Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Bob and Clemmons' Excellent Adventure

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren wailing]
All right, everybody!
There's a fire at the fireplace store.
[tires screeching]
Chief, it's a fireplace store.
Isn't there supposed to be fire?
No, the fireplace store is on fire!
Oh, no!
The fireplace store's on fire?
[Clemmons] Aah!
-[fire alarm ringing]
-[sirens blaring]
Bob, get the hoses ready.
[thrilling music]
Chief, the hydrant's jammed!
No water? But there's a fire!
We can do this.
-I'm gonna need a Soprano
-[Clemmons screaming]
the world's largest can
of whipped cream,
and a hundred issues of this month's
Fashion Lady magazine!
-But, Chief, what
-No time!
Help! I went up the stairs
instead of down!
This doesn't seem safe to me.
Mark's trapped on the roof!
We're gonna need a box
of ugly Christmas sweaters.
Bob, go with Clemmons!
But I never go with Clemmons.
Getting stuff is his job.
Listen, Bob.
I know this is out of your comfort zone,
but I need you to help Clemmons.
-No, time.
-[tires screeching]
-All set, Chief!
Excellent! Soprano!
[singing loudly]
You have a lovely voice!
Thank you! ♪
[glass breaks in distance]
Now, help me rip out
the free shampoo samples!
[thrilling music]
Orange is not her color.
Focus, Clemmons!
Put the shampoo
into the whipped cream can!
Why? Does the fire
have dandruff?
The shampoo's a fire retardant!
Wow. This fire retardant
really gives your hair
a silky smooth shine!
Whipped cream mixture!
[Mark] Aah!
Christmas sweaters!
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[whirring, beeping]
[Freya] Christmas sweaters
may be ugly,
but they've got
the strongest tensile strength
of any fabric on Earth!
[people cheering]
And that's how you put out a fire
at a fireplace store
with my brother Mark
on the roof.
Any questions, cadets?
I want to slide down
the fire pole!
That's not a question
about the video.
That's not even a question.
Okay, when can we slide down
the fire pole?
Later. First, are there any questions
about the footage?
Where did Bob and Clemmons
get all that stuff that you needed?
And how did they get it so fast?
No one's ever asked
me that before.
I guess I never
thought about it.
You've never thought
about the fact
you ask them
for totally random objects
and they bring them all to you
in under ten seconds?
I can't stop thinking about it.
Well, let's look at the video
from Bob and Clemmons'
point of view.
We can do this.
-I'm going to need a Soprano
-[Clemmons screaming]
the world's largest can
of whipped cream
and a hundred issues of this month's
Fashion Lady magazine!
-[Mark] Help!
-This doesn't seem safe
Mark's trapped on the roof!
We're gonna need a box
of ugly Christmas sweaters.
Bob, go with Clemmons.
But I never go with Clemmons.
No, time.
[uplifting music]
You're coming with me?
The Chief ordered me
to tag along.
I'm not too excited about it.
What if I sing
the alphabet backwards?
Z-Y-X-W ♪
Not helping! Let's just go.
First, we need a hundred issues
of Fashion Lady magazine.
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
Mr. Produce! We need to buy all your
Fashion Lady magazines.
It's a fire emergency.
Oh, dear. If it's an emergency,
these magazines
are yours for free!
No one buys them anyway.
Thanks, Mr. Produce!
Get 'em, Bob!
I've never picked up
this many magazines before!
-Ow! Paper cut!
Here, let me get those for you.
Clemmons, I've never seen you
so calm under pressure.
This isn't pressure.
This is fun!
To the whipped cream factory!
[tires screeching]
[woman] One Fashion Lady
magazine, please.
[upbeat music]
Little Hubert, we need your
largest can of whipped cream!
It's an emergency!
I'm Little Hubert!
I'm sorry, but the can's empty.
[Little Hubert]
And we can't mix the cream
until this giant mixing bowl
is installed.
My specially-trained
mixing bowl engineers
are currently away attending
a team building exercise.
This is a trust fall!
You're supposed to catch me!
You said it was a trust fall,
not a trust catch.
I have a plan!
To the fire chopper!
I'll be right here
waiting for you.
Come on. It'll be an adventure!
That's what I'm afraid of.
[thrilling music]
Do you know
how to fly this thing?
-No, I don't!
[Bob screaming]
Wow! Who'd have thought
a chopper would be
so responsive.
This is exciting!
Look out for that swanky
apartment building!
[Bob screams]
[Bob] Another swanky
apartment building!
[Clemmons] There's too many
swanky apartment buildings
in this city!
[light music]
Mm, pizza!
Past the lips, past the gums,
watch out stomach, here it
[helicopter whirring
in distance]
blows away.
[Clemmons over speakers]
-It's Clemmons!
-[Harl] Clemmons?
I didn't know
you could fly a helicopter!
-[Clemmons] I can't!
-[Clemmons screams]
I need you to put a giant magnet
on our helicopter.
You got it!
[upbeat music]
-[Harl] Hey!
Can you bring me back a pizza?
Gotta go!
Loud song, the loud song ♪
[Clemmons] Okay, Bob.
Climb down the arm
and turn the magnet on!
Wait, why didn't we turn it on
before we took off?
It's more fun this way!
-Guess it's up to me.
-Autopilot on.
There's an autopilot?
Wow, Clemmons,
that was amazing
The loud song ♪
Turn it up, up, up
It's the loud song ♪
[Bob] A swanky
apartment building!
Once it gets into your ear ♪
It's the only thing you'll hear ♪
It's the loud ♪
The loud song ♪
[upbeat music]
The cream is in the bowl!
Now we just have
to mix the cream
by flying the chopper
upside down.
Good call. I Wait!
Did you say fly the chopper
upside down?
[cream sloshing]
[helicopter whirring]
Little Hubert! Can you fill
the whipped cream can?
I'm Little Hubert! Sure!
To the opera house!
This is the loud song ♪
But we're in an opera
So it's really long ♪
Bob, what's wrong?
Can't move. Stage fright.
I'll get the Soprano!
And I hope
You don't think I'm wrong ♪
I need your help! ♪
There's an emergency! ♪
An emergency?
Of course, I'll help! ♪
Whatever you need! ♪
-You can't help him! ♪
-You can't help him! ♪
We're in the middle of the opera ♪
But it's an emergency! ♪
You need to finish the show! ♪
Let me go! ♪
You need to finish the show! ♪
-Let me go! ♪
-No! ♪
-Let me go! ♪
-No! ♪
-Let me go! ♪
-No! ♪
Hey! Look a squirrel! ♪
[music intensifies]
- I don't see a squirrel! ♪
- I don't see a squirrel! ♪
Was it red or grey? ♪
I love their bushy tails and ♪
Hey! Wait a second
[Clemmons] All right.
We've got everything we need!
Let's get back to the fire!
So you can save the day again?
Come on, Bob, you helped.
No, I didn't!
I either froze up
or freaked out!
Meanwhile, you were cool as a cucumber
the entire time.
The first time Freya
had me get stuff to put out a fire,
I was scared, too.
But after some practice,
it stopped being scary
and started to be fun.
Come on, let's just get
the ugly Christmas sweaters.
Ugly Christmas sweaters? What?
Yeah, it's why the Chief
had me tag along.
She needs them
to rescue Mark off the roof.
Mark? But I don't know
where to find ugly Christmas sweaters!
-Wait, I do!
My Aunt Irene
has a whole collection!
That's why Freya
must've sent me,
because she knew I'd know
where to find
Christmas sweaters!
-Turn right!
-[tires screeching]
[Clemmons] Aah!
Traffic! We're stuck!
And the siren isn't working.
Allow me!
[singing like a siren]
Out of the way ♪
Bob! How nice of you
to visit me!
Hi, Aunt Irene.
I need to borrow your ugly
Christmas sweater collection.
-It's an emergency.
-Of course!
They're in the basement.
[suspenseful music]
[door creaks]
But the light doesn't work.
Oh, I've been meaning
to get that fixed.
The sweaters are down there,
all the way in the back
of my dark and scary basement.
Dark and scary?
That's okay, Bob, I can go.
No, Clemmons.
It's time for me
to stop being afraid.
I'm going!
-[Bob screaming]
I'm okay!
I landed on something soft.
-[Bob screams]
[Bob] Whatever it is,
it's moving!
I'm running, I'm running!
Ow! Mousetrap,
mousetrap, mousetrap,
-roller skate!
I have trouble
throwing things away.
[loud crash]
-[Bob screams]
-[Bob] Ghost!
[Bob] Aerobics instructor?
And reach! And stretch!
[Bob] Get away from me, monster!
-[Bob] Aah! Blow darts!
-[snakes rattling]
-[Bob] Snake pit!
-[Bob] Giant boulder!
The box of ugly
Christmas sweaters!
Now I have to get back out!
[rumbling, thudding, rattling,
clattering, growling, clunking]
[instructor] Work your glutes!
Work your glutes!
[howling, thudding, crashing]
[Bob panting]
I did it! I got the sweaters!
[relieved sigh]
You overcame your fears!
Nice work, Bob!
I'm so proud of you!
Aw, thanks!
Now, let's put out that fire!
[thrilling music]
-[tires screeching]
-All set, Chief!
-Excellent! Soprano!
Wow! I had no idea
how much work it was
to get all that stuff.
Those guys are really good
at what they do!
I'll have to thank them
for all their hard work!
That video still doesn't explain
how they were able to break
the laws of time and space
to do hours of work
in only a few seconds!
Good point!
Maybe we need to look at it
from another camera angle
Well, maybe I can explain.
You see, in physics, uh
Who wants to slide down the fire pole?
-We do!
-We do!
[door opens]
You don't have any idea
how they did that, do you?
No clue.
[closing theme music]
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