Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e16 Episode Script


In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Hey, give me a hand.
Hey, man, I I don't think
Jet's all into the surprise stuff.
She's gonna love it.
You remember when you made
second grade detective, right?
Yeah, my wife was eight months pregnant.
She made spaghetti, and we
fell asleep on the couch.
Too low.
Hey, what'd you do when you made second?
Got two beers and a meatball hero
and went to my father's gravesite.
You guys wanna scope out
your hiding places now
so we won't have to
scramble when she gets here?
It's time for you to have kids, bro.
- Thurman here?
- No.
- Sergeant.
- Hey.
You still coming? You on your way?
What, to Jet's surprise thing?
Of course I'm coming.
Okay, well, we're about to start.
I thought you said it wasn't until 2:00.
[SIGHS] You didn't get my text?
I've been on the phone
with the brass all morning.
- What text?
- She's coming in early.
Oh, hang on.
How's Mr. Class President?
I'm still stumping for votes
since student council, it seems.
You remember my wife, Jennifer.
Ah, the brains behind the campaign.
- Of course.
- Mm-hmm.
You you ready to nail this?
Oh, he was practicing
his speech all night.
Because she kept making changes.
First impressions are
everything, am I right?
Saying you're gonna be tough on crime,
take down the gangs in
Chinatown you have my vote.
We should head down,
practice at the mics.
- Mm.
- See you down there?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, this thing hasn't even started yet.
We're gonna have to reschedule.
- She's coming.
- Okay.
I don't think we're
gonna be able to do that.
- ALL: Surprise!
- Oh, my God!
- Hey, hey!
- Yeah!
What is this?
This is all for you,
Detective Second Grade.
- Seriously?
- You earned it.
Jet, look in the camera.
- Come on.
- Put that away.
- I'm not kidding.
Thank you.
Hey, Inspector Thurman wants
to say something to you.
Hey, you still there?
Detective Slootmaekers, DI Thurman.
Listen, I wanted to be there in person
since I'm the one responsible
for making this happen.
But since I can't be,
let me say on behalf
of the entire department
Thurman, what's going on?
Get down here right now.
I was in the green room
when I heard the shots.
Time I got to Lee and Jennifer,
the shooter was running
out through the kitchen.
You gotta be familiar with a
place to make that your exit.
Bus just got Lee's wife to the hospital.
She took two to the chest.
- How's he doing?
- Shaken, but he wasn't hit.
I gotta get back to
1PP to update the brass
and then stop by the hospital.
Look, these are my friends, okay?
I'm depending on you.
What's Lee's team saying?
Nothing. They're very hesitant to talk.
I tried to speak to the kitchen staff,
but no one was willing
to give a statement,
but I did do a headcount after
getting the employees list.
Looks like one, a Daniel Yao,
left right after the shooting.
Zip on security footage.
What does "zip" mean?
I see plenty of cameras.
Owner told me straight
up he wouldn't cooperate.
- Doesn't trust police.
- We can help with that.
Detective Chang, 4th
Precinct, Community Affairs.
Sorry for the delay.
I'll try and get you
the security footage,
but I'm pretty sure the
cams are just dummies.
We worked a gang robbery
case here a month ago.
Anything to share before we get started?
Just that this is our scene now.
Sergeant Bell, Organized Crime.
Didn't Captain Lin communicate with you?
Look, we're gonna
fare a lot better here.
So you guys wanna go get
some coffee or something?
DI Thurman was here when
the shooting happened.
He called us in.
This is an Organized Crime case.
And this is Chinatown, Sergeant.
Things work a little
differently down here.
I'll let you know what we find.

- Hey, hey.
How the hell did you get in here?
- Can you give us an update?
- Yeah.
Being a decent human
being is still something
to strive for in this world.
Get 'em out of here, will you?
Mr. Lee, I'm Detective Stabler.
From the 4th Precinct?
It's my mother-in-law.
I'm very sorry for what
you're going through, ma'am.
How is she?
She just got out of surgery.
They don't know yet.
[SIGHS] It should have been me.
Look, I know this is a
difficult time for you,
but I need to ask you some questions.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Once I made the gangs a target,
my office received so many threats.
I never thought anything of it.
That's just to be expected, right?
Did you report any of these threats?
Captain Lin at the 4th
Precinct was made well aware.
When I was growing up in
Chinatown, these gangs,
they exploited hardworking people,
my family, Jennifer's family.
We all grew up terrified.
It's the reason we felt so
strongly about taking them on.
What you said earlier
you barely caught a
glimpse of the shooter?
- Did he say anything?
- No.
Do you remember what he was wearing?
Because I have to be
operating under the assumption
that you're still a target, right?
So I'm gonna assign you a
full-time security detail.
No. Jennifer would hate that.
She said our power comes
from our vulnerability,
that we can stand up to
these gangs without guns.
I can guarantee you they
don't feel that way
and neither do I.
Well, frankly, I don't care what
you're feeling right now, Detective.
And you have no idea
what I'm going through.
That's fair enough.
All I can tell you
is that I lost my wife
under similar circumstances.
So with all due respect, how I feel
is exactly what you want right now,
and more pointedly, my job
is to make sure that you're safe.
So much for keeping
things out of the press.
Stephen Lee is a front-runner.
I mean, he's got his own community
NYPD, most of the unions.
Maybe one of his opponents went too far?
Put a hit out on him?
Yeah, but Lee's biggest opposition
isn't another politician.
It's the gangs of Chinatown.
Chinatown has over 20 known
gangs in current operation,
each with a different racket.
Gambling, drug dealing,
and human trafficking.
Probably 20 more we
don't even know about.
Yeah, but the major players
are the Black Tiger Gang,
the Doyers Street Gang, and Snakeheads.
Chinatown has a closed community,
some would even say impenetrable,
so this is gonna be tough.
Where do we start?
4th Precinct's been tracking
the threats to the Lee campaign.
Okay, why don't you three
canvass the neighborhood,
try to find that kid
that fled the scene.
You are police officers?
Yeah. We're looking for Daniel Yao.
He was working at the space
where Jennifer Lee was shot.
Something I said?
So Daniel was working in the space
where the shooting took place.
No, I don't need a bike.
I'm just looking for
a man named Daniel Yao.
I think he lives around here.
All right.
Sarge, we are completely
striking out here.
And that interpreter
hasn't shown up yet.
Yeah, I can check on that.
Meantime, I got Daniel's last known,
so I'll forward it to you.
All right, see if you
have any luck with that.
- Case closed already?
You know, the 4th Precinct
is the oldest station house in the city?
Bit of history for you.
Back in the day, they moved
the front door a few feet over
to the right so an
assassin wouldn't have
a clear shot from the hallway.
I said, "They get this far,
they deserve a clear shot."
So you close my case?
Like I told your
community liaison officer,
we're running point on this.
Mr. Lee mentioned to me that
there had been threats made
against his campaign office.
Did you guys check those out?
Stephen has had a target on his back
since the day he threw his
hat in the ring for this race.
Maybe someone wants to
make good on those threats.
I'll talk to Detective Chang,
make sure she has all
the resources you need,
if you can do one thing for me.
Don't assume you know
how things work here.
What are you doing?
Google Translate.
Don't know why I didn't
think of that before.
Uh, excuse me.
We're looking for
someone named Daniel Yao.
Do you know if he lives here?
Yo, what's your name?

- Stop!
- Nope!
Hands on the wall.
I told you, I don't know anything.
But you work at the space
where Jennifer Lee was shot.
Then why'd you leave right after?
And why'd you run from my detective?
You know what happens to people who talk
to the police in my neighborhood?
Yeah, I do.
But do you know what happens
to people who don't talk
when they've witnessed
an attempted murder?
There's a kid, lives
on my street, right?
He talked to the cops one time.
Next day, they gave him a box
with his mother's tongue in it.
Who's "they"?
Give me a name, and we'll protect you.
No, you can't.
You're already in here.
They're gonna assume you talked.
As soon as you walk out of here,
that's when I can't help you.
The shooter's name is Yeung.
He's a member of the Doyers Street Gang,
biggest gang in Chinatown.
Pull up everything we got on them.
All right.
I can save you some time if you like.
About the Doyers Street Gang?
Sure, but more importantly, about him.
He's lying.

So is this Captain Lin's
idea of an olive branch,
sending you here to tell us that the kid
that ran from the crime
scene, that ran from us,
has nothing credible to say?
No. This visit is all me.
Captain Lin has his methods,
and they're a bit old school,
but I don't work that way.
So what makes you so sure
that Daniel's lying to us?
Better if I show you.
The boy on the left is
Daniel Yao, your suspect.
He was 11 there.
And the other one is Yeung.
The one Daniel said is the gunman.
They were regulars
at a basketball clinic
my wife and I started.
They look pretty tight there.
When the boys got a little older,
Doyers Street Gang recruited Yeung,
lured him with promises
of brotherhood and money.
Unfortunately for Daniel, the
gang forced Yeung to cut old ties.
But I wasn't one of them.
Yeung is my CI.
And I was with him at
the time of the shooting.
So Daniel accusing him what is that?
A beef between the two?
That's more than beef.
Is Daniel with a rival gang?
I'd like to find out.
But you'd have to cut him loose,
then track his movements.
All right.
You guys go give him the good
news and keep an eye on him.
See if there are any outstandings
on the Doyers Street Gang.
Detective, I think we
got off on the wrong foot.
We all want the same thing here.
Basketball clinic?
It was a way to keep
the kids off the streets,
my service to the community.
Well, that's quite a commitment.
Funny thing is,
clinic actually outlasted my marriage.
Now I'm just married to my job.

What up?
Here to see the man.
He expecting you?
But he's gonna wanna see me
'cause I got some news
he's gonna wanna hear
about the shooting.

You have news for me?
To move up, I have to
prove my loyalty, right?
I did that for you today, dai lo.
Cops came around asking questions,
and I told them the Doyers Street Gang
shot Jennifer Lee.
They totally bought it.
Why would you do that?
So they wouldn't come after you.
I'm confused.
Why would they even come after me?
I wasn't there.
Do you think I was there?
Come here.

Beautiful, right?
This one's called a dragon fish.
It's supposed to bring
prosperity and good fortune.
Do you think a fish can do that?
Yeah, me neither.
You want anything in this world,
you have to make it happen yourself
Like you tried today.
Unfortunately, you made a big mistake
not checking with me first.
Don't let him out of your sight.

Jet, see if you can
get an ID on this guy.
Sending a photo now.
We watched Daniel enter this building.
This is the first guy to come out.
Yuze Zhao.
High rank in the Black
Tigers Street Gang.
So Daniel does have gang affiliation.
Oh, jackpot.
There's a warrant out for Yuze's arrest.
Gun charge.
Follow Yuze. See where he goes.
Look for anything else we might need.
Hey, didn't the Feds
bust the Black Tigers
for sex trafficking and
gambling, like, years ago?
It's a new dawn, it's a new day.
There he is.
We're on Doyers Street, right?
Yeah, he's definitely
in enemy territory.

Sarge, we lost him.
I'm here to see Mr. Lee.
Mr. Lee's in a meeting.
Who are you?
He's okay. Let him in.
- Detective Stabler?
- Yes.
Michael Quan, Stephen's
campaign advisor.
Oh, hey. Uh, who are they?
They're not part of my security detail.
- Oh, you weren't notified?
- No.
[SIGHS] We felt that Stephen
would be better suited
with private security.
Plus my men are local.
It's a much better fit for him.
Oh, uh, Stephen's in the back. Come.
So do you have any leads yet, Detective?
Making progress.
Detective Stabler.
I'll call you right back.
I see you've met Michael Quan.
We've known each other,
what, since I was six, seven?
When Stephen's mother and
father came to America,
I helped them find an apartment, a job.
It's what we do. We
take care of our own.
Recently, I was helping
to build Mott Street House.
Uh, it's a woman's shelter
under Jennifer's foundation.
It houses victims of human trafficking.
Stephen, I'm afraid I owe
Detective Stabler an apology
for not informing him of our decision
to replace the security.
Can we speak privately?
If there's any more I can do to help,
- please don't hesitate.
- Thank you.
Michael is one of the community's
most respected businessmen
and my biggest campaign donor.
I hear Jennifer is improving.
It's still touch and go,
but the surgery went well.
How are you doing?
You know how I'm doing.
I looked up what happened to your wife.
What a tragedy.
I'm sorry.
Thank you. No need to be sorry.
It only becomes a real tragedy
if justice isn't served, so.
I think you and Jennifer
would really get along.
Could you give me one second?
- Sure.
- Yeah, Sarge.
What is this?
Somebody put out a reward,
so now everybody in New York City
thinks they know who shot Jennifer Lee.
We have a promising list of leads.
I want your squad to start
tracking them down ASAP.
Let me just ask something here.
When was the last time you heard
of an anonymous donor
ponying up 100 grand,
no strings attached?
What are you getting at here, Detective?
It's just that first, no
one wants to talk to us.
Now all of a sudden,
we're flooded with leads.
It just feels like a smokescreen.
If that's the case, someone is going
to great lengths to distract us.
We can't afford to
leave any stone unturned.
Can't afford to waste time, either.
Captain Lin, I'm not sure
if you've been made aware,
but my team tracked Yuze
Zhao from the Black Tiger Gang
entering Doyers Street
territory recently.
Sure it was Yuze?
Inspector, this is Detective Chang.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Connected with Yeung, my
CI, inside Doyers Street.
Yeah, did you find anything out?
Your team was right.
Yuze made contact with Doyers Street
and has a face-to-face
with their top guy tomorrow.
- And what does all this mean?
- Not sure yet.
So we're gonna need eyes
and ears all over this thing.
My team can manage the crowd out there.
If anything credible
comes across my desk,
I'll let you know.
If one of these gangs is responsible
for coming after the Lees,
I want them taken down.

Looks like we can take
either the N or the R
- to Times Square, honey.
- Thank you.
Want one, babe?
No, thanks, I'm good.
We've got eyes on a male,
fits Kai's description,
head of Doyers Street.

I've got eyes on them as well.
Looks like he's alone.
I got eyes on Yuze too.
He's walking with an unidentified male.
It's Daniel.
Does he see you?
He's looking right at me.
All right, we're moving in.
Hold on. Wait.

We're good.
What's going on?
He's too scared. He's not gonna talk.
Jamie and Jet?
You should be hearing this.
So what's so urgent, huh?
This is Daniel.
He has something to say.
Tell him.
Cops picked me up.
I told them I thought
you guys were the ones
who shot the councilman's wife.
You did what?
I make sure he paid for his mistake.
Why'd you do it in the first place, huh?
It doesn't matter, all right?
We need to stick together right now.
Cops are going to come for
all of us at some point.
Stick together?
We didn't take that shot.
And whoever did missed and got the wife.
So you think they missed, huh?
You wanna do right by me?
Give me the kid.

How do I know he's not
gonna talk again, huh?
If I do that, we good?
Don't get sloppy.
Help! Help! Help!
They're gonna kill me!
Move in. Let's go.
Help! They're gonna kill me!
Go, go, go, go!
Damn it.
Right there. Right there.
Right there. Hands on that rock.
Don't move.
You have quite a résumé.
robbery, possession, human trafficking,
all before you were 21.
I've always been an overachiever.
You're well-connected in Chinatown.
So what can you tell me about the, uh,
the hit on Stephen Lee?
Didn't they shoot his wife?
Who's they?
Whoever pulled the trigger.
He's doing a bad job of flirting.
So whoever shot Ms. Lee
had a pretty good idea of
the layout of that place.
Lot of workers there that day.
But you know, when the
bullets started flying,
only one of those workers ran.
Daniel Yao.
You know Daniel Yao.
Now, did he share with you the
quickest way to exit that place?
Is he serious?
That's why I'm here?
No, he did not.
Can I go now?
No, you can't.
We have an outstanding warrant for you.
In that case,
I would like my lawyer now.
Thank you.

Hey. You're still here.
Just trying to make sense of things,
but I'm running around in circles.
- Okay. Take a break.
Chang is coming up.
She says she has someone for us to meet.
It could be important.
Lily was kidnapped from
Hangzhou when she was 17.
- And put to work.
- Trafficked by Yuze Zhao.
One year later, I become pregnant.
Yuze no more use for me,
so he he kick me out.
She was left homeless
with nowhere to go.
Miss Lee, she saved me.
Mott Street House. She helped me.
I have child, apartment,
job. Miss Lee help me.
I have a life now.
Lily worked hard to get where she is.
She's a patient coordinator
at the Chinatown Community Medical.
- That's really wonderful.
- Congratulations.
- Miss Lee help everybody.
She help all the girls.
Everybody friend to Miss Lee.
Unless you're a trafficker.
Thank you so much, Lily.
Detective Chang, we'll be in touch.
Well, we've been looking
at this thing backwards.
Remember what Yuze said in the park?
"You think they missed?"
Those bullets weren't meant for Stephen.
The real target was Jennifer Lee.
[SCOFFS] What?
No, she wasn't the target.
I was the target.
Everyone loves Jennifer.
She was doing God's work.
She helped countless women
get back on their feet,
people who came here with nothing
and were taken advantage
of in so many ways.
I guess sometimes the reality
is that doing God's work
can get you in trouble.
This person you have in custody,
is there a reason why
they would come after her?
We're still working on that.
It's one of the reasons why I'm here.
I can't I can't do this anymore.
Can't do what?
My wife is in a hospital
with a tube down her throat,
and I'm trying to get votes?
I can't do it.
I'm dropping out of the race.

Sorry, I don't have much time.
We've done our best
to keep things normal
around here without Jennifer.
How can I help?
How involved is Jennifer
in the day-to-day here?
She is the heart and soul of this place.
That's her personal story of
surviving human trafficking
that empowers many of the women
here to rebuild their lives.
We have reason to believe that Jennifer
was the intended target.
Why would anyone wanna kill Jennifer?
That's why we're here.
Did she receive any threats?
We're a shelter for women
fleeing violent situations.
Threats are a norm around here.
Some of them are paying off debts
for being smuggled here by Snakeheads.
Anything or anyone stand out recently?
There was this one woman, Mei.
She stayed here for about a month.
She and Jennifer became very close,
then they had some kind of falling out.
Over what?
Jennifer just said that Mei
was involved with something
at the bank where she worked.
That's all I know.
I never saw Mei again.
Okay, call me when you
get to the hospital.
See if Stephen Lee can give
us anything on Mei Shen.
We'll do the same. Okay.
- Any luck?
- Nothing.
No green card, no driver's license,
no address, no asylum applications.
There is no record of Mei Shen anywhere.
So she's taken from her homeland
and smuggled into New York
Where she's forced to pay off a debt
to her own trafficker
Probably in the neighborhood of $75,000.
Money she'll never be able to pay back.
She's somebody's daughter. Sister.
Now she'll be indentured for life.
Mr. Lee?
I I called your campaign office,
and they said you'd be here.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Um, it's fine.
Yeah, thank you.
Michael suggested I make an announcement
to the press and my supporters.
I'm trying to find the right words.
I'm sure you will.
Thank you. How can I help?
Well, you know, in the
course of our investigation,
the name Mei Shen comes up.
Jennifer ever mention her?
She was a resident at the shelter?
Didn't say there very
long maybe a month or so.
Yeah, Mei Shen.
Yes, I remember Jennifer
talked about her.
She said Mei was in
some kind of trouble,
circumstances forced her to leave.
She say anything about that situation?
Where she might have gone?
Mm, a lot of girls come through there
- and have many problems.
- Sure.
Jennifer didn't get into specifics.
She would never betray a confidence
by revealing personal details.
[SIGHS] Unfortunately, details
is exactly what I need right now.

Guess I am a politician after all.
One text from Jennifer to Mei Shen.
Address in Queens.
He said she's on the third floor.
Her name's Mei Shen.
This gotta be her apartment.
- Oh.
- Call a bus!
Yep. Got it.

According to the shelter,
Mei had been in the States
a couple months. No
visa, no paper trail.
Family back in China?
Well, only Jennifer Lee
can answer that for us.
She was likely smuggled in
and paying off her debts.
No way she was doing that at a bank.
- It must have been a cover.
- Ballistics.
Bullet that killed Mei
Shen matches the markings
on the bullet that hit Jennifer Lee.
Okay, so we have two women gunned down,
one weapon, two gangs beefing,
and a global bank?
I can try to pull together
a list of the bank's clients.
To try and find a pattern.
- Good idea.
Everything all right?
It's a text from Captain Lin.
The 4th is making a move.

- Police! Don't move.
- Stay seated.
Hands on the table!
Police! Drop the weapon.

Thank you for the
stellar work, Captain Lin.
We had an agreement.
You did not loop us in.
Tip came in.
Captain Lin called. We had to act fast.
We recovered the gun from Yuze's office.
His prints are all over it.
Yuze's our shooter.
Hey, we're all on the
same team here, remember?
This is a win for all of us.
Don't worry.
Your squad can take all the credit.
You brought Yuze in.
You have him in custody.
There is one issue
with your victory lap.
We picked up Yuze 24 hours ago.
Clearly, he paid a visit to
Mei before you picked him up.
No. Body was warm.
Blood on the floor fresh.
He couldn't have shot Mei.
Look, we got him.
It's done.
So forget the details.
Just go for the win.
Look, stick around for
the press conference.
I wanna give you guys a
special acknowledgment, yeah?
Have you notified Stephen Lee?
His wife woke up today.
He's staying with her at the hospital.
You buying any of this?
Not for a second.
Chrysanthemums, my favorite.
In Chinese culture, they
symbolize longevity and vitality.
Words to live by.
It's nice to finally meet you, Ms. Lee.
Jennifer, please.
And I can't thank you enough
for all that you've done for us.
Oh, no need for thanks.
We're just happy you're okay.
What's next for you two?
We will find new ways
to serve our community.
My only focus right
now is getting her home.
- Honey, press conference.
- Oh, yes.
Before it starts, we just
have a few questions for you,
if you don't mind.
Regarding Mei Shen.
What about Mei?
I'm really sorry to tell you
this, but Mei was murdered.
What happened? When?
During your recovery.
Now, I'm hoping you'll
be able to help us
figure out who's responsible.
Maybe this isn't a good time.
How can I help?
Well, Mei was staying at your
shelter, and then she left.
Any idea why?
She was indebted to some scary people.
She didn't wanna bring any danger
to the other girls at the shelter.
I begged her to stay.
When she didn't, I asked Michael
to help her get a safe
place outside of Chinatown.
And that would be Michael Quan.
Yeah, he's always been there for us.
It's starting.
The NYPD remains confident
that we will bring
Jennifer Lee's shooter to justice.
As a personal friend
of Mr. and Mrs. Lee's,
I'm here to introduce the
very fine Michael Quan.
Thank you.
Hello, everyone. Um.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee asked me
to speak on their behalf.
Mr. Lee has decided to withdraw
from the race at this time
to focus on his wife's recovery.
I have decided to honor
my friend Stephen Lee
by taking his place in
the race for councilman.
I will be running on the same platform
that Stephen and Jennifer
- have committed their lives to.
Yeah, Jet.
I did a dive into Stephen
Lee's campaign finances.
Contributions were made by an LLC
linked to an international
shipping company.
That company was
implicated two years ago
in a human trafficking
operation out of China.
And you'll never guess who's
on the board of directors.
Michael Quan.
I promise you, I will work
as hard as I can every day.
Jet, let me get back to you.
Yeah. Um, excuse us.
Quan financed Lee's campaign.
All of it with dirty money.
He's the one behind the trafficking.
So he's the one that needed
Jennifer Lee out of the way.
All roads lead to Quan.
Extra security at my home and offices,
and schedule all press
appearances remotely.
Mr. Quan.
Can I have a word with you? In private?
Uh thank you, everyone.
Are you here to endorse my campaign?
No, no, no, I'm here to
make a promise and, uh,
have a heart-to-heart
with you.
About what?
Well, you and I both know
that, uh, you're responsible
for the attempted
murder of Jennifer Lee.
That's the heart-to-heart.
Here's the promise.
You will go down for it.


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