Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e03 Episode Script

A Family Friend

[exclaiming, grunting]
[dramatic music plays]
No, no, no!
You called the knights?
Who, me?
Come on, let's go!
To the docks. Run!
- Come on, let's go!
- Run!
Get the boat!
Every time I trust you,
you ruin everything.
- We had nothing to do with this.
- Whoa, whoa. Truce, remember?
- Good news. We called the knights.
- [laughs nervously, shushes]
Uh, did I say nothing?
[chuckles nervously]
- You! I should have known.
- [gasping]
The knights are headed to the docks.
They've found our island.
[dramatic music plays]
- [crashing]
- [screaming]
- Every pirate for themselves.
- Oh no!
[Mr. Ping] Forouzan, wait!
Wait! Oh I'm sorry!
For what? Calling the knights?
Destroying my fleet? Breaking my heart?
Good riddance. [grunts]
Uh, for all of it.
But I'm not sorry
for the good times we had.
[emotional music plays]
I know you aren't either.
- [cannonball whistling]
- [exclaims]
The crate! She has it!
[wind whistles]
[dramatic music plays]
- [Drake] Storm the island!
- [knight] Go! Go! Go!
[knight 2] Get them!
The pirates were totally gonna let us go.
Now we're gonna get arrested!
- That's the plan. [grunts]
- [grunts]
For better or for worse,
they'll get us to England.
But we need that crate.
Forouzan has
the fastest ship on the seven seas.
We'll never catch up to her.
Hey, no, we don't have to.
She always moved her loot
to her secret stash, up there.
[dramatic music plays]
Oh! We'd watch the sunset from the peak.
[Mr. Ping] Counting doubloons.
- [laughing]
- [coins clinking]
[emotional music plays]
- [yelling]
- [gasps]
Let's go, pirate scum.
Okay, but how
do we get through all of that?
[Mr. Ping] Follow me!
[Colin grunts]
- [clanking]
- [groaning]
[Po, softly] Stealth mode.
[gasps, chuckles excitedly]
[laughs, grunts]
Hurry up.
- [gasps] Ooh, yes!
- [grunting]
- [knight 3] Check there.
- [gasping, muttering]
[Po chuckles excitedly]
You know this island really well.
[chuckles] Pirate stuff
Uh, sorry, Po.
I know it's embarrassing, but
No, I, I think it's kinda cool.
Really? I'm cool?
- [soft music plays]
- [sighs]
[Po] Super cool.
Look at us. Cool dudes being cool.
That is the opposite of what you two are.
She's just jelly.
They're so cute!
[groans] I'm gonna hurl.
[grunts] Why are you stopping?
- It's time to turn you in.
- [grunts]
After we get my crate.
Why? What's in it?
None of your concern.
[scoffs] You're going back on your word.
You're trying to escape.
I'm just trying to get my things.
And besides,
I'm not the only one Forouzan stole from.
I doubt you'd want
your big moment turning us over to Drake
to get upstaged by your missing antlers.
[grunts] After you.
[Meatmasher grunting]
- [grunts]
- [Meatmasher] Mash.
- Mash. Meat. Mash!
- [Akna] Aw. Look at Meatmasher go.
True to his name.
- [snorts]
- [yelling]
[knights yelling]
[exclaiming, grunting]
- [grunts]
- [yells]
[Colin groans]
Oh. The rope.
Aw, ol' ropey's still here.
He's seen a lot of narrow escapes.
[Mr. Ping]
And one romantic escape. [chuckles]
I knew it.
She loves her grappling hooks.
- [sighs]
- [coughs] Your breath smells.
You're welcome to stop breathing any time.
- Okay, now we just
- [shushes] If they see me with you
- [gasping]
- Yeah!
Hurry up.
Lead the way, Dad. Up top.
It's just up these steps.
[knight 4] You hear that?
[knight 5] Check there.
- [panting, whimpering]
- Get 'em!
[dramatic music plays]
[Mr. Ping] It's just around this corner.
[Akna] Whoa. [chuckles] There's the crate!
Alright, Akna.
[chuckles] I did some solid work on this.
[gasps] The Dragon Master! [grunts]
Help me find my sword.
On it.
[yelps] I'm not asleep. [grunts]
What? Hey!
Hands off the Pirate Queen's loot.
Weimin? You're still here?
These pirates are the only people
who treat me with respect.
Maybe I finally found my place, huh?
The island's getting raided.
Ah, come on!
[atmospheric music plays]
[Blade] There it is.
[Blade grunts]
That Black Steel's no joke!
Your antlers are over there.
Ah, yes.
[knights] Over here! This way!
What did you do?
- [growling]
- [gasping]
- [footsteps approach]
- [suspenseful music plays]
It's fine. We have the chest.
That's what matters.
[Drake] Stand down.
Sir, may I present
the apprehended fugitive,
Luthera of Landreth.
Luthera, dear, where have you been?
Catalogue this room
while I take care of this.
- You can't touch
- [roars]
So what's the deal with this dude?
He's a family friend.
Alfie's former squire.
Master of War now.
that does mean I'm seeing you on business.
You've caused quite the commotion,
evading our rookie here for months.
You took something you shouldn't have.
We'll need that sword back.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on.
- Po!
I-It's fine.
[atmospheric music plays]
I know it means a great deal to you,
but it belongs to the knights.
[Drake] I'll take good care of it,
Luthera, I promise.
However, we'll need to try you in court
for the theft and for evading arrest.
Nothing personal.
Wait. What about my friends?
What about them?
Um, sir, hello, uh,
I-I cut a deal with the fugitive.
Her cooperation in exchange for
the transport of the others to London.
[grunts] A deal?
Your pursuit of Luthera
was supposed to be simple.
A month at most, Sir Carlos.
I Sorry, it's Colin.
Um, and I understand it is unorthodox,
but I gave my word.
Hm. You've somehow made this
even more difficult.
I am not one to betray a knight's word.
You heard Conrad. Come along.
[chuckles] Aw, hey guys, come on.
Oh yeah, don't worry. We'll take that one.
Lighten the load a little.
Allow us. You are our guests.
[tense music plays]
[chuckles] Um
I'll keep watch here, hm?
But can you tell someone to bring me food?
Coming through!
- Hey, watch it!
- If I could just squeeze through
Don't worry. If they really lock you up,
we'll get you out.
- Hey!
- Lawfully! Yeesh!
But at least we're going to England.
That's good, right?
[Blade] I sure hope so.
I want every last one
of these pirate scoundrels rounded up!
Mash! [groans] I'm mashed
Hey! Ease up on the Meat-man.
- Oi! Shut it!
- [Meatmasher] Mash. [groans] Mash.
Thanks so much for taking that,
but we'll just take it back.
Is there a problem?
If it's going on a British ship,
it must be catalogued.
Who has the combination?
Dear, I'm giving you a chance,
but you're going to have to cooperate.
It's just l-luggage.
In a locked box
that none of you will open?
Very well then.
[Akna] Dang it, that sword.
[chuckles] See, that's my son's hat.
Protects his soft head.
My dad's right. My head's really soft.
Like bao, mad squishy. [jabbers]
This doesn't seem like luggage.
[gasps] Those are dangerous weapons, sir.
That glove almost killed me.
They can create
earthquakes a-and fire from nothing.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
You lied to me.
Interesting. Is it true?
[grunting] They must be destroyed.
Alfie was trying to do it
before his death.
I've never heard of any such mission,
and using your departed brother's name
to smuggle weapons for pirates
is quite low, Luthera.
- [exclaims]
- Whoa, okay, chill!
She's telling the truth.
The world is in danger.
If these are truly so powerful,
they belong with England,
under the purview of the Queen,
and her knights, of course.
Yes. You're the knights.
You're supposed to do the right thing.
Oh, but that's the trick, dear.
As Master of War,
I decide what the right thing is, not you.
Bring the crate to my quarters.
Let a real knight handle this.
Uh, Blade?
- You've made a right mess of things.
- Haven't you ever stood for something?
I stand for England!
- Blade?
- This is bigger than that.
Uh, Blade?
[sighs] Yep.
Pippity-pah, parry, pah! [laughs]
Oh, you're being a bad boy, Po.
[scoffs] Just like my dad.
Time to fight dirty, Po.
- [crunching]
- [yelling]
You just got pirated by Pirate Pop.
Kicking some serious butt, Dad!
I love family bonding.
Stand down, Luthera. You are out of line.
And you're in my way.
- [yelling]
- [exclaims]
- What now?
- Our boat. We left it right over
Um The boat
Any other options? Uh
[groaning, growling]
- [yelling]
- [groans]
[knight 6] Let's go.
- Let's go.
- [growling]
It's been fun, kids.
No matter what,
Sir Drake cannot get those weapons.
He doesn't understand the risks.
Yeah! And also, I don't like him.
With you on that one.
You have no way out.
Hand over the crate.
- Never.
- [horn sounds]
- [gasps] Fou-Fou!
- Fou-Fou?
- [horn sounds]
- [dramatic music plays]
- She remembered the good times.
- Aw
They've been working
with the Pirate Queen all along.
Arrest them!
- Dad.
- [Blade yells]
Yes Yes, son?
We can't beat them.
Well then, I will fight to the death.
No. You and Forouzan
can get away while we hold them off.
B-But I'm not leaving you.
I believe in you, Dad.
I didn't before and that was my fault
because I was being a bad boy.
More like a little stinker.
But you're a pirate
who can kick serious butt,
and I know you can keep the weapons safe.
My dad is the Soul Reaper.
How cool is that?
[emotional music plays]
I'll meet you in England on the new moon.
[splutters] I'll keep the weapons safe,
I promise.
I know you will.
[Mr. Ping] Could not stay away, huh?
Don't make me regret this.
[Mr. Ping] Turn this ship around.
But your team.
[Mr. Ping] Turn around.
Okay. You got it, Reaper.
[exhilarating music plays]
She's getting away.
The weapons. The weapons!
[deep groaning]
- Yes!
- [grunting]
Okay, fine. Your dad is pretty cool.
[grunts] I know.
Just like old times.
[majestic music plays]
[sighs] Think he can keep
the weapons safe?
That's the Soul Reaper
you're talking about.
If anyone can do it, it's him.
The apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, I see.
More like the noodles, um
don't fall far from,
like, uh, the noodle pot.
[breathing shakily]
He is not happy.
[Drake grunts]
[groans, teeth chatter]
Load them onto the ship
and keep an eye on them.
These are dangerous criminals,
supplying the Pirate Queen Forouzan
with weapons.
That is not what happened.
You're going to answer for your crimes.
Just you wait.
Okay. We've been in a pickle before.
We just gotta get to England
and break out, okay?
Something tells me,
this time, it won't be that simple.
[rhythmic music plays]
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