Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

The Man With No Name With A Name

[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[Old Western music]
[train cart squeaking]
[car horns honking]
-[tires screeching]
-[car horn honking]
Hey! Move it!
Why don't you go slay a dragon
back at your castle?
-Uh, boss, he ain't a medieval knight.
-He's some kinda cowboy
-Back off, Vito!
I'm genre blind.
Now, go show our friend
the way back to his pirate ship!
Pirate ship?
Genre blind!
You heard the man!
Why don't you giddy-up
outta here?
Or else we'll drag you
off that cart
and then we'll
put you back on the cart and
and then we'll make you
Sorry, can I re-threaten you?
Only thing
worse than threatenin' a man
is threatenin' a man badly.
[Western music]
[all laughing]
Uh-oh! He's got a can
of Vita Rush soda!
Careful! He might
quench his thirst at us!
-Let's teach Mr. Sody-pop
how we do things in the big city!
-[both gasp]
-[both scream]
[suspenseful music]
-[muffled explosion]
-[Fendrich screams]
-[train cart squeaking]
[suspenseful music]
Uh, howdy.
So, what, you in town
for a rodeo?
Guess you might say I plan
on ropin' in something of value.
That your train cart?
[car horn honking]
Might be.
Oh, judging from your interest
in that armored truck,
you're attracting a lot
of unwanted attention
to both of us.
Well, you're doin' a whole lot
of clickin' and beepin'
for someone frettin' about
unwanted attention, Miss
Lewis. Daisy Lewis.
But I'm known as "Kaboom,"
by name and deed.
I didn't catch your name.
No one catches Snake Rattler.
And judgin' by how you're eyeballin'
that armored truck,
looks like we got
a little problem on our hands,
-Ms. Kaboom.
-[car door closes]
Yeah, your problem.
That armored car is mine.
[Snake Rattler] Suits me fine.
I'll be takin' what's inside it.
That right?
Maybe you should stick
to cow poking and
-[tires screeching]
-Ha! Hey, Daisy!
[chuckles awkwardly]
Duke! Hey!
[Daisy] How's it going?
Nice day to innocently loiter
across from a bank, huh?
You know me!
Can't resist a good, innocent loiter.
-Who's your friend?
-Oh, uh, we just met.
Lieutenant Duke DeTain,
meet Snake Rattler.
There a problem, Sheriff?
We've received reports that someone
matching your description,
Old West cowboy,
black hat, eye-patch,
dangerous with a can of soda,
has been causing trouble in the city.
Ha! You just described
half the people you're talking to.
Yeah, you got
the wrong guy, lawman.
What I've got is poor Vito
in the hospital
being treated
for third-degree carbonation.
Please step over here
and show me some identification.
With this souped-up chopper,
I can wear an absurd amount
of top hats in more places
in less time!
Everything's finally going
according to plan!
-[Snake Rattler grunts]
-Aah! My plan!
[tires screeching]
[police siren blaring]
[thrilling music]
[tires screeching]
Git! Move it!
Why won't this thing listen?
It's a motorcycle!
Without ears
or cognitive abilities
-[police siren blaring]
Look, I understand
you're in the middle
of a "thing" here,
but if we could possibly
circle back for my top hats,
I'd really appreciate it!
See, I'm Top Hat Tom,
so, without top hats,
well, you can understand the dilemma
Sorry, partner,
you're slowin' me down.
-[tires screeching]
-[Top Hat Tom screams]
-[motorcycle revving]
-[police siren blaring]
Who am I?
[police siren blaring]
Who is this lawman?
I can't shake 'im.
[tires screeching]
[thrilling music]
[light music]
[jazz music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
-[loud slam]
-[chatter abruptly stops]
[dishes clattering]
-Vita Rush. Black Cherry.
Guess I owe you one
for helpin' with that lawman.
And I don't cotton
to owin' no one nuthin'.
Well, you didn't
soda blast Duke,
so let's call it even.
You ain't exactly
the law abidin' type.
What do you care
if I soak a cop?
Duke's a friend.
It's complicated.
You got a code. Everyone should.
I got one, myself.
[Snake Rattler] My code.
It's a work in progress.
I'm fixin' to add an index,
footnotes, a few illustrations.
Do you know how to draw
someone deseedin' a pumpkin?
My code's gettin'
a tad specific about that.
Having a code
does complicate things.
We're both going after
the armored car,
so I guess any understanding
we have now won't matter.
Too bad. I think
we could've been friends.
Eh, friends are just
unambitious enemies.
Then may the best thief win.
Well, look who we have here
Our little outer-space alien.
Hello, Kaboom.
You heard about the little stunt
your wizard friend
pulled earlier
with the soda pop?
I was not amused.
I'm under strict doctor's orders
not to get my eyebrows sticky.
Yeah, the boss put a big price
on the cowboy's head.
We'll cut you in
if you help us nab him.
Hm, interesting proposition.
I have no loyalty
to this shady cowpoke.
Give me a minute
to soak in your offer.
[Old Western music]
-[muffled explosion]
-[people screaming]
[Fendrich] My eyebrows!
But why soda?
Element of surprise.
No one 'spects to be betrayed
by somethin' so sweet.
Good luck tomorrow, Ms. Kaboom.
It's been a pleasure.
[motorcycle revving]
[tires screeching]
Look at us.
We might as well be painted
with dollar signs and targets.
Do you ever think it'd be safer
if we just wore jeans
and drove an old pick-up?
They don't pay me to think.
Wait, they pay you?
[car doors close]
[Western music]
Eh, I don't wanna buy a soda.
Let's get going.
[beeping, ticking]
-[tires screeching]
[Doug groans]
You see? Dollar signs! Targets!
They don't pay me enough
for this!
[Doug] Okay, now
you're just being mean!
[thrilling music]
-[tires screech]
-[gasps, grunts]
This guy again?
We are not thirsty!
[tires screeching]
Man, Vita Rush's
new promotional campaign
is really aggressive.
No one forces Lori Newfeld
to purchase soft drinks!
-[tires screeching]
-[police siren blaring]
Well, well, look who got lucky!
Never. Luck is like milk.
-It either runs out or goes
-[metal creaking]
[police siren blaring]
It's Duke!
Looks like neither of us
is gonna get the loot.
So you best git gone
while the gittin's good!
Where are we even going?
We could just stop!
Duke's, like, right behind us!
I am gettin' this money
where it's supposed to go!
If I miss a delivery,
I don't get my big bonus check
at the company Christmas party.
We have Christmas parties?
[suspenseful music]
[Daisy] Get away from the door!
[tires screeching]
[both grunting]
Ha! It's mine again!
No one steals a motorcycle
out from underneath Top Hat Tom!
-[tires screech]
-[Top Hat Tom screams]
[Top Hat Tom] Ow!
This is the universe's way
of telling me to just walk
[Western music]
Dang code.
-[police siren blaring]
-[tires screeches]
[suspenseful music]
[owl hooting]
[fire crackling]
You'll be okay
if you can hold off
any kaboomin' for a bit.
Lemme fetch you some water.
[Western music]
Element of surprise.
No one 'spects to be betrayed
by somethin' so sweet.
I'll be seein' ya, Ms. Kaboom.
[closing theme music]
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