Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

Daisy Chain Gang

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
[Fendrich] Welcome, everyone!
It's been my pleasure
to organize the first annual
Police and Firemen's
Charity Variety Show!
Tonight, we celebrate
the magnificent work you do
to keep the city safe
while raising money for an often
overlooked group of individuals.
The rich!
Wow! Looks like the entire city
is in attendance tonight.
Yeah, it's been at least a week
since we've had an elaborate event
to bring everyone together.
It's great to see so many
friendly faces in the audience.
Fire Chief Freya McCloud!
[crowd cheering]
Officer Duke DeTain!
[crowd cheering]
[quiet clapping]
You're all in for a treat!
Food, fun,
and some of the city's
greatest entertainers!
But, first, let's make sure
everyone is here.
[Fendrich] Particularly all
our heroic police officers.
We wouldn't want anyone
left out on the streets
to interfere with my plans to
Uh, have a fabulous night!
[crowd cheering]
Thank you, Morris and Morris.
Right on time, fashionably late.
Here ya go, boss! All locked up!
Nobody's going anywhere!
This is one ingenious plan,
locking everyone
inside the theater
Then distracting them
with quality entertainment,
leaving the city vulnerable
so we can steal the
Deed to the city!
When this city was founded,
a deed for the land was created.
That deed still exists,
and whoever has possession of it
owns all the land
on which this city is built!
All of it!
Finally, this city will be mine!
[car engine revving]
[all grunting]
Now, let's go over the plan.
The deed is kept inside
a safe at the bank.
Right! We're gonna align
magnets all over the city
to yank that safe out of the bank.
Super magnet!
And the deed to the city will be ours!
-I mean, yours, boss!
The deed'll be yours.
That's right!
Now, let's get going!
Deed to the city, eh, Fendrich?
The only thing you're gonna own
is the tears you weep
when I stop your plan!
[tires screeching]
-[Fendrich grunting]
-[car door closes]
The whole city's abandoned.
We're like kids in a candy store!
To the candy store!
Hey, no messing around!
We've got work to do
while the whole city's
locked in the theater.
-[tires screeching]
-[cheering, laughing]
[light music]
[knocking on door]
Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis.
We need to talk.
Of course, Ms. Sinclair.
Care to join me for dinner?
Hope cereal's okay.
So we have to stop Fendrich
from getting that deed!
I love this city, Ms. Kaboom.
It's my home.
I love this city, too,
Ms. Sinclair.
I can't imagine blowing
things up anywhere else.
Then I ask you,
are you willing to sit idly by
while Fendrich steals our home?
Don't worry.
I have a plan,
but we can't do it alone.
Oh, can I interest anyone
in dessert?
I've got a pie in the microwave.
And now,
before your very eyes, man,
I will make Freya appear
on my left side,
and Duke appear
on my right side.
Check this out!
Whoo-hoo! Unimagicable!
-[crowd cheering]
-Right on!
[imitating airplane sounds]
[Fendrich] Quit messing around!
Stop pretending to be an airplane!
Hey, how'd he know
I was pretending to be an airplane?
Lucky guess. Now get going!
[Western music]
So what do you say? Are you in?
[Snake Rattler]
Is a desert canary
an alfalfa desperado's best friend?
[fire crackling]
-Yeah, I'm in.
[tap dancing]
Look at me!
I'm as beautiful on the outside
as I feel on the inside.
[Fendrich] Quit messing around!
You have one more magnet to go!
Now get going.
Mary Sinclair. The Morrises.
Snake Rattler, and me, Kaboom.
Normally, we work alone,
but tonight we band together
to stop Fendrich
from stealing our city.
We're just missing one person
a mysterious unidentified vigilante.
Whoa there.
You don't mean
[all] The Silver Blur.
Okay. Let's turn on the signal.
[both scream]
Harl? Why are you here?
I thought everyone
was at the theater.
I'm heading there next.
I've been trying to make
the Silver Signal brighter,
so I hooked it
to a super electromagnet.
Check it out!
[upbeat music]
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
It's the Silver Blur! ♪
Flyin' through the sky ♪
Faster than the human eye can see ♪
There he is! The Silver Blur!
Oh, no!
The signal's overheating!
So, uh, think he's coming back?
Um, I think we may have to do it
without the Silver Blur.
Do what? Can I help?
No offense, partner,
this here job
requires a willingness
to get your hands dirty.
My hands are already dirty!
Look! We're practically the same,
you and me.
We're like twins!
Whoever can eat
the most fire peppers wins!
And begin!
-[crowd cheering]
[munches, swallows]
[crowd cheering]
Everyone's having
the time of their lives!
If a crisis
was developing outside,
we'd have no idea!
Wait, wait! Okay!
Guess who I am?
[in a deep voice]
The easy way
is rarely the best way.
-[both laugh]
Me, me! My turn!
[Fendrich] Quit messing around!
[Frankie] Wow, Hacksaw!
That really sounded
like Fendrich!
[Fendrich] It is me!
Get back to the bank!
Amazing, Hacksaw!
Do it again! Do it again!
The magnets are in place!
Now, with the simple press
of this button,
the deed to the city
-will be mine!
[evil laugh]
-[loud crash]
[Fendrich laughing]
[grunts, laughs]
The city is mine!
[suspenseful music]
[both gasp]
We're here to stop you
from stealing our city.
So if you know
what's good for ya,
you best step away
from that safe
and leave well enough alone.
Sorry, I'm genre blind.
Can someone please translate
what this noir detective is saying?
Let me handle this one, partner.
First, we're not detectives,
we're cowboys!
Secondly, he's telling you
to walk away from the deed
or you'll be in big trouble.
See? Twins!
If you want the deed,
-you'll have to get it!
-[tires screeching]
[motorcycles revving]
Whoa! Uh Ah!
[Fendrich yelling, grunting]
[tires screeching]
[evil laugh]
-[Fendrich laughing maniacally]
-[tires screeching]
[Fendrich cheering]
It's the Silver Blur ♪
-[evil laugh]
- It's the Silver Blur ♪
-[tires screeching]
-[Fendrich laughing]
[all screaming]
[tires screeching]
[all screaming]
-[all grunt]
[all groaning]
-[party music playing]
-[crowd cheering]
[Clemmons] Everyone's having
the time of their lives!
An elaborate bank heist
using multiple giant magnets
could be happening right now
and we wouldn't have a clue!
[Fendrich yelling, grunting]
[evil laugh]
[tires screeching]
-[gasps, screams]
[Fendrich] Ah!
It's the Silver Blur ♪
-Thank you, Silver Blur!
-[loud thud]
Dude! That was one
shred-tastic variety show!
And all for a good cause, too.
The rich!
Hey, wait a minute
Everyone had the time of their lives!
And the city's perfectly safe,
exactly how we left it!
Thank you, Mr. Fendrich,
for organizing this magnificent event.
No one's gonna mention the safe
in the middle of the street?
What can I say?
Once a Fendrich party's started,
it don't stop.
-[both gasp]
-[both] The deed to the city!
-[both grunting]
-[both gasp]
[Daisy] Looking for this?
This city doesn't belong
to either of you.
It belongs to the people!
And as long as we live here,
-We're fixing to keep it that way.
-We're fixing to keep it that way.
-[tape ripping]
[both] No!
[both crying]
[coughs awkwardly]
You make a dynamite leader, Daisy.
Emphasis on dynamite.
Too bad I don't take orders.
See ya around.
[triumphant music]
[approaching footsteps]
He wants me to go this way, so
[triumphant music]
[closing theme music plays]
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