Killing Eve (2018) s04e05 Episode Script

Don't Get Attached

- - Who's at the top? Let's see who can find him first.
I got Villanelle out.
I want more money.
Helene doesn't know what Lars looks like.
Is that him? That's him, right? Older now, but - Yeah, that's gotta be him.
- Arggh! Who are your Twelve contacts? I don't have a name, only a place.
A place? I thought you were dead.
Don't underestimate me.
- So how did you know that man? - He was an old flame.
The Socialist Squad.
Anarchists With Attitude.
The Disrupters.
Uh, who hasn't suggested one? Karolina, bitte? Chaos Club? What a burning furnace of creative thought.
I should arrive late more often.
If you're so clever, what do you think we should be called? Well, Beethoven named his greatest Symphony No.
So? So how many of us are there? God, you're sexy when I'm right.
I think Karolina fancies me.
That's okay.
I fancy her boyfriend.
- The mute in the suit? - Mmm.
I don't think I've ever heard him speak.
Perhaps I prefer my men mysterious.
There's nothing more thrilling than a secret.
- Well I have a secret for you.
- Mmm? He might just be really, really boring.
Johan, hey, look over here.
Can you cut it out, Oliver?! This is an anarchist meeting, not a kid's birthday party.
That was harsh.
Oh, so, Karl your place or your place? Uh, my place is a bit of a no-go.
Oh, well, my place is a bit of a no-go too, so Don't get attached now.
Don't worry.
I won't.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you know how many service rules you've just broken? I learned from the best.
Well, just promise me you won't get killed by some Soviet toerag - on your first posting.
- Oh! I'll never live it down at the club.
Which club is that? The one you go to with your foreign office friends? Or the one you go to afterwards? Goodnight, Daddy.
Goodnight, Carolyn.
This is too much breakfast, Benita.
Don't you have a home to go to? Your husband is an asshole.
Huh! Do you want to know something funny? Please.
He's a firefighter.
He's supposed to be stopping burns, not making them.
Oh When we first met, he was charming, you know? Mmm.
Now every time I cook him something, I pray he choke on it.
I can help you if that's what you want.
I I know what you did to the man with the toe in the nose.
I found a finger under the bed.
If that's what he deserved, what does Camilo deserve? You threw me in the water and now I have an ear infection.
Pull that stunt again and I'll chop you into small, tiny pieces and eat you.
So what's next on my training program? Close your eyes.
Close them.
You don't trust me.
- Mm, you said you'd eat me.
- Hah! Look in the bags.
We're going to spend a nice afternoon together playing dress-up.
What's wrong with my clothes? Oh, nothing wrong with your clothes.
It's great if you want people to avoid you at a party.
But what if you want them to like you? What if you want to charm them or if you want them to fall in love with you? Oh, you look amazing! Oh.
Eve? - Hey.
- So you are alive.
What are you doing here? - Do you have someone in there? - What? No.
You totally do, don't you? Wait.
Just Wait.
I'm just, um catching up on sleep.
Is that what they call it these days? Um, can we do this later? What is that? That is everything I could find on Oliver Schubert.
Oh, and that's, like, uh, a dummy's guide to the Cold War.
I've been meaning to catch up.
Huh, so he's no longer a photographer.
He's a classics professor.
And you are a student with an interest in radical 1970s politics and you have a meeting with him in, uh, two hours.
Have you been colouring? Is that what you didn't want me to see? - It's a mindfulness exercise.
- Mindfulness? What is this? I'm drawing my dreams.
Anyway, if I'm going to make this meeting, I have to prepare.
Yeah, and I'm not stopping you.
Yusuf, can we have some boundaries, please? Yeah, okay.
- Sorry.
- Mm-hm.
- I'm just gonna piss.
- Oh, no! Wait! Wait! Ooh! You found me.
Hello, Camilo.
It's impressive, right? Ugh! Do you see this? Do you know who I am? "Do you know who I am?" Let me tell you something.
Women don't stay silent forever.
Benita No, no! No, no! No! Ha-ha! Ha! You okay, chica? Okay, so you take her at 10 a.
Let's say Helene discovers her missing 11 a.
So she could be arriving in London any minute now.
Let her squirm.
What really happened in Paris? I went to Helene's.
She got Villanelle out of prison.
So you thought child abduction? Well, you have to hit her where it hurts.
And this? - This'll hurt.
- What do we do now? Do we torture the hostage? Torture? We're gonna go on an adventure! Yeah? - Yes, yes! - Yeah! Oh, get your bag.
And let's say 'bye to Yusuf! - Goodbye! - 'Bye! 'Bye! This is me.
Why have you never brought me here before? Because we've never been in such desperate need of my father's whisky collection before.
And because you hate the bourgeoisie.
Do you remember? So I'll entirely understand if you don't want to come in.
Let me know if you find any friends behind there.
Oh, um, no, thank you.
It'll be me up there before long.
Oh? I'm writing a novel.
- Oh! - Yeah.
Like, um, Kafka, but better.
That sounds quite unbelievable.
How many pages have you written? Um Lots.
Lots? Yeah.
Well if you can drink as many drinks as you've written pages, you might have a better time.
That ring your girlfriend's wearing she fiddles with it when she fibs.
Yeah, she does it whenever she says something nice to me.
Oh! - Hey.
- Oh.
You know this bottle costs more than my car? Oh! Well, in that case, it's time to raid the garage for the good stuff.
Shut up.
Who wants to trash the place? Is it done? - Oh - Come here.
It looks better on you.
You want to go shopping? These are some of my friends.
They all have their own Camilos.
Would you help them? Okay.
But then I have my own Camilo.
Hello, Karolina.
- - Janice? Janice was just a front, as was almost everything else you thought you knew about me.
Fancy a sausage? Five children? You must have sacrificed a lot.
Oh, not really.
I distinctly remember you saying you wanted to be bigger than Kafka.
I would've said anything back then to compete with you.
Thank God I didn't know your real name.
Carolyn, Karolina I would've been desperate to ditch the extra 'A'.
A 'sultan' and a 'sultana' are two very different things.
Johan is alive.
But he drowned.
The police found his body in the lake.
Someone messed up.
You haven't seen him? Not since that night at your father's house.
Nice ring.
- Oh - Carolyn.
I'm glad we've seen each other again.
I've had this image of what you'd be like, the kind of life you'd be living.
But it's good to know the reality.
She-Hulk! Uh, in a good way.
Uh, like not green and with a nice face.
Where do the girls get the outfits from? Uh, there's a clothes bucket out back.
Can you, um access the bucket? I'm kind of access-all-areas, me.
I'm responsible with keys, so Yeah.
Will you help me? Of course I will.
I thought you might like a slushy.
You seem like a slushy girl to me.
I found these on a wall, so I thought I might as well Wow! - You look fierce.
- I am fierce.
For your, um services.
Uh Thanks.
I'm Pam.
Hi, Pam.
People assume Cupid is a benign figure, the kind that appears in cartoon form on Valentine's cards.
What they do not see - I can't see it.
- is the malevolent Cupid whose divine arrow brings havoc as much as it brings desire.
- Want to play with my phone? - Really? - The tale of Cupid and Psyche - Yes, of course.
is thought of as one of the world's great love stories.
But what did Psyche have to do? She had to endure beatings, cross rivers, climb cliffs and, finally, journey to the underworld.
How far will Psyche go? And who will she have to become to appease her cosmic masters? Johan Sveinsson.
I know you're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but, my God, he was a prick.
A country bumpkin from Iceland who fancied himself as a revolutionary.
You won't find much on him, though.
He died about three weeks after this photo was taken.
Took a boat out alone with a crate of beer and accidentally drowned himself.
Accidentally? Is that a definite? What did you say your thesis was on again? Failed sociopolitical uprisings in the Soviet-occupied territories, 1975-1989, a unique psychology of the thwarted revolutionary.
Good title.
- Uh, who's that? - Johan's girlfriend at the time.
She was British, I think.
Fun in a spiky sort of way.
Do you know her last name? Can't remember, I'm afraid.
But I remember a party.
We were all there, all the Kreuzberg squat gang.
I've I've got an old super 8 reel in my office somewhere.
Though you'd have to find a projector Okay.
Friend of mine.
Childcare issues.
Um, I would love to see the footage, if it's not a problem.
Ready? We're gonna race.
Okay, ready? Go.
One, two, three.
Go, go, go, go, go, go! - - Oh, we had so much fun! Why don't you show the picture we drew for Maman? Oh, wow! She's really got your likeness.
Don't worry.
I didn't get anything out of her.
She knows nothing about you.
Can I stay here? Oh! But I want to stay with Eve.
Can I stay with Eve? Go to your mum.
Bravo, Eve.
I brought sandwiches - made from strange animal parts.
- Ooh! Mwah.
That is what British people like, no? That, and discussing the traffic.
Hah! Huh! Ah, yes, yes.
Oh, sorry I'm late.
- Traffic was a nightmare.
- Oh! Are you sure you're German? I am whatever you want me to be.
- What language is that? - Konstantin Vasiliev.
And don't try to kill me either! It wouldn't end well for you.
Put it down.
- You're Russian.
- Yes.
- KGB? - Yes.
You slept with me to get to my father.
- Yes.
- And then you blackmailed him.
- Yes.
- And now he's dead.
I want to offer you a deal.
I knew something was going on between you two! Did you really think you could lie to me?! Johan! Stupid pig! Johan, please! Oh ! Oh Oh! Arggh! Did Karolina's father have a cabin? Carolyn? Where are you? I would appreciate it if we didn't exchange pleasantries.
I'd rather hoped never to have to speak to you again, so this is already testing my patience greatly.
Yes, he did.
She took me there once.
Give me five minutes and I send you the address.
Carolyn, are you still there? Do you ever think what might have happened if we hadn't done what we did? - Are you thinking about - The oars, yes.
Do you think we might have had nice, normal existences? Kept our children? Maybe you and I I don't know.
No, you're right.
People like us aren't made for happy lives with happy endings.
We never were.
Just send me the address.
What do you think? I think you like it.
I think it's been done.
Aren't you scared I'm going to kill you? Isn't that the point? You know, when I first learned you were after me, I thought you were a bit what's the word pathetic.
I thought, "There is someone who spends her life "peering at more exotic specimens," like a birdwatcher desperate to fly.
First Villanelle, then me.
You think too highly of yourself.
But now I get it.
You were down in your basement building your own wings, shitty pigeon wings, but wings nonetheless.
Is that what you think? I found Lars.
I'm going now.
Do you want to come? Things have gone really downhill for you.
They were always bad for me.
You just never really saw.
Well, things were bad for me too.
Oh? You want to hug it out? Why are you here, Villanelle? You're going to tell me where Helene is.
Is that it? No small talk? No, "How are you, Konstantin?" How are you, Konstantin? - So Helene? - Mmm.
- You want to kill her? - Yes.
Helene first and then the rest of them.
You know, I tried killing other people's assholes, but charity begins at home.
- You never believed in me.
- Oh! That's not true.
I always believed in you.
No, you believed I was a good assassin.
You believed I was good for The Twelve.
You never believed I could be anything more than that.
I regret how I was with you.
But I have a new one now and I'm trying to do things differently with her.
Good for her.
I would love Helene to disappear, - but I can't tell you where to find her.
- You can't or won't? Because I don't know.
And because you might think you could get free of them, but I don't! One of them will get you one day.
You can't train people to kill and expect them not to turn on you.
I trained this one up as well, before you.
She's crazy.
But she might be able to help you.
Plus, I think you'll like her.
The problem here, Johan, or Lars, if you prefer, is that you think you're too clever by half.
I am sorry for having hit you over the head with an oar.
Apologies not accepted.
Completely understandable.
May I come in? - Hmm.
- I've got a better aim now.
Oh, good! Well, if you shoot me, you won't get to hear all the clever things I have to say.
Think about that.
What are we waiting for? Where is Lars? You'll see.
Just keep watching that door.
Did you really think I wouldn't get back at you? Oh! Villanelle.
Villanelle! Oh, God! Oh, God! Open the door.
Open it! - Open the - Oh! Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door! Open the damn door! Do it, Mark.
Oh, come on.
Oh, my Oh, God.
No, no.
Oh, God.
Come on.
Oh, God.
Oh, it's okay.
- - It's because of me, Helene punishing me.
If people don't interfere with me, I don't interfere with them.
I know this is going to end badly.
You're not gonna shoot me in the back, are you? Walk away now or kill her.
Your call.
Someone is brutally torturing your peers and you're next.
I am this close! Are you going to apologise for shooting me? Who's coming after me? Give me my name and I'll give you yours.

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