Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

The Silver Blur

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[calm music]
Hi, Tippy! Beautiful morning!
It most certainly is,
Lieutenant DeTain!
Back to work, huh?
I hope those eight hours in prison
taught you a valuable lesson
about becoming a criminal mastermind
who tries to take over
the world,
almost destroying it
in the process.
What was I thinking with that?
I'm grateful to return
to my regular doorman duties,
knowing my city is safe from me.
[knocks on door]
Excuse me, Lieutenant DeTain.
Duty calls!
Always a pleasure, Ms. Blumfeld.
Enjoy your morning
-[car honking]
-[car honking]
[Fendrich] What a beautiful day
to destroy Sinclair's dreams!
[Fendrich] Hacksaw, were you able
to infiltrate Sinclair's organization?
[Hacksaw] Yes, Mr. Fendrich.
My disguise worked
for about 20 seconds.
Then they threw me out.
They said hurtful things
and used uncalled-for language.
There, there, Hacksaw.
That woman has no class.
But we'll show her!
They go low, we drop yucky stuff
on them from above!
What did you learn
in that 20 seconds?
As my secret photos show,
Sinclair got approval
from Mayor Fleck
to put a giant metal "S"
in the park
to honor
the Sinclair family name.
Over my dead body!
Yup, that was the plan,
but Sinclair decided not to wait.
-[Sinclair] What?
Um, nothing!
[Fendrich] Never mind!
[Fendrich] Oh, I hate sharing
a building with that woman!
That "S" sculpture is an insult
to other letters
and the Fendrich name!
Where's Vito?
He's in jail for what we did
to stop Sinclair's plans
last week.
Right. Who's my
-[Hacksaw] Me!
We have to break Vito
out of jail.
No offense, but you're
basically useless.
-I said no offense!
[suspense music]
-[flashlight clicking]
[clicking continues]
-[truck stops]
-[door closes]
[Big Betty] Okay, Hacksaw,
what's the plan?
The plan, Big Betty,
is pure genius.
-[magnet cranks]
-[Hacksaw] Super magnet!
I have no idea what that means.
Vito's cell is there.
We point a super magnet
at the barred window
and rip it from the wall.
[Hacksaw] Vito escapes.
We all stop Sinclair
from putting her "S" in the park.
Super magnet. Hmm. Makes sense.
I'm in. What could go wrong?
You guys line the truck up
while I turn the magnet on.
-[truck engine starts]
-Okay, Frankie.
Left! Left! Left!
No, right. No, no.
Left, left more. Too much left!
[Big Betty] Back, back.
-No, no, right.
-[Ollie] Hmm.
My prison guard instincts
tell me this is all perfectly fine.
[Big Betty] Right, right.
But since I'm horrible
at my job,
I should probably call it in.
Uh-oh. Close enough, guys!
[Hacksaw] Super magnet time!
[low magnetic humming]
[flashlight rumbles]
[shuts down]
-[loud thump]
[powers up]
[low magnetic humming]
[maniacal laugh]
-[low magnetic humming]
[action music]
[mover #1] This is gonna be the best
medieval knight's armor store
in the city!
[mover #2] Better than
Sir Lance-For-Less?
[crashes, rumbles]
-[action music]
-[dispatch] Attention all units.
Something really bad
is happening at the prison!
Ah! Over.
This is DeTain! I'm on it!
[car zooms]
[Hacksaw] Whoa!
[siren wailing]
What is that?
[all scream]
[low magnetic humming]
-[metal clacking]
Oh, are you kidding me?
-[armor thuds]
[walker rattles]
This is Gabby Tocamera
at City Jail
where a daring prison break
was foiled
by what some describe as
a "flying, silver blurry man-thing."
We've created a composite image of the
so-called, by me, just now, "Silver Blur"
based on
eyewitness testimony.
[Gabby] Dreamy.
Righteous! We have
our own superhero.
The Silver Blur. Cool.
Respectfully, Chief,
there is nothing quote unquote,
"cool" about vigilantism.
Civilians can't take the law
into their own hands.
Lieutenant DeTain, why didn't you
arrest this Silver Blur?
Well, the scene was chaotic,
Captain Bennett.
Plus, honestly, I've never read
Miranda Rights to a blur before.
-It seems awkward.
-Chill out, El Capitan.
Duke, if you find
this silver dude,
thank him for slamming
a gnarly prison break.
-And arrest him.
-I'm getting mixed signals here.
You're our raddest cop,
Trust your instincts.
And arrest him.
[Hacksaw] We don't need Vito!
It's time I showed the boss
I'm much more
than basically useless.
-[binoculars whistles down]
-[hard thud]
-[man screams]
Right. So now what?
I've got the perfect plan.
Super magnet!
Isn't that your exact plan
from before
that was a total disaster?
Sure, but that was
for a jailbreak!
A super magnet
is the tool of choice
for stealing giant
metal letters from parks.
Huh. Super magnet.
Hmm. Makes sense.
I'm in.
What could go wrong again?
Ah, hello again,
Lieutenant DeTain.
[Duke] Tippy, as a doorman,
you, pretty much, know
everything, right?
Under this cap are secrets
that would curl your toes.
Do you know
who the Silver Blur is?
-Alas, I do not, Lieutenant.
-[walker clacking]
[Tippy] Welcome back,
Ms. Blumfeld.
-[doorknob squeaks]
-I trust your stroll was invigorating.
I assure you,
if anyone around me
was a superhero, I would know.
-[door closes]
[Big Betty] Go left!
More left!
Yeah, yeah, even leftier!
Left, left! Okay, too left!
Right! Right.
Right. Right. More.
No, no. Left. Left.
No, back, back. Left more. Left.
No. Right. Right.
-[suspense music]
Uh-oh! Close enough, guys!
Super magnet time.
[panicked gasp]
[wire breaks]
Frankie, it's Fendrich!
Hacksaw isn't picking up!
Where are you?
[panicked scream]
-Oh, good. What's the update?
-[Frankie screaming]
Oh, what
[suspense music]
Do you consider the Silver Blur
a hero or a criminal?
That's a difficult, nuanced
question, Lieutenant.
[Tippy] Whomever
this brave soul is,
one would assume they believe
in the inherent goodness
of their actions.
On the other hand, it is unwise
to climb into the mind
of the truly exceptional,
as thinking differently
is often a large part
-of what makes them exceptional.
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
[proprietor] Okay, kids.
One extra-large
sub sandwich to go.
[foil shimmers, crumples]
It's the Silver Blur!
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
Attention all units! Ah!
Helicopter! Ah!
Flying debris! Ah!
All over city! Ah!
Too many calls! Ah! Over.
Excuse me, Tippy. That's my cue.
[car engine starts]
Good luck, Lieutenant DeTain!
[chopper whirring]
[low magnetic humming]
Boss, it worked!
[Hacksaw] I got the "S"!
[low magnetic humming]
[Fendrich screaming]
[Bennett] Lieutenant DeTain,
this is Captain Bennett.
If that Silver Menace shows up,
you know what to do!
Actually, I don't wanna take
any chances by being vague.
Arrest him!
[Wheeler] Yo, Sir Duke!
Wheelie, here!
If you see the insane Blur Dude,
buy him an energy drink for me!
Oh, no!
[Duke] It's headed straight
at the Home For People
Terrified Of Helicopters!
-[clock ticking]
-[chopper whirring]
It's even worse than I imagined!
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
-What is that?
[loud clank]
[machine acting up]
[chopper whirring]
He did it!
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
I need a nice, long
ten, fifteen-minute cry,
then you're going to jail.
You read my mind!
-[grand music]
-[loud smash]
[walker clatters]
[tires screech]
It's okay, uh, Mr. Blur.
I saw what you did.
You saved a lot of people today.
And while I agree citizens should not
take the law into their own hands,
I'm gonna let you off
with a warning this time.
[Duke] I hope you decide
to put away your silver cape
and join the police force.
We could always use
real heroes like you.
[action music]
It's the Silver Blur!
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
Flying through the sky
Faster than the human eye can see ♪
No one knows its true identity
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
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