Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Harl Hubbs Day

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[indistinct murmurs]
Settle down, settle down.
Nice to see such a big turnout.
-[loud feedback]
-[crowd groaning]
As you know, Harl Hubbs saved
our city from an evil doorman.
I'd be happy to help
with that feedback, Mayor.
Thanks to Harl's
heroic helpfulness
-[loud feedback]
-[crowd groaning]
He saved the whole city,
so all of us could
get back to work.
[crowd cheering]
Oof! Oh! Ugh! Ouch! Okay!
-You're good to go, Mayor.
-Thank you, Harl.
And so, it is my honor
to declare today
Harl Hubbs' Day to celebrate
the most helpful handyman ever,
Harl Hubbs!
[crowd in unison]
Harl! Harl! Harl!
-Harl! Harl! Harl!
-Ah, yes, rhythmic chanting.
Harl, why don't you say
a few words.
Thank you, Mayor Fleck!
What an honor!
This is the happiest day
of my life!
I've always dreamed of a day
dedicated to helping,
and today I'm going
to help everyone!
[crowd cheering]
My canoe is leaking!
[boy] Help me with my homework!
[woman] I've lost my marbles!
That seems like an awful lot of
I can't believe
I'm saying this work.
-[Nate] Whoa!
-[Mr. Produce] No, no, no!
-Stop, stop, stop!
-[loud crash]
[Mr. Produce] My fruit! Oh, my.
Let the helping begin!
Helpful Harl here,
happy to help.
[rumbling, creaking]
[drilling, screwing]
[Harl] You're all set, Nate!
I also installed
ear-blasting speakers
and an earth-quaking subwoofer
while I was down there.
Your radio should be
plenty loud now.
This is the loud song ♪
-Thanks, Harl!
-Happy to help, Nate!
The loud song ♪
-Turn it up, up, up ♪
-Turn it up, up, up ♪
[Harl] Your turn, Mr. Produce!
-[drilling, hammering, sawing]
Here you go!
Thanks, Harl!
I also put your fruit stand
on hydraulics
with a motion sensor,
so it will never be
It's the only thing
You'll hear ♪
Thank you, Harl!
My fruit stand will never
get crashed into again!
[girl grunts, clears throat]
Uh, Harl?
This old mower couldn't cut
a stick of butter.
The blades are too dull.
-I can help with that.
-[Little Hubert] Hey, Harl!
I'm Little Hubert,
and my fan's on the fritz!
Don't worry!
Everyone will be helped!
Hmm, I don't really have
all the parts I need,
so it's time to get creative.
I know!
[Harl] I'll start
by swapping the engines!
All done!
[mower buzzes]
-[fan whirs]
-I'm Little Hubert!
-My tricycle's all bent!
-My jet pack is broken!
My magic box is stuck
with an audience volunteer
trapped inside!
[volunteer] Does anyone
know what day it is?
Wow! This is a lot of people!
[Harl] But it's what
I always dreamed of,
so who's first?
-I am!
-No, me!
If I can't fly, then I'm just a weirdo
in a rocket costume!
And I'm just a guy with a crate!
[volunteer] Please help
the magician first!
Uh, this is getting
a bit overwhelming,
but I'm sure I can handle it.
-[creaking, drilling]
-[jet pack starts up]
[Harl] Ah!
[all gasp]
[volunteer groans]
-I gotta get to work!
My tricycle!
Don't worry!
Everyone will be helped!
Uh Ah!
[panicked blubbering]
-[Harl] Whoa!
-[box rumbles]
[Harl grunting]
-[Harl groans]
-This is a nightmare!
Hey, Harl!
My siren is acting up.
Can you look at it for me?
[siren wails]
And my skateboard's wobbly.
I've been doing a ton of gnarly
and completely
unintentional tricks.
This is not going the way
I imagined, at all!
[Wheeler] Dude! My skateboard!
-[girl] What about my tricycle?
-[Janet] And my jet pack!
-[man 1] Reboot my computer!
-[man 2] My spoon is slotted.
[man 3] Can you fix
the hifi, Harl?
[man 4] The drawstring
came out of my sweat pants!
[Harl] I can't
-[girl] Where you going?
-[Harl groans]
-[Duke] Ha!
-[girl] I need help!
-Where's Harl?
I think he went this way!
Dude, release the hounds!
[dogs barking]
-[Duke] Harl, I need your help!
-[Janet] Harl, where'd you go?
[sneaky music]
[garbage clatters]
All I ever wanted
was to help people.
And here I finally have a day
where everyone wants my help,
and it was a disaster!
Wow, I can't believe some of
this stuff was thrown away.
A lot of it is still good.
This trampoline just needs
new springs.
And this old Cubby doll,
it just needs a little love!
The easy way is rarely
[powering down] the best way.
Love and batteries.
And this old-timey prospector's
just needs some vitamins.
Ah! Who are you?
I'm Cluster. Cluster Clampots.
And I'll have you know
I take my vitamins every morning
with my breakfast sarsaparilla.
[Jowls barks]
[Cluster] And this here
is Jowls.
-Well, I'm
-Helpful Harl Hubbs.
We know who you are.
Today's your day, after all.
Harl Hubbs' Day.
I've dreamt of this day forever,
and now I can't wait
for it to be over.
I promised to help everyone,
but instead,
I just let everyone down.
Well, when you try
to please everyone,
sometimes you wind up
pleasing nobody.
If helpful Harl Hubbs
can't help,
then what good is Harl Hubbs?
Sounds like you could use
some help yourself.
But who can help me?
That's a question
only you can answer.
[mysterious music]
[mailbox clanks]
Rusty bedpans!
Thought I'd come out
over yonder.
Lemme try that again.
That's a question
only you can answer.
[clanging, squeaks,
barks, wobbles]
-[car door opens]
What are you doing?
Prickly Porcupines!
I'm trying to drop
some mystical wisdom on ya,
and then magically disappear,
but I keep picking
the wrong hatches.
Yeah. I've done built secret hatches
and underground tunnels
to best traverse
this here junkyard.
You see, a priceless treasure
is buried somewheres
on this site,
and I've been fixin' to find it
for nigh on five years.
You've been trying to find
this treasure for five years?
No, I've been fixin' to find it.
That's why I mapped
this whole junkyard,
collected supplies,
dug all these secret tunnels,
so I'm prepared
to find the treasure.
Oh, and find it I will.
Maybe I can
help you find it, and
[Cluster] Never you
mind my treasure!
That's my business!
You should be focusing
on finding what you need here.
I'm not going to find
what I need here.
[Harl] It's just row after row,
pile after pile
of seemingly never-ending
miscellaneous spare parts.
I tried to give everybody
everything today.
But I didn't have everything
I needed.
I wasn't ready to help them!
B-I-N-G-O! Bingo!
The problem wasn't that
I couldn't help everyone.
The problem was that I wasn't
prepared to help everyone!
And the best person
to help me get prepared is me!
I can still turn things around
from here!
[hopeful music]
-[Cluster] I got ya, Jowls!
There! My workshop is complete!
[Harl] What do
you think, Cluster?
-[metal thuds]
[Cluster] I'm down here!
Fell in a tunnel!
-[Jowls barks]
-[Cluster] I'm okay, Jowls.
A stack of radiators
broke my fall.
Now git going, Harl!
You gots helping to do.
Hey, everyone! It's Harl Hubbs!
I'm in the junkyard.
Come and find me!
Follow the sound of my voice!
Happy Harl Hubbs' Day
To you! ♪
Happy Harl Hubbs' Day
To you! ♪
It's a day to help everyone! ♪
[lady] There he is!
Happy Harl Hubbs' Day to you! ♪
[man #1] Please stop singing!
[man #2] My watch is broken!
[man #3] My dog has fleas.
My computer is frozen!
My pants are covered in mud!
Can you make my radio louder?
[tires screeching]
What are you doing here, Harl?
I just needed a little time
to prepare.
Now, if everyone
would form a single file line,
I'd be happy to help.
[merry music]
[hammering, drilling]
Um, thanks?
-Ah, ha, ha. Yeah!
Ho! Hey! Up!
-Oh! Woo-hoo!
[glass shatters]
[jackhammer whirring]
-Shiver me timbers!
Ah, yah mangy scoundrel!
-Ha-har! Ar!
[clatters, drilling, clinking]
[wind blows]
[Doug] Intense.
-You did it, Harl.
You've got to stop
sneaking up on me.
Looks like you done
fixed your fixin'.
I guess I'll leave ya to it!
I gots treasure huntin' to do!
Come on, Jowls!
Helpful Harl's Handyman Hut
is open for business!
[closing theme music playing]
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