Killing Eve (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

Oh Goodie, I’m the Winner

1 Helene could be arriving in London any minute now.
Don't worry.
I didn't get anything out of her.
- Bravo, Eve.
- So Helene? - You want to kill her? - Yes.
- - She might be able to help you.
How many of us are there? - - Johan is alive.
But he drowned.
The police found his body in the lake.
I am sorry for having hit you over the head with an oar.
Did you really think I wouldn't get back at you? It's not happening.
- None of this is sterilized.
- Relax! Pam knows what she's doing.
Have you lost your mind? She's good with anatomy.
Of corpses! I mean, this could be impaling an organ.
- Oh, so dramatic! - It could be slicing into an artery.
Can I see it? - Please, keep still.
- No, don't Don't! She shouldn't see it! Fine! Look.
It's disgusting! - Oh! Get it out of me! - We need a hospital.
- We need a hospital.
- No way! Why is she here? Get rid of her! I need quiet.
Let me focus.
Bite down on this.
I need you to breathe deeply and slowly.
The faster your heart beats, the faster your blood pumps and you don't want your blood pumping fast, okay? Okay, here.
Just I just Squeeze down on my hand.
Squeeze down.
No! - Just squeeze down on my hand! - I'm gonna count to three.
- Ready? - One, two Better to surprise her.
Ohh! You did great.
- Just need to clean it.
- Arggh! You've changed.
You haven't.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It's a sad thing.
- How did you find me? - Karolina.
She's even a worse liar than she was a novelist.
- What do you want? - There's someone coming for you.
Is it you, here to finish what you started? Fair, but wrong.
I will tell you who it is.
You tried to kill me and left me for dead.
Then you ran an MI6 task force trying to unmask The Twelve.
Then you betrayed your own country and jumped into bed with the Russians.
Why would I believe you? Because, Lars, the artist formerly known as Johan, you have no choice.
Someone is brutally torturing your peers and you're next.
What do you want? I'm here to offer you a deal.
I'll tell you who's coming for you if you tell me who ordered my son's death.
Remember your father? There's always collateral damage.
You of all people know that.
Not my son.
Tea's in the kitchen.
Two sugars.
So I'm making it, am I? It looks like Gunn found you first, huh? This was Gunn? - Mmm.
- It's because of me.
- Why? - Helene.
- Punishing me.
- Get over yourself.
It's because I didn't finish a job she gave me.
Or it's both.
Helene likes to kill two birds with one stone.
One arrow.
Hey, Pam, I'm impressed.
Just a flesh wound, - which is insanely lucky.
- Hah! It's not luck.
If Gunn missed, it was intentional.
Did you get antibiotics for your ear infection? - Yes.
- She's gonna need them.
Wh what about my ear?! Who cares about your ear? Give them to her.
Are you going to apologise for shooting me? Oh-ho-ho, she shot you? Yes! Barely.
Just in the hand.
That is an extremely painful place! Acupuncture.
All about working with the invisible meridians - in our bodies.
- Yep, I do know what acupuncture is.
- Was it you? - Did I get your son killed? Maybe.
Did you? No.
So can you get me a name? Who's coming after me? Give me my name and I'll give you yours.
Come on.
The only reason you're here alone in the woods with me is because you've no other options.
But can I be trusted? Tricky! - It's Helene.
- Helene? Are you surprised it's a woman? I mean, anyone would think that a vagina was an invisibility cloak.
What does she want from you? Ask her.
- Well, you should.
- You will meet her.
- I will not.
- You will.
I'll ask her to meet me and then you show up.
Now, that will really shock her.
That's if you want to know who ordered your son's death, of course.
Make the call.
Go away.
How's it feel? She just gave me stitches with a sewing kit from a Christmas cracker, so I'm serious, Eve.
Oh, oh Here.
Let me.
Come on.
- Hey okay, okay, okay.
- Oh! Okay, okay.
- Put this on.
- Give it to me.
- Put your arm in.
- I can do it myself.
Ow You had me arrested.
I thought locking you away might be good for me.
Was it? There.
It suits you.
Helene is going to try and kill you again.
What are you doing? Oh, I've got to go.
No, don't be ridiculous.
Helene thinks you are ready, but the first hit is never easy.
Do you think you're ready? Yeah.
How are you gonna do it? Um You need to have a plan.
- I'm working on something.
- Listen.
What happened to Villanelle, it will be me next.
And then one day it will be you.
She doesn't follow rules.
I will.
Once you kill for The Twelve, that's it.
No going back.
Mmm? You want a ride? No.
You know you can just get these at supermarkets? They have them with the trolleys.
Come on.
It's fun.
I thought I lost you there for a minute.
And?! I didn't like it.
Do you know who Lars Meier is? He's high up in The Twelve and he's connected to Carolyn.
I mean, maybe she's at the top.
I have an address to the squat in Berlin and Look, I know this is going to end badly, - but we can't just walk away.
- I don't care.
I have my own stuff to deal with.
- It's not gonna end - Eve, just go! Okay.
The brakes are a little Remind me why I'm doing this again.
Which part? Abducting minors or leaving me in London? - All of it.
- Because it's The Twelve.
And there's that time they forked your husband in the throat.
I can't believe I can't believe I believed her.
- Villanelle? - No, Carolyn.
She's Twelve, as in, original Twelve.
She's played me since the moment she knocked on my front door.
She should go to Vegas.
She'd clean up.
All right, let me try and find her.
Thank you.
Are you okay? Just a headache.
Yes? You said the squat was in Berlin? - Yeah.
- So is Carolyn.
- Carolyn? - She's looking for Lars.
What? How do you know Juicy meatball subs! Cheesy, meaty sandwiches! Sandwiches! Best balls in town! Hey, baby.
- You new? - Yeah.
Ooh! Welcome aboard.
How cute.
Sandwiches! Sandwiches! Best balls in town.
- Sandwiches! - San sandwiches.
You want to try? Best balls in town.
Tasty tuna! Fiery beef! You shy girl, yeah? - A bit, yeah.
- Aww.
Don't worry.
You're gonna be great.
I was shy when I started too.
Cheesy! Cheesy, hammy sandwich! I was alone in this butthole country without a penny to my name.
That must have been hard.
Hard? Ay, chica.
Hard as marbles.
But now look at me.
Got a free coffee this morning.
And my mama is going to fly out and visit me.
Oh! I really love my mama.
That's so great.
Um, I'm just gonna go over here, see if I have more luck.
- Okay, baby.
- Okay.
- Sandwiches! - San sandwiches! Sandwiches! You sure she's the right person? - Yes.
Why? - Well, she's nice.
Hah! Well, do you know what she's done wrong? No.
We don't get to ask and we don't get to think.
Just have to do.
It's not nice, but it is necessary.
Sandwiches! She's just not what I was expecting.
This is the life you're signing up for.
Walk away now or kill her.
Your call.
Fiery, beefy! Juicy! Cheesy! Sandwiches! Ah.
You have a very large stride.
Funny, my father always said that.
You also have a nasty habit of scuppering my plans.
Ah, yes.
You want me dead.
Oh, that's nothing that can't be solved.
I'll watch my back.
I was so excited when I received Lars's call.
It's always nice to be noticed.
But you showing up? Now, that really is a treat.
Are you one of us, Carolyn? So sorry.
I've just had a very vivid memory of throwing up over there.
Oh, so you've been here before? You really do get around.
Well, it was a long time ago.
I was dared to down an entire bottle of KräuterlikÃr.
I was spinning around in circles.
It was really quite awful.
I mean, the vomit just erupted out of me, like Mount Vesuvius.
Eugh! Well, that's the chitchat done, so Why are you targeting Lars? Why are you doing his dirty work? How do you know he's not doing mine? Oh, well, I don't.
I want the name of his superior.
He can give it willingly or it will be taken by force.
- You're familiar with my work? - Yes.
You seem to have a sort of foot fetish.
It's a very nice touch.
Thank you.
That means a lot from someone like you.
My father knew your father.
You're not You aren't.
You're You're Jacques's daughter? I am.
My father loved him.
It strikes me that we're quite similar, you and I.
Both masters of our own games.
And very different rules.
Why are you risking your life for the human equivalent of a lump of ham? Am I risking my life? The name of the superior and I might spare his life.
But I'm not a patient woman.
You're not gonna shoot me in the back, are you? Oh, that wouldn't be very polite.
You're learning.
I think if we had vegan, I would've had - Hey.
- What's wrong? Can I talk to you for a second? Of course! Did someone upset you? That happens.
But you grow a thick skin, like a big elephant.
Just give it a week or two and then you'll be fine.
You'll stop caring.
- I'm sorry.
- Hmm? Arggh! Get off me! Ohh! Get off me! Ugh! Get off me! Get off me! Help! You don't have to do this.
Please! Thank you for being kind to me.
Ugh! - Is Kreuzberg far? - No.
10 minutes.
St stop, stop! Danke.
Um, can you Forward? Go ahead.
Thank you.
Um Guten tag.
Guten tag.
I'm sorry.
Do you speak do you speak English? - Yeah, yeah.
- The French lady who just left.
I was supposed to meet her.
Did she say where she was going? No, I'm afraid not.
She was just here with, uh, a British lady.
- British lady? - Yeah.
- Tall, red hair? - Yeah.
- Is she still here? - No, she left about 15 minutes ago.
Thank you.
Can you follow that car that turned right? Thank you.
This is embarrassing.
I'll blow my brains out before I betray anyone for that bitch.
Have you got me a name? I'll tell you who killed Kenny.
You didn't pull the trigger, but you killed him.
Try telling me something I don't already know.
Still, I need a name and I am relying on your honour, if you've got any left.
Why are you not eating? She seemed like a good person.
When this job get easy, then it's time to get worried.
So, embalming.
Did you enjoy it? I loved it.
What are you doing here? Do you think I'm crap or something? You keep trying to make me quit.
No! I just don't normally train girls like you.
Usually people who have no other chance or options.
Why are you here? Helene was the first person who believed in me and I think I could be good at it.
Why are you here? Things kind of, uh, snowballed.
Pamster-Hamster! Fancy seeing you here.
Uh, are you gonna skate or I'm busy.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
Pam, life is miserable.
Go and take the joy when it comes along.
Love, please come running Can't you see I'm in pain? Oh, don't worry.
I won't bother you again.
Love, please come running Can't you see I'm in pain? My pulse is getting weaker Please come back again Hmm.
Oh Mm-hm.
Let's have Pam do it.
A challenge.
Ohh! You're stalking me again.
What did Carolyn have to say? Carolyn? Oh, you were at the squat.
So you're working together? Please.
She wishes.
- Drink? - No.
I hear Villanelle had a lucky escape.
Oh, what a relief! So we have a bath you kiss me and now you come to my hotel.
What is it you want, Eve? Where's Carolyn? God, you're always go, go, go.
Arggh! Oh! - Surprise! - Oh! There's gonna be consequences, Villanelle.
You know that.
- Huh! - Arggh! Ohh! Eve! Oh! Make it glorious, huh? Oh! Where are you going? I'm done with you.
Yusuf? Cobra Cabs, Berlin.
Huh? Carolyn paid for a taxi with them this morning.
Oh thank you.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
Don't get yourself killed.
Hello? Hey! Maybe.
I wondered if you could help me.
Have you seen this lady? Oh, yeah, earlier today.
She left my car in a hurry.
Oh, did she say where she was going? Nope.
The thing is if people don't interfere with me, I don't interfere with them.
That's my moral code.
Yeah, well, this lady was the boss from hell.
She made me a pawn in her international killing ring.
She got me shot.
And she never paid.
Is that breaking the moral code? Damn right, it is.
- Hello.
- Homie! Well? Fred is the only other driver working out that far.
Your lady got another cab after me and it was with Fred.
British lady? - Uh, yes.
- Ja, I drove her.
It's just I get so many fares every day, you know? It's hard to remember.
If you want a bribe, can you just tell me how much? - Is that - Whoa, whoa! Let's be chill.
50 is a lot! 20 is fine.
Do you have change? Thank you.
Well, you really are like a bad penny.
Switching taxis doesn't work when the driver has a moral code.
A word of advice, Eve.
Killing Lars would be a very bad move.
Who says he's the one I want to kill? Janice.
You were a member of The Twelve all along.
No, I was infiltrating an anarchist group.
- It was my first undercover - Just stop.
Lars went by the name Johan then.
He was there at the beginning.
He was - Beginning of what? - Stop interrupting.
They were revolutionaries.
Johan and his chums had ideas about causing chaos, you know, just disrupting the status quo or whatever, which all seemed very alluring at the time, but of course, it went astray because power inevitably corrupts.
I am not Twelve.
You are full of shit.
You don't care who you betray.
You are rotten to the core.
God's sake, Eve, we both want the same thing.
I'm just doing a much better job! So stop stomping around threatening to kill people and let me do my thing.
I am this close! If I thought that man had killed my son, he'd be dead already.
But he didn't.
He can tell us who did, though.
This isn't about Kenny.
It is.
For me.
Just give me an evening with him.
Carolyn? Hmm.
Yeah, trees.
Tree, tree, tree.
- Tree, tree - I'm sorry you saw me like that.
You and me both.
You're not like the other women.
You could keep up with me.
- I need a name.
- I know.
I was angry.
I'm working on it.
You should really lock your door.
- Eve, don't! - Ugh! No! How does it feel? Well done.
You've killed one.
Now they'll just replace him.
Again and again.
Over and over and over.
Hey! My back hurts.
Ugh! Ohh! Arggh! Ohh! Huh! Huh.
Can I stay here? Extra pickles and a Coke.
Hey, what was the last really fun thing that you did? - I can't remember.
- Well, you're in luck because I put the 'F' in 'fun'.
I hope you don't mind the intrusion.
But I bought us both an aperitif.
All we can do in life is try to find some joy in the little things.
- What can you see? - Hairy pigs.
What's wrong with you? - You look like an angry Santa Claus.
- It's an incredible feeling, being inches from the thing you've been looking for.

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