Killing Eve (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

It's Agony and I'm Ravenous

I don't like the way I feel.
I want you to fix that.
Helene is as clueless as we are about who sits at the top of The Twelve.
She's young, she's green, but she has potential.
- I need her ready to work quickly.
- I murdered my brother.
There's been another attack.
A Russian agent in Cuba.
He must be a member of The Twelve.
I should've done this when we first met.
Done what? I rose to your challenge.
- When are you free? - Now.
Hello? This is all far too creepy.
Oh! You brought me all the way across town for this? Hi, Eve.
I want my phone call! So when's the show start? I own this.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
My dad used to bring me to pantomimes here when I was a kid.
I loved it so much.
So he bought it for me.
Of course he did.
Of course he did! - Well, shall we talk business now? - Yeah.
So the name? Oh, Lars Meier.
He must be a big deal.
He was really hard to find.
Fernanda seems lovely, by the way.
Ah She's an idiot.
Oh, see, you didn't play her right.
I would've gotten her to lead me to Lars.
I didn't say I was looking for him.
But see, here's the thing I can't figure out.
Why would you need to go through his ex to track him down? Unless you don't know who he is.
- Do you not know who he is? - My, my! Your brain, it's like a hamster on a wheel.
It must be exhausting.
On the subject of exes, I hear you've had a busy night.
You got her arrested.
Wow, I'm impressed.
Ah! Fine.
It is Lars.
I'll race you.
Let's see who can find him first.
Should I come in? Yes! Come in.
So this is where you'll be staying.
I expect you to be contactable 24 hours a day.
I call.
You run.
Get it? Good.
Just so you know, we are not friends.
- Don't ever think we are.
- Okay.
So, tell me about yourself.
What do you want to know? What are you good at? Embalming.
- Embalming? - Yeah.
That's great.
Let's make this simple.
Have you ever killed? - Once.
- Oh! A real pro.
This is your new phone.
And keys.
Get settled.
And meet me at the end of the pier in an hour.
Look what the cat dragged in.
- I'm drunk, by the way.
- Oh, I can smell.
- Hey, guess what.
- What? Helene doesn't know what Lars looks like.
- But we do.
- What? 7,432.
That is how many social media posts this woman has.
And I trawled through every single one of them.
This is the only picture of them together anywhere.
- Damn, you're good.
- I know! - Can we do facial recognition? - Yeah.
But please have a heart, let me eat something first.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Surprise! I just need a minute.
Thank you.
It's good to see you, Villanelle.
You look well, all things considered.
So have you got all this out of your system? Yes.
Shall we go? Ah.
What shall I do? I could try to intimidate you, but that doesn't work.
I could stroke your ego, but you know it all already.
Or I could offer you more money, but you don't care about that.
So I'll just go for honesty.
No-one leaves The Twelve.
- Not you, not me.
- Wrong.
I want more money.
Lots more.
Can we go? Yeah.
Your timing is impeccable as ever.
This this is a sensitive one.
Heathrow, please, Luis.
At least you're punctual.
No, no, no.
I want you to go and push her in.
What do you mean? Push the woman in the sea! Why? She hasn't done anything.
There is no 'why'.
There's only 'do'.
Go push her in.
Yes! Are you wasting my time? Do you want this job? Or do you wanna be a nobody? Are you stupid? For God's sake, answer me! Go home.
- Look! Is that him? - Huh? Wait, that's him, right? - Older now, but - Yeah, that's gotta be him.
AnniePixiXOXO is selling this picture for 17 euros.
"'Der Revolutionar,' Eugenie Allard, Berlin, 1979.
" Eugenie Allard.
A photographer.
Most noted for her shots during the Cold War.
Can you get her phone number? Yeah.
Oui ? Oh, hello.
Do you speak English? Unfortunately.
I saw your listing online for 'Der Revolutionar'.
It's such a beautiful image.
Might you know who the subject is? Nope! All right.
Um Do you have any more photographs of this gentleman? Probably.
I don't know.
Oh, do you think you could have a look? Do you think I have a bag of time? Either place a bid or come.
Pas Vraiment Ordinaire.
Good to see you awake.
I am sorry about the cuffs.
I'd love a cigar.
Evidently, the FSB is aware that you're a member of The Twelve, so I need the names of your contacts.
How about that cigar? Be a dear.
Good girl.
Ah, you know your way around a cigar.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
I'll die before I grovel to a woman.
Well, now, that was silly, wasn't it? There's something niggling at me.
Andreas went to all that trouble to get me the position as mayor, and you just blow it all up to bring me back here to train up that little idiot nobody.
Are you losing your touch, Konstantin? I'm just a realist.
There's nothing special about her.
And there's certainly nothing special about me.
- So now I'm wondering - Wondering is above your pay grade.
Just get the job done.
You know what? I really like my new life.
So how about this? You put me back on a plane to Russia and I keep quiet? Or I can call Andreas, check he knows about whatever it is you're up to.
Oh! - What? - I know about Paul.
Paul who? Oh, you must remember Paul.
Grey hair? Glasses.
You framed him for stealing 6 million euros from The Twelve.
Yeah, get the job done before The Twelve find out what a thieving little cockroach you are.
If you wanted a cigar, you could've just asked for one.
It's you.
For future reference, I hate surprises.
Is it too late to offer you the job you wanted or ? A wrench.
Oh, come on! You're more inventive than that.
You've always been more inventive.
Even when you were a child.
I often wonder if you remember the first time we met.
You know? There was the time in prison, of course, in Russia, but before that too.
At your orphanage, when you were nine years old.
I never knew if you remember that.
I liked you instantly.
Go! Let's go! High Striker! Who's got the strongest swing? Mate! Yes, you.
Yeah, I'm looking at you, mate.
Oh, come on.
Oi! Do you want a go? Yes! Come on.
Show us your muscles.
Whoo! Whoa! Oh, my What the hell ? How did you do that? I'm Darren, by the way.
Uh Uh Urhhh! Whoa! Oh Huh! Wah! Prove it.
That was not pleasant.
I said prove it.
I'll need some painkillers.
There's some in the glove box.
Oh, good God, Villanelle.
What's happened to you? I thought you enjoyed all this at least Talk.
You had a bracelet.
A cheap little thing.
With a ballet slipper pendant attached to it.
I remember it because of what you did with it.
There was another girl in the orphanage who, uh, upset you somehow.
Stole your pudding or something.
So in the middle of the night, while she was sleeping, you took the bracelet off and you tied it tightly around her index finger so that when she woke up some hours later, her finger was turning black.
The staff tried to cut it off, but it was on so tightly they just were slicing flesh.
She lost the finger in the end.
You remember that? When you heard that she had lost the finger you asked if you could see it.
I was like this at nine? Hmm, you were gifted from birth.
Evil from birth.
You know, humans are like a meze board.
The best of them have a little bit of everything.
And if you think that your flair for murder, you know, it speaks to a kind of lack of humanity, wrong.
Killing is primal.
It's what nature intended.
And who are we to quibble with nature? Why waste your time being good when you could just be good at what you're good at? That's what I think, anyway.
But what do I know? I've just probably got concussion.
And I'm ravenous.
Fancy a sandwich before you dash my brains out? - After you.
- No, after you.
I'd like to keep you where I can see you.
Ah, buenas tardes, Benita.
Be careful.
She's not house-trained.
Ai yi yi yi yi! - Any peep from next door? - Nothing.
Oh! I need to clean that.
- Good idea.
- Ugh! Come.
I cooked.
Oh! Who's that? It's Benita.
She comes with the house, apparently.
Oui ? Are you AnniePixiXOXO? Ah, let me guess.
London lady? So lovely to meet you.
You think this is lovely? You must have led a sad life.
That's one way of looking at it.
Um, as I mentioned, I'm interested in that 'Der Revolutionar' photograph.
Might you know where it was taken or ? My mother took it.
She's dead.
Oh, your mother was Eugenie Allard! She was so talented.
She was a pig.
You said she might have other photographs of him? Take your pick.
Isn't it refreshing? To eat in silence? So many people are just bags of gas, expelling air when they have nothing of any great worth to say.
Just farting from their mouth.
Yeah, exactly.
Mmm! - Good girl.
- Mmm! I like big belly.
It's really good! Despite being under duress, I meant what I said.
What? That we'd make a good team.
So are you going to tell me who sent you? Don't I get a bribe or something? Name it, you can have it.
But I think you'll tell me because you like me.
That's presumptuous.
Helene! Is she behind these attacks on The Twelve? Because I've been tracking attacks on members of The Twelve and if she's not behind these attacks, she'd have been grateful to me for trying to save them from some torturous murderer.
Torturous? Yeah.
One of them survived.
I have the hideous toad here.
Next door.
You should meet him.
Might inspire you.
What happened to him? 'Him' has a name.
His toes were severed and inserted into his nostrils.
May I? Who did this? As yet unknown.
But a woman.
A beast.
Not like you.
- You're a thoroughbred.
- Oh, shut up! Bilious man.
What do you want from him? Who, why, what.
Who are his contacts? Why does Helene want him dead? What's next? And failing that whatever you can get.
You can go.
Can I buy these? The hell are you doing? How many toes did she get in there? - Piss off! - It's just impressive.
What was her name? Well, it has got me wondering what other large things can be inserted into small places.
Cheese wire.
Are you sure you didn't get her name? The left one or the right one? Just kill me, if you're going to do it.
What did she look like? - Tall! She was huge! - And? She was evil! Who were your Twelve contacts? Please, I'll tell you.
Just stop.
I don't have a name.
- Only a place.
- A place? What place? El Hombre de Dos Caras.
Yes? Uh I've just been mugged.
- What? - Um, they they got my keys.
My money.
I think I need to go to hospital.
Where are you? Yes! That's more like it.
Don't underestimate me.
It would help if we knew what we were looking for.
I don't know.
I hope I'll know when I know, if you know what I mean.
Let's play truth or dare.
Truth or dare? Truth.
Are you a born-again Christian? How do you know everything? God is good.
Truth or dare? Truth.
Is it true your dad was a sexy gay spy? It's true.
Daddy did have a penchant for the penis.
A penchant! Truth or dare? Truth.
What intrigues you about Eve? Well, I just met a therapist and he said I just like the control I have over her.
Is that true? It's not not true.
Well, therapists.
What do they know? I mean, you just pay them to repeat your questions back at you.
That's what I said! Truth or dare? Dare.
I thought you were dead.
- Shall I chase him? - Yes.
So, what's the news? Are you in a rush? I was about to have a bath.
Pour yourself a drink.
You want to play? I'll play.
Why do you do it? What? Your job.
I don't like weak women.
I don't want it for myself.
I don't want to see it in others.
So you take vulnerable kids like Pam and then turn them into your army of fembots? Fembots? Pew-pew-pew! I take them from their sorry little lives and I give them power.
Who's this all for? Eve you don't know what I do.
Or what I give to them.
So tell me.
Oh um If you could just Sorry.
- Ooh! Uh Yeah.
- Yeah? Mm-hm.
This is so uncomfortable.
I made soup.
You want some? I really do.
So, how did you know that man? He was an old flame.
Is he Twelve? Problem is I've now given him a chance to go to ground.
I think I'd better make tracks.
You care to join? I didn't give you a dare! Oh, go on, then.
Do air guitar.
No, that's pointless.
Well, dares are pointless.
The point of them is to be pointless.
Come on.
What? You look like you're stroking a tiny gerbil.
Don't do that.
Give me more.
I need much more.
That was That was amazing.
Goodbye, Villanelle.
Be good.
Carolyn? I'm sorry I tried to kill you.
Oh, that guy is lazy! He's going home this week.
Oh, um haven't told you the news.
I got Villanelle out.
- She's free.
- What? I thought you'd want to know.
Do you know what passion is? People think it's sex, excitement.
But the actual definition of passion is 'to suffer'.
That's what it is about Villanelle, isn't it? You love this, don't you? It delights you.
I think it delights you.
This is what you want.
You have no idea.
Do you ever think what might have happened if we hadn't done what we did? Do you think we might have had nice, normal existences? - Do you have someone in there? - What? No.
You totally do, don't you? I know what you did.
I found a finger under the bed.
You threw me in the water and now I have an ear infection.
You want to go shopping? What really happened in Paris? - I went to Helene's.
- It is Lars.
He must be a big deal.
I'm going now.
Do you wanna come?
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