Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

To Cop or Not to Cop

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
Okay, dudes, now that you've been made
detectives, it's time for the big test.
Your first
undercover assignment!
I'm retiring in a few days.
The only covers I want to be under
are on my bed.
In a tent.
Perched precariously
on a mountain peak!
Don't worry, sir!
We've got everything we need:
A rubber chicken, snowshoes,
a melon wedger
[Grizzled] Don't be ridiculous, Rooky.
We don't need a melon wedger.
It's a luxury item.
Focus, hombres .
These counterfeit Mrs. Sugar's pies
are flooding the streets
and we need to find the source!
Oh, I love Mrs. Sugar's pies!
The makers of these fake pies
use artificial chocolate.
Artificial chocolate?
Those monsters!
You two have your undercover
stories straight, right?
Yes, we do!
Now, remember, being undercover
is all about teamwork.
And secrecy!
Put on these way discrete
high-tech microphones, yo!
Yeah, very discrete.
You just gotta fool
these low level crook dudes
into giving up the mastermind
behind these fake
Delicious pies.
We call him "The Pie-maker."
Chief, you do realize
you're eating the last of the evidence.
Oh, right, and collect more evidence.
I skipped lunch!
We know the plan.
Go in nice and slow
Let's go bust
some bad guys! Whoo!
Wait! No!
Here ya go. Enjoy your pie!
I am also here
to buy knock-off pies!
Lower your voice!
You come alone?
Oh, yeah, I'm totally alone.
Rooky! I can't run that fast
in pleather pirate pants!
Wait a second,
you know this guy?
Um, no. I've never met
this man in my life.
Right, strange man
I've never met before?
Strange man? I'm your son!
Uh, hah! Yeah
Wrong backstory!
Just follow my lead!
I want some pie, Mommy!
I'm not your mother,
strange man!
-Trust me!
[whispering] You trust me!
My mom lost her memory.
She was hit in the head
by an aircraft carrier.
I'm not his mom!
I am a baseball player
hungry for pie after scoring
all those touchdowns!
Wait a second. Baseball players
score touchdowns?
Um The good ones do?
Look, you two, if you want cheap
knock-off pies, we got 'em.
-Can you say that into my chest?
-[microphone feedback]
Hold on. Are you guys cops?
-Yes. Oh, shoot!
I thought you said you had
your stories straight, detectives!
You dudes
totally slammed that job!
We got it under control, sir!
-[tires screeching]
-[siren wailing]
-[Grizzled] Take a left down this alley!
-[Rooky] I know a shortcut!
The alley was the shortcut!
I'll take Fifth Street!
There's construction
on Fifth Street!
At least it can't get any worse!
You should never say that!
[Grizzled] And that's why.
That was a total disaster!
You cost us our chance
to get the Pie-maker!
You really did.
Me? He's talking to you!
Dudes! Without teamwork,
you'll never stick the landing
on undercover assignments.
I know from experience.
Watch this.
Okay, that's ten bucks for this
beautiful, totally stolen watch
for your lady friend.
Hah! You're going to jail, bro!
Chief Wheeler?
Whoa! How did you do that?
Acting. Rad undercover cops
have to be rad actors,
which is all about
respect and cooperation.
That's why you two
are going to acting school!
All right, everyone.
You're thinking, "Wow!"
"I can't believe
Chester Teagle
from the hit soap opera, Beach Hospital
is my acting teacher!"
Well, believe it!
Mr. Teagle, I loved you
as Dr. Rich Goodlooks!
Of course you did.
[Grizzled] So,
are you gonna teach us to act?
'Cause we've been here
for an hour
and all we've done is watch
clips from your old TV show.
It's Grizzled, right?
Let me guess. You're a waiter.
Uh sure?
How about you stop waiting
and come on up here on stage.
-Rooky, join him.
[Rooky] Oh, yes!
I'll come on stage, Mr. Teagle!
I thought you were taking
a term off, Todd.
My schedule opened up!
Lucky me. Well, I didn't call
on you, so sit down.
Now, one of the keys to acting
is trusting your scene partner.
This is an exercise
called "Trust fall."
Rooky, close your eyes,
turn around, and fall
back into my arms.
Three, two, one, fall.
-Perfect catch!
Now, Grizzled,
I want you to catch Rooky.
Three, two, one
Sorry. I thought
he was gonna say "fall."
No. This time, Rooky,
you catch Grizzled.
Three, two, one
Son of a porcupine!
Sorry. I needed to limber up.
So far, you're terrible.
New exercise!
I want you to mirror
exactly what the other one does.
Nobody leads. Nobody follows.
You work together.
And begin.
Hey! We're supposed
to mirror each other.
You're not doing anything.
Yeah, I am. I'm standing here.
But I'm moving. You should be doing
what I'm doing. Follow me.
Maybe you should follow me
and do nothing.
Mirror me! Mirror me!
Mirror me! Mirror me!
Mirror me! Mirror me!
Enough! In order to act,
you have to work together!
How about we try
some improvisation?
I'll give you a relationship
and you just make up the dialog.
Grizzled, you're a young, rookie cop
who's just joined the force.
Rooky, you're a grizzled vet
who's seen it all
and is about to retire.
I'm the rookie?
And I'm the veteran?
Yes. Improv a scene.
And begin.
I'm a rookie cop!
I'm just gonna run into a crime scene
without thinking things through
and create more work
for my partner!
Well, I'm a grizzled old vet!
I'm just gonna take naps and complain!
I'm too gung ho and reckless!
I move super slow!
Maybe you're just being careful
so your partner doesn't get hurt!
Well, maybe you move fast
because you want to impress your partner.
Maybe your partner
is already impressed!
Maybe the rookie should heed her
partner's wisdom and experience!
-I think you're a great partner!
-I think you're a great partner!
And scene! Now that was acting!
But we weren't acting.
That's what great acting is
Not acting!
I wanna cast both of you
in the leading roles in my new play,
A Streetcar Named Brian.
One man's journey into the dark soul
of public transportation!
We open tonight!
But we haven't rehearsed!
I never rehearse.
And I've got five Daytime Viewer's Choice
nominations to prove it.
[Todd] You said I could be the lead!
You can play a tree, Todd.
Yes! I already have the costume!
"You need a bus token, Brian."
"All I have is a sword
and a harpoon gun,
tokens of man's cruelty."
"Then I can't let you on this bus."
I said no rehearsal!
But that was wonderful.
Wait, is that a chef's hat?
Whoopsie! It's from my day job.
Hey, Boss, where do you want
all this artificial chocolate?
Hamlet's Horseshoes!
Ah, places everyone!
[Todd] Don't hog all the glory, guys!
Todd wants a piece of that applause pie!
Pie. Chef's hat? Artificial chocolate?
Chester is
Making counterfeit pies!
[both] He's the Piemaker!
Todd, cover for us!
Wait! I I I
I started as a tiny acorn.
My only friend? The dirt!
Why aren't you two on stage?
Oh, I'm dizzy.
She's got low blood sugar!
She needs something sweet!
Here! Have this piece
of Mrs. Sugar's chocolate pie!
No! I'm allergic to chocolate!
[Todd] Thus I grow into a mighty oak!
It's artificial chocolate!
Mrs. Sugar uses real chocolate!
[Todd] Oh, no!
Here come the loggers!
Todd's ruining my play!
[Todd] Oh, cruel fate!
Just eat the pie! It's fake! Look!
The theater is a front
to make counterfeit Mrs. Sugar's pies!
-An actor can't live
on soap opera residuals alone.
I knew it! Busted!
Chester Teagle,
you're under arrest!
Cops? Pretending
to be acting students?
I had no idea!
I'm angry I'm arrested,
but proud I taught you so well!
Get 'em boys!
The loggers,
they're cutting me!
[audience laughing]
Oh, yeah! Ha!
We got you now, Grizzled!
My movements!
It's like I'm looking in a mirror!
I'm so confused! Who's leading
and who's following?
I'm leading you two to jail!
-[audience cheering]
-[metal clanging]
It is time to bring down the curtain
on your life of crime.
For a rookie actor,
your stage combat skills are amazing!
I learn fast!
-[all gasp]
Let go, Rooky!
I'm too high up!
You've got to trust me!
[all gasping]
[tense music]
[both grunt]
[audience cheering]
That's the best reception
I've ever gotten!
Great job, Dudes!
You got The Pie-maker.
That's five-time Daytime
Viewer's Choice Award nominee,
The Pie-maker.
I always have your back
no matter what, Rooky.
And I've got your back, Grizzled.
[audience cheering]
Thank you!
My partner and I appreciate it!
It's not for you.
It's for the tree!
Excuse me. You're in my light!
That tree blossomed
right before our eyes.
[closing theme music]
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