Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Ann They're Off

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[calm music]
And now, the crèème de la crèème
of the cream,
the pinnacle of our tour,
of Little Hubert's
whipped cream factory,
my secret ingredient tank.
[shutter clicks]
Billy? Billy!
-[Billy] Hey, Mom and Dad!
-[Billy] Look at me!
-[Mark] Billy, get down!
Isn't that a little too high,
to me?
Uh! Uh-oh!
Someone help that kid!
-I'm coming, Billy.
I'll save him faster.
[Tread grunts]
-I got you.
Looks like she saved him first.
Slow and steady always wins.
Oh, yeah?
I challenge you to a race!
My car versus yours!
I'm Little Hubert!
Medium-Sized Hubert's
the competitive Hubert.
Wow! You really
are Tread Octane!
I watch all your races!
Dad, look, it's the wildly
reckless amateur race driver
-I aspire to be like!
-You got good taste
in role models, kid.
I gotta peel out now.
-[door rumbling]
Come on!
Come on!
I challenge you to a race!
[Mark] Thanks for driving, Ann.
Group tours are so overwhelming,
to me.
-[car engine revs]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
-[walker rattling]
I challenge you to a race!
Excuse me, we have
the right of way.
There's no right of way
in racing.
-Let him go, Mom.
Tread's the toughest racer
in the city!
Your kid's right! I always win.
I live life one mile at a time,
unless I have to go further,
then I make
the appropriate adjustments.
No one slightly pulls ahead
of Tread Octane!
I challenge you to a race!
Oh, please.
I have a family and a life.
-You know, responsibilities.
-I get it.
Everyone's scared
to race Tread Octane.
[Tread] You wouldn't want your family
to see you eat my dust!
Fine. You're on!
I accept your challenge!
-[in unison] What?
Oh! Okay. Wasn't expecting that.
Great! Choice of venue is yours.
You can race at my junkyard!
Thanks, Harl!
Lemme check my schedule.
Thursday's family flu shots,
then cute cat videos online
to calm Mark down after his flu shot,
that'll probably go into Friday
Saturday could work!
Then this Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!
Harl's Junkyard! Be there!
I always win.
[engine revs]
[Ann] Do you have
a racetrack, Harl?
Not at all! But I can build one!
You sure you can build
a racetrack by Saturday?
You seem pretty busy.
I'm a great multitasker!
The trick is
to do everything at once.
One huge, difficult group
of tasks all at one time!
-[ladder clangs]
[Tippy] Here we are.
I'm sorry you became
overwhelmed again, Mr. McCloud.
Luckily, I happened by.
Oh, and very exciting
about your big race, Mrs. McCloud!
-You heard about that?
-Doormen hear all.
Ann, you're not really gonna
race that maniac, are you?
It's dangerous to me.
Oh, I don't know.
[Billy] Vroom, vrooom.
Vroom, vrooom.
Vroom, vrooom.
Yeah, It's probably a bad idea.
I do have more
important things to do.
Vroom, vrooom.
-[playful music]
-[tire rumbles]
[Harl] Wait, I need
some participation trophies!
Oh, and I should get the t-shirt
cannon up and running.
Jumpin' jackrabbits, I'll find
that hidden treasure yet!
Hey, Harl, careful
of this here hatch.
I'm storin' dynamite,
propane tanks,
and my good
reading glasses down there.
What you up to, boy?
Not much, Cluster!
Just building a racetrack,
making a t-shirt cannon,
grading Madison's math homework,
-dancing like no ones watching
-Hey, now, Harl!
You don't wanna bite off
more than you can chew.
Oh, right, I'm also
eating this sandwich
that's way too big for my mouth.
But no worries, I'm Harl Hubbs,
the helpful
multitasking handyman!
-What are you looking at, honey?
Just an old photo album.
Aw, look at you
on Halloween as a little girl.
You were so cute,
dressed as a race car driver.
And here's you last Halloween
dressed as a race car driver.
Wait, every picture is you
on different holidays
over the years
all dressed
as a race car driver.
And here's a key that matches
that mysterious,
old monster truck
that's been parked
outside for years.
[truck beeps, plays alarm]
-Honey, am I missing something?
-[Billy] Dad, duh!
People dress on Halloween
like what they really wanna be!
Wait, Ann, you wanna race cars!
Well, I guess I've always had
a dream of racing cars
since I was a little girl,
but I just pushed
the dream aside over the years.
Oh, honey, that was so wise!
But even though the idea
is terrifying, to me,
I want you to be happy
and fulfill your dreams.
Thank you, Mark.
It would be great
to finally fix up
my secret monster truck.
[Ann] Or, at least, move it.
I've got six years
of parking tickets
hidden under
your Worrying Chair.
[Mark] No wonder
I haven't been able
to obsessively worry in comfort!
Yeah, Mom, if you fix up
the monster truck,
you actually have a real chance
of getting second place
against Tread Octane!
[Ann] I don't know.
I have to give it some thought.
The reality
might not live up to the dream.
What dream now?
[Gabby] This is Gabby Tocamera live
from the big Junkyard Race!
What started as a simple racing challenge,
has become a major city wide event!
Harl, it looks like
the track isn't completed yet.
-Are you concerned?
I have everything under control.
The only thing left to do
is the finish line,
so, clearly,
there's no symbolically ironic disaster
in my future!
Oh, excuse me.
The honey's ready!
[bees buzzing]
This all began when
[panicked scream]
[Clemmons] Bees!
This is all began when local
burdened mother and wife,
Ann McCloud,
agreed to race undefeated,
overly aggressive
car enthusiast, Tread Octane.
Tread, what's the secret
to your undefeated racing record?
I think the real secret
is I cross the finish line
before other racers.
Other citizens have eagerly
joined Ann and Tread
for this exciting event,
including Lieutenant
Duke DeTain, The Funky 46,
Police Chief Wheeler,
and other fun, surprising cameos
to be decided!
-[shutter clicks]
-[crowd cheering]
[nervous groans]
[funky music playing]
[shutter clicks]
[hurried footsteps]
[Billy] Could you please
autograph my pen?
Looks like you mom is a no show.
Don't feel bad, kid.
A lot of people chicken out
of racing Tread Octane.
-[truck revs]
-[Billy] Whoa!
Billy, go sit with your father.
Tread, let's dance.
-[car revs]
[thrilling music]
-[wheels rattle]
-[funky music playing]
[engine revs]
On your mark!
-[Harl] Get set!
[engine roaring]
[cars rev]
[Clemmons screams in panic]
[shutter clicks]
-[can clanking]
-[Duke] What?
[siren wailing]
-[clanking continues]
[lady] Go, Ann! Go! Whoopee!
Ain't ya forgettin' somethin'?
Oh, right! The t-shirt cannon!
[tires screeching]
-[funky music plays]
-[tires screeches]
[loud crash]
[in unison]
My dynamite and reading glasses!
[loud explosion]
Dancin' cactus quills!
I needed that dynamite
to find the treasure!
Now it'll take forever
to finish the job!
Finish the job? Oh, no!
I forgot to finish
finishing the finish line!
[action music]
[tires screeching]
You might as well give up, Mom!
I'm undefeated!
[Ann] You don't know
the meaning of undefeated.
I'd like to see you handle
one day of what a mom has to do.
Oh, yeah?
I challenge you to a race!
Ah, that's what we're doing right now!
The track isn't finished!
-We need to stop!
-Nice try.
Nothing's gonna stop me
from winning.
Except for maybe
that giant ditch.
[tires screeching]
[loud crash]
-[plank clanks]
-There! Finished!
[Tread groans]
Tread, are you okay?
I'm fine. You?
I've never felt so alive!
[panicked scream]
And in a shocking,
come-from-behind victory,
Clemmons wins the race!
Agh! Leave me be!
Well, Cluster, I guess
I can't do everything at once.
I told you!
You need to take some time
to relax once in a while!
You're right.
I think I'll take a nap.
While doing some yoga,
in a mud bath, watching an old movie,
while I read a good book
[heavy breathing]
-You're my hero, Mom!
-You're a true racer, Ann.
[Ann] Tread, if it wasn't
for your belligerent
race challenges,
I wouldn't have lived my dream.
And, technically, since neither
of us won, I'm still undefeated!
I would challenge you
to a rematch,
but I think my racing days
are over.
Besides, my truck is totaled.
Bring it by my garage!
I'll help you fix it up.
My shop's always open,
'cept when it's closed.
[Mark] You have
to keep racing, honey!
You were amazing, to me.
If my family supports me,
I'm in!
Dad, can I be a racer too?
[panicked gasp]
-[panicked breathing]
-[Ann sighs]
[Ann] Looks like we'll be watching
cute cat videos the rest of the day.
[closing theme music playing]
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