Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

La pérdida

1 [Alba.]
What do you do when you are going to lose the thing you love most, when a piece of your heart is about to be torn away? Give me the girl.
Don't make me take her by force, Ángeles.
What are you going to do? Hit me in public? I'm her father.
You can't take her without my permission.
See those policemen there? [Alba.]
If you're willing to lose everything, you don't care how far you might fall.
Please don't take my girl from me.
But if you're not, even the shortest fall will seem endless.
Please, Mario! She's my daughter.
Please don't take my girl away, Mario! [Ángeles gasping.]
- Do you want me to call them over? - [Ángeles sighs.]
- Mario - Well, then.
Some people are willing to lose their freedom for those they love, even if it means delivering their souls to the devil.
- Well, it's about time I left.
- Yes, of course.
If you want, I can [clears throat.]
I can go with you.
No, don't worry.
The boardinghouse is nearby.
I'm not worried.
I'd love to accompany you.
It's because of Lola.
She's a nightmare, always checking when we come in and with whom.
No, it's all right.
Well [clears throat.]
All right See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
There are others, however, who are not willing to miss their chance to be happy.
You tart! Where do you think you're going? [stammering.]
Marisol, right? I'm terrible with names.
Don't play innocent with me.
You know who I am! [grunts.]
What are you doing here? The company closed hours ago.
- I was following you.
- Following me? That's interesting.
- Since when, exactly? - Since the bar.
So don't invent some excuse, you man-eater.
I'll be very brief.
Pablo's mine, all mine, got it? I'm not giving him up just like that.
The truth is, you never know how much you love something until you lose it.
It happened to me with Francisco, with Gimena, and I didn't want it to happen to me again.
You know I would leave everything for you? You don't feel anything for Carlos.
You're saying that to punish me.
Francisco, please.
You're making it up to push me away.
Am I wrong? [scoffs.]
You really feel something for Carlos.
Is it just an infatuation? Are you in love with him? Carlos makes me happy.
Do you know how long it's been since I've felt happy? Of course I know.
Ten years.
Do you know how I felt all those years? Thinking about you was very, very painful.
Do you know how often you've lied to me since we've been reunited? That's the problem, Francisco.
That's the problem.
We're no good for each other.
But we could still get it back, with no lies, no accusations It'd be just the same! [softly.]
The same.
Right now, I don't know what I feel and Carlos is offering me the chance to start a new life.
Just like you've had with Elisa.
[Carlos breathing heavily.]
Carlos? What's wrong? What happened? My father is dead.
Come here.
Come here.
I wanted love the most A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES But it never stays long A notch to my bedpost Pretend they're mine Sundress wrinkled on the floor I'm naked, you're not here no more To keep me warm, keep me warm Crack the door with a trash bin Maybe you will come back in And keep me warm, keep me warm My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound I'm laying down on the cold green MEMORIAL SERVICE RIP What does it mean? [indistinct.]
How much grief can you take In mourning? To have more fear any longer You have to wipe - She's here? - Yes.
CHAPTER 7: LOSS - We have to talk to her.
- Yes, when she comes back.
- Carlota.
- Please, we have to talk.
My daughter has nothing more to say to you.
Right? Father, give me two seconds.
- Why did you leave like that? - Why did you go back to your old life? It's what's best for all of us.
What are you saying? Why? [Alba.]
Sometimes it is worth lying to avoid losing those you love most.
The only thing that matters is that they don't find out.
Because if they do, you will lose them forever and you will end up alone.
What are you doing here? Since you won't come to see me My patience is wearing thin, Lidia.
I need more time.
I can't steal from Carlos right now.
- His father just died, for God's sake.
- So what? What do you mean, "So what?" Don't tell me you're worried about breaking his heart, because more hearts will be broken if these photos get out.
You're a pig! Well, well The girl pretending to be in love with Carlos was never really pretending.
Suddenly, the photos of your kiss with Francisco have twice the power, twice the importance.
I suppose you know what you're doing, but I want my money now.
And make it fast, unless you want to lose both of the men in your life.
[church bell tolling.]
We'll follow in two cars.
Carlos, you'll come with me.
- I'm not going.
- What's that? I'm not going to watch my father be buried.
Calm down, son.
Don't make a scene.
[inhales sharply.]
I don't care.
Carlos, it's a difficult time for everyone, but you're the head of the family now, and you have to rise to the occasion.
Do it for your father.
[sighs heavily.]
We both know that no one expects me to rise to anything.
Father would have expected even less.
I thought we'd discussed this.
You don't get it, do you? It's my fault he's dead.
- Don't say that.
It wasn't anyone's fault.
- Yes, it was my fault and yours for never missing a chance to tell him his son was a disgrace.
I didn't tell him about the rotary.
He found me in the machine room.
I'd never betray you.
The Francisco I used to know wouldn't do that.
I don't know what to think about the one in front of me now.
- Carlos, please - Don't touch me.
Lidia, I'm sorry, I can't I need to be alone.
Let him go.
You've done enough.
Carlos needs his family.
Stay out of it and go back to your place, operator.
- Are you all right, Mother? - Yes.
Lidia, wait.
Don't hold it against her.
It's a tough time for everyone.
Do you think what that woman says could affect me? It's Beltrán, then.
It's Beltrán, it's Carlos, it's everything.
Stay out of it, please.
Let me take care of it.
It's not just about you.
- You got into this because of me.
- Again, please stay out of it.
I'm not staying out of it.
I'm going to help you.
You don't want Carlos to see those photos? We'll do it together.
- Why would you do that? - Because I love you and Carlos.
You're the most important people in my life.
I don't like seeing you together, I won't lie but it's better than losing you both forever.
Sir, the cars are ready to go to the cemetery.
Carlos and I never used to argue, and it kills me to see him suffer.
- So you and I will confront Beltrán.
- No.
I don't care what you say, Alba.
I'm going to help you.
Barman, another.
You'd better go home.
Hey, you.
You're looking for trouble.
Give me another.
What? - I'm gonna smash your face in.
- You're going to what? [grunts.]
What are you doing here? Get out.
Ubalda! Is my son back? He has no shame, not even on the day of his father's funeral.
- Elisa.
- I'm worried.
He was so upset.
We all are, Mother, but we didn't desert you or embarrass the family.
I can't imagine what our friends thought when he wasn't at the cemetery.
Aren't you worried about what they think? Of course.
But when you're a mother, you'll understand that your child's pain matters more than that.
I understand that you're upset.
But it's just a tantrum.
That's Carlos.
He loves the attention.
It's a malady that affects all the members of this family.
That's why my father left Francisco in charge of the company.
It's time to take the reins and show what you're capable of.
No one's doing anything here until the will's been read and your brother turns up.
Understood? Aren't you going to say anything? I'm defending what's in your best interest, while my brother throws a tantrum, and you say nothing.
- It's like you agree.
- I do, Elisa.
In this case, I do.
What? I won't let you fight with your brother.
Not today.
- I lost a mentor, but he lost a father.
- [voice breaking.]
I lost a father, too.
- And I'm your wife.
- I met you thanks to him.
I came to Madrid with nothing and your brother gave me a life, a family.
And I could never thank him enough.
All I've done is let him down, again and again.
He needs me, Elisa.
And if he needs to get away from us and not go to the funeral, he has that right.
[phone ringing.]
Yes? My son's destroyed what? In the company? Damn it! Did you see where Mr.
Cifuentes went? [worker.]
No, I just saw him destroying everything.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I just wanted to tell you I was looking for Marisol.
I went to her aunt and uncle's, which was a bit unpleasant, and the boardinghouse, too.
All the places I thought she might be.
- And? - Nothing, no sign of her.
- She must be on her way home.
- Just like that? After threatening and tormenting me? I don't think so.
Marga, it's true.
Marisol's got quite a temper.
But, really, she's like [mimics explosion.]
then she gets over it.
Besides, you don't need to worry.
She can't do anything to change the way we feel about each other.
[both chuckle.]
I'm grateful for your visit.
I'm like a mother to María Inmaculada here in the big city.
Mother of God, how could that girl have such poor judgment? Pablo Santos only has a saintly last name.
He's an expert in deceiving young, innocent girls.
And don't let his sweet face fool you.
He's a demon, a wild man, only after one thing.
Yes, I know the type.
They're the worst.
But rest assured, I'll take care of it.
That's such a relief.
[both giggling.]
Ah, by the way, I know we were going for a walk this evening, but I have a slight change of plan.
- Really? - What do you think? Tickets to Callao Cinema.
It just opened.
They're showing a movie by some guy named Buster Keaton.
He's a really funny guy, or so they tell me.
- [stammers.]
The movies, together? - Yes.
- Pick you up at nine o'clock? - At the boardinghouse? Why don't we meet at the movies? Oh, never mind.
- [chuckles.]
- Why the change? Since we haven't enjoyed what the big city has to offer, I thought we could do it together.
And with what's been happening lately, with Don Ricardo, the poor man, and then the Marisol thing We need to have a little joy in our lives, too.
- [chuckles.]
- Yes! And we can celebrate that we're together at last.
You're right.
Nothing can separate us now.
[both chuckle.]
[both laugh.]
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
- You're not going to the movies? - Lidia, I'm not ready for the movies yet.
I didn't know you had to get ready for them.
Am I really the small-town girl here? Don't you know what couples do at the movies? Everything but watch the film.
Pablo and I have had our share of kisses, and when I'm with him, I feel warm inside [chuckles.]
It'd be so much easier if someone gave me some advice like if a friend could tell me about her experiences.
Marga, we're very different.
I don't think my advice would do you much good.
Carlota always gave me advice about everything.
- I didn't always listen, but - I'm not Carlota.
God, how I miss her! [doorbell rings.]
Hold on.
I told you I never wanted to see you again.
Oh yes, you made that clear, but I'm not here for me.
- [Alba.]
Is he all right? - [Victoria.]
More drunk than battered.
He was lucky.
It could've ended in tragedy.
What's he doing here? One of the girls found him in trouble and brought him.
He keeps saying your name.
I read the obituary in the paper.
The rich kid is about to inherit a fortune, right? In another time, I would've told you to take advantage of the situation.
With a ring on your finger, you won't need to steal anything.
Not everyone does things out of self-interest.
I was only thinking of what's best for you.
My mistake was thinking I didn't deserve a better life than this.
But now I have friends and people who love me.
- Who knows? Maybe this is a second chance.
- Mm.
You're walking on a spiderweb, princess.
Be careful you don't get caught in it.
This man loves Lidia Aguilar.
Believe me, you can't keep a lie like that going your whole life.
Christ, Sofía, are you going to sleep or not? Mother, do something with her.
I can't take it anymore! - Give her to me.
- Now she's crying! - You're not very good at this.
- Jesus Christ! [Asunción.]
There, there, honey.
A girl needs a mother.
A proper mother, not one like hers! She seemed so nice.
It's all right, honey.
It's those suffragettes.
Her friends put absurd ideas in her head.
- I'm going to the bar.
- Don't be long.
[Ángeles gasps.]
Where are you going? Where? Do you think I'm an idiot? Come on.
- Don't put your hand on me again.
- Go.
- I want to see my daughter.
- Go.
- You want to see her? - Yes.
You should've thought of that before you tried to take her away.
I'm her father.
The law's on my side, and you know it.
Do you think I'm the bad guy here? - Shall I remind you how this started? - I apologized.
Maybe I should remind you what you did to me.
I apologized.
I did all I could to fix things, and you didn't give me a chance.
I'm not giving you a chance now to take her away.
Don't make me call the police.
- Please, Mario.
- Go.
Indalecio, I'm so grateful you decided to disregard my husband's irrational whim and leave the will as it was.
With all due respect, Carmen, Ricardo signed his last wishes, specifying that Francisco would take charge of the company, Elisa would be the main shareholder, and Carlos would have an income as long as he gave up any claim to the company.
But you decided not to give it to the notary.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Although it's not a will, per se it expresses what the deceased intended, and so As you said, it's just an intention, and cemeteries are full of good intentions.
It's the living who have to keep going.
How long have you been this family's lawyer? - Twenty-three years.
- Twenty-three years.
I'd like you to carry on for another 23 years.
- Careful.
- [Carmen.]
What is your price? - Let's go to bed.
Come on.
- [groans softly.]
Let's go.
Carlos, not now.
Let's get to bed.
Lidia, is that you? [chuckles.]
I'm your guardian angel.
All right Do you know how many times I've imagined you in my bed? I love you.
When you meet the real Lidia, will you love me the same? You'll get over it tomorrow, after you sleep it off.
Thank you, Indalecio.
Lidia! It's a good thing that my son's home now.
I was just saying to Indalecio that if he didn't turn up tonight, we'd have to put it in the hands of the authorities.
But fortunately, there was no need.
So, thank you.
You can go.
Good day.
- He turned up? - [Carmen.]
Where was he? Getting drunk in a bar that we went to a few days ago.
You've gotten to know my son very well in such a short time.
Someone might think that annoys you.
My dear, there were others before you.
Many others.
But a woman like me? I doubt it.
I don't want to be rude or to make an enemy of you, but don't compete with me for Carlos' favor.
You have a good chance of losing.
Francisco, accompany this young lady back to wherever she lives.
It's not good for a decent girl like her to be walking the streets alone at night.
Carlos destroyed the prototype.
What? The rotary? An employee called a couple of hours ago.
Carlos was drunk and trashed everything.
Beltrán's going to publish the photos.
It'll be a scandal.
I can get more money.
You don't have the amount of money this man is demanding.
Then it's over? My life, your life, my marriage, your relationship with Carlos? As long as he has the photos, yes, I'm afraid so.
Where are you going at this hour? [stammering.]
Doña Lola! I was going out for a walk.
There's still some time before the doors are locked.
Hold it right there! You're going out with your shoes in your hand? What's next, your handbag on your feet? I did it so I wouldn't bother you.
When you say the rosary, you get distracted so easily.
- With whom are you going on a walk? - What? Who are you walking with? [stammering.]
Oh, er I'm going with Lidia.
Off to the movies after all? [gasps.]
You're going to the movies? Have you no shame? It's just a movie! It's short and very funny.
She's going to the movies, not a brothel.
There's not much of a difference.
Only wasters and tarts go there to feel each other up.
You're going with that Pablo Santos, aren't you? - [stammering.]
How do you know about Pablo? - Marisol told me.
Marisol? - How do you know Marisol? - That's none of your business.
But you're not leaving until you bring me this Pablo so I can talk to him.
Otherwise, I'm calling your grandmother! No.
[breathing heavily.]
[clears throat.]
Uh, Doña Lola, I'd like to ask you, if you don't mind Tell me how I can help you instead of just staring at me like a barn owl.
- What are your intentions with Marga? - Me? To take her to the movies.
I suppose you take them all there and then pounce on them like a fox in a henhouse.
[chuckles nervously.]
All of them? All of who? No, I don't know what Marisol told you, but never mind.
It's a lie.
- So she's not your girlfriend.
- Yes.
No, yes, not anymore.
She was.
I suppose it's also not true that you asked her to marry you.
- Pablo? - Hmm? Yes, yes, but to be completely honest, I was drunk at the time.
It was the village festival, and I'd had a few I haven't drank since then.
I don't like it.
Sometimes Mario insists, but I try to So then there's no reason to doubt that it's true.
You knocked up the poor girl.
- Pablo! What is she saying? - No, Marga! It's a lie! Get out of this house at once, and don't go near Marga again or I'll report you for bigamy! - [Marga.]
Lola, please, this is - It's a lie because I'm a virgin! [chuckles.]
Doña Lola, I didn't knock up Marisol or any other girl because I haven't slept with any women.
Not even paying for it? [Flora.]
Sir! [Miguel.]
I'll be quick.
I want to speak to Carlota.
- I told him not to come in.
- I'll handle this, Flora.
- My daughter's not taking visitors.
- I'll only be a moment.
- Get out.
- Carlota! - Miguel? - [Emilio.]
Take her away.
- Wait, don't go! - Carlota, we had a deal! - Let's go.
It's best for everyone.
- [Miguel.]
What deal? Come back.
You can't leave us! Get out of my house.
You did the right thing, darling.
You know your father.
Don't defy him.
- You don't know what he could do.
- Miguel just wanted to see me.
I know.
If it were up to me, there'd be no problem.
I'll tell you when things settle down, hmm? [door closes.]
[door locks.]
Carlota, don't worry.
We knew this could happen.
Why are you here? I told you to respect my decision.
What deal was your father talking about? He got me out of jail in exchange for you coming home, right? - You didn't have to do that.
- I couldn't let you stay locked up.
Don't you understand? You sacrificed yourself for nothing.
- I could've done it alone.
- What? The phone tapping.
I've got some very important information.
They're planning a coup.
- Two attempts have already failed.
- This is different.
The army's getting organized, and they have political support.
Someone called the Falcon is organizing it.
With this, we can negotiate your return to the company.
Come on, Miguel's waiting.
Come back to us.
I can't.
I can't go back.
My father will stop at nothing.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted a better life for Sofía.
This happens every day.
In this country, a horse is worth more than a woman - because they work and don't complain.
- [sighs.]
I haven't lost a daughter like you did.
I can't imagine what it's like being on a dead-end street of lies and deception.
Lying is never good.
Look what my Pablo had to admit so we wouldn't split up.
I was about to lose him because of all that lying.
Come on, it's late.
Yes, I'm going to bed, or I'll never get up tomorrow.
- Good night, girls.
- Good night.
Who are you sending that to? To Carlos.
I'm going to tell him the whole truth.
I can't keep lying to him.
Do you care about him? Then don't do it like that, Lidia.
Be honest.
You know that honesty is not my forte.
But when you have been honest, things have gone well for you.
I forgave you when you were honest with me.
Say it to his face.
Be brave.
Look at me.
I wanted to do everything behind Mario's back, and [sighs.]
what was the result? [sighs.]
Tell him everything, Lidia.
It will make the photos meaningless and save your relationship with Carlos.
What are you going to do? [sighs.]
[door opens.]
What did you forget, son? Asunción, please let me see my daughter.
You should've thought of that before you deserted her.
I'll be right there, honey.
Be grateful I won't tell my son, because if he found out I see your son didn't tell you.
I left home because of him.
- Liar.
- Liar? Do you think I'm making this up? - My son couldn't do something like that.
- Your son beat me.
He beat me, and I lost the child I was carrying.
That's what your son did.
That's why I left.
So, please, Asunción Please let me see my daughter.
- Sofía! - Mama! [chuckles.]
My girl! Let me see you.
You look so pretty! What are you doing here? Your mother's putting away your father's things.
- She says it hurts to see them.
- [smacks lips.]
- You want a souvenir of your master? - I don't want to fight.
Are you sure? You'd definitely win.
With my aching body and hangover, a fly could beat me.
I know what you think of me, but I didn't do it.
I am who I am thanks to you.
Who you are What about who you were? What's left of that Francisco? You're not the man I knew.
If it's about the rotary, I did not betray you.
It's everything.
The rotary, the spying and Lidia.
Would it do any good if I said I was wrong about her? You have my blessing.
You really don't care that Lidia and I are together? No.
You've always been a bad liar, except for when you lied for my father.
Then you nailed it.
Who cares what I think of you two? I want to fix things.
What do I have to do? Maybe you can't.
That's it? This is the end? Our friendship is over because of a woman? That's not what I want but it's not up to me.
Son, we're going to be late.
- Why don't we go ahead? - Elisa I'll catch up, Mother.
I was sure I dreamed you brought me home after a fight.
I don't know why I suddenly have the feeling it was real.
That depends.
Do you dream of me often? Every night.
Then it must have been another dream.
If it weren't for the bruises all over my body, I'd believe that.
Those eyes Are you worried about something? No, I'd just like to talk to you.
I need to tell you something.
I have the reading of the will now.
Can it be later? Yes.
Nine o'clock tonight, at the train station? The train station? Why there? You'll see.
- [Beltrán.]
Inspector Beltrán speaking.
- Francisco Gómez, the Telephone Company.
Gómez, what a surprise.
How can I help you? Let's not beat around the bush.
Alba told me about the photos.
I want to sort it out as quickly and discreetly as possible.
That's easy.
Have you got the money? I do.
Where can we meet? Come to my house tonight at 9:00.
Valverde 31, 3A.
I'll be waiting for you.
[line disconnects.]
Thank you for your punctuality, Indalecio, and for seeing the notary into the office.
- [Indalecio.]
It's easy to get lost here.
- [Elisa.]
I'll tell my husband.
- Honey.
- Yes? The notary and Indalecio are here.
Let's go.
Forgive the delay.
[exhales heavily.]
Sit down, please.
We're starting straightaway.
You're very nervous.
Do you think our father left you with nothing? I only hope he took into account the efforts Francisco has made for the company and this family.
I think he took that into account when he made him director, didn't he? I bet he hasn't left me a generous income.
- He was afraid I'd squander it.
- The things you say! All right.
Now that we're all here, we'll proceed to the opening and subsequent reading of the will of Don Ricardo Cifuentes y Navarro, the last version I have in my power, unless the deceased expressed any last wishes to modify said document.
He did not.
Then I shall proceed.
"To my beloved wife, I leave the family home and 30,000 pesetas annual income, to be paid until the day of her death.
To my daughter Elisa, I leave the summer house in San Sebastián so she may enjoy the sea air and cure her nervous ailment, plus an income of 15,000 pesetas.
Ownership of the Telephone Company and the rest of my fortune, except those amounts mentioned previously, I leave to my only son, Carlos, who I hope will be my worthy successor, and who will run the company with acumen and honor his family name.
" He left everything to you? I don't understand! I don't It makes no sense! It's what your father wanted, Elisa.
He had his reasons.
- If it's any consolation, I had no idea.
- Oh, poor Carlos! What a terrible burden, inheriting the entire family fortune! - Elisa - What? Elisa, my girl! [Francisco sighs.]
Let her blow off some steam.
She has good reason.
See how your father trusted you? He knew you were brilliant, and this is proof of it.
Carlos, believe it or not, I'm happy for you.
I just want us to sort out our differences.
It's not good to be fighting with everything that's going on.
[Carlos sighs.]
Why don't we meet up tonight and talk? We'll drink as much as we need to sort this out.
Hmm? [chuckles.]
I can't tonight.
I'm meeting Lidia at the train station.
She wants to tell me all about herself, but we do need those drinks.
Another time, all right? Sure, whenever you like.
Don't worry about what your sister says.
You know what she's like.
The company is yours now, just like it was your father's before you.
Honestly, I don't get it either.
Your time has come, and you have to tread carefully, in both your professional and personal life.
You can relax about the latter.
In Lidia, I've found what I've been looking for.
That operator seems like a good girl, but being the companion of Carlos Cifuentes isn't the same as being the fiancée of the owner of the Telephone Company.
I've been thinking about that project you wanted to do.
What was your plan? My plan? I was thinking of installing the rotary in a small station like Santander.
Why not in Madrid? Since when are you interested in the business? Son, there's something you should know.
A woman may be silent, but she's not deaf.
I know more about this business than any of you.
Why not set it up in Madrid? Because I'm not sure if I want to move forward with it.
It would take a huge investment and we'd lay off a lot of staff, putting many operators out of work.
There are always connections Didn't you hear me? I'm not sure if I want to do it.
You have to do it.
Your time has come.
All the quarrels and fights you had with your father were to light a fire under you, to prepare you for this.
Enough excuses and whining.
You have to do it and I'm going to help you.
I've always had faith in you, and you know it.
I know, Mother.
I know.
You look after the profits.
I'll bring you investors.
Pablo Santos? From Don Carlos.
You're to call to acknowledge receipt.
[phone ringing.]
- Hello.
- Yes, this is Pablo Santos Great.
Look, I need you to do a cost-profit analysis for the installation of the Rotary 7 in Madrid.
All the information is in the folder.
And I don't need to tell you that this is strictly confidential.
Yes, don't worry.
Get the engineers in section five to stop what they're doing and help Miguel Pascual with the project he was on.
It's been destroyed, but I want it restored at once.
Pablo, what are you doing? Pablo! They'll hear us.
- Last time - Shh! It's not what you think, Marga.
- I don't want them to hear us.
- What's going on? Marga, what I [coughs.]
What I have to tell you is highly confidential.
Look Okay.
I've discovered that they're developing a machine that could increase the company's profits exponentially.
- But that's great.
- No, no, it's terrifying, Marga, because if this thing goes ahead all the operators will be fired.
What? God, I'll have to go back to my hometown! - Oh, God.
- And there's something else.
[clears throat.]
There's something else.
- You have to come.
- [Carlota.]
Marga, I can't.
Carlota, this is serious.
Really serious.
They're going to fire all of us.
- What? What are you talking about? - Pablo told me, and he doesn't lie.
At least not about this.
And another thing I don't know if I should tell you - Marga! - It's Miguel's fault.
He invented a machine that's going to put all the operators out of work.
What? Fine, I'll see you after work outside the bar across the street.
You're not going anywhere.
Father, I am back for good, but I can't stay locked up all day.
I will not tolerate that tone.
What tone? I left the company.
I came home.
I kept my word.
- Word? You don't keep your word.
- And you'll never have my respect! Don Emilio, The Falcon The Falcon? You're the Falcon? [Alba.]
People will do anything to avoid losing what they desire.
This sometimes leads us to do the unimaginable.
Standing over the precipice Looking out across The edge of the world All the five oceans at my door I've never felt As close as this before I drown the fears I locked inside I lost all breath Then came to life A rush of blood The songs And it can push us to the edge, even if that wasn't our intention.
In my heart I can hear them singing Sirens in my heart [sighs.]
Now I hear them singing Now I'm asleep The mighty deep [door closes.]
Sailing into victory I don't look back But to the seven seas I drown the fears I locked inside I lost all breath Then came to life A rush of blood The songs of oceans wide Sirens in my heart But losing everything doesn't matter if, in the end, you manage to be happy.
Being happy is the only thing that matters.
You've got me on tenterhooks.
Why are we meeting here? My heart Because, ten years ago, my life changed in this very place.
- I have to tell you something - Whatever it is, you can count on me.
Carlos, I I'll support you in everything, just as you've supported me so I could believe in myself and fight for my dream.
That's one of the many reasons why I love you and need you near me supporting me, giving me strength and loving me, as you have until now.
Now I hear them singing It's a new beginning Lidia Aguilar will you marry me? It's a new beginning You've seen the light How it's shining bright, shining down Through the clouds Making everything come alive Making everything wrong feel right Making everything loose feel tight Like the stars in the heavens Lined up Like I'm only on the set There's no more feeling like it's over But the only thing that's over I'm no longer standing over I don't know what's the use, the use They no longer can refuse me 'Cause now I'm taking control And now, tonight I'm getting out, out, out Of this place And I'm not falling behind I'll hold the winning trophy At the end of this race I'll be dancing in the rain I'll be drinking champagne! This is my night And I own it Say yeah