Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e14 Episode Script

The Quacken

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
[snoring continues]
[groaning, panting]
[Shifty] Jackpot!
I landed the big one!
A fresh coat of paint
and I can sell this for a fortune
at my pawn shop.
Mr. Buyyourstuff,
can you tell us exactly
what you believe you saw
this afternoon?
I was fishing for bargains
when, out of nowhere,
a beast as big as an island
of gently used merchandise
located conveniently
on the corner of 7th and Main,
rushed my boat.
It was the Quacken!
The Quacken!
Shifty's Pawn Shop! Open Sundays!
Sailors tell stories of a giant monster
they call the Quacken.
The Quacken? It's horrifying!
It destroys anything in its path!
And while there have been
no confirmed sightings of the beast,
many still believe in its existence.
In unrelated news,
world renowned archaeologist
and adventurer Jessica Sharpe
made an unexpected stop here today.
What brought her here?
We'll interrupt your programs
to keep you informed.
[tense music]
Whoa! You're welcome to use the door.
I try to make a habit
of never taking the easy way.
Good afternoon, gentlemen, I'm Jessica
Sharpe! Everyone knows who you are!
[Duke] Jessica Sharpe.
Born on the wrong side
of the tracks.
You graduated
from Smarterthan University
at the age of 20
with a degree in Adventure.
Currently recognized
as the world's
greatest archaeologist
and treasure hunter.
Welcome to our city, Ms. Sharpe.
You boys do your homework.
So you must know why I'm here?
I seek the Quaken and need your help
to bring it to justice.
We can't get involved.
It's outside our jurisdiction
and, technically,
the Quacken's done
nothing wrong.
He's right. No can do.
Unless the Quacken's attackin' your plan,
we can't be backin'.
What are you all talking about?
The Quacken doesn't exist.
It most certainly does
and I'm going to prove it.
You sure you won't join me?
You'll be missing out
on a lot of fame and fortune.
We're here to protect this city
from danger, not seek it out.
Suit yourselves, gentlemen.
I'll do it.
With or without you.
I'm with Jessica Sharpe,
adventure-seeker and overcomer
of impossible obstacles.
Jessica, what brought you
to our city so abruptly?
I'm here to finally give proof
to the existence of the Quacken
by capturing and bringing it
back here to the city.
Wow! How do you intend to do that?
I had hoped for police assistance,
but it seems I'll have to find
a different team.
But fear not, if I have to,
I will find the Quacken
and drag it back by myself!
Cut! You were great!
So inspiring.
You know, if you need a crew,
I'd start with Captain Facepatch
and the Guardian of the Oceans.
Captain who and the what now?
[Facepatch] Mop, people, mop!
The deck must be spic and span
before we break
for a spot of tea
and a civil discourse
on Renaissance poetry.
-Ooh, ooh. Can't wait!
-I prefer mopping!
[Jessica] Ahoy there!
Who amongst you has the courage
to face the Quacken?
No, thank you.
It swallows armadas for breakfast!
I would but I have
a dentist appointment tomorrow.
Think of the fame and fortune.
None of you are up
to the challenge?
-[Gabby] I'll join your crew.
I've always wanted
a life of adventure.
I can make news and report on it
at the same time.
Are you sayin' that this here Quacken hunt
is gonna be televised?
Every second of it.
Oh! Then count us in!
Everyone, we're going to be
on the telly!
Now, back to work!
The ship must
be impeccably polished.
Spit spot!
[Surly] Who made this guy captain?
We're now in the exact location
the Quacken was last spotted.
[Jessica] Excellent.
The plan is to lure it
by gobbling like scared turkeys
and throwing a giant piece
of toast overboard
as both are well known
Quacken attractors.
I've spotted it! The Quacken!
[ominous music]
This is Gabby Tocamera
live aboard the Guardian of the Oceans.
As you can see,
we have located the Quacken!
I did it! I found the Quacken!
Now to capture the beast!
Keep your cameras rolling, Gabby.
What are you doing?
Isn't this enough!
You wanted proof,
and now you have it!
I'll do it. With or without you.
I guess I'll have to capture
the Quacken by myself!
What are you doing?
You're taking us too close
to the rocks!
I didn't come this far
to turn back now!
We are in pursuit of the beast!
Any moment now, we'll be face to face
with the monster!
There it is! The Quaken!
[all screaming]
It's terrifying!
It's ferocious! It's
-[all gasp]
-A giant rubber duck?
What? It's rubber?
It's not a monster.
-[crew 1] Eh, that's not so bad.
-[Surly] Not a big deal.
[crew 2] One of those
lives in my bath tub.
[crew 3]
That's actually kinda cute.
[crew 4] Well, yellow still
makes me anxious.
Ms. Sharpe, I implore you!
Take this ship to safety!
I let my ambition
get the best of me,
and now, I've put
this entire crew in danger.
I can fix this.
[suspenseful music]
-[rubber duck squeaks]
-[all screaming]
[Facepatch] The Quacken!
Oh, no.
In an attempt
to capture the Quacken,
Jessica Sharpe has accidentally
sent it on a collision course
with the harbor.
[Gabby] Its impact
will no doubt be devastating.
What have I done?
I'm Gabby Tocamera,
Breaking News!
Ms. Sharpe ignored
all of our warnings,
and now, she's brought
a true crisis to the city.
You gotta admit, though,
a giant rubber duck
unleashing havoc on the city?
That's a totally rad crisis!
I have a plan.
I need a Sky Police helicopter
and the world's greatest cop
that isn't me.
Because the only way to stop
a giant floating monster
is with a giant floating hero.
[Grizzled] I'm approaching
the Cubby Balloon.
[Duke] Do you remember the plan?
I'm not that old.
[Grizzled] Push the Cubby
Balloon to intercept the Quacken
before it reaches the city.
Are you sure you want me
to do this?
I realize by sending Cubby
out to sea,
we may never see him again.
But that is a sacrifice
we must be willing to make
to save the city.
[sighs sharply]
Do it.
Good luck and goodbye,
old friend.
It's too fast!
We can't catch it!
We'll never stop it
from crashing into the city!
We can see the city
on the horizon!
I estimate impact
in less than two minutes!
There it is!
See? I was telling the truth
And I'll happily recount my tale
with any purchase made
at Shifty's Pawn Shop.
Open daily nine to five!
The air current coming in
off the water
is making it hard
to control the helicopter
and Cubby!
[wind whooshing]
I've gotta turn back!
[Grizzled] I can't fight
these shifting winds!
[car engine revving]
-[tires screeching]
There goes out last hope.
Look! The Quacken!
-[girls screaming]
[all screaming]
[dramatic music]
-[Shifty] Look, again!
-All right!
Get him, Cubby!
[Gabby] We're in city harbor
where Cubby is challenging
the Quacken
to a monster beatdown.
Who will be victorious?
[rubber duck squeaks]
That be it?
Disappointed, I be.
[crowd] Cubby! Cubby! Cubby!
The Quacken went that way,
Ms. Sharpe.
Don't you have some chasing
to do?
Please, call me Jessie.
And I admit,
I've been terribly reckless
in my need to capture
the Quacken.
I was only thinking
about fame and fortune,
and wasn't considering the
well-being of the good people
of this wonderful city.
Sounds like
you learned a valuable lesson.
Adventuring isn't only
about what you have to gain,
but what you have to lose.
To succeed,
sometimes, we have to
make enormous sacrifices.
[Duke] Isn't that right, Cubby?
Welcome home, buddy!
[Facepatch] Come on, men!
Let's follow Cubby
back into the city
for a night
of polite celebration
and reasonably portioned meals.
[all crew] Huzzah!
Are these pirate outfits
ours to keep?
[Gabby] And so concludes
Breaking News.
I'm Gabby Tocamera,
and I'm looking forward
to transitioning back
to full-time news anchor
behind my nice, dry desk.
Shifty's Pawn Shop!
Open Sundays!
[closing theme music plays]
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