Killing Eve (2018) s04e07 Episode Script

Making Dead Things Look Nice

1 - - One, two You don't care who you betray.
You are rotten to the core.
God sake, Eve, we both want the same thing.
I'm just doing a much better job! You can't just walk away.
I have my own stuff to deal with.
I hear Villanelle had a lucky escape.
Surprise! This is the life you're signing up for.
Usually people who have no other chance or options.
Hey! My back hurts.
You're not like the other women.
I need a name.
- You should really lock your door.
- Eve, don't! Well done.
You've killed one.
Now they'll just replace him.
Over and over Can I stay here? and over.
Arggh! Come.
He's been killing my fish, trespassing on my shores.
What are you going to do to him? Fillet him.
Ahh! Huh! Ohh! I'm going on a hunt.
I'm coming with you.
Bagels! Oh, thanks.
Hey, can I not be on personal detail? - I'm better at logistics.
- Yeah, sorry, mate.
It's just Grace was busy and the client asked for a woman, so In other news officially unlocked by unofficial means.
You don't need this, you know? You completed the mission.
And now that Helene's dead, now what? Now you have to find a new ordinary.
The old one is not gonna fit.
Hey, what was the last really fun, but very legal thing that you did? - Oh, I can't remember.
- Well, you're in luck because I put the 'F' in 'fun'.
That was terrible.
- Wait.
- It starts like this.
And you need rhythm and you also need vocals.
And you need to be able to make choices and hold microphones and be in dark rooms with weird lights and I need you to get changed so I can take you to - Okay, I'm changing, then.
- Yes, please! Oh, I'm gonna eat the bagel first.
Outside, 10, something sparkly! All right! Still warm.
How long will it take? Maybe 10 minutes.
Maybe 10 hours.
This way.
I think I love you What you feel now I feel I need you What you know, yeah Oh, yeah To be real, to be real, to be real To be real - Okay, I'm finished.
Take over.
- What? Okay, well, if you're gonna bow out, if you're gonna bow out, then you're gonna have to take a solo.
And I'm hitting you with the solo.
Three, two, one.
It's you.
don't get hurt Can't feel anything Oh, this is so hard.
- This is a very difficult song.
- You're a very good singer! Push it down - Push it down - Push it down.
All the tequila I'm the one "For a good time call" Phone's blowing up - Ringing my doorbell - Ring it.
I feel the love, feel the love Mmm! One, two, three, one, two, three, drink One, two, three, one, two, three, drink One, two, three, one, two, three, drink Throw 'em back till I lose count I'm gonna swing From the chandelier From the chandelier! I'm gonna live Like tomorrow doesn't exist Like it doesn't exist I'm gonna fly Like a bird through the night Feel my tears as they dry I'm Won't open my eyes 'Cause I'm just I can't I Okay, okay, calm down.
What's wrong? I, um - I think, um - Eve? I think I made a mistake.
Okay, about what? All of it.
I mean, I can't stop thinking what if what if it was all a mistake? Hey, don't torture yourself with that.
- It's gonna get easier.
- Oh, please.
Hey, I promise! Eve, you gotta find a part to your life that you can bear and just just live from there.
What, with three songs and some protein shakes? Huh My last tour was hard.
Seven of us made it back.
There's three left.
What I mean is moving on, no matter how difficult, that is always a choice.
Well, what if I can't move on? You can.
You can! What if I don't want to? Well, that's a question you need to answer.
And I can't help you.
I thought I could.
But I can't.
I've gotta get out of the way.
Whatever you do next, you can choose.
You can.
Look at that lovely, stupid face.
Take care, Eve.
I don't want life insurance, I never had a PPI and I'm not interested in double glazing.
Huh, screw you.
Irina? I'm free.
- Your boss got me out.
- Helene? Whatever you think you are not free.
What kind of dad lets his daughter rot in hospital? I was trying to help you.
Maybe if you had done that earlier instead of helping shithead.
Who? - Villanelle? - Of course Villanelle.
But, hey, maybe if I work for The Twelve, you'll finally pay attention to me.
Tell me where you are.
Irina, tell me where you are! You know I can't tell you.
You know the rules, old man.
I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but I bought us both an aperitif.
Sod it.
I'm on holiday! Ahh! Beautiful creatures.
I don't know what retirement would have looked like had I not found birds.
You'd have worn less beige, I imagine.
It's ghastly, isn't it? Oh, fond of the barn swallow too? More of a giraffe person myself.
It's an incredible feeling, being inches from the thing you've been looking for.
The next presentation on the breeding habits of the barn swallow Carolyn.
Should we order lunch? I hear the Wiener schnitzel's good.
What's wrong with you? - I'm fine.
- You don't look fine.
You look like an angry Santa Claus.
Are you here to work or give me grief? Hmm A bit of both.
I got you hot chocolate.
So what's on the schedule today? Who do I have to kill to get a smile out of you? Look around you, Pam.
Forget training today.
You are young.
Go have fun.
I call you.
So you've come to drag the rat back to Russia by the tail.
You've left a wake of betrayal behind you, Carolyn.
Russia, me, even your own country.
Now you are completely alone.
Wasting good sherry? Not like you.
Be my guest.
On second thoughts, I wouldn't if I were you.
It was bought for me by that beige creature in the lobby.
I suspect he's an assassin sent to kill me.
Still I don't want to spoil your fun.
And why would that be? In my absence, I found out why The Twelve is such a pain in the posterior to unearth.
As you probably know, The Twelve operates in cells and those cells are kept entirely separate from each other.
However, I found out from this that the leadership do meet on occasion, one of whom is Lars Meier.
Who is ? Someone from my past.
When I looked into everyone I had met when The Twelve first bleeped on my radar, all of them are either dead or clearly civilian.
And Lars Meier? Recently deceased.
So now you're stumped.
Not quite.
I found this on his body.
It contains dates of what I believe to be previous Twelve meetings.
And then there's this, the barn swallow, the national bird of Austria, intricately drawn next to dates.
Perhaps a favoured meeting place? As you can see from the incessant decor of this place, it led me here.
You always were the very best.
They must have been drunk when they fired you.
- Carolyn - Damn, this may not be the place.
But surely that would be too brazen.
Carolyn, you know the weight betrayal carries for my people.
Hold that thought, Vlad.
You've just given me some inspiration.
My apologies, Vlad.
My suggestion is that I leave you our anoraked friend to take back to Russia in my place.
I'm sure he's still loitering around, waiting to finish the job.
Meanwhile, I'll make my way back to London and face what needs to be faced.
What can you see? Hairy pigs.
Wild boars.
Is that what you shot me with? Shh.
Shh ! Ugh! There's something better over here.
Oh! I might take a couple of these, if that's okay.
Uh, yeah, go ahead.
Uh, thanks for coming.
It's fine.
You helped me in a time of need.
It felt only right to return the favour.
You said you needed help? Yeah, uh What does, um, help look like to you? Oh, I don't know.
Everything I have set out to do, I Do you know I used to be married? I used to play bridge.
I used to sing karaoke.
I just watched a woman bleed to death and killed a man.
- Uh, I can't - Don't worry.
He was awful.
Like, really awful.
But, see, I, um I wanted to.
I wanted to kill him, so I did.
I wanted Villanelle gone and now she's gone.
And, unbelievably, I survived.
- Well done? - For what? Hmm? For what? What does it matter if if the cells keep dividing and it's endless? Eve, all we can do in life is try to find some joy in the little things.
A glass of wine.
'The Archers' on while you do the washing-up.
Doing a a crossword puzzle with the most perfect mechanical pencil.
The point, the reason why we're here, I think, is to know ourselves, but the most important thing you can do right now is go to the people that love you, who understand you, who know your soul.
Just I really like these in my Cheerios.
You're gonna need a whole lot more.
That woman cradling you in Margate, who was she? Nobody.
You know, people can rot you too.
You gotta cut the rot out before it kills you.
Pam! Hi.
What's up? - Wanna hang out? - I can't.
Uh, I've been promoted from waltzes to hog roast.
- Wow.
- Are you serving, mate? Come on, come on, come on.
What can I get you, sir? - A double hoggy, please.
- Okay.
Uh, whoa.
No, no, no.
- Yeah, not like that.
- What? Let me.
How'd you do that? It's all about making dead things look nice.
Worms? - Worms? - They're nutritious.
I'm okay.
Do you get lonely here? I've got my animals.
Animals are good company.
Humans are dreadful.
- That's fair.
- Drink? It's moonshine.
Ugh! Why didn't you kill Helene yourself? I wanted to see what you would do.
Why did you want her dead? When I was young, my entire village in France was wiped out by a poisoned water source.
My parents died, so I left.
I went to Paris.
And I longed for the country again, animals, trees, freedom.
Helene offered me that and gave me this island.
- You got this island? - Oh, yes.
But I realised not long ago that Helene was just using me.
Such a bitch.
She was just holding us back.
Big bitch.
What poisoned the water in your village? About three gallons of sodium cyanide.
Ohh! Nice.
Sorry about your hand.
What do you want, Eve? What is this? - Where did you get that? - It's Helene's.
Long story.
I swear to God, you women will be the death of me.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
It's a picture of a bird.
From whom? It's a postcard.
A method of communication.
The Twelve has gone digital.
So they don't know she's dead yet.
Helene is dead? Very.
So, um, what does it mean? Is it, uh, a location, a person, a - - No, no, this is not job.
This looks like a meeting.
You should find Villanelle.
She can help you out with this.
Before she was shot in the back with an arrow, she came to me and I sent her to another assassin in Scotland.
She doesn't want to see me.
Whatever you're gonna do, Eve, don't do it alone.
Same to you.
Food is on the way.
- Oh, thank you.
- That's all.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Oh, thank you.
I'll take a double hoggy, extra pickles and a Coke.
You got a new job.
No, just helping out.
Oh, what a shame.
You suit the little hat.
- Mustard? - Please.
And a talk, - somewhere private.
- Who's next? Circumstances have changed.
But don't worry.
It's all good.
- I can't.
- Keep it up, Pamster.
Then come to the hotel later.
When I've finished up here, okay? Mmm.
It's excellent, by the way.
The meat is so tender! Oh, thanks, man.
- - to Inverness.
Could passengers please make their way to gate 4? Ahh! Pizza! Good! Is that my bag? - I packed for you.
- What for? We are leaving.
I We can't just leave.
I made plans to keep you safe.
I'll protect you.
Why would you do this for me? Because The Twelve will make you do terrible things.
You're so much better than the life they have planned for you.
And if The Twelve find us, they'll kill us.
Uh, if we are lucky, they make us suffer first.
Huh! A good plan, hm? They won't find us.
I promise.
Let's eat.
Are you scared to leave? I'm celebrating our adventure.
Everyone I ever worked for has been one step away from killing me.
Fear is in my blood.
When I'm not scared then I'm scared.
I don't want to live like that.
I don't want you to either.
I'll always be grateful to you for helping me start a new life.
Ugh! Arggh! Oh, Jesus! Helene? Yeah.
Oh! She's dead, Pam.
- You didn't have to do this.
- What? What? Why why didn't you tell Why didn't you tell me?! Why didn't you tell me? Oh, God, please.
I can stop the bleeding.
I can I can stop the bleeding.
I can stop the bleeding.
I have a letter in my bag.
Bring it to Carolyn Martens for me.
And tell her I always loved her.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Ugh! I'm so sorry.
Is that my boat? Needed firewood.
Uh, where are my things? In my cabin.
You sleep with me now.
This is your new home, Villanelle.
The area forecasts for the next 24 hours.
Viking, North Utsire, southwesterly veering northwesterly 546.
Rain at first, later good.
Forties, Cromarty, Forth, Tyne, Dogger.
West veering north or northwest 546.
Occasional rain Ah.
So what happens to you now that Helene's dead? I'm working for The Twelve, not Helene.
- I'm leaving.
- Why? I'm done with them.
I'm going to kill as many of them as I can.
They've got you in a cage.
You just can't see it.
I value my freedom here above all else and The Twelve grant me that.
It comes at a price.
- A small price.
- Okay.
I'm going to need my stuff.
If you threaten my way of life, Villanelle, I will rip you apart, slowly.
Your choice.
If you can catch me.
Ha-ha! Oh, no, no, no, no.
Villanelle! Oh Villanelle! All right.
Oh, Jesus! Arggh! Ugh! No! Oh! No! Please, no!
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