Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e13 Episode Script

For Wheeler

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
[upbeat music]
Yeah! Cool!
-[construction worker] Huh?
Good morning!
Piece of fruit for your ride
to work, Chief Wheeler?
Righteous, dude!
And call me Wheelie!
-[Wheeler yells]
-[Wheeler grunting]
Dude, panic in a straight line!
I'm trying to get around you!
Thanks, Chief Wheeler!
[yelling, grunting]
It's Double Bust Duke!
Way to kick off the morning!
Thank you, Chief Wheeler.
That took you longer than usual
for a simple hardware store robbery,
-Was there a problem?
-No, Captain Bennett.
I caught them
with the stolen merchandise,
but they insisted we go
to the giftwrapping store.
-There was a line.
-[sighs sharply]
That is the most beautifully
gift-wrapped evidence
-I've ever seen!
We may disagree on what is or is not,
technically legal,
but I never forget to steal a gift
for Chief Wheeler's birthday.
What? Did you say
it's the chief's birthday?
I never forget because
it's also the anniversary
of my first misdemeanor.
-Good times.
-[sighs sharply]
I don't think anyone knows
it's the chief's birthday.
We knew! Now so do you!
If I understand
the law correctly,
it's the thought that counts,
so we're free to go, right?
Uh, no.
That is the single
most disturbing thing
I've ever heard.
Yeah, yeah,
the day's young, grandpops.
Looks like you caught
a pretty bad hombre, here, Detective.
You have the right to a lollipop.
Is this guy for real?
Uh, this is my grandson,
Braydon Jaden Grizzled.
I told my son
I'd keep an eye on him.
He's a real chip
off the old Grizzled block.
We're very proud.
-Chief Wheeler?
-Call me Wheelie!
My nose and I are running!
[Wheeler grunts]
I'm a better cop on my
board than on my feet,
but it's hard in a busy station.
So what's up, Rooks?
Why didn't you tell us
it was your birthday?
Eh, you know me, dude.
Every day is a party
for Wheelie!
[Bennett] Chief, look out!
-[Wheeler] Ooh!
-[cat yeowls]
Guys, we have to do something
for Chief Wheeler's birthday!
If the chief
doesn't want to make a fuss,
we should respect his wishes.
It's my birthday today, too.
See? And don't you feel bad
that no one knows
or did anything for you?
We can't do that to the chief.
Why don't we get him
one big present from all of us?
Great idea! What do we get him?
How about a vacation
someplace I wanna go?
That way, if he doesn't want it,
I can go on vacation.
[groans, chuckles]
-There you are, Chief!
I have a question.
Can you recommend a gift
for, uh, my uncle,
who is about your age and likes,
uh, you know, whatever you like?
Rooky, dude, you're a great cop.
Trust your instincts
and you'll find
the perfect gift for him.
Besides, there's only
one thing I want.
And I doubt your uncle
would want that.
Oh, I don't know about that.
What is it?
Snake Rattler is trying to rob
a Vita Rush soda truck
headed northeast
on South West Street!
This could get gnarly!
We're gonna need roadblocks
and air support!
-Let's move, dudes!
Well, I can't
leave you here alone.
Your safety
is my responsibility.
I guess you'll have
to come with me
on this treacherous
high speed chase
to catch a dangerous,
maniacal criminal.
[sighs sharply]
Stop what you're doin'
Let's dance ♪
Let's dance ♪
Stop what you're doin'
Let's dance ♪
[police siren blaring]
[Grizzled] Duke, that tanker
is filled with Vita Rush
and it's getting
really shaken up.
We gotta stop this
before it blows.
-[Duke] Copy that.
Time to deal with this problem
head on!
-[tires screeching]
Or drivin' your car ♪
Or runnin from bees ♪
Or even in the middle
Of surgery ♪
Stop what you're doin
Let's dance ♪
[Mr. Produce] No, no, no,
stop, stop, stop. Aw, come on!
Huh? Whoa!
[groaning, panting]
Give it up, Snake.
You got nowhere to go,
except jail.
I got two cans of Vita Rush
that say different.
[tense music]
[Braydon] Oh, for cryin'
out loud, guys. Really?
-Sody-Pop Cowboy!
Braydon, what are you doing?
I may be six, but, trust me,
I am best left unmessed with.
Duke, the chief said
there's only one thing
that he wants for his birthday,
and I know what it is.
Room to skate
at the police station!
He should have room now.
-Everyone's here.
-Yeah, but so is he.
When we get back to the station,
we need someone to call
and say they saw
something suspicious,
like, at the junkyard.
You know,
a place that's hard to search.
That would get everyone
out of the station again
and give the chief
tons of skating room
the rest of the day.
Hi, guys!
My Helpy Sense is tingling.
Is this about
Chief Wheeler's birthday?
Harl, you know
about the chief's birthday?
Of course!
I never forget because
it's also the anniversary
of Hacksaw Hank's
first misdemeanor.
Good times.
[Harl] I couldn't help
overhearing your plan.
-I'd be happy to help.
You'd be willing to do it?
Of course!
It's for a good cause.
Making room for Chief Wheeler
to skate on his birthday.
When will everyone be back
at the station?
In about an hour.
Yeah Whatever.
[all] Huh?
[all scream]
Maybe longer.
Okay, the chief is skating back,
which buys us time to give everyone
a heads up about the plan.
When Harl calls about
seeing something suspicious,
Captain Bennett will send
half the station
to search the junkyard
and no one will
[Harl] Perfect timing!
See, Rooky, room for
Chief Wheeler to skateboard,
just like you asked.
Harl, this isn't
what I asked for!
We just wanted you to make a crank
emergency call to the police!
Uh, that sounds much worse
than I intended it to.
-[Rooky gasps]
What have you done
to my police station?
This is the coolest thing
I've ever seen!
Ah, well, you said
you only wanted one thing.
So you're also
gonna call me Wheelie?
This is so unfair.
No one would even know
it was his birthday
if we hadn't stolen
this gift for him.
I agree.
We should be free to go.
You stole a birthday present
for a lawman?
Sure! I steal the same gift
for everyone.
A hacksaw!
[officers cheering]
-[officer 1] Way to go!
-[Wheeler] Here you go!
Hey, hey. There you are.
Hey, heads up!
[officers cheering]
Okay, go! Way to go!
This is awesome!
Okay, everyone, back to work!
Rooky, Duke, and Harl,
may I speak to you in private, please?
I'm gonna let
Uh, I love what you've done
to the place!
[chuckles, screams]
[both grunt]
[groans, pants]
[both shriek]
[Wheeler cheering]
[Wheeler grunting, chuckles]
-[Wheeler grunts]
-[handcuffs clinking]
[panting, groaning]
You are so busted.
Oh, great.
[officers cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
Everybody stay cool
or I soak this place
with strawberry-watermelon!
You monster!
-That'll stain!
[Wheeler grunts]
[laughs, grunts]
No, no, no
[Duke] Nice job!
I can't think of a better
present than your first arrest.
Happy Birthday, Allen.
Thanks, guys.
I would have had more arrests
by this point,
but I'm really bad
at police work.
-[Braydon] Really?
-Yeah, that's what I thought.
-[sighs sharply]
[Rooky] Chief, that was amazing.
I told you I'm a better cop
on my board than on my feet.
This was the raddest
birthday ever.
Aw, for the raddest
Chief ever
Someone saw a suspicious person
at the junkyard.
Lieutenant DeTain,
Detective Partnur,
I think you two have earned
the honor of searching
the whole junkyard.
[both sigh sharply]
So, this is what
it's usually like around here?
Pretty much, dude, yeah.
Stop what you're doin', let's dance
Let's dance ♪
When you're wearin' lotsa hats
Or runnin' from bees ♪
Or even in the middle
Of surgery ♪
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