King of Boys: The Return of the King (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

An Old Enemy

[in Pidgin]
What are you doing?
- The match starts soon!
- [Bolo groans]
[muffled] Leave me alone
so I can focus on what I'm doing.
[laughs] But why would you eat
spaghetti and egusi together?
Just use air freshener, please!
[Bolo groans] Your mama!
[phone ringing]
[in English]
Who is this?
[man] Did you get my new package?
I hope it aids your
Salami investigation sufficiently.
Bolo! Did someone drop
something for me?
- [in Pidgin] What is it now, Dapo?
- Guy, it's important now!
Check the chair at the work desk.
[in English]
Are you there?
And by the way, there's much more info
where that came from.
Much more.
"King of…"
[scoffs] Look, I'm sorry,
but I can't print this.
I need some form
of direct corroboration.
Get Nurudeen Gobir to talk.
Okay, fine!
But at least, can we meet in person?
[Bolo in Pidgin] Oh, boy!
That spaghetti and egusi combo
nearly wrecked my guts.
Look how light I feel now.
- [exclaims] What package is this?
- It's from work.
[laughs nervously]
It's work,
I'll tell you about it in the office.
Guy, drink your beer.
The match hasn't even started,
and you were stressing me.
- I hope you didn't bet.
- Hm?
- You didn't bet anything, right?
- No.
[fans cheering on TV]
[phone ringing]
- Justina?
- Ma?
- Pass me my phone, please.
- Yes, Ma.
[ringing continues]
- Seun?
- Good evening, Ma.
I apologize for calling so late.
But I just got my hand on something
I think might be of interest to you.
I've sent Silas up with it.
It's an advance copy
of The Conscience Newspaper
due out tomorrow morning.
Look at the front page, Ma.
Seun, is this real?
Very real, Ma. That's an actual copy.
And it's coming out tomorrow?
First thing.
- [Eniola] No sugar, please.
- Okay, Ma.
[Ifeanyi] Thank you, Doris.
That'll be all.
- Alhaja.
- Yes?
Please accept our humble hospitality.
I know you are used to
more sophisticated choices.
[Eniola] I was surprised
when I got your invitation.
Since the recent publication…
not a lot of people
want to be associated with me…
talk less to be seen with me.
Alhaja Salami, I thought
you knew me better than that.
I believe everybody
is a child of God.
Including the ones that think that
He has turned His face away from them.
Plus, I don't believe everything
I read in the papers.
[laughing] Huh?
You should.
[Eniola chuckles]
I read about your visit…
to the governor's residence.
- Should I assume--
- No need for any assumptions, Alhaja.
I was merely honoring a lunch invitation
by my governor and nothing more.
Oh, my reverend, please,
you don't owe me any explanation.
[chuckling] Mm-mm.
- Wow.
- Um…
So, Alhaja…
have you been able to find any peace
since our last conversation?
I don't think…
I have ever felt that
in my life.
Not even in my sleep.
[in Yoruba]
All I know
is to kill
and destroy.
To avenge.
To fight.
That's all I know.
[in English]
Alhaja Salami.
God can give you that peace, Alhaja.
And He has told me to guide you
to that peace.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
When one
wants to change…
and their enemies
will not let them…
In my heart…
I want to be a better person.
But in reality…
All my life…
I have had to take care of myself…
all by myself.
I have all these people
around me…
I still look over my shoulders.
What you don't know about me
any time
I take my eyes
off the target…
I become the target.
Hm, I am old.
I am tired!
[voice breaks]
I am tired of everything!
I am tired of it all!
then let God…
Let God carry your burden for you.
He's waiting
on the other side for you
to give you rest,
to give you the peace
that you desire.
No matter what
I might have done in the past?
He doesn't care for none of that.
What do I give…
to get this peace?
Alhaja, don't you get it?
God doesn't bargain with His love.
He gives it out freely.
He recognizes
those who support the work
in the house of God.
So, Reverend…
God's peace
is not entirely free.
[Mr. Fashina] Can somebody,
tell me how we are going to stop
this bleeding from this bloody hack?
And find a way to get more visibility
and funding for this damn campaign!
- Yes, sir--
- [shouts] What?
sir, we've been working on
new strategies to
ramp up momentum
for the campaign--
- And?
- Um…
- So, right now, Alhaja Salami--
- [Eniola] Yes?
Wh… What a lovely surprise.
I was just about to come see you
right after this meeting, Ma.
Then I saved you the transport fare.
[forced laughter]
Well, I came to see
what you're spending my money on.
Oh, of course!
Go, go. Sorry, sorry.
Oh, sorry.
Sorry, please sit down, Ma. Sit down.
[laughs nervously]
- Thank you very much.
- Yes, Ma!
[in Yoruba] Why's everyone looking
at me like a television?
[Mr. Fashina laughs hysterically]
"Like television."
Bisola here was just about to share
with us some new and exciting ideas
that she had for this campaign
to… to make it spark. [chuckles]
Um… [clears throat]
So, um,
up until now, the campaign has solely
targeted people below the line.
What we need to do now
is to direct some of our marketing
to include the one percent
that have both the power to leverage
and the money
to donate to our campaign.
We are thinking
front covers of all
the glossy magazines,
Genevieve, TW, This Day Style--
- It's done! We'll get it done!
- [Bisola] Yes.
We've been pushing for
a major endorsement for Madam Salami.
It's proving quite difficult,
but we're optimistic!
We've been courting
Reverend Ifeanyi especially. Yes.
[clears throat] Getting him
to support Madam Salami
as his candidate will push
her stock right up the polls.
We're still working on him
and very soon, our fingers crossed,
we will get him on our side.
[laughing] Wow, wow.
So far so good. That sounds so good!
Go on!
Um, yes,
we would also leak to the press
that, um, Madam Salami
is engaged to be married.
Yes, we want people
to feel like she… she's settled.
As what?
[laughs nervously] Madam,
I think what Bisola here is trying--
Let her speak for herself.
As what?
[in Yoruba]
You have no antidote for nausea,
yet you swallowed a cockroach.
[in English]
Your mouth started a journey,
but your liver cannot finish.
Will you sit down?
You're talking nonsense over there.
I want you all to listen to me…
and listen very good.
After the untimely death
of my husband…
[prays in Yoruba]
I, Eniola Salami,
chose never to remarry.
And I did not die.
- [in Yoruba] Did I die? This is me.
- [in English] No, Ma.
I have built numerous businesses
on my own,
taking care of myself and my family
with no man holding my hand.
And today,
you're all sitting here
telling me that is not good enough.
Because I'm a single woman…
with no children.
People will find it difficult
to see me
as the next governor of Lagos State.
[in Yoruba]
What a shame!
[in English]
This is sad.
Would we be discussing this
if I were a male candidate?
[in Yoruba]
[in English]
What's your name?
I, Eniola Salami, will not marry.
Or pretend getting married
because of one stupid vote.
who finds it
uncomfortable because
I do not have a man I'm answering to
should kiss that thing behind me…
[in Yoruba]
that's seldom exposed to light.
[Mr. Fashina] Madam.
[in English]
It's not…
We're not trying to do that.
We… I want you to think of it as
Yes, that's what PR is about,
We're just going to create
this glossy box image of you,
and then we can get people
to start to support.
We can get rid of all this bad press
we've been getting,
and get people to start donating.
- Mr. Fashina.
- Ma?
I'll tell you what my father
used to say when I was a girl.
[in Yoruba]
A goat…
[in English]
is still a goat.
You're still saying the same thing.
[Mr. Fashina exclaims] Madam…
All of you, leave the room.
- Please listen to me.
- Okay.
As a small independent party,
we've done great so far.
I mean, the traction
that we've gotten is incredible!
We don't have the funding
or the backing to take
this campaign to the next level
to make the kind
of impact that we need to.
Because people are not donating,
and that's a big problem!
I know.
I'm still waiting on the government
to unfreeze--
Madam, I'm sorry,
but waiting is no longer an option.
I'm talking.
I'm still waiting on the government
to unfreeze the rest of my accounts.
Madam! And I'm still saying
that waiting is not an option.
We're grossly underfunded.
We don't have any visibility.
Look. Don't get me wrong,
I'm not trying to underestimate
the amount of money at your disposal,
but no one runs a sustainable
campaign with their own funds.
Madam, we need some heavy-hitter names
and the backing of their hefty accounts.
But nobody wants to associate
with us.
Look, we need a major face-lift
and the backing
of a very powerful ally,
so we can fend off all this
negative press that we've been getting.
Um, Madam,
if we go on the way we are now,
we won't be around in the next three
months, and that's the honest truth.
What if one of the major parties
took me as their candidate?
I mean… [sighs]
that would definitely solve
a lot of our problems.
But Madam,
isn't that a pipe dream?
I mean, which party?
They have their incumbent,
Governor Randle.
I mean,
our only chance
at another major would be the NCP,
but they already have
Commodore Adebisi Ajose
as their candidate.
So, what do we do?
What about the president's party?
Madam, the CMP is still largely
a fringe party,
even with their incredible win
at the elections.
Plus, Lagos State
is not their stronghold.
Look, I know that with the
president's backing and support,
a lot of key players
will be stimulated to donate to us,
just to get on his good side,
but, Madam, even that, as we know,
they've already selected their candidate
and he's been campaigning for months.
So you see, Ma…
[sirens wailing]
[on radio] President Mumusa is currently
in Lagos to commission various projects
built during his first tenure,
including several under construction.
He was received today
on the tarmac
by Lagos State Governor Tunde Randle,
who expressed his gratitude
to the president for his timely visit
and conveyed his excitement
to show the presidency
how far along the projects have come.
[sirens wailing]
[dramatic music playing]
[no audible dialogue]
[phone ringing]
[man] Evening, sir.
Sultan Dauda Aziki
to see the president.
Yes, we're expecting him.
- Send him up.
- Okay.
[indistinct radio chatter]
- [knocking]
- [on TV] …well, now, it can.
Because you have access.
Access to the bank with the largest
number of customers in Africa.
Access to our global branch network.
Our robust…
[upbeat music playing]
[in Pidgin]
Wait, you have to chill a little.
Unless you wanna wake
the dragon down there. [laughs]
Wait a minute, I need to take a piss.
But when I get back,
I'm gonna wear you out. [laughs]
I'll be back!
Don't go anywhere, okay?
Don't go anywhere!
[slurred] Guys…
[fly unzipping]
[sigh of relief]
[music stops]
[Eniola] Good morning, Mr. President.
I have sent numerous messages
asking to see you.
Madam, you seem to forget
who you're speaking to.
[scoffs] How can I?
When I'm the one who put you there.
Or have you forgotten?
I know you're extremely busy,
and I'm not going to waste my time.
I want to be
the official gubernatorial candidate
of Lagos State
under your party.
And in return,
I'll do what you want.
It seems as if you've started using
those drugs that you're selling.
Tread carefully, sir.
Never forget who you're speaking to.
[scoffs] Well,
what you're asking for is impossible.
In case you have not noticed, Alhaja,
we already have a candidate,
a publicly announced candidate
who has been campaigning
for almost a year
under our party.
Tell me,
under what blind audacity
do you think this is a possibility?
Then you lose your seat
in the next election.
You cannot do that. We have a deal!
Oh, yes, we had a deal.
My obligation
has been fully
Aren't you the president?
Now tell me
your obligations to me.
Did you fulfill your promise?
[exclaims] Oh!
So you thought
you could slap me in the face,
and I would turn the other cheek?
[in Yoruba]
Uh-uh. They say,
"Only once can a dishonorable man
lure an innocent lady for sex."
Okay, um…
Let's do it like this,
why don't you start with a position
in the House of Reps for now,
or even as a senator?
I can make that happen
with my eyes closed.
That makes better sense.
But what you're asking for
is impossible.
You know I can only be beneficial
to you if I remain in power.
Where was this benefit
three years ago?
We had a deal!
- And you cheated me!
- No.
That is not true!
Your case was intricate,
and you know that.
There was no way I could rush the
process without raising suspicions.
A deal is a deal, Mr. President!
You were supposed
to bring me back home
once you became the president.
you left me
waiting like a dog!
For three good years.
a second term
is knocking.
You suddenly remembered
your old friends.
Alhaja Salami.
- President.
- [chuckles]
We don't have to quarrel
or argue over this.
[dismissive] Argue…
I am far from that.
I am not arguing with you.
I have said my own.
You and your party
back me as the governor
of Lagos State
or else…
I will use every resource
I have
and make sure…
Retired Admiral Peterside
is president in eight months,
just to spite you.
Let me talk to the elders of the party
and then see what we can do.
That is my president talking.
You see,
[in Yoruba]
"The tongue and mouth sometimes fight,
but no one outside knows
when they reconcile." Mm?
[in English] If I'm able to convince
my people to make this happen…
…you better keep your nose clean.
The party is not going
to suffer any blowback
because of your illegal activities.
Okay, I get you!
It's only when I work for you
that I can get my nose dirty.
Fair enough!
Thank you very much.
[Eniola cackles]
Before I forget,
I want all my accounts unfrozen
and access to all my properties.
[in Yoruba]
Coming and going like a pauper
[in English]
is not good for me at all.
Alhaja Salami,
be careful not to turn
the few good friends you have left
to enemies.
[shouts] President!
[laughs maliciously]
[whispering] Nnamdi.
Are you sleeping?
- [exclaims] Oh, let me sleep!
- Shh!
I want to go see the dog.
- How will you find it?
- Shh.
I tied it at the back.
[in Igbo] Daddy told you to leave that
dog alone before you catch a disease.
[in English]
If you don't want to come, don't come!
Just don't tell Daddy.
Don't tell Daddy.
Don't tell Daddy!
[Nnamdi] Where is it?
It was here, I tied it here.
- Where?
- Here!
- With this thing?
- Yes!
[in Igbo]
Even my hair is stronger than this.
[in English]
Sometimes, I don't understand you.
Nnamdi, drop the rope
and let's look for it!
[exclaiming] Oh, Chiji, I'm tired!
[in Pidgin]
You guys don't know what you've done.
You've crossed the line.
I swear, you're all dead!
Do you know who's got our back?
[shouting] The boss
Odogwu Malay is our family!
[screams, groans]
You didn't need to go that far.
Take it easy!
Guys, what's going on?
If it's about money, that's nothing.
We could make that happen.
What's all this about?
We really don't need to do this!
Think about it.
If it's money, just say the word.
How much?
Guys, talk to us.
We're all from the hood,
let's figure this out.
Come. Let's reason together.
Little disagreement, and you hit me.
Didn't even insult you.
Why are you talking like that?
[man chuckles]
- Boss Maka?
- [gasps]
But how?
[thugs exclaiming]
[thug] Boss, please!
It wasn't us, I swear.
It was Boss Odogwu!
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