Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e11 Episode Script

Running Mates

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
This is Gabby Tocamera
at City Theatre
where Poppy Starr has scheduled
a charity concert to benefit those
who can't afford tickets
to this charity concert.
We just got word thieves
have stolen a rare,
defective talking Poppy doll
that was to be sold
at the event.
Ugh, what is that smell?
Guys, yeah, the recording
booth smells like feet!
The theft highlights the rising
crime rates in the city
before the upcoming
mayoral elections.
I'm here with Mayor Solomon Fleck,
who is running for re-election.
Mayor Fleck,
how do we prevent terrifying,
silly doll-related villainy
from becoming an epidemic?
Gabby, the key is work,
work, work.
Hard work. So I have a simple solution
to this crime problem
You're going to say, work.
Yes, but in my voice. Work.
Oh. Thank you, Mayor Fleck.
Here is our other
mayoral candidate,
business tycoon, R.E. Fendrich.
Mr. Fendrich,
rumor has it you, yourself,
are responsible for the rise
in crime to make Mayor Fleck
-appear inept.
-[clears throat]
How do you respond?
Gabby, the good people of this city
deserve a non-evasive,
honest answer to that question.
-I respond
I stole the defective Poppy doll
like you told me to
in order to make Fleck
look inept
Hi, I'm Poppy
and to all my fans
I had an everything bagel
just now, it's so gross.
I've never seen this employee
of mine in my life!
Officers, I've caught the doll thief!
Come on, Tommy,
let's show this doll thief
that crime is nothing
to play with!
Or how about this one,
with the caption, Re-elect Fleck
because change is scary!
Mr. Mayor, are you still worried
about Fendrich
making you look bad
in front of the whole city?
I'm fine, Carol. I'm working.
Work is the great healer.
It fills the heart
and lifts the spirits.
So, everything will be fine,
until I lose the election.
Don't talk that way, sir.
How is your speech coming?
It's a dry analysis
of community problems
and the amount of work
it will take to solve them.
-It may be my finest speech yet.
-[door opens]
Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mr. Mayor!
Hello, Small Carol,
I mean, Madison, excuse me.
Uh oh. You're worried
about the election, aren't you?
I understand.
I'm running for Mayor of Recess
against a mean kid,
Tommy Wedgieman.
Everyone's gonna vote for Tommy
because they're scared of him.
He'll take all the fun
out of recess.
But no one grasps the intricate
policies and nuanced diplomacy
of kickball and hopscotch
like you do.
You should tell your classmates
how much work goes
-into having fun.
Mayor Fleck is working
on his speech.
Why don't you work on yours, as well?
We'll make City Hall
campaign headquarters
for my two favorite candidates.
-Really? Yay!
-Yeah, well, technically,
City Hall can't provide
resources for
Unofficially, Mr. Mayor.
This is one of those make
believe things we've discussed.
Oooh. Yes. Of course.
Just when I think
I've seen the limits
of the human imagination
I can't believe
you had me arrested, boss.
Oh, stop complaining, Hacksaw!
Judge Strictpunish let you off
with a warning.
True, and it was
a pretty good warning.
Don't buy insurance
from a man dressed as a goat.
It's all part of my bigger plan.
To defeat Mary Sinclair
once and for all.
We really need a new portrait
of Sinclair to deface.
How's that coming, Frankie?
I'm really capturing
her impending defeat
even better than the last one, boss.
Fendrich, you louse!
You said you wanted to meet
to beg for my forgiveness!
I should have known
something was up
when I was asked
to sit completely still
by this easel for three hours!
The Fendrichs have never
defeated the Sinclairs
and they never will!
-I didn't finish her sleeve!
Vito, call Sinclair's office
and set up another meeting.
Tell them I wanna beg her forgiveness
for tricking her into sitting
for a portrait,
and tell 'em she needs to wear
the same clothes.
Genius. Will do, boss.
Now, tomorrow is Fleck's big
speech at the police station.
I want you to steal his speech.
Fleck will make a fool of himself
and I'll be elected mayor!
Then I'll change the law
so everything Sinclair does
is illegal, or, better yet,
I will make being Mary Sinclair
a crime!
Uh, boss, can a mayor do that?
Of course not!
I'm not an idiot, Big Betty!
First I have to change the law
so the mayor can do that!
Fleck's speech
is in that briefcase.
We have to get it!
Don't worry.
I got a perfect plan.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I can't help notice
your awful briefcase.
Vito's Briefcase Boutique
has a special promotion
for the person
with the worst briefcase.
We'll give you our new
Speech-Holder 3000 for free.
Just put your smelly,
ugly old case up here.
Wow! That is a cool briefcase.
Made from 98 percent
artificial pleather
and 2 percent unknown.
See how easily
your personal items I'm handling
without your consent fit inside.
That is impressive.
What about my old briefcase?
Don't worry,
a hazmat crew is on their way.
Have a good day!
Thank you so much. You, too!
-Boom. We got the briefcase.
Okay, Maddy,
you're gonna do great today.
I am so proud of you
whether you're Mayor of Recess
or not.
Thanks, Mommy.
-Wait, two speeches?
-[police car approaching]
[yelps, panting]
[screams, groans]
Oh, I've gotta get
to the police station
for the Mayor's speech!
-Wait, Mommy, my speech!
Go show that Tommy Wedgieman
what fun is all about!
[distant chattering]
Security checkpoint.
I'll need to look inside
your briefcase, ma'am.
Oh. Okay.
Making sure the mayor's speech
goes smoothly?
Um Yes.
I'm checking for illegal
fruits and vegetables
to protect crops and livestock
inside the speech-giving area.
-Thanks again
for getting my defective me doll back,
Grandpa Grizzled!
Good to see you, Duke.
-Um, something Duke would say.
That is such a Duke thing
to say.
You know I would do anything
for you, Poppy, dear.
-[Poppy] And to all my fans
I am so sick of your messages
Except run after crooks for a doll.
Officer, I don't have any
agricultural contraband!
You have to go after
those crooks!
But I'm not really
I mean, I am really I mean
Phew. That was a close one.
Um, um, anytime now Carol,
I need my speech.
What's the matter, Fleck,
cat got your speech?
Sorry for the hold up,
Mr. Mayor.
Here's your speech.
Go show that R.E. Fendrich
what work is all about!
-[clears throat]
Work, work, work.
That's what we do all day.
Where's the fun in that? What?
[indistinct chattering]
Oh, no. That's Maddy's speech!
What happened
to the Mayor's speech?
If there's one word
that sums up all the joy
and wonder of human existence,
it's "work." Huh?
Ah, we have to work.
They make us work.
That's why we do it. Duh.
But why do we play?
We don't have to play.
Nobody makes us play.
We wanna play!
Our days are a big blob of work,
so the itty-bitty blob
we get to play is the most
important blob of the whole day!
[crowd cheering, applauding]
Fun is fun!
Yes, fun is too important to
make just anyone the boss of it.
Do you really think Tommy
knows how to get the most
-out of play time?
-It's true!
I've never been good at playing!
So remember, a vote for me
is a vote for fun!
[women 1] There's no fun
without you, Mayor.
[cheers, chanting]
Mayor Fleck! Mayor Fleck.
-Hacksaw, what is going on?
-Hang on, boss.
I have to process
and fingerprint these crooks.
I'm gonna make detective for sure!
Luckily, I'm so far ahead
in the polls,
one measly speech
isn't gonna stop me
from winning this election!
The election results are in
and Solomon Fleck
is once again our mayor.
With one masterful speech,
Fleck became the fun candidate,
giving him a landslide victory
over R.E. Fendrich.
-The tycoon's re
-How could this happen?
Fleck is the fun candidate?
I once saw him turn down
apple juice
because it wasn't party time!
It's an outrage!
I should be mayor
and being Sinclair
-should be illegal!
Whether you're mayor or not,
The Fendrichs have never
defeated the Sinclairs
-and they never will!
Shouldn't we make an appearance
at your victory party?
But, that wasn't my speech,
I can't celebrate inaccuracy.
And now Maddy's
gonna lose her election
because of my silly mistake.
She'll be crushed.
I won! I'm Mayor of Recess!
Even Tommy Wedgieman
voted for me!
But How?
Mr. Mayor's speech!
It said I will work harder
than anyone to make sure
everyone has fun!
Thank you for your speech, Mr. Mayor!
And thank you for your horrible
carelessness, Mommy!
-You're welcome?
-Congratulations, Madison.
Unfortunately, now everyone
thinks I'm the fun candidate.
But you are!
For you, work is fun!
Huh. You're right.
It's like your speech said,
people work all day,
which means I spend my whole day
having fun.
Maybe I am the fun candidate,
after all.
Now, how about we all go down
to the ballroom
for our victory party?
Ooh, can I please have
apple juice, Mommy?
-Sure, honey.
Apple juice, huh?
I think I'll join you. It's party time.
[closing theme music plays]
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