Knight Squad (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

The Knight Stuff

1 Students, I'm here to make a special announcement that Sir Gareth will be making a special announcement.
I hope the special announcement is that there'll be no more special announcements.
Or maybe he's approved our request to hire a monkey to clean up after us.
A monkey maid.
It just makes sense.
I actually had one growing up.
They are amazing.
- Achoo! - CROWD: [GASPS.]
Oh, hello, Squads.
Your Majesty.
I'm afraid I've come down with Astorian Snot Flu.
Achoo! That's your big announcement? I was hoping for a bouncy castle.
Me, too! BOTH: Bouncy castle! Bouncy castle! [COUGHING.]
Unfortunately, I'll be forced to take my first day off ever.
But, Sir Gareth, you know my motto is knights never take a day off.
He came up with that on his day off.
Your right, Your Majesty, I'll just cancel the substitute I found and hope that this very contagious illness doesn't spread to everyone.
Eu-euh Ee including you! Achoo! Yuck! By royal decree, Sir Gareth may take one day off, because he is grossing me out.
Poor Sir Gareth.
He always takes care of us.
Let's take care of him! I have a better idea.
I have a better better idea.
Your Majesty, Sage and I would like to take care of Sir Gareth and nurse him back to health.
That's brilliant! You two take care of Sir Gareth.
Well, but, Your Majesty, I can take care of myself.
See, he can take care of himself.
I'm sorry, are you king? Do you have people to carry you to your castle? Because I do.
Alright, time for Sage and I to kick the snot out of that cold.
Stop trying to make it sound fun.
I wonder who our substitute's gonna be.
- Substitute! - [HORN BUGLES.]
I think it's that guy.
That's not a guy, that's my dad.
You're home! Ah-ah-ah, stop and give me 20.
Twenty hugs.
When did you get back from patrol? First thing this morning.
Sir Gareth asked me to take care over as a substitute teacher.
Guys, this is our dad, Sir Johnwick.
Oooh! It is an honor to meet my best friend's dad.
I feel like I know you.
You don't.
I'm assuming your training's going well.
I don't have to remind you the Wick family has produced some of the greatest knights Astoria has ever known.
No pressure.
I'll help you get ready for class.
I pretty much run this place.
Guys, when my dad finds out I have magic, he's gonna be amazed.
- He doesn't know? - No.
I've been waiting for the perfect way to show him.
Oooh, with one of our musical theater productions? Actually, I thought I'd show him with magic.
I guess I'll put these feathers away then.
Okay, students.
To test your reflexes, I've brought in a blister wart A very rare, venom-spitting bullfrog.
Oooh, look, he's so cute.
Ooh! Not cute! This bullfrog will spit venom, which each student must block with their shield.
What an awesome teacher.
He's been here for less than a minute, and he's already putting us in danger.
Who wants to go first? I'm on it.
And I don't need this shield.
That's my boy.
Who needs a shield when you're inherited the Wick family reflexes.
Warwick, you have magic? Yes, sir.
Pretty cool, huh? Pretty disappointing, actually.
Yeah, I think we're all disappointed.
The Wicks are knights, we don't use magic.
Sorry, son, you failed.
It's not too late to impress him with the feathers! FROG: [CROAKS AND SPITS.]
Now it's too late.
Na-na-na-na, hey ARC: Do you wanna know a secret? CIARA: I'm a princess, whose father won't let her become a knight.
Please let me go to Knight School, Daddy! Please, please, please! So, I use a magic ring and secretly train as Ciara.
Yes! ARC: And I'm Arc, a charming thief who has the same dream.
I'm destined to become a knight.
CIARA: But people from outside the kingdom aren't allowed in Knight School.
ARC: So, I'm pretending I belong here.
CIARA: Now, we protect each other's secrets.
ARC: So we can achieve our dream of becoming knights.
We are the Knight Squad, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Take a break! Good job, students.
Well, most of you.
I can't believe I showed my dad my magic and he gave me an F.
Maybe he just needs some time to get used to the idea.
Yeah, like how it took you guys time to get used to me putting ketchup on my cereal.
We will never get used to that, Prudy.
Excuse me, sir.
Warwick would be even better at these exercises if you let him use his magic.
When I was a student, magic was not allowed.
One of my Squad mates was sent to a witch doctor to have her powers removed.
Of course, that was back before we started giving out trophies just for showing up.
I participated! Just sad.
Knights rely on strength and hard work, which is why I want everyone to join me while I teach you how to ride a mega-hawk! [GASPS.]
A mega-hawk? I've only ever ridden a mega-turkey, and it was mega-delicious.
I'm a giant.
Warwick, I want you to stay behind and practice deflecting venom with your shield.
- [SNAPS.]
- Try not to burn your face off.
I'm sorry.
Do you want us to stay behind and help you practice? Nah.
You guys should go ride the mega-hawk.
It sounds amazing.
I'm sure it's not that great.
So we get to fly a giant bird around the moon? Big deal.
This is gonna be the greatest day of my life! I know! You okay? I was so excited when my dad came back, but all I've done is disappoint him.
Well, don't worry, alright? Once Sir Gareth feels better, you dad won't be our teacher anymore.
Yeah, but he'll always be my dad.
And he thinks I'm an embarrassment.
I don't have fighting skills like the rest of my family.
How can I impress him without my magic? Maybe you can use magic and not tell him.
It'll be like your little secret.
Like how you draw on your chest hair.
How could you tell? Because I do it, too.
- Ah, ah, achoo! - Ah! What's all this? Well, the King cares about you so much that he made you a snot containment area.
That way you won't get anyone else sick.
I'm sick of helping you.
Can I go? We even brought a comfort animal to help you heal.
It's in my mouth! [LAUGHING.]
Now sit back and relax while Sage and I give you the finest medical care two kids with no medical training can give.
Ah! Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait! When I'm sick, I like to cuddle with my shield.
How do you cuddle a shield? You know what? I don't care.
Can you guys go grab it? You both should go, it's very heavy and cuddly.
Okie-dokie, be right back.
Don't judge me.
I'm pretending to be sick so I can finally get a day off to relax.
And these girls are messing everything up.
BUTTERCUP: Sir Gareth? Did you say shield or teddy bear? Because I gotta tell ya, they sound the same.
And, uh, why are you wearing a tropical eye patch? Uh, um, uh, I must have put it on accidently, because I was delirious from being so sick.
Uh, interesting.
Well, if you're so sick, we better not take our eyes off you then.
Slobwick, hit him with the comfort spray.
Even your slobber smells like farts! Hey hey, hey Great mega-hawk ride, Squads.
Sorry you dropped your trophy while we were flying, Kripan.
Aw! But, hey, we'll get you another trophy for dropping your trophy.
Yay! I call this next exercise, King of the Hill.
First person to hit the gong wins.
Hey, did you come up with something for Operation Secret Magic to Impress Your Dad Who Hates Magic? Yeah, but I was gonna call it Operation Impress My Dad and Prove to Him I Belong in the Family by Using a Secret Spell He Doesn't Know About.
Wow, yours really rolls off the tongue.
Students! Are you ready? Muscl-isus, Clumsy-wumsy.
On your mark, get set [HORN BLOWS.]
- Uh! - What the heck? - What's wrong us? - I don't know.
I did it! I'm the King of the Hill! You see, Warwick? I told you, Wicks don't need magic.
Yep, the only thing magical about me is my smile.
Runs in the family.
Everyone watch Warwick.
He's the only one doing it right.
Hey, when you got it, you got it, right, Dad? I'm happy for Warwick, but I wish I knew what was wrong with us.
That's the 16th sword I lost today.
This is crazy.
I can't even pick up my hammer.
Why won't you stay in my hands? Guys, I think someone might have told Warwick to use secret magic to make his dad proud.
Why do you think that? Because I told Warwick to use secret magic to make his dad proud.
So this is your fault? You're lucky I can't pick up my hammer! You can't all be this horrible.
Something fishy is going on.
Crystal scan, check the training yard for magic.
Everyone is using magic except for me? You guys should be ashamed of yourself.
Did you put a spell on your classmates? [THUD.]
I, uh well, you see Yes, sir.
You brought shame upon our family name.
I can't even look at you.
I'm sorry I let you down.
Man, I hope he's gonna be okay.
I feel like we should go after him.
In my brain, I'm going the other way.
And the last ingredient in Sir Gareth's special medicine pinch of ogre ear wax.
Or the whole jar! Sage, I'm so happy to see you finally taking care of Sir Gareth.
Oh, I'm gonna take care of him alright.
He's faking being sick, and I'm gonna prove it.
Sir Gareth, time for your medicine.
Ugh! Why does it smell like whale vomit? It's probably the whale vomit.
This nasty mess will cure you of any disease you have.
And if you're not sick, it'll make your head explode.
Ah, not my beautiful head! I knew it! You're not sick! Mm.
Okay, okay, I made everything up! Why would you lie to us? Because I work every day of my life, and I wanted one day to relax.
But I was afraid to violate the King's Knights Never Take a Day Off rule.
So you just needed a little down time? I wanted to have my own beach day with tropical smoothies, and sand between my two good toes.
But now it's ruined.
Well, that does sound like a good plan.
So I can have my beach day? Sure.
With one catch.
We get a beach day, too.
This is the life, ain't it, Buttercup? [SIGHS.]
Being a pretend doctor is exhausting.
Whoo! To time off! SAGE AND BUTTERCUP: To time off! [LAUGHS.]
ALL: Ah! Warwick, are you here? The spell wore off, we got our coordination back.
Hey, that was on me.
He's not here.
Where could he have gone? [PANTING.]
Guys Warwick magic.
I think he's trying to tell us something.
I think he needs to hit the gym.
Warwick's gone.
He's getting rid of his magic so he can make our family proud.
You didn't stop him? How? These muscles are just for show.
Where would he even go to get rid of his magic? Are you the witch doctor? Yes, I remove warts, things stuck up your nose, and magic.
Come on in.
Sir, Warwick has gone to a witch doctor to have his magic removed.
You need to talk him out of it.
Why would I do that? He's a Wick, and Wicks don't use magic.
Well, this one does.
And just because there hasn't been someone like Warwick in your family before doesn't mean you should change who he is.
His magic's amazing.
Our Squad would be lost without him.
He even used his powers to help defeat Ryker and save Astoria.
And his magic pizza is delicious.
So are you going to help us? It sounds like Warwick already made his choice.
If he's not gonna do anything, we'll do it ourselves.
Yeah, we have to stop Warwick from making the biggest mistake of his life.
Well, there was that time he wore those purple sequined overalls.
You're right, this is way worse.
So this is what a hammock feels like.
It's like I'm sleeping and floating at the same time.
I'm starting to feel guilty.
No one else is getting a day off.
You're right.
We should probably stop enjoying life and go back to school.
I love vacation humor.
Sir Gareth, I've come to check on you.
Ooh, I'm doing good, King.
King! What is going on here? Yes, Your Majesty, I have a perfectly logical explanation.
I lied! I was never sick! I'm an embarrassment to knighthood.
Oh, Sir Gareth, don't cry.
You're gonna make me cry.
Lying to your king is a very serious offense.
Why would you do such a thing? Because I I really just wanted - And then these kids - Uh, I can't hear this anymore.
Your Majesty Sir Gareth did all this because he's never had a day off.
But knights never take a day off.
It's printed on our money.
Sage, you're actually taking care of Sir Gareth.
Yeah, I know, don't rub it in.
Truth is, he just needs some time off.
Your "No day off" rule is really unfair.
Is this true, Sir Gareth? Are you exhausted? I'm so tired that I'm seeing double.
And that's saying a lot for a guy with one eye.
Very well.
Hence forth, everyone will get two days off at the end of the week.
Except my guards.
Catch! Thank you, Sage.
And Buttercup.
No student has ever taken care of me before! [SOBBING.]
- Oh! - Oooh, don't cry again, Sir Gareth.
You're gonna make me cry again.
See? This is why I don't help people.
So, you wanna get rid of your magic? Sign here.
Should I read this first? "Should I read this first?" That's what you sound like.
Great! Now that the paperwork is done, let's get rid of those pesky powers.
Stop! Are you the guy who needs me to fix a bad haircut? I'll be right with you.
Guys, what are you doing here? Warwick, you can't get rid of your powers.
It's part of who you are, and we wouldn't change that for anything.
Yeah, you giving up your magic would be like me giving up tap dancing.
You can tap dance? No, I gave it up, and I've regretted it ever since.
Well, thanks for coming to save me, guys, but my father hates magic.
If I'm ever gonna live up to the family name, I have to get rid of my powers.
Uh, plus, I already have a guy waiting to take over his magic.
You might have heard of him.
The Amazing Carbonaro? Can we hurry this up? I'm supposed to saw a person in half later.
And if I'm not magic, it could be really bad.
I'm sorry, but my best friend's magic is not for sale.
Mm, I think it's time for you kids to take a seat.
I'm stuck in this uncomfortable chair.
Me, too! This magazine is older than I am! Oh, ten steps to whiter teeth.
Perhaps I can help.
Is there something behind your ear? Dude, we saw the coin in your hand.
That's why I need real magic.
Where were we? Oh, that's right.
Taking your magic.
This might hurt a bit.
It doesn't have to, but where's the fun in that? Warwick, stop! Seriously, I will get to you after the bad haircut guy.
It's just a regular haircut! Dad, what are you doing here? Son, you're making a mistake.
I am? Your friends helped me realize that even though you're different, you're still my son.
It was wrong of me to ask you to change who you are.
That was me.
I said that part! Wow, I never thought I'd hear you say that.
This is so beautiful.
I need something to wipe my tears.
Dude, turn it off.
Yeah, I've changed my mind.
I'd like to cancel my appointment.
There's no backing out.
You signed a contract without reading it.
You told me to.
"You told me to.
" That's what you sound like.
She's gonna take Warwick's magic.
Not if I have anything to say about it.
Protective shield-wieldy.
She's too strong.
I can't hold her off.
She might be stronger than one Wick, but I bet she's not stronger than two! Protective shield-wieldy! [MAGIC ZAPPING.]
Your father has magic! I know! It's blowing my mind, too! [MAGIC ZAPPING.]
You'll pay for this.
I'm out of here! "You'll pay for this.
I'm out of here.
" That's what you sound like.
That is not how you make an exit.
This is an exit.
Uh, we can still see you.
Or can you? Dad, how come you never told me you have magic? When I was a student, magic was not allowed in Knight School, so I hid my abilities.
Thank you for being brave enough not to hide yours.
You think I'm brave? Maybe the bravest Wick of all.
Aww, I feel like he's hugging all of us.
Nope, just my son.
Hey Hey Hey Hey