La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e03 Episode Script

Third Person

Hold up, nikita.
Why did you shoot the driver?
He was a hostile.
How did you know?
Well, it had to be
somebody on the grid.
Everyone else cleared.
So you made
an indirect conclusion.
There was no time.
That's because
you took too long.
What? So I was wrong?
You got lucky.
(Female simulator) Sim resumed.
Why is she still in retrain?
We're not done yet.
She's ready.
She's been ready since
day one hasn't she, Michael?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
[Controls beeping]
(Female simulator)
Sim completed.
[Woman speaking French]
[Computer beeping]
(Birkoff) yeah?
Why am I losing sync on 218?
Hold on.
[Computer beeps]
Did Jurgen
say anything about us?
[Whispers] Michael.
We're insulated
for another minute.
Did he ask any questions?
Anything personal?
He had his chance.
I think if he was
going to expose us,
he would have done it by now.
He knows too much.
There's no physical proof
that you helped me
escape the section
or brought me back in.
He needs no proof
to make things
difficult for us.
Accelerate your performance.
He'll have no choice
but to release you.
But won't that draw attention?
Yes. To him.
If he doesn't let you go
when you're obviously ready.
Make like you were
before I entered.
[Door closing]
[Computer beeps]
(Birkoff) is it back?
8 separate terrorist acts,
each one the claim
of 8 different
political factions,
none of whom have
any linkage to each other.
In the process of routine
intelligence gathering,
Mr. Birkoff has found
something rather remarkable.
I back-traced debris and data,
came up with
a characteristic signature.
All 8 acts were the work
of the same aggressor.
We're dealing with
a mercenary special force.
How large?
That's right.
That's why they have been
so hard to pin down.
They have no facilities,
no infrastructure.
They can surface
and vanish at will.
I take it
we've picked up a trail.
Colin darcet, an m.I.5 agent
undercover with red cell,
sent a communique to a contact
just hours before
his death yesterday.
Red cell has contracted
this group
for its next disruption.
Was darcet's death
related to the transmission?
We don't know yet.
All we have is some random intel
from our friends
in Great Britain.
Let's pore through it
and find this group,
who for purposes
of identification
will now be referred
to as "helix."
Jurgen thinks
we should restore nikita
to provisional status.
I thought she was
still some weeks away.
Take a look at these numbers.
Her scores have spiked
in the last couple of days.
Looks like she's come
through the wall.
(Operations) What do you think?
Should we transfer her
back to Michael?
Not quite yet.
Restore her to status
but keep Jurgen close.
I don't like singularities.
If she spiked up,
she can drop just as quickly.
Jurgen will be more sensitive
to any fluctuations.
Isn't today your birthday?
No. It's the 7th.
Today is the 7th.
Must feel strange to be back.
Where are my things?
They don't leave anything.
So what about my neighbor Carla?
Where am I going to
tell her I've been?
Carla's gone.
What are you talking about?
What did they do to her?
I don't believe you.
She's moved, nikita.
She lives with
her boyfriend downtown.
[Phone dialing]
[Phone ringing]
(Carla) hello.
Hello. Who is this?
[Phone disconnects]
So whose material am I?
What about Michael?
They don't want you back
with him yet.
They want me to take you
to completion.
When's that gonna be?
They haven't told me.
if you need anything,
let me know.
So how's it going?
Not bad.
It's been a couple of days.
I thought about calling.
Just to talk,
see how you were doing.
Why didn't you?
I got called in.
Would you have minded?
Load birkoff's mission profile.
Jurgen, help with the p-6s.
We're keeping a 2nd supply
on standby.
On departure,
do an integrity check
on the topological.
This is not a training session.
This is a mission.
I'm in charge.
Of course.
Birkoff, are we detached?
Hang on.
[Keyboard keys clacking]
Birkoff, you are online.
[Keyboard keys clacking]
Michael, there's warm bodies
up there.
How many and where?
I see 5.
2 in, 3 out.
Could be incidental.
I can't tell from here.
Get dressed.
Let's go.
Can I help you?
Yes. I was, um,
given this address, but, uh
This isn't colter cosmetics,
is it?
Switch to infrared, nikita.
No, it isn't.
I think
that's on the 23rd floor.
He's carrying, Michael.
Vest pocket.
Shoot him, nikita.
Just let me check my directory.
Which way, birkoff?
Office. On the right,
all the way at the back.
Backup team, prepare egress.
Got it, birkoff?
No problem.
Let's do it.
Ok. Put in the disk.
Birkoff has sifted
through darcet's intel.
There was a name.
Rudolph pontriargan.
He's a tactical implementer
in red cell's 3rd tier,
also their connection
in the freelance market.
Did he hire helix?
We're going on that assumption.
As soon as we locate him
birkoff will work up a scenario.
(Operations) How did she do?
Everything went as planned.
Hey, Walter.
How'd it go?
Well, these new attachments
worked great.
Try them on the k-4s next time.
What are you doing now?
I'm going home.
You want to grab a coffee?
[Clears throat]
No no problem. Some other time.
That was good work today.
It's ok.
He's one of the good ones.
How long have you known him for?
Since he came in.
He's different.
He's in what I call
"the 5 percent club."
Dare I ask what that may be?
95 percent of the recruits
have their souls sucked out
of them in the first year.
For some reason
this place
doesn't get everybody.
He's one of us.
Where does Michael fit in?
Good question.
That's what you're looking for.
[Keyboard keys clacking]
Are we on close-quarter standby?
No. You can go.
So what about you?
It's just that you haven't,
uh, been to see me
since I moved back in.
I'm busy now.
(Nikita) Jurgen.
Uh, is it too late
to change my mind?
Not at all.
Let's go.
Well, it was
a long time ago.
My first couple of years
in the section
I had the standard reaction.
I went through
all the Alpha levels,
everything from denial
through wishing I was dead.
Almost acting on it.
That's hard to believe.
You seem to let everything
just roll off you.
Hasn't always been that way.
What does that mean?
Once, I was part
of a 4-man cell.
We had to get a hostage out.
Everything was going great.
We were
hitting all our marks
just like last night.
Then, out of nowhere,
everything went black.
I didn't even hear a noise.
What happened?
Land mine.
2 feet to my left.
Killed my partner.
Sent me into a coma.
I came out of it 3 days later.
They, uh
They told me I died.
I don't remember
any tunnels
or white light,
but I was different.
Everything was clear.
I-I realized it didn't matter
where I was.
It was a state of mind.
People on the outside, they
They're not freer than we are.
If you
If you don't mind I'd like
to ask you a few questions
about Michael.
[Cell phone ringing]
(Michael) Josephine.
Is that the way
you normally do that?
Hey, birkoff. What's going on?
Uh, waiting for a confirm
on a location.
There's no briefing?
Michael called me in.
So we're not going out?
Not until I get this intel.
What's up?
Why were you with Jurgen?
That's why you called me in?
We've been through this.
He can hurt us.
You shouldn't be
talking to him.
I guess I don't agree with you.
I'm not arguing with you.
I'm telling you.
Stay away from him.
Michael, you've been
in section too long.
You're paranoid
about everything.
Jurgen doesn't
want to hurt anybody.
He's a decent person.
Why can't you accept that?
Did Jurgen tell you
about his past?
No. Not yet.
[Computer beeps]
Have a look.
7 different identities
by the time he was captured.
The jury didn't convict him
on his first murder charge.
He convinced them
he was innocent.
He wasn't.
The 2nd time around,
he wasn't so lucky.
"Committed suicide while
waiting to be sentenced."
Jurgen's never
what he seems to be.
He reads people,
gives them what they want,
then destroys them.
Is that what you think?
He wants to destroy me?
If you're a hammer,
you treat everything
as if it were a nail.
Jurgen has only one way
of seeing the world.
Well, thanks
for the enlightenment,
Can I go now?
I was just
That night we had together,
did it Happen
or was it just a dream?
[Knock on door]
We found pontriargan
but we're going to
have to move fast.
Should I call in
your team?
No. I'll do it.
[Crickets chirping]
(Man #1) Move it in.
Got to get it in there.
Jurgen, are you in position?
we'll be ready
when they come out.
Don't wait.
(Michael) take them now.
Why run the risk?
The p.O.S. Is almost
as high from here
and we're not exposed.
Just do it.
what are you trying
to pull, Michael?
I'll lose half my team.
Conversation's over. Move in.
You heard it.
Point one. 10 seconds.
[Machine gun firing]
[Man groans]
[Machine guns firing]
[Man #1 screaming]
[Men groaning]
(Jurgen) target secured.
3 down, one injured.
Medical's on its way.
Bring in pontriargan.
Come on. Move it.
Has he transferred yet?
A little while ago.
She's just getting
some final details.
(Operations) And?
Red cell did contract helix.
Bombing of a chemical plant
in Tripoli.
Good. Let them do it.
It's a target we've had
on our list for a while.
We'll get them on the way out.
See, every once in a while
you get lucky.
I guess.
[Phone beeping]
(Woman) sir?
I'm here.
Nikita's waiting for you.
[Phone beeps]
(Operations) Nikita?
7 months ago,
I sentenced you to death.
How you managed to survive
the freedom league incident
is still unclear.
But that doesn't matter now.
You've reassimilated,
and you seem to be
on the top of your game.
he's carrying, Michael.
Vest pocket.
(Michael) shoot him, nikita.
I won't mince words.
I've had my doubts about you
since you've joined us,
but if you continue
to perform like this,
we'll get along fine.
You're back on full status.
When'd you get back?
About an hour ago.
How'd it go?
What are you doing here?
Operations wanted to see me.
I'm back on full status.
Baker's dead.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
That's all you have to say?
You killed 3 of my men.
If we waited till he came out,
it would've been a bloodbath.
That's crap.
If you want me dead,
do it yourself.
[Muffled banging]
What are they going to do
to each other?
Come to terms.
Sometimes it's better
to keep things primal.
[Muffled banging]
♪♪[Music playing]
[Loud banging]
[Nikita grunting]
[Knocking on door]
[Music stops]
What are you doing?
Oh, just a little redecorating.
I need to clear a few things up.
Good idea. Come in.
Can I get you
something to drink?
No, thanks.
I just came by to say something.
Then I'll go.
I don't know the details,
but I do know
that you and Michael
have a connection,
and you both work very hard
at keeping it private.
Obviously not hard enough.
So, I guess
I was wondering
If there's a place for me
in your life.
There could be.
Michael showed me your file.
I mean, I'm not
judging anybody, but
Don't even tell me.
Who was I?
A serial killer?
A subway bomber?
Or did I rape my sister?
What are you saying?
Whatever Michael showed you
is exactly what
he wanted you to see.
I was a special forces soldier.
Almost everybody
in our unit was killed
because my C.O. sent us
on an insane mission.
When it was all over
I blew.
These were my best friends
in the world
and he sent them to their death.
So, what did you do?
I killed him.
Michael loves you, nikita.
I could grow to love you
But I could also
live without you.
I'm not sure if he can.
(Michael) You wanted to see me?
By the end of the day,
we'll have all the intel
we're going to get on helix.
I thought we already had
the end game.
If this were
an ordinary group
that would be enough.
The psychological profile
on these 6 men
is a little different
than we're used to.
In what way?
They are a precision,
synchronized team
that has the ability to act
without fear or emotion.
We're up against a machine.
Should I pull from abeyance?
No. We need our best people.
This is what we're up against.
[Computer beeping]
Helix is going to cripple
the facility.
We're not interrupting
their tactical.
Let them take it out.
But we will have to be
on top of them
to get them as they exit.
We'll need to be
inside the perimeter.
You'll have 2 enemies:
Helix and the refinery
they're attacking.
It'll have to be a small team.
Take nikita, Anderson,
strum and Jurgen.
Is there a problem?
Because there's been
entirely too much
externalizing of emotion lately.
You can be sure
helix won't be thinking
about anything
but their target.
Walter? Hm?
What did Jurgen do
to get inside section?
I don't know.
Well, he told me one thing.
Michael told me another.
Don't get into it
with these guys, sugar.
They operate
on a whole other level.
Michael showed me his file.
He can show you
anything he wants.
Doesn't make it true.
What, he could
just modify the data?
I'm not saying
Michael did anything,
but if he did, I'll bet
it was for your own good.
I'm picking up a signal.
Michael, do you have visual?
I've got them. Are we clear?
Yeah, they planted the charges.
Go clean them up.
You have 2 minutes.
All right, we're live.
Let's do it.
[Man groaning]
[Man grunts]
One down.
Ok, birkoff, you should be hot.
Got him.
I'm jamming their channel.
Sending the coordinates now.
(Michael) strum, take 2 and 5.
Jurgen, take 3.
Nikita, 4 is right behind you.
4 down.
Ok, nikita.
Get to exit point and wait.
(Nikita) anybody need backup?
No. The last one's
pinned in the silo.
Michael's got him.
Michael, no.
Get back!
I couldn't get the last one out.
I had to plant a charge.
I tried to warn you
but your com unit was down.
Birkoff, get us out of here.
(Birkoff) mobile comm's waiting.
[Machines beeping]
So, when are you
getting out of here?
In the morning.
I'll be fine.
Michael saved my life.
Yes, he did.
I was going to go
to the lake tomorrow.
I mean, if you
Feel up to it.
I'd like that.
(Michael) Good work.
Where are you going?
Grab something to eat.
Want some company?
Not really.
[Woman speaking French]
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