Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Handle with Car

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
-[siren wailing]
-[loud crash]
-[tires screeches]
-[glass shatters]
[Duke groans]
I got here as fast as I could,
Captain Bennett!
It wasn't an emergency,
I only asked to see you!
[picture frame shatters]
I just hand vacuumed in here!
[heavy sigh]
Lieutenant, we've built you a new car.
Why? I don't need a new car.
[metal clatters]
You've destroyed
every single car we've ever given you!
Don't be silly, Captain.
That's Tommy's car.
I borrowed it
because I destroyed my car.
After much research,
I think we've solved
the problem for this
-[loud explosion]
-[Duke screams]
[tires screeching]
Rad! I give it two Wheelies up!
Lieutenant, you need a car
that's tough enough
and smart enough
to keep up with your style
of police work.
Duke, you wrecked my car.
I've had it since my first day
on the force!
It wasn't just a car to me.
You're in luck!
It's new car day!
[Tommy crying]
I don't want a new car!
I want my car!
Lieutenant, I notice
sometimes you're not exactly tuned in
to your fellow officers' feelings.
A little more empathy
could go a long way.
I thought I was good
at solving problems with friends.
Cubby, I'm sorry!
Don't turn your back on me!
I'm your partner, Duke!
Yeah! Emotional problem solved!
Uh, I can't see your flashbacks.
Dukester, you know Dr. Wexler.
Guten tag, Lieutenant!
I present to you my masterpiece,
the most advanced
police vehicle ever created.
[Wexler] Complete
with state-of-the-art
artificial intelligence,
myriad tactical gadgets,
and, most importantly,
21 cup holders!
You'll be super hydrated, dude!
[Wexler] It's the ultimate
crime-fighting partner
for the officer of today,
and far into next week.
This is the instruction manual.
Lieutenant DeTain, this new technology
is very complicated.
Luckily for you,
I will now explain it
in painstaking, laborious detail.
Blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah.
-Blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah blah.
[ice cream truck chimes]
Nein! The car is not ready!
It needs time to sync
with you. then reboot!
Ugh, this is a disaster!
That actually went better
than expected.
[siren wailing]
[ice cream truck chiming]
[cars honking]
[Duke] Into the sewers!
We'll cut 'em off!
[thrilling music]
[New Car] It's dark in here.
What the hay barrel?
Is there a small child in here?
Small child,
make yourself known!
[New Car] I am not a child!
I'm the most sophisticated
police vehicle in existence!
Dr. Wexler said so!
And he's smarter than anyone!
And I say it's dark
and scary in here!
We're cops trying
to catch crooks!
If you knew anything
about police work,
you'd know the easiest way
is rarely the best way!
[New Car sobbing]
[New Car crying]
Dispatch, my car is crying.
I tried to tell you!
The car hasn't completed
its sync cycle!
It's still in its early
development stages!
The A.I. must grow
and evolve into being your partner
as you learn to understand
each other's needs!
Wait. Needs? My car has needs?
Your tech is not helping
with my police work!
Well, ja, but
No one's ever dared
to question my
-[New Car crying]
-[dolphins trilling]
[Duke] See? We're okay.
And we got the crooks
where we want 'em!
Duke has a new car
and it's fast!
We can't let him
ruin our plan this time!
Ice, Cream, Truck,
listen carefully.
["The Loud Song" by Poppy Starr
playing on the radio]
What's happening?
-This is the loud song ♪
-[New Car] Song ♪
-[New Car] Loud song ♪
-The loud song ♪
Turn it up, up, up ♪
It's the loud song ♪
-Once it gets into your ear ♪
It's the only thing
You'll hear ♪
It's the loud song ♪
- Loud song! Loud song! ♪
-The loud song ♪
[woman] Yeah! Woo-hoo!
They're getting away!
It's too loud.
[New Car] What?
This song is too loud!
I know! I love "The Loud Song!"
Of course you do! Who doesn't love
"The Loud Song?"
But people
are blocking the streets!
Turn it down!
[song stops]
-[woman] What just happened?
-[man] What am I doing?
[woman] What's going on?
Where am I?
Wow, I was so distracted!
Thanks. So, where did they go?
My radar is the best!
I'm picking them up
on a construction site
- on Caniff Street!
Oh, that's helpful! Let's go!
-[siren wailing]
-[tires screeching]
[thrilling music]
- Look!
-[tires screeches]
[steering wheel hums]
[New Car] I want fun tires!
We don't have time!
The bad guys are right there!
[New Car] I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want! I want! I want! I want
Uh, should we wait for him or
I'm making an executive decision.
Let's go!
-[truck door closes]
- I want! I want! I want
[New Car crying]
I want! I want! I want!
I want! I want!
Now, Duke,
if you're a good helper,
we'll come back and get Cubby.
[New Car crying]
If you're a good helper
and catch the bad guys,
we'll come back
and get fun tires.
[New Car] And some
high octane gasoline?
Don't push it, New Car.
After them!
[thrilling music]
[Wheeler] Yo. How goes it
with the new car, Dukenator?
I think I'm getting
the hang of it.
[New Car] He is not!
We just got word
the Ice Cream Truck Bandits
robbed two other
construction sites earlier.
Wait, look at us standing here.
It's like a great new TV show,
Science Cops coming this fall.
So, construction sites, huh?
There's another site
in .5188 kilometers.
There is a 96.54% probability
they're going there.
Uh, yeah, tho those numbers check out.
We need to get there fast!
Fast? I love fast!
- Check this out!
-[button clacks]
-[engine revs]
My sunglasses!
I'm out of uniform! Take over!
Yes! Finally!
I'm a great driver!
They're just below.
[Duke] Aim for the dirt!
That looks fun!
-Can we go next?
We need to finish the job!
We'll come back later.
[action music]
Wow! You really are a good driver!
Thank you.
And I just did a permit check
and found a construction site
a block away
from the company name
Not Ice, Cream, and Truck Bandits, Inc.
Those devious crooks.
Good job, New Car.
Huh. You know,
for the first time in my life,
I actually feel like
I have a real partner.
Though I don't actually feel,
I feel the same way, Duke.
Okay, let's get 'em, partner!
[New Car] Hold on! We did it!
My sync cycle is done.
Time to reboo
Sync cycle complete. Goodbye.
New Car?
Don't you quit on me, New Car!
-[Duke] Clear!
-[electricity crackles]
-[electricity crackles]
[gloomy music]
This bust is for you, New Car.
-[jack hammer whirrs]
-[plank clanks]
Freeze! You're all under arrest!
I don't think so, Duke!
It's time we unleash
the power of sibling rivalry
on someone else!
You'll never stop us
from building a house
for our mom!
-[birds chirping]
-[Duke] Wait.
I get it! That's why
you stole construction tools.
You love your mother.
She took care of you.
Now you wanna take care of her.
You went about it wrong,
but your hearts were in the right place.
Yes, exactly!
You were listening!
I feel so empathized with!
So we can finish
our mother's house?
Uh, no.
You're still under arrest.
-[Ice, Cream, and Truck, groan]
-[Duke gasps]
[siren wailing]
-[Ice, Cream, and Truck groan]
-[car door closes]
New Car? You're alive!
[New Car] I just needed
to reboot after the syncing cycle.
I'm now your perfect crime-fighting
vehicular partner.
Good to see you, too, Duke!
[excited trill]
[New Car]
And it's getting weird.
[Tommy] Great bust, Duke.
-You got 'em!
-We got 'em.
Sorry about your old car.
I know it meant a lot to you.
Ah, It's okay.
I like this new one better.
It has a steering wheel!
[Duke] Well, New Car,
I'm looking forward
to us getting to know
each other even better,
like real partners.
[alarm beeping]
Whoa, I guess we already do know
each other pretty well.
Don't worry, Duke.
I'll be here when you need me,
-[engine revs]
This is the loud song ♪
Turn it up, up, up ♪
It's the loud song ♪
Once it gets into your ear ♪
It's the only thing
You'll hear ♪
It's the loud song ♪
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