Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e12 Episode Script

Dirty Duke

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
-[engine revving]
-[horn blaring]
[Wheeler on radio]
Attention, dudes!
The low down, yet mysteriously
cool bank robber, Snake Rattler,
is heading east on Sixth Avenue!
I got him, chief!
Hang on tight, Cubby!
-[tires screech]
This money belongs to the bank!
Argh! This dang lawman's always
on me like quills on a cactus!
-[tires screech, crashes]
-[police car approaching]
The pawn shop, eh?
Time to rattle this snake
and maybe get a ukulele.
Duke. You change your mind
about the ukulele?
Shifty, where's Snake Rattler?
And I'm on the fence
about the ukulele.
I haven't seen Snake.
I can go down to 15 bucks.
All right, Snake, come out
from behind the counter!
I knew Snake was close by.
I've never seen you so scared
and nervous, Shifty.
How about 10 bucks
for the ukulele?
Have fun sawin' logs, amigo.
It's the police!
Come out with your hands up!
Time to show these city cops
a little can-do attitude.
But first, I'll send Duke back
to dreamland.
-[opens can]
Thanks for the drink, mister.
Uh You're welcome?
What happened? Where am I?
Who am I?
Huh. That noggin bump
musta made you lose your memory.
Do you know who I am?
Yes. You're Dirty Duke,
my low down, thievin' henchman!
I'm a bad guy?
How come I'm dressed like a cop?
Right, ah
You are a cop, but you gone bad.
I don't really feel "bad"
Well, you are! The worst!
You stole this money
from the bank!
That's, like, 10 bucks.
So I'm not a very good criminal?
We've got you surrounded.
-Come out!
-Just do as I say
or both of us'll wind up
breakin' rocks in jail!
Got it. Let's go. Yee-hoo!
Yeah, lesson one,
it's "Yee-haw."
I have so much to learn.
Don't worry!
He caught me, the bad guy!
Uh Yeah!
Great job, Duke!
You're the best!
Yeah and now he's gonna
commandeer this here van
to take me to jail!
Uh Yes.
I'm a great commandeerer!
-[tires screech]
-Um What are you doing?
He's gatherin' evidence against me!
Yeah and he's helping.
It's lotta evidence.
I am so busted.
Oh, and he's gonna need you
to cuff yourselves to your cars.
Yeah, you know,
standard procedure.
[tires screech]
Hey, wait a second!
"Comandeerer" isn't a word!
Duke Detain has gone bad, dudes!
I don't believe it.
I've gone bad!
Look, I'm stealing stuff!
-I'm a criminal!
Maybe it's part of a plan?
This is not part of a plan!
I'm really a criminal! Woooo!
I'm sorry,
as difficult as this is,
you've got to arrest Duke.
This doesn't feel right.
A good cop like Duke turning
to crime?
Listen, cops are like
this cottage cheese,
sometimes they just go bad.
You know cottage cheese needs
to be refrigerated, right?
-[stomach rumbles]
-A-T-M? Meet T-N-T!
-What are you doing?
Duke! I'm, uh
just using this ATM!
Oh, good. I thought
you were gonna rob the bank.
The boss told me to rob it.
What's going on with Duke?
Lost his memory.
I told him he was my henchman.
Smart play, huh?
No! It's wrong.
Duke is a good guy.
Why so protective, missy?
Sounds like you gone soft on a cop.
It's gonna backfire on you,
Look! I got twice as much cash
as you thought we could get!
It's "Yee-haw." "Yee-haw."
-[engine revving]
-[police car approaching]
Pull over! Now!
-[siren wails]
-[Grizzled] Well we gave it our best shot.
Now, run 'em off the road!!
-[siren wails]
-[tires screech]
[Rooky] Duke, stop! This isn't you!
-[Grizzled] Eh, that's him.
-[tires screech]
Ahhh. Ain't nothin'
like a stolen money bath.
You did a fairly decent job
back there, henchman.
Aw, thanks, boss, but all I did
was rob the bank
By myself
And help us escape by myself.
This is Gabby Tocamera
and here's our top story.
A famous artifact will soon be
on display for all to see,
but until the museum can finish
its security upgrades,
the priceless Doublecross Ruby
will be held
in the City Bank vault.
Wow, the Doublecross Ruby
is so beautiful
and foreshadowy, huh, Craig?
As always,
our banter is the soul
of this newscast.
We've gotta steal that ruby!
Whoa, slow down, there,
There's a posse out there
looking for us.
We need to lay low.
You wanna hide, go ahead.
I'll get the ruby on my own.
Now don't get too big
for your britches, hoss.
This ain't no one-man job.
Fine, you talked me into it,
we'll both go.
I'll get our bad guy stuff!
-You've gone too far, Snake.
How'd you break in here?
I'm a highly skilled criminal, duh.
Plus, you left
the front door open.
You've gotta stop messing
with Duke.
Ah, I got it under control.
You can't control Duke Detain.
This has to stop
before it gets out of hand.
Remember your code.
Let's see
Ah, Article 3, subsection H.
"When a cop loses his memory
and you trick him
into being your henchman,
stop it before it gets
out of hand."
Darn code!
It was like
he didn't even know me.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm on my yogurt break.
You know yogurt also needs
to be refrigerated.
That explains the chronic
stomach ache.
[distorted voice on phone]
I've got information on Duke.
Meet me in the alley at 6th and Main.
Wow, is that your real voice?
No, I'm disguising it so
you can't figure out who I am.
[woman on phone]
Hello? Hello?
[distorted voice]
Mom, I'm on the other line!
[woman] Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis,
get off the phone and finish your chores!
[distorted voice] I just I need pff!
Arrgh! I hate living at home!
Stay there, Rooky.
I'll come to you.
Wait, you live across the street
from the police station?
It's really convenient
when I get arrested.
Listen, Duke lost his memory
and Snake convinced him he's a bad guy.
I knew it!
Now, we just have to find a way
to get Duke to remember
who he really is.
Maybe this will help.
-His Dukeness has amnesia?
-Yes! Snake is tricking him.
They're going after
the Doublecross Ruby.
We've gotta take him down.
One way or another.
Wait! What?
I hate to land with Bennett
on this one,
but Duke is way too good
at being bad.
No, we just need to reach him.
-He's still good inside.
-[stomach rumbling]
Ugh, at least someone's insides are good.
You do know you need
to cook chicken right?
Sure, next thing you'll tell me
I have to refrigerate it, too.
-[stomach rumbling]
-Organs shutting down.
Sorry, Rooky. This may be
our only chance to stop him.
-[Snake] Yikes! That's a lot of law.
-[Duke] We need a distraction.
Aaah, a runaway stagecoach!
We just have to build one,
find some horses and then
Uh, how about we use a drone?
Not as cool,
but sure, that'll work.
-[drone whirring]
[laughs, giggles]
Stay focused! These beach balls
are an obvious distraction!
-[laughs, giggles]
-[officer] Over here.
[cranking, clangs]
There it is!
Oh, she sure is pretty!
Snake, before we steal the ruby,
I want you to know
being your henchman is fun.
You're the best.
Gee, I reckon you've become a true amigo.
-No, no, no, no, no!
-[door slams]
Just because I can't stop
doesn't mean I'm enjoying this.
Why, you no good traitor!
We got a code!
I don't have a code, Snake!
That's why I'm a better crook!
I don't need you!
You're just dead weight!
So long, Snake! Yee-haaay!
At least I say "Yee-haw"
Outta my way, cop!
Duke, you're a cop!
The best cop in the city.
I was born to be a crook!
Look how good I am at it!
No! Snake lied to you.
You need to snap out of it.
Nice try, but it's gonna to take more
than an identity-forming
childhood memento to stop me.
The easy way
is rarely the best way!
Can't escape!
Feet won't let me do crime!
Cubby! I remember everything!
Snake tricked me
into robbing the city!
I'm gonna stuff that cowboy
into his 10-gallon hat!
Sorry, Snake, but I warned you.
It's over, Snake!
Well, well,
look who's all clean again!
Sorry, but you ain't half
as scary as Dirty Duke!
[tires screech]
-[yelps, groans]
Great job, Duke! Are you okay?
I am now, thanks to you
sticking by me.
You're the real hero, Rooky.
Aw, you would've done
the same for me.
Um, actually, no,
I would've arrested you.
Come on, Snake,
I'm taking you to jail.
They're serving your favorite
tonight, baked beans.
Aw, you remembered.
Get it? "Remember."
Because you lost your memory?
Too soon, Snake.
Too soon.
[closing theme music plays]
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