Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e17 Episode Script

Blood Ties

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
- Help!
- Thurman, what's going on?
Get down here right now.
Lee's biggest opposition
isn't another politician.
It's the gangs of Chinatown.
We didn't take that shot,
and whoever did missed and got the wife.
So you think they missed?
Detective Chang.
4th Precinct, Community Affairs.
This is an Organized Crime case.
And this is Chinatown, Sergeant.
I see you've met Michael Quan,
my biggest campaign donor.
Recently, I was helping
to build Mott Street House.
It's Jennifer's foundation.
It houses victims of human trafficking.
I did a dive into Stephen
Lee's campaign finances.
Quan financed Lee's campaign,
all of it with dirty money.
He's the one behind the trafficking.
So he's the one that needed
Jennifer Lee out of the way.
I have decided to honor
my friend Stephen Lee
by taking his place in
the race for councilman.
You and I both know
that you're responsible
for the attempted
murder of Jennifer Lee.
You will go down for it.
Our target is Michael Quan,
business owner, entrepreneur,
and current city council candidate.
Quan's CV reads like the American dream.
1984, he immigrates from Hong Kong
with just enough to open
a store in Chinatown.
40 years later, he owns
half the neighborhood.
Quan's campaign says he built his wealth
creating opportunity for
the people of his community.
Truth is, he got his fortune
from human trafficking.
Quan's victims are kidnapped in China
and smuggled into the U.S.
via shipping containers.
Once they arrive,
they're sold to a network
of business owners in Chinatown.
And the owners give Quan
a kickback for the labor.
Modern-day slavery.
Running for office seems risky.
I mean, doesn't that
open Quan up to exposure?
Well, right now there's a
lot of political pressure
to shut the gangs down.
If that happens, Quan's operation's
gonna be significantly impacted.
And we've all seen the lengths
he'll go to with Jennifer Lee.
That's why he wants on the council.
He wants the power so
that he can neutralize
that threat from the inside.
So how do we nail this guy?
We want to take Quan down, we
have to directly connect him
to the smuggling operation.
We know the gangs do his dirty work.
We don't need his gangs.
- We have his ship.
- Ship?
The "Blue Siren," currently en route
from mainland China and
owned by Michael Quan.
Through a shell company.
Jet got us that through Quan's
financials at China Global.
And Detective Chang's recon
with Border Patrol got us the rest.
And thanks to them, we
know his shipment arrives
via the "Blue Siren" tonight.
So what's the plan?
Pickup at the "Blue Siren."
Where's Enrique?
No idea. I'm just taking his shifts.
He's in.
Let's hope the intel was right.
Uh, "Blue
Siren," 1-2-4-8-4.
Let's go.
- All right.
- Let's load it up.
- Good?
- All set.
Okay, move in on your command, Sarge.
Open the trailer! Now!
Get out! Get out!
What the hell?
What's happening there?
- It's under attack.
- We're on it.
Open the trailer now!
- Get out!
- All right.
- Take it hey!
- Get out!
Take it easy, yo.
Hey, I'm just the driver, man.
Open this now.
All right, take it easy.
Take it easy, take
it easy, take it easy.
- Now!
- Okay.
All right, let me
just get the keys, man.
Let me get the keys. Police.
Drop it.
Drop the bat.
Drop the bat.
Drop the bat.
- Stay there. Stay there.
- Police! Don't move.
Get the people out of
there! I'll get him.
Police, stop. Stop.
Police! Stop! Drop the bat.
Drop get off the fence.
Drop the bat.
Keep your hands right
there. Do not move.
You don't understand.
My my son my son
is in the container.
They're gone.
Where did they go?
Well, there were definitely people here.
So we had the right
boat, wrong drop spot?
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
I got Jet on the phone with
the Coast Guard right now.
You got a cut.
Guy came out of nowhere.
All the way from China,
actually, the Hunan province.
His English is pretty good.
Yeah, he's a schoolteacher.
Name's Wen Shao.
What's he doing here?
He says gangs kidnapped
his son a couple weeks back.
When local authorities wouldn't
help, he hopped on a plane,
came here to try to find him himself.
His name is Bo.
He's only 16.
Can I show you a picture?
My phone is on the seat there.
- Mm-hmm.
- Please look.
I thought he was already
loaded into your truck.
So did we.
I paid a man a lot of
money for information.
He's supposed to be on the boat.
What man?
Who'd you pay?
Do you know who's responsible
for kidnapping your son?
You have to let me go, please.
Well, we can't do that.
What is going to happen to me?
Coast Guard's saying
they found something.
- We gotta go look.
- Is it my son?
Keep an eye on him.
Abandoned life raft.
A local fisherman called
this into our station,
but we got no reason to think
it was deployed from the "Blue Siren."
Well, we do.
We got a dozen people who are
supposed to be on that ship,
and they're nowhere to be found.
How does the Coast Guard not
see a life raft in open water?
High winds, low visibility.
Tough to spot a life raft in those
conditions unless you're looking.
Found a match.
IMO number on the side of the raft
shows it's registered
to the "Blue Siren."
Can I see what you got there?
12 people could fit in that thing, huh?
Looks like it to me.
Hey, Sarge, parking lot surveillance
shows a dozen people coming
up shore about an hour ago.
Looks like they were loaded onto
a moving truck by guys with guns.
All right, tell that Coast Guard captain
we're gonna have some
more questions for him.
Did we get a license on the truck?
No, but it's part of a chain, Excelsior.
We can start there.
- Okay.
- Good.
Let's move, let's move.
Let's go!
Move it, move it. Let's go.
Welcome to America.
This is your new home.
We spent a lot of
money and a lot of time
to get you here to give you
all this new opportunity.
You're welcome.
You're gonna get new
names and new identities.
But that's not cheap.
And this ain't a charity.
You will pay us back.
And we will make sure that you do.
I'm not supposed to be here.
You understand me?
What's your name?
What's your name?
You speak some good English, Bo.
My my father taught me.
He's a teacher.
Please, I wanna go home.
Let's move them out.
Let's get them inspected.
Not him. Leave him in the back.
Yeah, we had a little problem
at the dock with our contact.
What you want me to do?
Wen's story checks out.
- Where is he now?
- We have him in holding.
Three weeks ago, he filed
a missing person's report
on his son with Shaoyang Police.
Where is Shaoyang?
It's about a 700-mile
bus ride to Beijing
and then a 7,000-mile journey
from Beijing to New York.
- Damn.
- Yeah.
I'd do the same thing for my son.
Yeah, but you're a cop.
He's a teacher.
We're fathers.
What you got for me?
Hey, BOLO caught an
abandoned Excelsior truck.
The GPS was turned off, but
I think we found something.
I'm gonna send you a pic.
- Hold on.
- Okay.
Best translation we can find
has it saying, "12 hostages, help."
Okay, I'm looking at
the picture right now.
Find out who rented the truck.
Copy that.
Colin, come in.
Excuse the mess.
They're just fixing some
things up around here.
You heard what happened with the cops?
Yeah, I heard. What did you tell them?
Nothing. I protected you.
Then you did what you were supposed to.
No, you told me all I had
to do was look the other way.
What I did back there,
that was way more than that.
What do you want?
I want double for
protection and discretion.
You're running for office now.
I don't think you want what
I know getting out there.
Would ya?
No, I wouldn't.
Pay the man his fee.
- Yeah, now?
- Yeah. Have no choice now.
Thanks again for all your help.
Hey, hey!
Stabler's chasing down
a lead on Wen's son,
but I don't want us taking
our eyes off of Quan.
If we wanna get him,
our best bet is still
tracking down these victims.
Well, we know once they get here,
they're worked into the system.
And we know it's the gangs who do it.
It'd be great to find out which one.
I may have someone who can find out.
Sarge, I just got off
the phone with Excelsior.
Worth Street's missing a truck.
Okay, grab Jamie and Reyes.
- See if you can trace it.
- Copy.
So where are we headed?
Am I getting out now?
What about my son? Do
you know where he is?
We're working on that,
but, uh, we need your help.
I wanna talk to your
contact, the one who told you
your son was on that ship.
Is he here?
No, he's not here?
No, he's my contact, not yours.
Wen, I wanna help you.
I asked the police for help back home.
They said no.
They said my son ran away.
They know the truth,
but they do nothing.
I'm not them.
Then let me out.
If you give me the name of your contact.
Do you have children?
I do.
Would you trust someone
else to find them?
Wen, we're dealing with
a very dangerous gang.
You're gonna need more
than a baseball bat.
You understand?
Bo was two when we lost his mother.
I would not have made it without him.
He would not have made it without me.
You understand?
You let me out, I
take you to my contact.
Otherwise, I say nothing.
Isabelle, you didn't warn me?
My clients see police
here, they won't come back.
They're gamblers.
I think they're used
to taking their chances.
You're here to ask me something.
Two nights ago, a shipment
came in off the "Blue Siren."
We wanna know who handled the transfer.
It's either Doyers
Street or Black Tiger.
So which is it?
Sorry, I can't help you.
Women and children were on that boat.
They need our help.
Detective Chang says you're
the ears and eyes of this place.
And there are things I choose
not to see for my own safety.
Stay for lunch.
Tell Niko it's on me.
That's all I can offer you.
Well, so much for your CI.
We should have stayed.
We could have at least
got a meal out of it.
Ayanna, that wasn't my CI.
Sister Shu plays both sides.
First thing she's gonna
do is call whoever's
got our victims and tell them the cops
are looking into them.
And whoever that is
will get back to my CIs.
So we'll know which
gang has our victims?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right. That was good.
Give me a heads up next time.
He's never seen your face?
No, we only spoke on the phone.
All right, well, keep your mouth shut
and let me handle this.
Bill Huang?
What is this about?
- Tell me where my son is.
- Who are you?
He's the guy that you talked
to about the "Blue Siren."
I'm the guy who wants to
find out about the operation.
"Blue Siren"?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You lie!
He makes the passports.
That's how he knows.
- You tell me where my son is!
- Wait outside. Wait outside!
That was kind of interesting, huh?
You forge passports?
I don't want to, but gangs make me.
Oh, the gangs make you?
They pick them up, or do you deliver?
What the hell was that back there?
I told you to let me do the talking.
I'm sorry, but it got you an address.
Good teamwork.
Good cop, bad cop.
I apologize.
All right.
Can I show you something?
Bo made his own electric bike
no instructions.
He wants to work with rockets.
I was never good with my hands.
Don't know where he gets it from.
These are mine.
- Five?
- Mm.
How do you get a moment's peace?
We didn't.
God, I miss it every day.
Bo wanted to come to America for school.
I told him no.
I should have let him go.
A father's job is to
protect his children.
I will not stop.
Hey, so the rental
agreement for the truck
used a burner phone, but
we pinged the location
to a building off of Doyers.
On Pell?
How'd you know that?
We got the same address.
How far out are you?
We're already here.
Wait here.
They're guarding something.
Any exigent circumstances here?
Abandoned truck's not gonna do it.
They're not gonna invite us in.
We got a bogey coming in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, is that your
You have my son!
I told him to wait in the car.
- Hey!
- You have my son.
- Drop your weapon!
- Police! Freeze!
Drop your weapon now!
Stay away from the
gun. Get on the ground.
Wen? You got him?
- Yep.
- We got him, go.
Hey, hey, I told you to stay in the car.
My son could be in there.
I'm not staying in the car.
Police. Don't move. Don't move.
Turn around. Get on the ground.
My son's not here.
Excuse me. Captain Lin knows I'm coming.
Andrew, why is my building
being raided by the police?
I'm just getting caught up.
- You don't know?
- About your sweatshop?
Yeah, I told him.
What's he doing here?
Michael, there's some serious claims
about your business right now
undocumented workers, extortion.
Detective Stabler should
get his facts straight.
It's my building but not my business.
If illegal activity was
happening, I was unaware.
We'll see about that.
I'm more than happy to cooperate
and clear this matter
up, but not with him.
Afraid of what else I'll find?
When I'm elected, I'm gonna make sure
that police like you don't
get away with intimidating
my constituents like this.
How's that gonna work with
you under federal indictment?
You hear this? This is harassment.
He said he's going to cooperate.
Let me take it from here.
Yes, sir.
I got work to do, anyway.
Look, Quan's dirty.
He's just smart enough
to shield himself from anything illegal.
So the raid was a bust?
I wouldn't say that.
I mean, those workers were definitely
being held against their will.
Were any of them from the "Siren"?
No, this group was already
worked into the system.
But it does tell us that
we're on the right track.
Wen, do you think any
of them will speak up,
help us find the others?
They can't.
They have families back in China,
families that will get hurt by the gangs
if the people here speak out.
These families, they're
just regular people.
The gangs choose the
ones who can't fight back.
They didn't count on you, did they?
The richer families, they sometimes
can afford the ransom.
But the rest of us
You know, maybe there's
a way to draw Quan out.
Well, what do we have that he wants?
We have Wen offer to buy his son back.
That could work.
Gangs will sell to families.
It's a win-win for them
more money upfront, less hassle.
Set up the buy. We just need the money.
Have you heard back from your CI?
He confirmed Doyers Street has our vics
from the "Blue Siren,"
but he doesn't know where.
Can your CI arrange a buy?
Tell them it's a father
trying to buy back his son,
I don't think they turn it down.
Okay, give us a second.
Okay, from what you told
me he did at the shop
- and the factory
- Mm-hmm.
He hasn't listened to
anything we've told him.
Do you think we can
trust him to do this?
Do we have another option?
I can talk to him again.
I believe he can do it.
I think we need him to do it.
You're late.
I was, uh, taking care
of a problem for you.
You know, I pay your men for protection.
They failed, and now I'm exposed.
My crew messed up.
But I made sure they
learned their lesson.
What about my exposure?
All these eyes on the "Blue Siren,"
the raid at the factory
buyers, they don't like
all this heat on you.
Tell them we're going to great lengths
to protect their anonymity.
You gotta tell 'em that
you'll be at the auction yourself.
Then they'll know it's secure.
I I am not taking risks like that
with this detective poking around.
So let's take care of him.
There may be another way.
Detective Chang knows someone
who has arranged a meeting
with you and the seller.
- Who was it?
- It's an informant.
Someone on the inside of
the Doyers Street Gang.
He has my son?
We don't know exactly how this works
or whether Bo will even be there.
But if Bo's not there,
how can I get him back?
Wen, sit.
Then we take it one step at a time,
but I need you not to lose your cool.
You can't lose control
like you did at the shop.
Then we risk losing him.
It's just
I think of Bo locked
up in a cage somewhere,
and I get upset.
I understand.
Trust me, I understand.
You're a teacher back home, right?
What do you teach?
Biology. Secondary school.
Okay, so you deal with
teenagers all day long.
You need patience, right?
You don't go after 'em
with a baseball bat, do you?
- No.
- Okay.
That's the guy I need.
The one in the classroom.
Because if this exchange goes sideways
and I have to intervene,
we'll lose our shot.
Tell me you can do this.
I can do this.
I don't know exactly how this works.
How what works?
We're just two friends having a meal.
I have your money.
Just chill.
Come on, man.
Yeung may have vouched you,
but you're a stranger to me.
How much is in the bag?
15,000, just like you asked.
Slide it over.
Vacation pics.
Take a look. Tell me your fave.
This is him.
This is my son.
You sure?
No deal.
Kid's special. It changes things.
I already gave you money.
Just keep your voice down, all right?
Now, I can't get you your kid.
He's off limits.
You let me keep this,
I'll get you an invite.
An invite to what?
The auction
Where you can bid on your
kid alongside everybody else.
I am not like everyone else.
And I will do whatever it takes
to get him, you understand?
You want him, he'll be there
long as you have the money.
I'll be in touch with instructions.
And I suggest you follow them
'cause now I know which one's your kid.
- Easy, easy.
- He has my son.
I know he does.
If you want him back,
you've gotta let him go.
Just relax, relax.
All right, everybody
listen up, gather around.
The mission has changed.
It's no longer an exchange.
It's an auction.
A what?
An auction, a human auction.
That's disgusting.
How do these even work?
We don't know much.
It's not the kind of intel that leaks.
So what do we do?
Well, the broker that
met with Wen in the diner
will give him the time and place,
and that's when and
where we'll make our move.
Are we gonna have time to scout?
Not without drawing attention.
We know it'll be secure.
Just how secure is the question.
We need to protect the victims here.
If we rush in with ESU,
things are gonna escalate.
Somebody's gonna get hurt.
That's why Wen should go in first.
He's the one with the invite.
He'll get in there, and he'll
give us the lay of the land.
Do you really think Wen can handle this?
He knows what's at stake if he doesn't
follow orders this time.
Hi, Thurman.
We have a problem.
Human trafficking has
infected our neighborhoods,
our communities, our city,
and it has to stop.
Outside efforts have failed.
It's time we protect our own,
which is why I am donating
$2 million to the 4th Precinct
to open a new task force where together,
we will end the abuse
plaguing the city and
put a stop to this horrific practice.
Because for me
these crimes strike home.
I guess this is what happens
when you rattle the cage.
Quan is a political mastermind.
He said task force. He
trying to push us out?
He's trying to shut us down.
We did hit his boat and his factory.
It was only a matter of
time till he hit back.
How long you think till Captain Lin
and 1PP tell us to back off?
I don't think we wanna wait to find out.
Look, we wanted to catch
Quan's operation in the act.
This auction is our chance.
Good afternoon. I'm Captain Andrew Lin.
It's spelled
Hey, where are you at?
I just saw you on TV.
We're all set.
Time to celebrate.
Quan just donated $2
million to the department.
He's already got the
support of his community.
Now he's got the commissioner
and the chief of
detectives under his thumb.
That's how Quan makes his moves.
He buys everyone's trust,
keeps his enemies close.
That's what he did with
Stephen and Jennifer Lee.
If you're wrong and this comes out,
it'll turn into a firestorm for 1PP.
You understand that?
And if I'm right
and it comes out we did nothing,
how's that gonna look?
Wen's contact has the invite.
He wants to meet in
person to hand it off.
You're leaving this
entire operation on him?
He's our in.
Without him, we don't have access.
Quan's office lodged a formal
complaint after your raid.
I protected you; I won't
be able to do that again.
We don't need protection.
We need the buy money for the auction.
Yeah, and how am I
supposed to justify that?
'Cause as far as I'm concerned,
all you've gotten so far
is an empty shipping container
and a botched exchange.
The exchange got us the invite.
Quan says he wants to stop
human trafficking in Chinatown.
I say we take him at his word.
Look, getting funding for
this operation won't be easy.
He just gave us $2 million, didn't he?
Everyone up! Line up!
Hey, wake him up.
What's going on?
- Heads down, single file.
- Where are we going?
Let's move. Let's move.
Let's go.
Did you get the location?
- I know everything.
- All right, good.
- Let's get you set up.
- Okay.
So let's talk this through.
You're gonna be our eyes
and ears on the inside.
Just tell us everything
you see entrances,
exits, security,
anything that we can use
to keep people safe.
As soon as you have eyes on
the auction, we'll move in.
Where will you will be?
We'll be right behind you.
He's all set.
You ready?
It's time.
Thank you.
I'm here for the event.
Event's in the back. Enjoy your evening.
I'm in.
There's civilians in
there. I don't like it.
Maybe that's the point.
Stabler, what's your read?
Hang on.
Two guards in the back, both armed.
Jamie, Reyes, see if you
can get in from the back.
We're on it.
Hey, Sarge,
I'm looking at Quan's car.
We could get him tonight.
Okay, I need everyone on high alert.
We're not just here for the victims.
We're here for Quan too.
Proceed with caution,
but do not let him leave.
The auction closes at 2:00 a.m.
Yeah, we have a problem.
The auction is here.
All right, let's move in.
Hey, what's up? What's going on?
Move everything out now.
Don't move. Stay with him.
Go, go, go, go, go, go! Go!
NYPD! Nobody move.
Stay where you are. You too.
Hands on the wall.
Hands on the wall now.
Secure these two.
Party's over!
Nobody leaves this room.
Where's Quan?
Go, go! Get in! Let's go!
Let's go.
Hey, police. Get down.
Ah, nope, don't try it.
Nowhere to go.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees! Put
your hands on your head.
Put your hands on your head.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
You're safe.
Drive straight to the airport.
- I said drive.
- I can't.
Someone's pointing a gun at me.
Mr. Quan, where are you off
to in such a hurry tonight?
It doesn't matter. You're under arrest.
Get out of the car, please.
- Friends on the force at 1PP.
- Yeah.
They're not gonna stand for this.
Well, I guess we're gonna have
to find out about that, right?
- Father!
- Bo!
We got his son back against all odds.
Kind of amazing.
What's the status of their return?
Couple of days of interviews
with the Justice Department,
district attorney's office,
and then they'll be on their way.
Da's gonna have their
hands full with Quan.
Yeah, and those wire transfers of his?
That's 15 counts of
trafficking right there.
Mm, I'll celebrate when
there's a conviction.
- Is he always like that?
- Yeah, always, really.
Detective, nice working with you.
We did good work together.
It's too bad it's over.
Now I don't have an excuse to see you.
Well, I don't think we need an excuse.
Get dinner?
Detective, I would like
to introduce you to my son.
Bo, it's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Your father's a great man.
Very stubborn but very brave.
The DA's here.
Wen, if I don't see you
again, take care of yourself.
You, too, and that family of yours.
- You heading back?
- Huh?
We're gonna grab a
bite around the corner.
No, I need to go home.
Thanks, guys.
- All right, rain check?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- See you tomorrow.
So my room hasn't changed.
Yeah, all the dirty clothes are strewn
all over the place like you left 'em.
Ooh. This smells good.
- Mm.
- What is it?
Cacciucco alla Livornese.
It's my recipe.
I created this in Italy.
Here. Have a taste.
- Mmm.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, it's fire.
- Yeah.
Hope you're hungry.
After three months
of dorm food, it's on.
So talk to me. How you doing?
- Good.
- Mm-hmm.
I like my classes.
- Quad-mates are cool.
- Mm-hmm.
When is Grandma and
everyone else getting here?
Tomorrow it'll just
be you and me tonight.
For real?
Yeah, it gives us a chance to catch up.
You know, haven't seen you in a while.
- Yeah. It's been a while.
- Yeah.
Grab the wine.
So let's get to the important stuff.
Seeing anyone?
I have friends. We hang out.
Got a name?
- Rachel.
- Rachel?
She's from Colorado.
- She has red hair
- Mm.
- She's smart
- Good.
- Thinks I'm funny.
- Hey, that's important.
She laughs at your
jokes. That's a big deal.
That's the most important
thing, I would say.
That's good.
She hikes.
Well, nobody's perfect.
I'm glad you're home.
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