Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

Backdraft to School

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
[Judge Strictpunish]
Order! Order outside the court!
-[fire alarm ringing]
-Raging fire, I demand you stop!
But who am I to judge?
-I've raged before.
-[fire truck siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
-[man 1] Great fire.
-[woman 1] So pretty!
-[man 1] Oh, it's so nice.
-[indistinct chatter]
[gasps, screams]
Okay, I need a Sky Police jet,
a reasonably-priced toaster,
two acrobats,
and a fancy napkin!
-What makes a napkin fancy
-No time!
[Bob sighs]
[crowd chattering]
Sky Police!
-Let's follow it!
-[crowd chattering]
[Freya grunting]
[Judge Strictpunish] My crumpet!
My old mini-oven must have shorted out
and caused the fire!
Reasonably-priced toaster!
[Bob] Here you go!
Fancy napkin!
[Freya] Great work, team!
No Fire Chief could be
more proud of her crew,
-and nothing can change that.
-[knocking on door]
Life-changing telegram
for Freya McCloud!
For me?
More good news!
Maybe I won that bassoon.
Read it aloud! Every word!
"Freya McCloud,
our records indicate
you are missing
one credit required
for graduation
from the Fire Academy.
Until the required coursework
is completed,
you are hereby suspended
as City Fire Chief"
[all gasp]
They didn't even mention
the bassoon!
What do we do, Chief?
I I guess I need to elevate one of you
to Acting Fire Chief.
According to the chain
of command guidelines,
that would be Roastie.
Chief, you can't leave!
Who am I going to panic to?
Until I get that credit,
I'm not me.
I'm a fraud.
I have to fix this.
Oh, what?
[beeping, whirring]
Roastie's right!
We should honor Chief McCloud
with a pizza party!
-[party music playing]
-[indistinct chatter]
[crowd cheering]
Ah, my old
stomping-out-fire grounds.
The soot smells the same.
-[man 2] Freya McCloud!
Mr. Yodowski!
I'm so glad to see you!
You're still the academy
maintenance man?
That I am.
And I've proudly followed
your career.
I knew you were gonna make
a great fire chief!
Unfortunately, I just found out
I'm one credit short
of graduating,
so I'm no longer the fire chief.
It's only an emergency, Freya.
You'll fix it.
You just need
to trust your instincts.
That's what you always said.
[door opens]
[indistinct chatter]
-[woman 2] Behold!
-[door opens]
It is I who will be
teaching your class.
[cadet 1] Uh, who is that?
You're still in the shadow.
[cadet 2] We can't see you.
[woman 2] Is this better?
[cadet 2] That didn't help.
[cadet 3] Yeah, now
you're even shadowier!
[cadet 4]
Yeah, I can't see you still.
[cadet 2] Step toward the light.
-[cadet 4] Yeah, that's better!
-[cadet 2] Yeah, you're good.
-I still don't recognize you.
Good morning, class.
I'm your instructor Ms. Storm.
For this final one week course,
you will learn the future
of fire fighting.
[Sandra] But first, I'd like
to introduce our new cadet,
former Fire Chief Freya McCloud.
Hello, "old friend."
-[all cadets] Oh!
-They seem to have a rivalry.
I don't know what's happening.
The "old friend" part
sounded ironic.
Hi, Sandra.
You're teaching here?
It's "Ms. Storm" to my students.
Everyone, Freya and I
were classmates.
She graduated first
in our class,
over me by half a point.
But it's come to our attention
she was really one credit short
of graduating
which means
I should have been Fire Chief.
But that's the past.
The future of firefighting
is technology.
The goal is to remove humans
from the equation altogether.
What about firefighters?
The old ways, Freya,
are outdated.
[Sandra] Be careful,
or you may become
outdated as well.
And you're gone again.
That was ominous.
[cadet 1] Does this mean
class is over?
-[party music playing]
-[crowd cheering]
[all singing]
How low can you go? ♪
- How low can you go? ♪
How low can you go?
-Clemmons, get over here!
-[Clemmons laughing]
-What's up?
-"What's up?"
Freya's been gone one day
and the firehouse is trashed!
Nothing's getting done
around here!
Roastie, I don't wanna question
your leadership,
but are you leading correctly?
Don't we have work to do?
Roastie's right! It'll get done!
We deserve to have a little fun.
-Dance off!
-[all cheering]
Today, we're in the practice field
to implement some of what we've learned
the past few days.
Please activate
your Fire Hydrant app.
-[fire crackling]
Shouldn't we also learn
how to manually turn
a hydrant on and off?
[mocking Freya]
If you mean push a button
on your tablet, then, yes.
That's the future.
Now, watch this
-[Sandra] The Fire Truck app.
-[tires screeching]
-[sirens blaring]
Okay, Freya,
since you're such an expert
on "fire fighting,"
why don't you take this one?
Right. I need a bullwhip,
three cans of pinto beans,
and a boy named "Sue."
Using the new technology.
[clears throat]
[clattering, clanging]
-No time!
[machines power down]
It seems fire fighting
has moved into the future
without you, Freya.
I suggest you catch up.
If you don't, the city will need
a new Fire Chief.
Me. I'm talking about myself.
I would very much
like to be Fire Chief.
-[loud crash]
[dramatic music]
Hey, Roastie.
Just checking in to see
how everything is going.
Sounds like it's going great.
Everything is going great!
[Clemmons] We're having a blast.
-Hope you are, too!
-[party music playing]
-Yeah, I'm having a blast, too.
-[clattering, crashing]
In fact, I should probably
get back to, ya know, blasting.
Cool! Don't worry about us. Talk later!
I guess they don't need me.
-[party music playing]
-[cheering, yelling]
Did anybody else see
that dolphin?
[beeping sadly]
[Bob] Chief McCloud makes it
look easy, huh, Roastie?
Leading isn't just about
keeping people happy.
We all work hard
and deserve to have fun,
but we also understand
our duty comes first.
[Bob] It's up to you
to set the example.
-Oh, sorry, Freya.
Just measuring
for a new light fixture.
Been a lot of complaints
about shadows in here.
How's the studying going?
Not well.
I just don't get the
"fire fighting of the future."
Maybe I don't deserve
to be Fire Chief.
Freya, that missing credit
has nothing to do with you
being a great Fire Chief.
You walked into this academy
with a way
of looking at the world
that was just as valuable
as anything taught
in these classrooms.
Believe me,
I learned a lot from you.
-[door opens]
-[cadet 1] Mr. Yodowski!
Someone flushed their tablet
down the toilet!
Don't panic.
It's just an emergency.
I need a saw,
a helium tank, an ant farm,
and a cast photo
from the stage musical,
"Abe Shineberg:
Tap Dancing Machine."
[indistinct chatter]
Where is she?
Check the shadows.
[Sandra] Welcome to your
final exam, cadets!
Look up and to your right.
Your final exam is to rescue me.
-[fire crackling]
Good luck!
[tablets beeping]
[both grunting]
-[tires screeching]
-[sirens blaring]
[both scream]
Stop messing around!
[Sandra] Remember what
we learned this week!
This is out of control.
The fire is growing
and there are no shadows to keep me cool.
-I gotta stop this.
Oh, no! My tablet's frozen!
[Freya] Sandra?
Remember, Freya,
trust your instincts.
All right. Cadets!
[cadets screaming]
Listen, the future of fire fighting
is the same as it's always been.
You can't control everything,
so be ready for anything!
I need three fire hoses,
two fire hydrants, a fire truck,
six trained firefighters,
and an ax!
-A fire ax?
-[Freya] No time!
But, yes, a fire ax.
-[duck toy squeaks]
Funky Fun Train ♪
[fire alarm beeping]
Roastie, there's some
kinda out of control fire
at the Fire Academy or whatever.
You heard him! To the trucks!
Oh, no!
You three, spray the hoses
at the base of the building!
You, break in the door with the ax!
-A fire ax?
-Yes, a fire ax.
-[siren blaring]
-[Freya] Oh, thank goodness.
Clemmons, get the ladder
up to that window!
Roastie, Bob,
get this fire under control!
[cadet 4] Oh, thank goodness!
Freya, you saved me.
Just doing my job, Ms. Storm.
Can you ever forgive me
for being so hard on you?
Of course.
Life's no fun without being
challenged once in a while.
[Sandra] Not only do you get
your missing credit,
I'm giving you an A+
in this class.
You're officially
Fire Chief again.
And this city
is lucky to have you.
I don't know what's happening.
Thank you,
though a Fire Chief is nothing
without a great team beside her.
Thanks for keeping everything
under control.
Oh, that's very disappointing.
How come you never told me
you could limbo?
How low can you go?
How low can you go? ♪
[closing theme music plays]
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