Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Chapter 9: The Choice

Ooh, oh, oh, yeah [LIDIA.]
Like every new year, everyone set a goal to achieve A personal challenge, something to be improved that he or she hadn't done in the last 12 months.
But these are nothing more than simple New Year’s promises.
Happy New Year! [LIDIA.]
The year 1929 had just begun, and we had the chance to choose how it would get underway.
Would we leave our fates in the hands of justice? Or hide a body to keep enjoying our freedom? Tired of our adoration Honey, what's my destiny? [RUSTLING.]
What was that? Did you hear that? It was probably a rat.
No one's here.
What if someone saw us putting the body in the car? [CARLOTA.]
No one knows anything.
No one saw anything.
Just us.
Our choice was made.
All we could do was wait.
I wanted love the most A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES But it never stays long A notch to my bedpost Pretend they're mine Sundress wrinkled on the floor I'm naked, you're not here no more To keep me warm, keep me warm Crack the door with a trash bin Maybe you will come back in And keep me warm, keep me warm My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound 40 HOURS EARLIER ["THE FIRST NOEL" PLAYING.]
Excuse me! In fields where they lay Keeping their sheep On a cold winter's night Excuse me.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I owe you one.
Seriously, patience and that girl really don't go together.
Lidia! The reports.
Good morning, Mr.
I've got the reports [CARLOTA.]
You should stop and take a breath once in a while.
CHAPTER 9: THE CHOICE I thought you got promoted.
Why aren't you upstairs? Upstairs Of course.
He's upstairs.
Lidia, the reports.
Miss Aguilar.
About time.
Sorry for the delay.
Here's your coffee and the reports you requested on the increase in subscribers thanks to automation.
Your suit is ready, and Miss Millán has been told she has to present you with the best candidate for the job of technical director.
Stop talking.
- I want you to be my pitcher.
- Your what? You don't know baseball? Have you never heard of Babe Ruth? The greatest batter in the world.
Last year, he hit 60 home runs in just one season.
You don't know what that means either.
It means he's from another planet, a total genius.
Arm back, elbow above your shoulder.
But do you know what I like most about Babe? That you wouldn't know it by looking at him.
He's chubby.
His body's too thick and his legs too thin.
It's proof that there can be a champ where you least expect it.
- Now pitch.
- What? Throw the ball.
I want to bat.
Throw it, for God's sake.
I have to go over the reports Shut up and pitch the ball.
- Pitch the ball! - No! This isn't what we agreed to when we negotiated the rotary patent.
You asked me to keep the workers' jobs, to rehire Miss Carlota Rodríguez and the engineer Miguel Pascual, - and you'd get - A position in management.
Isn't that what I did? Aren't you an assistant manager? Don't play dumb with me, please.
Six months.
For six months I've been - All right.
- at it nonstop.
This was supposed to be a promotion, but I've become your trained monkey.
That's enough.
Stop with these delusions of grandeur.
If you want an opportunity, you'll have to find it yourself.
It turns out you're a terrible pitcher.
- It's been a long time.
- Mm-hmm.
Long enough for me to realize how long you'd been deceiving me.
"Errand girl" would've been more appropriate.
I know I hurt you badly.
And I know you won't forgive me for what happened.
But let me show you it's worth taking a chance on us.
I love you more than anyone You only love yourself Alba.
Carlos, please.
Please let me explain.
Let me explain, please.
Why did he call you Alba? Carlos, I didn't No, no, no, no, no.
Are you Alba? Yes or no? So, it's her, huh? The girl at the station you always talked about.
- The love of your life.
- I tried to tell you, I swear.
But you fell in love with her.
I didn't want to hurt you.
I wish I'd never met either of you.
Carlos I love you.
I love you.
I'd really like to believe you, Alba.
- Don't call me that.
- Why not? It's your name.
That's not my name.
My name is Lidia.
- Everything I told you is true.
- I don't care.
I don't care about your name or anything else about you.
Because of you, this company is in the hands of the Uribes.
If you hadn't stolen the rotary, I wouldn't have lost everything.
I'm here to get back what is my family's.
My father gave his life for this company.
I didn't want you to lose the company, but all those people would've been out on the street.
Thank you for thinking of everyone except me.
The new company director.
I'm glad to see you.
Come in.
Come right in.
What's going on? Since when am I not invited to these tête-à-têtes? I demand immediate payment for damages incurred.
You gave me a fright.
Why'd you push me away, Carlota? I didn't know it was Miguel.
Are we going to spend our lives hiding? Don't worry.
She took her time to acknowledge it with me, too.
- And this is different.
- Different? The world won't change unless we change it.
- I think you're being hasty.
- Hasty? I've been telling you for over two months to tell your friends we're in a relationship.
If they truly love you, they'll accept who you are.
You don't understand.
My family I don't give a shit about your family! - What about me? - [MIGUEL.]
Let's calm down.
That's easy for you to say.
You're being so unfair.
If people don't accept you the way you are, they don't love you.
And if you can't accept yourself maybe we should reconsider our relationship.
I don't think this is the time or the place for this.
Miguel's right.
It's getting late.
I'm going back to work.
I’m so sorry you're leaving, Grandma.
Are you sure you can't stay a little longer? Until after New Year's Eve, maybe? No, I have to go.
But before you go, I'd like to treat you and your granddaughter to some delicious cream puffs they make here.
You'll see.
- [MARGA.]
Grandma, you'll be late.
- There's time.
And you love them, Marga.
Then go on, get them.
He's nice, your boyfriend.
- I think he's the one.
- He's the only one.
That's exactly why.
Enjoy, ladies.
Thank you.
Mmm! Delicious.
Mmm! A little small.
You and your sweet tooth.
Here, take mine.
No, no! [GASPS.]
Weren't you going to ask her to marry you before I left? That's what I was going to do, - before you swallowed the ring.
- What? Grandma, we've got a taxi.
Give me a hug.
I’m I'm going, I guess.
Of course, or you'll miss your train.
I didn't say goodbye to your boyfriend properly.
Don't worry.
- Take care.
- I'll say hi to everyone.
- Yes, say hi to Angelines.
- Yes.
- Come on.
- Hello.
- Bye.
- Goodbye! - Take care of yourself.
- You, too.
Deep down, my grandma's a sweetheart, Pablo.
Yes, deep down.
Operator 48.
Good morning.
How can I help you? - [ÁNGELES OVER PHONE.]
Carlota? - Ángeles! I'm so glad.
I've been trying to reach you all morning.
I had to leave the phone off the hook because Mario's at home.
- He's not feeling well.
- It can't go on like this.
Oh, Carlota, what do you want me to do? Mario threatened to take my daughter from me.
I'd rather this than not have her with me.
- I have to go.
- Are you going to the auction tomorrow? - What? The auction the company holds every year to raise money for the foundation.
I forgot all about it.
Ángeles, we really miss you.
Please try to come.
Who were you talking to? It was a wrong number.
- Wrong number? - Yes.
It wasn’t one of your little friends, was it? No.
What you're saying sounds like magic, Mr.
It's called "wireless communication.
" In Australia, they've been using it for years in police cars.
Officers communicate via radio, so they don't need a private phone to pass on reports.
- Look at this.
- No, no I'm truly impressed.
Then you accept the proposal.
This is the future.
And what about the present, Mr.
Cifuentes? Developing this project would cost a lot of money.
And to make a lot of money, what do you need? To make a lot of money you need a lot of customers.
But before that, we need to popularize the telephone, make it accessible so that everyone can have one and wants to have one.
Perhaps I can help you with that, Mr.
Excuse me? I've been thinking for some time about developing a project that would enable everyone to communicate.
I could've used it when I came to the city, and perhaps it's time to bring it to life.
My goodness.
This is a pleasant surprise.
I'd like to show you that I can do more than shine shoes at the front door.
I'm sorry, I think I missed something.
Do you think just anyone can come in and propose a project? No, not just anyone, but both you and I know that Miss Aguilar is not just anyone in this company.
At ten o'clock.
British punctuality, please.
I'll expect you as well, Mr.
Cifuentes, to come with new ideas.
Delicious coffee, Miss Aguilar.
Who do you think you are? Do you think you can waltz in and act like a top executive? No, like the assistant manager that I am.
Haven't you hurt me enough already? I'm sorry if I hurt you.
I'm sorry if you think I used you.
- I want to be with you.
When I'm thinking of you I want the engagement ring back.
What? There's nothing left between us.
- I don't have it with me.
- No? I'll give you until tomorrow at 10:00.
British punctuality.
The light out in me I'm thinking of you And all that we do I love A taxi just brought this for you.
Pablo, I couldn't go back to the village with this burden weighing me down.
What a blow.
The ring inside the envelope is my engagement ring from Eduardo.
Marga always liked it, ever since she was little, and I promised her that one day it'd be hers.
I don't know if it's as pretty as yours, but I know my girl will love it.
- Good luck.
- I'll put you on hold, ma'am.
- What are you doing here? - Shh.
Be quiet.
- We can't do this.
- I have to tell you something.
But, Pablo, I can't just leave Listen, listen I've been trying to tell you something all day and I can't take it anymore.
So, if I have to say it here, then let everyone know! But what, Pablo? Shut your eyes.
Shut them.
Shut them.
- [PABLO.]
Okay, now.
- [MARGA.]
Now? - Yes, now.
- Let's see.
What? Marga - [MARISOL.]
I'm sorry to interrupt.
- Marisol.
Hello, Marisol.
Something happened.
Something very serious.
My father is dying.
What? I'm so sorry, Marisol.
That's why I rushed here from Barcelona.
He's having a life-or-death operation tomorrow.
And I have to ask you one last favor.
Of course, of course.
Whatever you need, tell me.
I need you to go with me to the hospital [PABLO.]
Of course, anything.
and pretend we're still a couple.
What? [MARISOL.]
My father loved you.
And after our breakup I didn't have the chance to tell him It's been over six months.
Right, but I got so wound up.
- How can I tell him now? - [PABLO.]
Don't worry, Marisol.
Count on me.
Count on me.
Well, you see, Don Genaro has been my lifelong teacher.
He taught me everything I know about numbers.
I can't I can't let him down now.
Uh - When's the operation, tomorrow? - Tomorrow.
We're waiting for them to confirm the time.
Well, let me know, and I'll be there.
Don't worry.
- Thank you.
- [PABLO.]
No problem.
Pablo, I don't trust her one bit.
Marga, her father's dying.
Please She'd kill him just to mess with us.
No! Don't joke about this.
- Please.
- All right.
Was there something you wanted to tell me? Nothing.
MANAGEMENT OFFICE Lidia, are you coming to the bar with us? Doña Lola's gone back home for Christmas, so we don't have a curfew.
Don't tell me you're working overtime for Uribe.
On the contrary.
He's given me the opportunity to present a project of my own.
I can't pass up this chance.
There are some loose ends, and I want it to be perfect.
Who knows? It could change the course of my life overnight.
I wish mine could change, too.
- I haven't had a good day, girls.
- Neither have I.
Carlos can't bear to look at me.
He wants me to give the engagement ring back.
They won't get the better of us.
Maybe you should rest.
I'm going to stay longer.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Now I know Exactly why I love you PUBLIC PHONE BOOTHS BY LIDIA AGUILAR Yes, you are everything To me And I go stumbling The world starts crumbling - What are you doing here? - I had a revelation today.
Everything suddenly became clear to me.
I realized that there's someone I hate, even more than you.
Me, Lidia.
I can't stand myself.
I disgust myself.
Do you know why? Because you're still inside me, like a poison.
All these months, I've tried to stop thinking about you and desiring you.
I went to the company because I thought I was cured.
But the worst thing is I feel like I don't know you.
I don't know what's true and what's a lie.
You do know me, Carlos.
Everything we had was real.
If only I could show you I don't even know who you are.
I'll tell you everything about myself.
No more secrets or lies.
And I go stumbling The world starts crumbling I need you now Yes, you are everything Yes, you are everything 'Cause you are everything Yes, you are everything [MAN.]
Extra, extra! New Year's Charity Auction! Extra, extra! Girls, I've got an errand to run.
I'll be right back.
- Now? - It's nothing important.
I'll see you in a bit.
What's he up to? Don't you think he's been mysterious these past two weeks? Do you look at me like that when I walk away? What? I don't know.
You look at him like I look at you with more desire.
See? Nothing happened.
- Good morning.
- [SARA.]
Good morning.
- That was repulsive.
- Excuse me? You and that tart.
You make me gag.
You two are degenerates.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Stay away from my wife.
Don't call her again.
Now do you know what I'm talking about? Never again.
I know you call her every morning.
You're a son of a bitch.
I want you to do something else for me, or tonight after the countdown, I'll share your vile perversion with everyone in the company.
And what do you want? I want your bitch girlfriend to put me forward as the only candidate for the new technical director job.
Since Uribe's been here, she does what she pleases.
I want that job now.
- I hope you die.
- Out of my way.
You only have a few hours.
Sail away up to first you see - What are you doing here? - [CAROLINA.]
I came to talk to you.
Get it through your head.
What you and I had ended months ago.
Three months exactly.
I'm pregnant.
Black and white How do I know it's my kid? [SIGHS.]
Of all the men in the company, I choose the nastiest of all.
What did you expect me to say? "That's great, honey! Don't worry.
I'll leave my wife and my daughter and live with some nobody.
" I don't want a fairy tale with you.
But this child is both of ours.
Fine, Carolina.
How much do you want? What? How much do you want to get rid of it? [LIGHTER CLICKS.]
Mario, I'm not going to terminate this pregnancy.
Do you know what a back-alley abortion means? The risk it entails? You're on your own, then.
Don't count on me.
Well, I'm afraid I am going to count on you.
Especially because I'm out of a job and I'll need money to raise the child.
So it's up to you.
Either give me a hefty sum or I'll cause such a scandal that you'll lose your family and your job, too.
- You've always been a bitch.
- Yes.
You're right about that, but that's what you liked most about me, right? Good morning, Mr.
Miss Aguilar, I apologize.
We had to start early.
The Cifuenteses have to leave soon because of the auction.
Carlos is showing me a fascinating project.
It's telephone booths.
They'd be installed for public use in the main streets of all the big cities, so you can make a call at any time.
I think it's brilliant.
They've been in other countries for years.
It's time for them in Spain.
That was my idea.
You stole my project.
You tricked me last night to steal the idea.
You're a cheat and a traitor! - I don't know what you mean.
- Last night? I won't allow this lack of respect in my presence.
Calm yourself, please, Miss Aguilar.
That's what I'm saying.
A bit of respect and calm.
You'd think we were in a market.
Doña Carmen, wait a moment before pointing the finger.
I personally saw how my son worked all night in order to present this idea to you.
That isn't true.
Not only does she call my son a thief, she dares to call me a liar.
Doña Carmen, for me, it's one person's word against another's.
Uribe, I promise that I [URIBE.]
Just a minute, Carlos.
Now you'll have to prove which of you two is the true creator of the project.
How? By developing it further.
You'll compete to defend your project.
And the winner will become the company director.
That's crazy.
You have time to withdraw, Mr.
In that case, I'll start working immediately with Miss Aguilar.
That's ridiculous.
Please don't take this company's future so lightly.
This young lady is totally incompetent.
You'd be surprised to learn where I come from, Doña Carmen.
Very well.
May the best person win.
Carlos! How could you? - Everything last night - was a lie.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
How could you? Seduce you and then steal from you? Are you really asking me that, Lidia? You're the expert.
If I lose my job, it'll be on your conscience.
I don't care that Francisco now works a car factory.
I won't care if you're fired.
Don't forget this.
You have become a despicable person.
Hey, what are you doing? Our shift isn't over for half an hour.
You're not the boss, newbie.
Mind your own business.
It's my business if I have to stay to fix your shoddy work.
Francisco! Stop! Francisco! [FRANCISCO GROANS.]
That's enough! What were you thinking? Fighting like kids.
Welcome to the real world.
Didn't take you long to get used to the good life.
Why did you come? To find you.
I didn't know you were working here.
In fact, I thought you'd be in Do you realize your return meant the end of my life? Do you realize I ruined my marriage, I lost my brother, my best friend? I gambled on you, and lost everything.
So, tell me why are you here? I have to develop a project for the company.
And I can't do it alone.
I need your experience, your knowledge of the company to compete with Carlos.
Come to the New Year's charity auction tonight.
We can start over again.
I'm very sorry if it's been so terrible to see me again.
I'm sorry.
Hello, Don Mario.
Do you need something? Money, Pablito.
You and me both.
A few bundles like that would sort out your life.
Well, we'll have to work very hard to get one of these.
Pablo, you have to come.
- Hello.
- Hi, sweetheart.
Come on.
It's just a minute.
- Give me a second.
- It can't wait.
- What is it? - Pablo Sara has promoted me for the auction tonight.
Aren't you happy? Yes, of course I am.
But I'm still angry.
Remember we're angry? Yes, and you were right to be.
- I was a witch.
- Yes.
I know that man is important to you and doing this will make you feel better.
That's true.
So I trust you.
Don Mario! Help! - Don Mario! Don Mario! - [MARIO COUGHING.]
Are you all right? [MARIO GROANING.]
I just felt dizzy.
You don't look well.
You need a doctor.
Mario, what happened? I got a call from the company.
What happened? Calm down, ma'am.
You can get dressed.
Sit down, please.
From our analysis, everything points to poisoning.
But given the seriousness of your symptoms, it isn't a one-time thing.
It's possible you've been in contact for some time now, with this toxic product.
Excuse me.
What toxic product? I don't understand.
Well, it happens more often than you think.
Foods can be contaminated through containers if not preserved properly.
Or you've been in contact with a toxic product, like rat poison, insecticide or chemicals.
If after being in contact with one of these products you put your hand to your mouth, you could be poisoned.
I guess that was it.
What do I need to do? We're going to give you oxygen.
But you must change your habits.
The cyanide will leave your blood over time.
But it's very important to check your surroundings so this doesn't keep happening.
And take these vitamins.
They'll help you recover.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
And that's all.
Take care and get better.
When we get home, I'll check everything.
That's fine.
If I could be the one to hold you [LIDIA.]
I'm so sorry that it's been so terrible to see me again.
I bet on you, and I lost everything.
Get out.
You lied to us.
You let them take the company from us and you shatterd my poor daughter's heart, and all for a two-bit thief, for that wretch.
Doña Carmen, nothing happened between Lidia and me.
You have an hour to gather your things.
Elisa is my wife, and this is my home.
You are no longer part of this family.
If you have a shred of honor left, you won't cause us any more grief.
Get out.
Let the water wash over you Break the dam and let the river Let the river flow Let the water wash over you Ladies, not one post is to be left vacant.
If you need to go to the bathroom, have someone ready to take your place.
We can't miss a single call.
Nothing can go wrong tonight.
We have to beat last year's record.
And remember, Marga will be coordinating all the operations.
Good luck, everyone.
Are you all right? Yes, it's just nerves.
Come on, Marga.
Everything will go well.
Everything’s going all wrong.
What are you doing here? Don't be a worrywart.
I'm nervous enough.
Look Come here.
What's going on? - What's going on? - Yes.
I'm missing an entire bundle of bills.
Marga, 5,000 pesetas! It must be a mistake.
You must have miscounted.
It's not a mistake.
I've counted over and over, and it doesn't add up.
All right.
Let's calm down.
I have to concentrate on the auction now.
Just wait until afterwards and we'll count it together.
You'll see, it'll turn up.
No, because I think it was stolen.
- Who would do that? - Don Mario.
You can’t accuse someone without proof.
That’s not how it works! Imagine if they accuse you of theft! I haven't done anything.
Marga, listen.
I saw how he was looking at it.
You have to trust me.
He came up and touched it.
"Pablito, money, money.
" All right, but even if someone took that money, we can't do anything about it now.
So, please, trust me and tomorrow morning, I'll count it with you.
Promise me you won't do anything until then.
Give me a kiss.
Wish me luck.
Good luck, pumpkin! Miss Aguilar.
You look beautiful.
Uribe, I'd like to contribute something to the auction.
- It's a very valuable jewel.
Few women could dream of having such a precious gem.
I'm speechless.
It'll be a pleasure to include it with the other items.
It's a lovely gesture.
I hope you aren't trying to buy my approval, because I'll be merciless with the projects.
Miss Aguilar, you know where everything goes.
Would you be kind enough to put this in a bell jar along with the other items? Of course, Mr.
And tell us its auction number.
We don't want it getting lost on the way.
Doña Carmen, how is your daughter? Much better, thank you.
God willing, she'll be home tomorrow.
I'm delighted.
It looks lovely! Are you feeling better? Yes.
I'm going to the washroom.
Ángeles! Ángeles! This is wonderful! - We've missed you.
- Yes, and I've missed you.
Are you all right? Yes, even better now I'm here.
Carlota, I'm sorry I hung up on you.
Don't worry.
We're here for whatever you need.
Everyone to their posts.
The auction is about to begin.
- We'll see you later.
- Ángeles.
How are you? [ÁNGELES.]
I'm fine.
Um I'll go now.
I don't want to be in the way.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's a great honor for me to host this charity auction once again.
As you all know, the presidency of the company is now held by Mr.
Uribe, whom I want to thank personally tonight for continuing to believe in this foundation which does so much to help widows in this country.
And I thank you for being here tonight and contributing with your donations to this auction.
The pieces we have this year are more valuable than ever before.
So this is a lovely way to start the year.
- And with that, enjoy yourselves and - [BELL RINGS.]
The lines are open.
Let the auction begin.
I need a job That pays with cash in hand I need love, I need life I need a husband or a wife I need to figure out What's going on inside In the air In the air Everything I need is in the air In the air In the air Everything I need is in the air Everything I need is in the air Everything I need is in the air Get me another drink.
We are watching Side by side Some people have fallen Some people have died What are you doing? Through every glass door I can't take it anymore.
He hits me.
He insults me.
He threatens to take my daughter away.
Lidia I have to kill him before he kills me.
This is madness.
Give me hope Give me strength [ÁNGELES BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I've been tired, switching off My life belongs to someone else I've been dreaming I'm something new [GASPS.]
We are elevated Change you We use the same old pride [GLASS SHATTERS.]
- What are you doing? - [LIDIA.]
I'm sorry.
It was an accident.
This is no time for arguments.
You're a bitch.
Give me hope, give me strength Miss Aguilar, are you leaving before we know how much we raised? [CARMEN.]
Thank you, everyone.
Once again, something tells me that this year will be record-breaking.
Yes, indeed.
Here I have the total which amounts to 130,000 pesetas.
- I know Carlos' drink was meant for me.
No, no, no! Mario, no! Thank you, everyone, for your collaboration, but especially the girls because thanks to them, everything went impeccably well.
Ladies, come out and say hello.
Please, I'm begging you! - You're poisoning me! I'm begging you, please! I'm begging you! Since when? I'm begging you, please! - Mario, please! - Since when? Please, Mario, for our daughter! Tell me the truth, or I swear I'll kill you! Tell me the truth! I hate you.
Being with you is like being dead.
Where did he take her? [LIDIA.]
I don't know, but there's no time.
Hurry! [GRUNTING.]
I bid for the ring, as you asked me, Don Carlos.
Remember, no one must know that I was the buyer.
Let go of her! [LIDIA GRUNTING.]
What are you doing here? I've come to help you destroy Lidia.
No! - [YELLS.]
Just minutes into the new year, and the promise of getting away from the dark world to which I'd belonged was already up in smoke.
The challenge would now be greater and the four of us would struggle together to navigate our destiny.
Just for the feeling You've seen the light How it's shining bright, shining down Through the clouds Making everything come alive Making everything wrong feel right Making everything loose feel tight Like the stars in the heavens lined up Like I'm only on the set There's no more feeling like it's over But the only thing that's over I'm no longer standing over I don't know what's the use, the use Maybe they no longer can refuse me 'Cause now I'm taking control And now, tonight I'm getting out, out, out of this place And I'm not falling behind I'll hold the winning trophy At the end of this race I'll be dancing in the rain I'll be drinking champagne! This is my night, and I own it Say yeah