Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e15 Episode Script

The Wild and the Innocent

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Uh, it's a couple more doors down.
That's okay. We can walk.
That dinner was amazing.
Thank you.
Dessert was my favorite.
- You wouldn't take it back.
- Are you kidding?
I love you.
And you asked my dad for his permission.
I can't tell you
how much that means to me.
I was so nervous.
But he said you make her so happy.
Just make sure you take care of her.
You do, baby.
I can't wait to spend the
rest of my life with you.
Wake up, Cal.
Calvin. Calvin
No! No
- Come on!
- No! Let me go!
Cal! Let me go!
Get in there!
- Calvin!
- Go, go!
You want the good news
first or the bad news?
Oh, there's good news?
A witness from across the street
gave us a partial
description of our shooter,
not a physical description,
but a patch on a vest.
Cursed Crew.
The motorcycle club.
That's why we were called.
Yeah. Ongoing criminal organization
that traffics guns and drugs.
Fits our agenda.
I just don't think we
have time for this case.
Six 9 mil, full metal jacket casings.
They really unloaded on this guy.
And this belonged to the missing female.
And this is the bad news.
Van pulls up after the shooting.
Two men hop out, kidnap her.
Janelle Carver.
They were just coming home from dinner.
You okay? What's up?
- Has the family been notified?
- No.
I'll reach out to homicide.
No, I'll, uh let me handle it.
Okay. You ready?
Somebody's outside.
Go, go.
You're in the wrong place, brother.
What do you want? Why are you here?
- Get outta here, man!
- I need to talk to David.
There ain't no David here.
Hey! What the hell's going on?
You know this guy?
We served together. Now he's a cop.
What are you doing here?
We need to talk.
I don't see you for, what, 25 years.
Now you wanna talk to me? What is this?
Somewhere in private.
We're just starting to piece
together the details.
- What do you know?
- Not much.
But we've got a witness
who gave us a lead.
Mentioned something about
members of a motorcycle club.
The Cursed Crew has got my daughter?
We're just starting the investigation.
Yeah, well, don't bother.
- I'll take care of it.
- Now, David
They kidnapped my daughter
and they gunned down her fiancé.
If you're looking to get
into a war with a rival gang,
then no one is safe.
Now, I can make this a
priority with my task force,
but I need a little information
from you so that I can help.
You want me to help you again.
I'm doing my job.
But you're a fellow Marine.
That counts for something.
You haven't changed.
Always trying to save the world.
That's what almost
got you killed in Kuwait.
Good initiative, bad judgment.
Right, Marine?
I just wanna make sure
that no one else gets hurt,
including you.
- That sounds like a threat.
- It's not.
If it were my daughter,
I'd feel the exact same way.
Trust me.
But if things go south here,
you'll be the first person I lock up.
Well, thanks for the heads up.
You do it your way, I'll do it my way.
Our kidnap victim, Janelle Carver,
is the daughter of David Carver,
president of the Sons of Sin
Motorcycle Club.
Witness at the scene
identified the men who took her
as wearing these.
Kidnapping the daughter
of a rival club's president
after murdering her fiancé? Wow.
They're trying to take us
out for good this time,
so we show them no mercy.
Where do you wanna start?
It's about where we're gonna finish.
We know what motivated this?
Peter Grimes, our main suspect,
president of the Cursed Crew.
If you want something
that'll keep you up at night,
try reading his rap sheet like I did.
And now under his leadership,
the crew has forged
strong ties with the cartels.
They run dope up from Mexico.
Who operates out of Bayside?
Well, normally, right
now they're laying low.
They know we'll be out looking for them
so we turn over every rock
until we find one of those roaches.
Then we take 'em out, right?
An eye for an eye.
We don't have enough for a warrant yet.
And if we bust into the clubhouse
and Janelle's not there,
we might not ever be able to find her.
You and Carver what's the connection?
We served together.
This cop Stabler, you and
him go way back, huh?
I was his platoon leader in the Corps.
He's not gonna be a problem, is he?
Could Carver be a problem for us?
He's got multiple assault
and weapons charges.
Can we really trust him to help out?
Once upon a time,
I trusted him with my life.
So let's get to work.
Elliot, my office.
That was a great debriefing.
Now what's the real one?
Look, we just went through
this with Jennings.
Friend to friend.
January '91, company was deployed
to Ahmad al-Jaber Air Base, Kuwait.
Desert Shield
had turned into Desert Storm.
Call it a firefight.
I was pinned down, out of ammo,
and Carver broke ranks and
Saved my life.
So you feel like you owe him.
I guess.
Just looked through a list
of unknowns for Cursed Crew.
Think I may have found
someone that can help us.
Carver's out looking for us.
Yeah. I heard that, too.
You chamber a round.
Nobody we don't know
makes it through that door.
You got it.
You awake?
It'll all be over soon. Relax.
My father's gonna kill you.
You know that, right?
It's not like he hasn't tried before.
Why am I here?
Why did you kill him?
Your father has something that I want.
And now I have something that he wants.
If he decides to work
with me, you are free.
But if he doesn't
I'm hungry.
Mac is here.
Get her a sandwich or something.
- Where the hell have you been?
- Sorry.
I was keeping the limit in case
I need you to ride up
to Washington Heights.
Tell Marco we are back in business
and to get the dope ready.
I should have what he's asking for soon.
Carver already agreed?
Not yet, but he will.
I don't know what to tell you guys.
I'm just a prospect for Cursed Crew.
Until I'm patched in,
I'm no good to you.
So we done?
I don't know. Are we done, man?
- He's just a prospect.
- Will you chill out?
What kind of errands did you do?
You restock the bar?
Made runs for him, you know?
What kinda runs?
Pick up packages, that kinda stuff.
What was in the packages?
You're making me uncomfortable now.
You're uncomfortable now?
You pleaded no contest
to stealing license plates,
and now you're uncomfortable, kid?
You have no idea how in over
your head you are right now.
What are you saying?
He's saying you're a prospect in a crew
that's being investigated
for a murder-kidnapping.
A DMV charge I can make go away.
That's easy. But conspiracy to murder,
which makes you an
accessory to murder
I wasn't a part of any murder.
Hey, look, prospect or not,
you're part of the club, right?
Do you really wanna leave
that in the hands of the DA?
Now you get it?
What do you want?
Just an address.
Cursed Crew's gotta have a safe house,
a place where they do business.
Where is it?
I can't rat out my crew.
Then you're looking
at accessory to murder.
So I'd rethink that answer.
Do it.
Let's get outta here.
Hey there.
How you feelin'?
You don't wanna do this.
Do what?
I don't know where she is. I swear.
You bastards kidnapped my daughter,
and you want me to believe
you don't know where she is right now?
I don't. I swear.
You're lying!
They'll kill her.
Grimes is crazy.
You can't do this or she's dead, please.
They already killed her fiancé.
Just let me do it.
Listen, son.
I don't want this to happen to you.
I don't.
You see, I've seen
innocent people die in war,
and it's it's truly a tragedy.
it has to happen
so the bigger mission can be achieved.
Now if you do know something,
I'll let you live.
I'm not an evil man.
I just want my daughter back.
Just tell me
Where is she?
Where is she?
This the spot?
I think your boy mighta been playing us.
He didn't say it was
gonna be an actual house.
Yeah. But where you gonna
keep Janelle around here?
Grab the slim jim. Try the other door.
That's some serious firepower.
And a drop van.
I guess the Cursed Crew doesn't deliver.
They expect their customers
to pick up their merchandise.
Police! Show us your hands.
- Whoa, whoa!
Hold on, hold on!
We're ATF.
Show us badges.
You first.
Holster your guns.
What the hell are you guys doing here?
We've had five federal agents
shot in the last six months
by 3D printed guns.
We traced the Los Toros cartel.
This is a Cursed Crew drop,
but these AKs aren't
what we're lookin' for.
Los Toros gets the guns
from a supplier in the U.S.,
which we traced to the Cursed Crew.
We got intel the exchange
was happening here,
but it was supposed to be two days ago.
Kept staking out the place,
hoping they change the time.
Then you guys pulled up.
We're chasing down a kidnapping.
Thought she might be here.
- Cursed Crew did a kidnapping?
- Yeah.
The head of a rival gang's daughter.
Biker gangs don't usually
do kidnappings.
- It's a cartel's M.O.
- Yeah.
Maybe Janelle's kidnapping
is tied to the guns.
Okay. How?
Are you selling guns to Grimes?
Who told you that?
Well, something had to
have happened for Grimes
to take Janelle like that.
Just tell me the truth
so I can finally help you.
All you gotta do is be honest with me.
Come with me.
Grimes offered me a ton of money.
200 guns he knew I could get.
I actually thought
it'd be good business,
working with a rival club.
Then I found out he was selling
'em back to the cartel.
Los Toros.
So what happened? He wanted more money?
Los Toros keeps
a hit list of federal agents
they wanna take out.
One of those guys used to be Marines.
I couldn't be a part of that.
Guess I'm getting soft in my old age.
I could throw a rock
anywhere in the tri-state area
and hit about a dozen
black market gun suppliers.
What makes your supplier so special
that Grimes would kidnap your daughter
to ensure that the deal goes down?
Look, you're already looking
at five felonies.
Another one's not gonna change my mind.
He's not a supplier.
What do you mean, he's not a supplier?
What does that mean?
He's a gun maker.
Ever see a 3D printed
ghost gun like that?
- Who is he?
- That's the problem.
We've never met face to face,
just through dark web contacts.
Guy's a total ghost himself.
Otherwise I'd give Grimes his
guns, get my daughter back.
Sarge, I need you and
Jet to give me a hand
in tracking someone down.
Whoever made this,
the guy's a Rembrandt.
Rembrandt was a painter.
You mean Michelangelo, the sculptor.
Of course. That's dumb.
Well, we're trying to
track down who made it.
What can you tell us?
What you're seeing here is a top shelf
3D fused filament fabrication
of an illegal weapon using
unique encrypted blueprints.
And where does one get blueprints
for something like this?
Underground markets
on the dark web. Right?
Makes it almost
impossible to trace a gun
back to its original coder.
So our builder could be
a kid in his mom's garage
with a 3D printer.
It'd be a bit more of
a sophisticated operation.
See, typically, a plastic gun
has an extremely short shelf life.
They break under the force
of a bullet being fired.
But whoever made this
Found a way around that
because of the strength
of its unique geometry.
Which makes him Michelangelo.
Means they're a genius,
like way above your average criminal.
If he's that good, he might
want credit for his work.
Can we check social media,
online forums,
something like that?
If they were dumb enough
to advertise, sure,
but we don't have that kind of time.
You could try to find out
who supplied the gun's polymer.
Because that's unique?
Then we match any sales
records to 3D printers
sold in the tri-state.
If our coder's quota went up
after making a deal,
and we get lucky?
I would love it if we got lucky
- Because I mean
- Okay, Bruce.
- Thank you for your help.
- Yeah.
All right. Any time.
Okay. So tracking polymer
and 3D printer sales sounds good,
but where do we start?
Go up to my desk. I need your help.
Reyes and I are at the helm.
Okay. Press the spacebar
on the far right keyboard.
Done. It's asking for your password.
Take me off speaker.
Are you for real?
Just do it.
- You're back on speaker.
- Good.
Reyes, type in the
following search code.
- Why can't I?
- Because I'm not sure
you have opposable thumbs. Reyes.
Yeah. Yep, yep, yep.
Go for Reyes.
Star, star, dollar sign, asterisk,
asterisk, dot, ampersand.
Uh whoa.
What did I just hack into?
This doesn't look good?
Relax. Feds look at us,
and I look at them.
In the search box, enter
3D gun printer sales.
You should see a submenu
with merchant codes
and delivery points.
I only care about big sales
in the tri-state.
You're good.
150 3D printers were shipped
to an address in Queens
last fall. You got a pen?
No. I got a brain.
And Whelan, if you repeat my password
to literally anyone, I will haunt you.
You sure this is the place?
It's the address on the order form.
And those are ghost guns.
Don't move.
Yeah, I'd run too if I built a gun
used in a capital murder.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
- Right.
Because most people who
have done nothing wrong
run from police.
You're police?
You're the expert.
This look real to you?
Julius, there's a lotta
people looking for you.
I can see why you would hide.
Making guns for criminals
is dangerous work.
I don't make guns. I make art pieces.
What they do with them
is none of my business.
Well, we counted 200
of your little art pieces
in your shop in New York State
where we consider them guns.
That's 12 years minimum
unless you want to give us a hand.
Hand with what?
Read and sign this
if you're willing to cooperate.
Phase one complete. Now you're up.
We found your gun maker and we the guns.
Yeah. And?
Now we deal for Janelle.
I need you to call Grimes,
tell him you're ready to trade,
and I'll take it from there.
So I'm working with NYPD now?
In exchange for leniency. Yeah.
So I get my daughter back
and still go to jail.
You know, I thought about getting out,
the club, the life.
When Janelle told me she
was serious with a guy,
she could see them having kids,
I thought, what's my grandkid
gonna think of me?
What kind of example would I be setting?
It's just who I am.
Well, it's not who I see.
You never were
a good judge of character.
Between nature and nurture,
nature always wins.
I don't see it that way.
You just have to want to
never give up the fight.
Maybe if you did,
you'd be a lot happier.
Los Toros.
Should we gear up?
I got good news this time.
Marco, mi hermano,
you never answered my calls.
Where are my guns?
I just gotta pick 'em up.
And what about my interest?
200 guns was three days ago.
You made me wait.
Delay wasn't my fault.
You think I care?
You make it right, now,
or the next visit won't be so friendly.
So we'll bring you more guns.
All the guns you could ever need.
How you gonna do that?
I don't ask you how you
do your business, do I?
You trying to screw me?
I mean, Marco,
if I wanted to,
you wouldn't see me coming.
I'll be in touch.
Find a new chair, friend.
Carver's not coming.
Coming for what?
I'm here on his behalf.
Yeah, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Carver doesn't trust you either,
so that's why I'm here,
for his daughter,
with 200 guns, here to make the deal.
Well, that's not the deal anymore.
You're gonna give me my guns
and then you're gonna
bring me the gun maker.
I've never met the guy. I can't do that.
Of course you can.
Put her on.
Please, please, please, please, please.
Give me what I want,
or you can sit there and watch her die.
Or maybe you can die.
Grimes doesn't just want the guns.
He wants Julius, too.
- We can't give him that.
- Well, if we want Janelle,
we have to at the very least
set up the exchange.
There's no way Julius
is gonna go for that.
Who says it has to be Julius?
I mean, this guy made sure his
buyers didn't know who he was.
Let's use that. I go in as Julius.
It's one variable we control.
Can we get confirmation that
Grimes has never met this guy?
Well, if we let that hit the street,
it might blow things up.
Okay. So you go in as Julius.
He knows you're not Julius.
I'm taking a risk. I get that.
But I'd do it for you
if that works right now.
No. I don't like it,
Especially when we're handing
over untraceable weapons.
This is Grimes.
I mean, he's not gonna hand over Janelle
unless he sees what he asks for.
And they do exist right now.
We are not bringing
200 working ghost guns
to a hostage deal.
They're 3D printed guns.
If we can make it
so they can't be traced,
we can make it so they can't be fired.
Uh, hey, Jet.
You do any coding?
Uh, sure, but I'm kind of bad.
Bad coder is just what I need.
Remember the only thing to alter
is to make sure these new
guns can't fire a live round.
They still gotta look exactly the same.
I'm neutralizing the fire pin.
Any way you can fuse it to the bolt?
That's smart.
That's smart.
That should do it I think.
Let's load it in the
printer, have a look.
Not bad at all, Bruce.
- You two set?
- Ready.
We're set down here.
Let's just remember not to
move in until we got Janelle.
All right?
Service in Bridge Plaza sucks.
Give me a sec. I'll fix it.
Which camera isn't working?
The money shot.
Reyes, you good? We don't
have eyes on the meet.
Copy that. No worries.
I got a clear line of sight of the drop.
Shame it had to come to this.
Everything's gonna
be all right, sweetheart.
- Dad, I
- Wait.
Where are my guns?
You must be my gunman.
Julius Hayes.
I trust there was
no issues with my order.
200 pristine, nontraceable
3D polymer 9 millimeters.
Show them to me.
You got it.
All right.
So far so good over here.
All right. You got what you came for.
- Let's wrap this thing up.
- Why?
You got someplace you gotta be?
What are you doing?
Hey, guys. We got a
bogey SUV rolling in.
Stay in cover.
Nobody moves until
we know what's happening.
Who the hell is this?
You know, I realized something, Grimes.
What do I need you for if I got him?
Tell your guys to put
the crates in my vehicle.
You little bitch.
Yeah. What are you gonna do about it?
Okay. Hey, guys. Go ahead.
Janelle! Janelle! Janelle!
Shut up.
Reyes, he's headed
toward the southwest gate.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Don't lose him.
Left, left, left
Son of a bitch.
Come on. Get outta the way.
Get outta the way!
Hey, where you going
He's doubling back.
Let's go.
- No!
- Come on!
You all right? You okay?
David! David, don't do it!
That gets you nothing.
There's no need, David.
We've won. Hey!
Listen to me. We've won.
Janelle is safe. We've got him.
And you know what the
right thing to do is.
You know what the right thing is.
Go on. Go on.
Just back off.
Take good care of her.
I'll take you down to
the precinct for processing.
Yeah. I get it.
Look, time comes you
need a character witness,
I'm there for you.
I'm looking for less time, not more.
You saved her.
We both did.
We're even now.
I'll check on her for you, huh?
Thanks, brother.
I didn't call because I knew you were
gonna say you were fine.
I am fine.
Okay. You're fine.
Can I come in?
We spent a lot of time together
when we both came back home.
Then I went to the Academy, and
- I didn't hear from him anymore.
- Hmm.
I reached out, but he wouldn't answer.
And I would hear things, you know,
like he got pinched
for larceny or drugs.
You know, it was always
small-time stuff, but
I knew where it was headed.
And there was one night he was
in the drunk tank, bar fight.
I'm a cop by now.
And I said, David,
please let me help you.
And he looked at me like I
had just spit in his face.
He started yelling and cursing at me,
screaming you're not my brother anymore.
And I just said to him, look,
my number won't be changing.
But if your mind does, you just
you call me, man.
But that was the last time we spoke.
Well, it sounds like you
did the best you could do.
You know what they
teach you in the Corps?
Never leave a man behind.
And his daughter is still
alive because you didn't.
That counts for something.
To brothers.
To friends.
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