Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

El amor

1 In life, there are always decisions to be made.
Sometimes, they are small and insignificant.
Carlos, I At other times, they are huge and can change everything forever.
A yes or a no could mean a life full of happiness or disgrace.
I wasn't expecting this.
Is that a yes? Is that a yes? Yes.
Because when you can't have everything, you have to choose.
And when you choose, there's always the fear that you'll make a mistake.
- Carlota, what are you doing here? You're a rat! Or worse.
At least rats look after their own.
- What's this about? Do you know? - You're a hypocrite! I know about the rotary! Why didn't you tell me what that thing was? - I told you a thousand times.
- You know what I mean.
How could you build a machine that will take all our jobs? Where are your principles? Or was it all just talk? Of course it wasn't, but I'm an engineer.
CHAPTER 8: LOVE I make things that improve people's lives.
I'm delighted for you.
Congratulations, you've succeeded.
Now we'll all lose our jobs.
I'm sorry.
That wasn't my intention.
- Now that Lidia has told you, I'm sorry.
- Excuse me? - What does Lidia have to do with this? - It was Pablo who told us.
If Lidia knew, why didn't she say something? Don Carlos told her, didn't he? She wants to be one of them.
She accompanied Don Carlos to Don Ricardo's funeral.
They're dating.
It's clear which side she's on.
Lidia Aguilar is my fiancée! My fiancée! Be quiet! Carlos, you'll wake everybody up.
They should wake up.
I don't know why they're sleeping on a night like this.
Let's practice our wedding dance.
Great! You're ready to skip ahead to the wedding night.
You need to take a cold shower.
It will all have been worthwhile.
Let's toast with your friends and Doña Lola.
- A man in the boardinghouse? You're crazy.
- Not just any man, your fiancé.
That's even worse.
We'll tell everyone tomorrow.
- Are you happy? - Very.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
I suppose I should congratulate you on your engagement.
And I have to thank you for the photos.
How did you get them? Beltrán is dead.
I went to his house to get the photos.
I found him lying on the floor.
The house was ransacked, but these were still there.
That bastard won't bother you again.
I can't believe it.
You're free.
That's why I went to the station.
I thought you were going to tell Carlos.
I was going to stop you, but it wasn't necessary.
I'm sorry you saw something that Alba Carlos deserves to be happy and so do you.
What about you? You never have to worry about me again, Lidia.
Although, to me, you will always be Alba.
You're late.
It's only 12:30, Marga.
Well, later than usual.
Later than you should be.
Doña Lola wouldn't like it.
Carlota, I didn't know you were coming.
Were you with Don Carlos? You look like you're on cloud nine.
Well, it seems that things are starting to work out.
Did he ask you to marry him? If you had any faith left in her, this proves she can't be trusted.
She's joined the enemy.
Did you know about that machine? The one that your boyfriend made Miguel build.
Lidia, we're your friends.
Why didn't you tell us? - We'll be laid off.
- No, you won't lose your jobs.
Carlos destroyed the rotary.
I don't think he wants it to move forward.
You don't? Well, I do.
Because they're rebuilding it and Miguel says it'll be working in a day.
Come on.
Girls if you want, I can talk to Carlos and try to fix this.
Give me a chance, please.
- Good evening.
- My dear, I'm glad you're here.
I've just spoken to Doña Alicia to confirm your meeting.
- Wonderful, thank you, Mother.
- Who's Alicia? Mr.
Uribe's secretary.
He's just arrived from Colombia.
He wants to invest in the company and go ahead with Carlos' project.
Is that champagne? I think it's a bit soon for that, my dear.
- I proposed to Lidia.
- Really? Congratulations! She said yes, didn't she? It's one thing to count your chickens, and another to be a total idiot.
You think I'd have bought champagne if she hadn't? Mother, don't rush to congratulate me.
Are you sure you know what you're doing? Don't be such a wet blanket! All the fights I had with Father made me wake up and sort myself out.
That's what I'm doing.
You were right.
This is my moment.
Any champagne left for a toast with a friend? That's what I thought.
Elisa told me.
And did she tell you how my mother took it? Yes.
Why can't she be happy for me? Because then she wouldn't be your mother.
She always has to think the worst.
She'll end up accepting her, like she accepted me.
If she treats Lidia like she treated you I think your mother has found a worthy opponent.
To you, my friend.
To you and your happiness.
Only a good friend is capable of sacrificing his own happiness for a friend's.
Friendship or love.
What a difficult decision.
Lidia, my dear.
You weren't expecting me, were you? Doña Carmen, what a surprise.
I've come to congratulate you on your engagement.
It was a surprise for everyone.
My son usually asks me for advice when he has to make an important decision.
It's obvious he didn't think this one was so important.
Or perhaps he didn't need your good advice.
- I suppose this has taken you by surprise.
- Mm.
And you know that haste is the devil's work.
But anyway, first things first.
Won't you give your future mother-in-law a kiss? I won't let a gold digger like you take the Cifuentes name.
I'm giving you a chance to break off the engagement immediately and spare yourself a lot of suffering.
Ah, my son is upstairs seeing to some important work matters, but he'll be down soon, my dear.
We'll be in touch for the next few hours.
Tomorrow, I plan to present the rotary to the press.
Then I'll try to postpone my trip so I can attend.
- Don Carlos, thank you for everything.
- Thank you.
- Do you have a minute? - Just one? For you, I have a million.
Are you installing the rotary here? I see good news travels fast.
I thought you destroyed it after your father died.
My father trusted me to run the company, and now I can do things the way I want to.
Is that what he wanted? All the employees depend on you now.
You have to be sensible.
So you agree with Francisco now? You're starting to sound a lot like him.
Maybe because he's right.
Perhaps installing the rotary now isn't the best idea.
- Your father - He saw things differently.
The rotary is the future.
I'll prove him wrong.
Weren't we partners? You were the first to support me with the rotary, and now that we're so close, you're backing out.
I don't understand.
What's going on? - Why did you change your mind? - I hadn't thought of the consequences.
It'll mean the end of the operators, of my friends and their jobs Right now, they think I'm a traitor.
Carlos, if you knew them, their lives, their problems They can't lose their jobs.
It's everything to them.
I know it's asking a lot.
Do you love me? - Lidia - Do you love me? Do it for me? Forget the rotary and we'll go on without it.
I'd do anything for you.
I'd set aside all my dreams.
You're what's most important to me.
But I can't do what you're asking.
Lidia, I can't do it.
That man who just left is the lawyer for the company's new partners, the Uribes.
I've just signed an agreement to go ahead with the rotary.
If I don't do it, they'll take over the company.
Lidia, I'd lose everything.
My hands are tied.
Shit! Is it true? Are they installing that contraption here? That machine will be up and running very soon.
And when that happens, you'll all be fired.
- Let's hope Lidia can do something.
- Yeah.
Here she is.
I've spoken to Carlos.
- He can't do anything.
- What? No.
He'll try to ensure you don't lose your jobs.
He'll find alternatives, jobs in other cities No, I can't leave Madrid.
What about my daughter? Pablo and I have been through so much.
I'm not leaving.
Relocation is a temporary solution.
The rotary will kill our profession.
I'm very sorry, really.
Carlos has important reasons for carrying on with Forget it! You've chosen your side.
You've given up being an operator to become a Cifuentes.
I hope it's worth it.
- It's not like that.
- Yes, it is like that! Carlota! We have to talk.
- This isn't a good time.
- It's important.
Follow me.
I can't find my cigarette case.
I've looked everywhere.
- I think I lost it at Beltrán's house.
- What? Maybe I dropped it there.
It all happened so quickly.
I know I had it in the car before I went in.
I searched the car, and it isn't there.
Calm down.
A cigarette case can't lead them to you.
My name's engraved on it.
Beltrán is dead? Well, at last, a bit of good luck, my dear.
How did you find out? Francisco found him in his house.
He got the photos back.
I'm glad this nightmare is over.
You can relax now.
Not yet.
He thinks he left his cigarette case there.
It's got his name on it.
I need you to use your contacts to find out if the police found it.
I'll do what I can, princess.
Thank you.
Can we trust her? If the police have found it, she'll know.
How can I explain why I was there? A cigarette case doesn't prove that you killed him.
It's got my name on it.
- We'll come up with an alibi.
- Like what? Calm down.
It's too soon to talk about that.
We'll act like nothing's happened.
Look at me! As far as we know, Beltrán is alive.
Gentlemen! The presentation is tomorrow! Everything must be ready! I won't work on the rotary anymore.
Fire me if you want.
- What is this about? - I can't go on.
It seems that, in the end, my principles outweigh my dreams.
- Your principles or your girlfriend? - Both.
Very well, if that's what you want.
The operators know everything.
They won't take this sitting down.
No, I won't leave and have all of Valladolid laughing at me, like when Genaro dumped Remedios.
They said she was trash, - because she was tossed away - Listen to me.
You don't have to worry about that.
Remedios was the worst in Valladolid, but you Everyone there loves you.
And that's why it's embarrassing.
I told them all I was coming to see you.
I'm not going back there like I've been jilted.
- I'll throw myself in the river first.
- The river's almost dry this time of year.
I'll report you to the police.
Report me for what? For leaving you? No one goes to jail for that.
I'll tell them you're a criminal, a thief, a murderer.
That's what I'll do.
I'll tell them you're a murderer.
How could I be a murderer? You know I pass out when I see blood.
I'll do anything not to be a laughingstock.
I swear, Pablo.
Thank you.
Pablín, what's the matter? What's with that stupid expression? What is it? Hmm? Nothing.
Well, recently everything is upside down around here.
It seems Marisol likes Madrid.
She won't leave, and now Marga will lose her job.
And why's that? Not immediately but with Don Carlos' plan, it's just a matter of time.
So the rumors are true? They're going to automate the system? Yes, that's how it looks.
I'm trying to find a way to keep poor Marga from losing her job, but she won't be the only one laid off.
No, she won't be.
I'll be right back.
Operator, Barcelona 657, please.
I hope you have good news.
Francisco needn't worry.
The police haven't found a cigarette case.
What's wrong, dear? I thought that was what you wanted to hear.
It's one less problem to worry about but there are still others.
The girls are about to lose their jobs, and they blame me for not having told them about the rotary.
If only you had listened.
I told you that this could happen.
Well, you could steal it, but you'd break that rich kid's heart.
You're a lost cause, princess.
You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
That's what happens when you care about people.
I know, but you're not the only one who cares.
Francisco loves Carlos, too, doesn't he? He's the company director.
He must have a say in things.
Francisco has no power right now.
But he could Did you find the cigarette case? No.
Victoria says the police don't have it.
You can relax.
But there's something you should know.
The other day, I overheard a conversation between Carmen and your lawyer.
He told her that it had been Don Ricardo's last wish that you should be in charge of the company.
That can't be true.
Then why would he say that? He would know the truth better than anyone.
Yes, but what happened then? Don Ricardo always supported you while Doña Carmen supports Carlos.
She and Indalecio might have changed the will.
Why are you only telling me this now? - That doesn't matter.
- You heard them.
You knew that they were going to give Carlos what Don Ricardo had left me, and you kept quiet.
Right? Why am I surprised? If you love him, why think of me? You know Carlos didn't deserve to be left nothing.
I agree with you on that.
That's not what hurts me.
I know you love the company as much as he does but with you in charge, people won't be laid off and that preposterous agreement with the Uribes will be invalid.
It's what's best for everyone.
Apply to be a seamstress for your cousin? No.
No, to be a dressmaker.
It's more respected.
And, yes, the boss is my cousin Andreu.
He's wonderful.
You'll really like him.
We're related on my father's side.
My mother's side is a bit more You've heard of a black sheep? They're a whole flock.
- But it's in Barcelona.
- Yes.
You want to send me to Barcelona? If you want to be rid of me, just say so! - Or maybe you don't love me! - Marga, no, I'm going with you.
I'm going.
My cousin needs an accountant and a seamstress.
I'll be head of accounts.
So what's all this about? I don't understand.
Well, look, it's Marisol doesn't want to leave here.
She says she's not leaving Madrid.
She says life will be impossible back home, that she's an abandoned woman, and she's not going back.
If she doesn't leave, we'll have to go.
- But I can't sew, Pablo.
- It can't be that hard if she can do it.
I thought we could ask her to teach you.
No, Pablo.
I'm not a seamstress.
I'm an operator.
I even did it as a girl on the local switchboard with my mother.
My grandmother was happy when I came to Madrid.
She thought I'd get the job and grow.
I didn't believe her, but she was right.
I've learned how to make it on my own.
I've made friends.
I've met the love of my life.
All my happiness is here.
I'm sorry, Pablo, but I'm not leaving.
Barcelona is so far away.
She should go, not us.
Marga, we're not leaving.
We're not leaving.
Now, get ready.
We'll have to put up with her here.
We won't let her mess up our life.
I'm telling you when she gets stubborn, it hurts here.
And no one is more stubborn than she is.
Look, let me tell you something.
I can be a lot worse than her.
We'll make sure she goes far away.
To the other end of Spain if need be.
There's one thing I really like about you.
Your discretion.
You'd never betray the Cifuenteses, would you? - No, of course not.
- I thought so.
That's why you obeyed Doña Carmen when she asked you to disregard his last wishes.
Don Francisco If you're going to speak, don't lie.
I don't care why you did it.
Just tell me how much it would cost to get the original will back.
Suppose that was the case, and that's supposing a lot why would you think I kept it? An intelligent man wouldn't get rid of a valuable document.
You see I've been running the company for four years and Don Ricardo's wish, as you well know, was that I should continue doing so.
Will you help me get back what's legitimately mine? Doña Carmen is a very determined woman and she won't forget a maneuver like this.
But she's a woman and despite the suffragettes' efforts, this is still a man's world.
Who do you put your money on? I want the poster much higher, where everyone can see it, and the telephones moved to the sides.
Francisco, I need your opinion here.
You still haven't patented the rotary, and you've called the press.
It's our invention.
The patent is just bureaucracy.
But it's necessary.
Without it, this could be dangerous.
You can't do this kind of demonstration without the papers to show it belongs to us.
- Why not wait till the patent's done? - No.
I want Don Jaime to tell the Uribes what the rotary can do.
He postponed his trip to be at the presentation.
Carlos Listen, I'm not asking you to see things like I do.
Just trust me.
When my father died, you said you'd be at my side.
Well, now is the time.
It's true.
We won't agree on everything, neither professionally nor personally.
In fact, these days, we haven't exactly been very close.
But when you congratulated me on my engagement, you were sincere.
Then I understood your reservations about Lidia, and all of your doubts.
You're my big brother.
- You always look out for me.
- When you let me.
You know me.
I'm as stubborn as a mule.
But I know I need you at my side, and nothing will change that.
Not Lidia, not the rotary, nothing.
One more thing.
The lectern LAWYER I, Ricardo Cifuentes What is the right decision? How do you know you're not making a mistake? Sometimes, the best option is to leave everything as it is.
What? Are you sure? Indalecio loves money.
With a large amount on the table, I doubt he'd lie.
We need another plan.
Maybe we should let things take their course.
The girls don't deserve to lose their jobs.
And Carlos does? We've tried everything possible to fix things but you can't have everything.
It's time for you to make a decision.
Do you choose Carlos or the cable girls? You're right.
I can't start a new life with Carlos by lying to him stealing from him.
I'll do all I can to make sure the girls don't lose their jobs.
I appreciate that.
So you won't do anything? I'd love to believe you.
Sofía, my darling! Why did you bring her? She wanted to see you, and you wanted to see her.
Don't look for ulterior motives.
I'm just keeping my part of the deal.
I've got things to do.
There's no hurry.
Come when you want to.
Enjoy yourselves.
- You're offering me a job as a seamstress? - A dressmaker.
It's more respected.
And my cousin Andreu would be your boss.
You've always liked him.
Yes, he's better than other members of your family.
Marisol, you're good at sewing, and you'd never have to go back.
You could make a life in Barcelona.
It's a great city.
It's got a sea breeze.
You've always liked that.
You said so.
- I love it, but it makes my hair frizzy.
- It gives it volume.
I wish I could have curly hair.
What's behind this onslaught of generosity? It's because I I'd like to apologize for all the harm I've done to you, - and I'd like for all of us to be happy.
- Very well.
I accept.
It's better than being publicly shamed.
- Great.
- Mmm-hmm.
I've got my cousin's number here.
I'll give it to you.
Here Wait I think it's I've got it.
Well, you call him.
I hope that all this will help ease any hard feelings.
Pablo of course.
Now that everything's sorted out, I have to run.
- Will you see me out, Pablo? - Yes.
That wasn't so hard, was it? - No, it worked out pretty well.
- Yes.
When she wants to be, Marisol is an angel.
Hello! Excuse me, I want to be an operator here, like you, but I don't know where I can get training.
Could you give me the address of the academy? Yes? Thank you.
Sofía, you'll fall.
Sofía, not so fast.
It's no use.
What did Mario want in exchange for bringing her? - Nothing.
- Nothing? Really, he didn't ask for anything.
He's trying hard to show that he meant it when he said he had good intentions.
Ángeles, don't trust him.
- I'm going back home.
- What? But how can you go back home? It doesn't mean I've forgiven him or that I've forgotten all that happened.
It doesn't mean anything.
- Are you doing it for her? - Yes, of course.
Do you think it will all go back to how it was? I don't know, Carlota.
But don't worry.
I'll be all right.
Sorry, I had something very urgent to sort out.
- Did I miss anything? - No, don't worry.
We're all here now.
Girls, come with me.
We're going to get started.
Can I help you with your things? Don't worry.
I think we can leave this here.
- What are you doing here? - I've come to help.
We don't need your help.
I understand why you're angry, but I need you to listen to me.
If you're not interested in what I have to say I promise I'll never bother you again.
I have a confession to make.
Something that none of you know about me.
When I came to the company, it wasn't to be an operator.
I came to steal.
To steal? Why? The men who were threatening me made me steal for them.
I was supposed to steal the rotary blueprints next.
I owe you a lot, and I'd never forgive myself if I abandoned you.
If I have to choose, it's clear.
I'm going to steal the rotary blueprints.
- It's too late.
The machine's been built.
- But it isn't patented.
Only the person with the patent can build and install it.
If I steal the plans We can be sure that we will keep our jobs.
But Carlos will never forgive you.
Maybe I'll lose him forever.
I don't know.
I'll worry about that later.
If there's a chance you can keep your jobs, I'll do it.
But I'll need your help.
And someone else's.
Miguel, we know you've resigned.
Yes, but that won't change things.
The rotary is being presented tomorrow.
We want to try to stop it from working.
But we can only do that with your help.
You can count on me.
Love is many emotions.
When you fall in love you can discover things about others that you didn't know or things about yourself that show you that you are trapped in the wrong body.
Sometimes the love of your life stops being your friend and becomes your worst enemy.
And you have to stay with him to keep your loved ones safe.
Thank you, honey.
And the security guards? In your office, in the machine room and at the power supply.
Why all the precautions? Are you afraid I might do something? I'm not afraid you will, I know you will.
Ever since you chose him, I know I can't fully trust you.
Two glasses of champagne.
You could have worn something else.
- This is what I am.
- Mother.
If you don't want me beside you, just say so.
Ignore my mother.
You always look beautiful.
- Darling, is something wrong? - No, no.
I just want everything to be perfect.
I have to tell you something.
How we're going to celebrate our success? I couldn't have done it without you.
What's wrong? What is it? Why are you so sad? I'm very nervous.
It's just nerves.
It'll be a total success.
Don't worry.
Let's go.
It's the big moment.
Sir, let go of me.
Can you hear me? It's impossible not to at this volume.
Good evening.
Good evening, everyone.
When my father founded this company, many thought he was insane.
Nothing was further from the truth.
Ricardo Cifuentes was a pioneer, an idealist who dreamed of making Spain a modern, cosmopolitan and advanced country all through the development of telecommunications.
He wasn't interested in the past or the present.
He lived for the future.
- Good evening.
- You can't go in there.
I need to get some papers.
I'm sorry, you can't go in.
Those are orders.
Look, it's not my idea.
The orders came from the top.
- Mr.
Pascual, you can't go in.
- Very well.
Hey! Hey! But in the words of Thomas Edison, the great inventor of our time Leo! "People aren't remembered for the times they fail, but for all the times they succeed.
" - There's a problem.
- What is it? Don Miguel Pascual is trying to get into the machine room.
Have him thrown out! And the operators have left their posts.
Gentlemen, without further delay Without further delay, we will now make a call with the new automatic switchboard, the Rotary 7, which allows you to make calls without human assistance.
- Are you sure nothing was taken? - Absolutely.
The others took him away.
The others? Yes, the other guards.
We had to call them because Hey, listen! I can walk on my own! All right, I'm going! I'll see you again tomorrow.
We'll talk to Don Carlos and see what happens.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future.
What is your name, miss? Cristina Salas, from the women's paper, The Afternoon.
Would you kindly be my personal assistant for this little magic trick? - I'll make it up to you.
- Of course.
Hello? - Can you hear me? - Perfectly.
Abracadabra! How about dinner to thank you for your help? Shit! Lidia.
Lidia! Love or friendship.
At times, I wonder why we have to choose.
Why must they be separated if friendship is simply another kind of love? - Where are they? - Where is what? Where are the blueprints? I don't know.
Carlos must have them.
Where are they, Alba? Alba? Why did he call you Alba?