrils.
Well, a live victim might be more loquacious - than an assassin.
- Yeah.
I've had him moved into a safe house to be taken care of.
- He won't survive a flight as yet.
- Well, forget Scotland.
Leave him to me.
I'll fly to Cuba.
Are you sure? It might get ugly.
Oh, Vlad, I am more than ready to get my hands dirty.
Now let me have some of your delicious food.
Thank you.
Well, there's an elephant in the room that we haven't addressed yet.
What about her? Well, you want to change and you want to stop killing.
You've had plenty of opportunity to kill Eve over the years - and you never have.
- Well, I've tried.
If you wanted her dead, she'd be dead.
So what sets her apart? Do you enjoy the power you have over her? Yes.
In healthy relationships, you have to make yourself vulnerable too, allow someone else to have that sort of power over you.
Well, Eve does.
- Does she? - Yes.
She's ruined everything.
So why don't you move on, then? Because that would ruin everything.
So what do you want from her? I want to smell her skin.
I want to hear the boring stuff she does every day that she wouldn't bother telling anyone else because it's really that boring.
Oh, but to me it would be fascinating because it's Eve.
Because in our bones, we understand each other.
Eve's not beige, then? She's a rainbow in beige boots.
Villanelle! Open the door.
Ugh! Hi! How can I help you? Let me in.
Villanelle! No, he hasn't even It was an accident.
Will you just let me in? Martin.
Oh, God.
Martin, can you hear me? Relax.
Concussion at worst.
What are you even doing here? Therapy.
You know you can just book a therapist? You don't have to take one hostage.
Oh, but then you wouldn't be able to get my attention.
Gimme that.
You didn't have to come.
I came for Martin.
So, did you have any breakthroughs? Maybe.
They trained me to be like this, so maybe I can be trained out of it.
Do you know that fable about the scorpion and the frog? - They hook up? - No.
They both die.
Because the scorpion can't change its nature.
Maybe you are the scorpion.
I should have done this when we first met.
Done what? She's young, she's green, but she has potential.
I need her ready to work quickly.
Why the rush? Well, you know, the usual antics.
Why not use a local handler, then? Because you're easier to blackmail.
No, because you're the best.
And, anyway, isn't it nice to help a disenfranchised young woman fulfil her potential? Chop, chop.
Well, hello.
I rose to your challenge.
You found out who's at the top? - What's the name? - Oh, hang on.
I think you owe me dessert.
That's right.
I do.
- When are you free? - Now.
Her brain, it's like a hamster on a wheel.
So, tell me about yourself.
- What are you good at? - Embalming.
Look what the cat dragged in.
I thought you were dead.
Whoo! Don't underestimate me.
No-one leaves The Twelve.
I've been tracking attacks on members of The Twelve.
- Look.
Is that him? - That's gotta be him.
I want my phone call!
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