Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e14 Episode Script

All in the Game

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Eamon Murphy, he used a
pen gun to kill my partner.
We're going to see this through,
and I'm going to close this case.
My UC saw Jennings' ring on
Murphy's hand the other night.
You need to be really
careful right now, Ayanna.
Drop the gun and step away.
Cash and a passport? This is a go bag.
Were you gonna try to run on us?
We just need you to
keep O'Meara occupied.
And that'll lead Murphy to our doorstep.
And you're going to kill someone?
I don't have a choice.
Just stay with me, please.
You're the one who told me to step up,
and that's what I'm doing.
By falling for O'Meara?
- Is that
- Michael Amato.
Eamon Murphy?
We gotta go. Come on.
Drop the gun.
My name is Detective Jet Slootmaekers,
Organized Crime Task Force.
Drop the gun, now.
You're not really a cop. Come on.
Drop the gun.
You told me to be honest with you.
I was.
You said you were gonna be honest too.
What the
Get that garbage off the floor.
Seamus, don't do this!
He's not going to get very far.
We know his car, we put out a BOLO,
and we're communicating with
all adjoining departments.
OK, what about the witnesses
that were at the fight?
Did any of them say Jet was hurt?
She was unconscious when
O'Meara put her in the car.
Found this, too.
Jet must have dropped
it in the struggle.
What about O'Meara?
Can we track his phone?
Turned off his location
services almost immediately.
Amato, what about him?
What is being done to get Jet back?
What the hell was that?
You told me I'd be safe in there.
Murphy's going to
blame me for this, now.
- He's going to make me a target.
- Not now.
- It's your fault, by the way.
- Hey, hey.
I knew this plan would never work.
Hey. Put him in the back
until we can get a
uniform to take him home.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
I'm gonna check in with Murphy.
Maybe he'll give us a clue
as to where O'Meara's at.
Just sit there and be quiet.
- What am I, a dog now?
- Someone will come get you.
And then what, huh?
Who's going to protect
me once I'm out of here?
Murphy and his goons are
going to try to kill me, now.
Come on!
You might think I'm going to enjoy this.
You'd be right.
So let me start by saying thank you.
What the hell is going on out here?
Did you do that?
He was being unreasonable.
Where's O'Meara? Is he here?
- Where is he?
- What do you want with him?
We have an agreement, right?
O'Meara is the head of
security of our club.
Now, tonight, I get
a guy coming in there,
shooting the place up,
and O'Meara is kidnapping
one of my dealers.
I'd like some answers.
- Did you say kidnap?
- I did.
Now, O'Meara's your boy.
Where is he?
Get out.
Get out, or I'll make you get out.
- Come on, keep walking.
- OK.
- OK.
- Right over here.
You don't want to do this.
You saved a man's life
tonight, you know that?
That that contract I was supposed
to carry out on Amato.
I couldn't go through
with it, all right?
So I brought him here, actually.
I showed him this pit I dug.
And I said, this is for you.
And then I have your voice in my head,
and I tell him, leave
town, disappear, or else.
And he swears on his life he will.
Then he turns around and does the
same thing you did to me tonight.
God, I just don't know
what it is about me
wanting to trust
people lately, you know?
It means you're a good man.
No, no.
I'm a bad man, who can do
good things if he wants to.
- Then testify against Murphy.
- Oh, what?
One criminal's word against another?
No, no, no.
They'll find a way to
screw me in the end.
If they don't, Murphy will.
You don't know what he's capable of.
Do you know what I'm capable of?
Saying this never happened.
We just took a ride to work out a deal.
Witness protection for you.
Place in Santa Fe.
All you have to do is trust me.
Traffic cams showed O'Meara
run a red not too far from here
and head north.
So we have all resources
headed that way right now.
What did Murphy tell you?
Murphy didn't know where O'Meara was,
but he had an idea about
where he might take someone
if he had a problem.
What does that mean?
He didn't say it directly,
but reading between the lines,
he was talking about a dumping ground.
I told him there was a shooting
and a very public kidnapping.
And, you know, that's bad for business.
So if he wanted me to take
care of O'Meara for him,
I'd be glad to do it.
How far away are you
from Pelham Bay Park?
How far are we from Pelham Bay Park?
- 15 minutes.
- Meet you there.
We're on our way.
Hands up. Hands up, hands up.
I don't want to hurt you.
Step into the room.
OK, take out your handcuffs
and cuff yourself to the chair.
Fooled me again, huh?
Got to give it to you, though.
You are really good at your job.
See O'Meara's car anywhere?
All right. Maybe we
should call a chopper.
- Know you can hear me!
- Spread out, 20 feet apart.
Let's go.
Think you really hurt me back there.
think I'm bleeding,
can't see straight.
I don't think I'm going to
make it out of here, you know.
And even if I do, I'm
a dead man, anyway.
I may as well do it myself.
Put the gun down, Seamus.
'Cause I don't want you to die.
What? So I can help you get Murphy?
Because I care about you.
I never lied about that.
Put the gun down.
- I
- Put the gun down.
- Police!
- Drop your gun!
- Drop your gun!
- Wait, wait, wait!
Wait! Seamus, look at me.
- Seamus
- Jet, move away!
I got this! Stop!
Seamus, put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
I'm sorry.
How's our detective, Doc?
A few cuts, some bruising.
- Overall, though
- She's doing good.
How's O'Meara?
Out of surgery.
He's still critical, but stable.
Just to be safe, I want
to run a few more tests.
I'll be back in 10.
He is expected to pull through, right?
I'm more concerned
about how you're doing.
I'm fine.
My wrist is a little sore,
but other than that
We're not talking about your wrist.
You went through a lot tonight.
It's not going to hit you all at once.
There are people in the department
that you can talk to.
Help you work through what happened.
Mm-hmm. And I've been there.
Do it.
Can I can I just
say something, please?
Thank you.
I tried my best.
And I really wanted Seamus to
I just hope we can still
get Murphy for you, Sarge.
He has to pay for what
he did to Jennings.
What's he doing here?
How is she?
A little banged up,
but she'll be all right.
They're discharging her soon.
That's some good news, for a change.
What else is going on?
You mean, besides a club shooting,
a missing witness, and Teddy
Silas now being a fugitive?
What are you talking about?
Yeah, apparently he got his
hands on a gun at your club,
overpowered an officer,
and then escaped.
Now, do you want me to actually
detail the mountain of crap
that I just had to deal
with at 1PP over this?
He's wearing an ankle bracelet.
- We'll find him.
- Damn right, you will.
And what are you doing?
We got O'Meara. We'll get Murphy.
No. You're going to go find Teddy.
He awake now?
Morning, sunshine.
Ready for round two?
No. Please.
Please, what?
You take a shot at me last night,
now you want something from me?
They're cops.
What's that?
The guys at the bar.
- They're cops.
- What are you talking about?
When I was in the garage,
O'Meara's girlfriend
I heard her say she was a cop.
That whole bar was.
Are you lying to me?
No! No.
She said she was a cop?
I swear.
I swear to God.
If you're lying to me
I'm trying to help you.
But if those were
really cops in that bar,
that will mean I let a bunch
of pigs get the better of me.
You think I'm that stupid?
That's not what I'm saying.
All right. I won't kill you.
Thank you.
Jack, on the other
hand, has his own ideas.
No, no!
Just heard the most disturbing news,
and I need you to tell me it's not true.
Just name your price.
To go to prison?
You can't pay me enough.
You're just letting me
borrow equipment, all right?
You're not going to prison for that.
You've always been one of
my best customers, Mr. Silas.
But I've got a family to consider.
Three kids, right?
My oldest is applying
to college next year.
I don't have time to mess around, OK?
Mateo! Get the bolt cutters.
This damn Department of
Probation log-in isn't working.
They can't just do it on their end
and give us Teddy's location?
The last ping they
sent said he was moving.
But these guys haven't
been very helpful,
so I got to call this tech guy again.
Never should have left the go
bag in the surveillance room
to begin with.
So you're blaming me now?
Why did you put the gun back in?
- There was no safe in there.
- Still.
Sarge was in there, too. I
don't see you talking to her.
I'm just saying, you could have
done something with the gun.
Just drive.
I need to borrow your phone.
Oh, thank you. It's on the wall.
Yeah, just get rid of this.
All right, whatever we
can find to tie to Murphy,
that's what we're looking for.
Somewhere, uh, far away.
Just, uh, no extradition treaty.
I'm at Pristine Motor
Sports, Great Neck.
Great. Just hurry.
Got him. 23rd and Florence.
We just drove past that 10 minutes ago.
So just turn around!
- There's a truck.
- Relax, I got it.
This mean something?
I drew it for him when I was here.
It's just a doodle. It's nothing.
Luis, I'm gonna use your phone again.
Two tickets.
New York, Santa Fe.
One way.
- Did you know about that?
- No.
Uh, think I found something.
It's a pen gun.
Just like the one
that killed my partner.
Signal shows inside.
What the hell took you so long?
Out back.
Police. Drop the crowbar.
Where's Teddy? Is he still here?
I thought you weren't going to make it.
How fast can we get to the airport?
We're not going to the airport.
Little piece of business advice?
When you make a deal with a
criminal to help you escape,
make sure you pay him enough,
so they don't sell you
out to someone like me.
Ballistics is backed up.
If I have a problem with
it, I can call Thurman.
He's not going to be any help.
Have we not gotten
confirmation from Jamie
- or Reyes on Teddy yet?
- No.
We just need ballistics to
match Murphy with Jennings
before we can bring him in.
Maybe not.
We still don't know why O'Meara had
the pen gun at his place.
Got to be some details to
the story that can help.
- Let me ask him.
- No.
You can't speak to O'Meara.
After what you two have been through,
there's too much bias.
The DA wouldn't accept
- anything you got out of him.
- I'm the one who knows him.
I have the relationship with him
Jet, you've been through enough.
You have done enough.
I can still help.
I think she's right.
Jesus, is there anyone left
in Queens that isn't a cop?
How you doing, Seamus?
Well, for being shot at by
four of you, pretty damn good.
Got two in the shoulder, one in the hip.
That means one of us missed you.
Yeah. Was it you?
- Not a chance.
- Hmm.
What were you doing?
You don't strike me as a
suicide-by-cop kind of guy.
I didn't want to hurt her.
That's funny. She said
the same thing about you.
Wait, where'd she go?
- I want to talk to her.
- Yeah.
She wants to talk to
you, too. But she can't.
This is business, between you and me.
We found the pen gun.
- What pen gun?
- We're not doing that.
You know exactly what I'm talking about,
and you know who it belongs to.
Why do you have it?
Why do you have it?
It's my insurance, all right?
What does that mean?
Used to be Eamon's
preferred weapon of choice
to settle things,
before he got that dog.
I just kept it, thinking,
you know, if I ever need to
get out of a jam, or anything.
you're in a jam now.
Only way to prove that is to
tell me everything you know.
I didn't want to help
him, but he forced me to.
Forced you to what? Take all his cash?
That's aiding and
abetting a fugitive, Luis.
How many years is that, minimum?
Like, 10. Without enhancements.
All I know is Mr. Silas came in,
wanted the ankle bracelet removed.
I turned my back.
- He'd already done it.
- Turn around.
- I'm done talking to you.
- No, no, no. Wait.
If you're just going to lie
to us, you're going in now,
and we'll let the DA
decide how to handle it.
OK. OK. Yeah, he paid me.
But I didn't cut it off.
He did it himself, I swear.
And then he used the
phone to call somebody.
And then a van came and picked him up,
right before you guys got here.
Do you have security cams?
Freeze it.
Is that
Can you zoom in?
Teddy's ride was Eamon Murphy?
- What do you want to know?
- What do you want to know?
I'll tell you everything.
I have no allegiance
to the cops, all right?
Not after what they did to my father.
I'll pay you whatever you want.
I'll pay anything.
There's money offshore.
You just tell me a
number. Tell me a number.
You think I care about money right now?
That that's why you're here?
I got a kid on the
way. I'm gonna be a dad.
Oh, God. Please. You
don't have to do this.
You don't have to do this!
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You can't do this. You still need me.
Eamon, you need me.
- I need you?
- The bar.
The cops collected evidence on you.
I can get that thrown out.
I can testify, on your behalf,
that those cops entrapped you.
I can prove it. But you
need me alive to do it.
Sorry, Teddy.
I'm just not worried about the cops.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Police! Show us your hands.
Police! Show me your hands.
- Don't move!
- Oh, thank God.
- Back up!
- Hey, hey.
- Get over there, now.
- Control that dog,
or I'll shoot both of you. Turn around.
- Back up. Get up.
- Get over here.
Put your hands on that counter, now.
Get your hands behind your back.
I'm sorry, guys.
Sorry for what, getting caught?
What's going to happen to me?
Is it over for me?
I helped you guys out
before, remember that.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one
will be appointed for you.
Have you understood these rights
as I've read them to you?
OK, boy. We'll see.
You should let me.
Hell, no.
I know you.
That is Detective Darryl Jennings.
He was killed on duty 10 years ago.
Do you recognize him?
This is why I'm here?
He's not talking to you.
I am.
Look at the picture.
Yeah, I remember this murder.
Read about it in the paper.
Seem to remember the killer confessed.
Monta Montanero,
I believe was his name.
Montanero recanted his confession.
Said he took the fall
for the real killer
That's a serious accusation.
It's a shame Montanero
can't testify to it.
Or maybe you didn't hear.
Murphy, we know what you did.
- What I did?
- Mm-hmm.
I heard he offed himself.
The same way Epstein offed himself.
See, the thing is, we don't need
Montanero's testimony because
we have something better.
We have the murder weapon.
Not the one you placed at the scene
the real one.
And Ballistics matched
the bullet to the gun.
And we can place that gun in your hands.
You've spent your whole life
getting out of rooms like this,
but not today.
We got you.
You're done.
Not until I've had my phone call.
- Let me have a minute.
- No problem.
Going to make sure we're all set here.
I brought you something.
Hopefully they let you take it with you.
Georgia O'Keeffe.
I got it from your
apartment when I was there.
I like the Black Mesa one.
I I should go.
I don't want you feeling
bad about this, OK?
You know, you didn't do anything wrong.
I did.
Take care of yourself, Seamus.
You all right?
Murphy wasn't scared.
He didn't even flinch.
Well, he has been getting away with it
for over 30 years.
You know, maybe that's how he acts.
I don't think so.
Something's not right.
Why don't we get some rest, huh?
Let's rest up. You've earned it.
What the hell is this?
What's going on? Thurman!
No files will leave this building
- unless we give the OK.
- What are you doing?
What's going on?
Got a call from the chief
detective 15 minutes ago.
The FBI is seizing all OCCB
files related to Eamon Murphy.
What? How can they do that?
We didn't know the FBI
was investigating Murphy.
They aren't.
Murphy's a protected informant.
That's why nobody can touch him.
Oh, the FBI is protecting Murphy?
I'm calling the DA.
We got Murphy dead to
rights for Jennings' murder.
Ayanna, I told them that!
Oh, and they're still letting him go?
- They have no choice.
- He killed a cop.
- Does that not matter?
- Of course it matters.
But whatever Murphy's giving the FBI,
it matters more.
- Is that a photo of Jennings?
- Yeah, looks like it.
- Sorry. Nobody can touch him.
- Hey. No. No!
- Ayanna
- This is mine! Thank you.
Ayanna. Ayanna.
- These are my personal
- I understand.
Let's not make it worse.
OK? Let's not make it worse. Come on.
There's nothing we can
do. Let them do their job.
I'm sorry.
I just figured it out
why I recognized you.
It was bothering me the
whole time I was in there.
You were his partner.
I remember your face now,
seeing you in the
neighborhood after the murder,
trying to put the pieces together.
Shame what happened to him.
Was thinking I'd go visit his grave,
maybe pay my respects,
have my dog pee on it.
Who are you? You got to get out of here.
- Where's your boss?
- There is no boss.
- You got to go.
- I want to see Murphy.
- There's no Murphy here.
- Hey, Murphy!
I reckon your ears are broken
She's a cop, idiot.
Let her in.
Go take a walk.
Played a good game, Sergeant.
But you should know when to
take your ball and go home.
Detective Jennings' ring, the
one you stole off of him
I want it back.
You want a confession?
I want his ring.
This ring?
Tell you what.
I'll give it to you, but
you got to beg for it.
Come on.
Let me hear you beg.
Good for you.
And more than I can
say for your partner.
You should have heard
him beg for his life,
like a pathetic, mangy dog.
Of course, I shot him anyway.
Don't pull a gun on a man unless
you're willing to pull the trigger.
Who says I won't?
You can't.
You called me.
Told me you wanted to confess.
I came down here, you took a shot at me.
So I did what I had to do.
There's not one shield at the
NYPD that wouldn't believe me.
So do it.
Put down the gun.
He killed him, Elliot.
I know he did.
But this is not how we do this.
- Listen to the man.
- Shut up!
If I let him go, he walks.
Then he walks.
He walks.
How'd you know I was going to be here?
I just had a feeling
when you walked out.
If Jennings would've saw
what I did in there
He would have been proud of you.
- You walked away.
- Yeah, because of you.
Well, you walked away.
I just wanted this so bad, Elliot.
I know you did.
Look, you want to keep
going after Murphy,
I'll be right there with you.
I'll always have your back.
I was so close to pulling
that trigger back there.
That scares me.
I don't never want to
be that close again.
I just I got to find
a way to let this go.
You will.
You will.
Ugh! Come on! You serious with this?
Hurry up. Let's get out of here.
Doctor will be with you shortly.
Hey, hey, hey! Yo! I
already saw the doctor!
Eamon Murphy sends his regards.
Oh, no, no, no. Come on, hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Help! Help!
You're here early.
Just catching up.
Thurman called me.
Seamus O'Meara was killed last night.
Fight with another inmate.
Apparently, O'Meara started it.
How can he fight if he
can't even get out of bed?
I'm sorry.
I just wanted you to hear it from me.
So that's it?
You know, it just goes away?
We did our job. That's all we can do.
Seamus died for nothing.
O'Meara proved that
Murphy killed my partner.
That is everything.
No one's ever going to know that!
We do.
And you're telling me
that that's enough for you?
I'm telling you it has to be.
Easy, easy, easy. That's it.
That's it.
Want to tell me what you're doing here?
Taking in the scenery.
Watching me.
Why would I be doing that?
You're immune to investigation.
Must bother you.
What's that?
All that work you put in,
trying to take me down,
and all I had to do
was make a phone call.
You are the FBI's little bitch.
Valuable man.
You'd be smart not to forget that.
Yeah, well,
you'd be smart not to
forget that one day,
that won't be true.
One day, you won't have that protection.
And then you know what's
going to happen to you.
Only question is, who's going to do it?
Scumbag like you, it could be anyone.
Even me.
Watch your back.
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