Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e15 Episode Script

The Treasure of Nosepatch

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
[Rooky] I love the night shift.
The city's so quiet.
-Nothing but the sound of
Grizzled, can you stop slurping?
It's coffee. I have to slurp it.
It's iced coffee!
I don't want to get a brain freeze.
And I'm trying to stay awake.
Oh, I know
what will keep us awake.
Looking at my family
photo album.
That's my Great-Great Aunt Judy
who planted the first tree
in City Center Square.
Here's Great Uncle Larry
who chopped down that tree
and used it to build
the first public library.
And there's Aunt Sue!
She invented the late fee.
-[car horn beeps]
-So many sheep
If you're gonna talk
about your relatives,
I need more coffee!
You know, I just realized,
all my relatives made
their mark on this city,
but I haven't yet.
That jelly donut you ate
made a mark on your uniform.
I'm talking about doing
something positive for the city
that people
will remember forever.
-[alarm wailing]
-A pirate just robbed that mansion!
Times must be tough
if pirates are committing
land-based crimes.
[Rooky and Grizzled panting]
Arr? Arr!
Keep going! I know a short cut.
[Bilgewater grunting]
[Rooky] How do you find
these shortcuts?
I hate running.
-[Rooky] Who are you, pirate?
-Arr! Arr!
Why were you stealing this peg leg?
Tell us what we want to know!
I'll never tell ya.
My name's One-Eyed Bilgewater
and I stole the peg leg
because it leads
to the lost treasure
of Captain Nosepatch!
Uh You just did.
Well, I certainly won't tell you
that another pirate hired me
to steal it.
You just did.
Double blimey!
Well, did I tell you
I was meeting him this Thursday
on the Guardian
of the Oceans vessel?
-Not yet.
-And I never will!
You know what this means?
That this pirate should be called
"One-Eyed Spill-The-Beans?"
Nosepatch's treasure is one of the
great unsolved mysteries of the city!
We find it, I make my mark!
Slow down, jelly donut.
First, we gotta find
the pirate who hired him.
You'll never find him!
It's Thursday,
which is pirate day on his ship,
so everyone on board
is dressed as a pirate!
Then we'll go undercover
as pirates.
The plan is to go undercover as pirates,
find One-Eyed's contact,
and recover the treasure.
So, why are you dressed
like you're going on a tropical vacation?
Always wanted to take a cruise.
[Billy] Avast,
you scurvy scalliwags!
You barnacle-sucking bilge rats!
Whoa. Hey!
What's with the insults?
Actually, in pirate,
"Barnacle-sucking bilge rats"
is quite a compliment.
Oh. Uh
Thank you?
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Captain Facepatch,
and this is my first mate,
Billy Bones.
And who be ye,
smelly sea urchins?
I'm Miss
Miss Behavior.
Because I'm, uh, really bad.
I'm Grizzled.
Because I'm Grizzled.
Well, welcome aboard.
Billy here will show you
the ropes.
Here's the big rope,
small rope, and jump rope.
-Any questions?
Where's the Party Deck?
We don't have a Party Deck.
Guess I'll have to make one.
Ahoy there, mateys!
You salty pretzels
don't know the combination
to Davy Jones' locker, do you?
I'm sorry, what did you say?
I hear there may be
some booty on the poop deck!
We have no idea
what you're saying.
I'm sorry.
I'm not fluent in pirate.
Neither are we.
We're just here
for "Pirate Thursday."
I'm an accountant.
I'm a chiropractor!
Online chiropractor!
Miss Behavior,
will ye be joining us
for the Top Pirate Challenge?
Sure, you big pile
of whale vomit!
[both gasp]
What, I was speaking pirate!
I was trying to give you
a compliment.
Eh. In pirate, "whale vomit"
means "whale vomit."
[Billy] Alright, everyone,
gather around.
It's time
for our first pirate activity.
Cannon shooting.
-Oh, yeah, awesome!
-[all cheering]
Before we get started,
repeat after me.
"I will not shoot other pirates
out of the cannon."
[all] I will not shoot
other pirates
out of the cannon.
Okay. Now, load your cannons and
-[Surly grunts]
-[cannon fires]
-[Wanda screams]
[water splashes]
-[Surly] That was great!
-[Wanda] I wanna go again!
You shot other pirates
out of the cannon!
Ai-yi-yi, we did not sign up
to be pirates
to follow the rules!
-[both laugh]
Is there anyone
who didn't shoot a pirate
out of their cannon?
I didn't even fire
my cannon yet.
Perfect! Then fire away!
[cannon fires]
-[water splashing]
-[Billy] That went really far!
Miss Behavior wins!
Nice job,
ya smelly octopus armpit!
He's never called me
a "smelly octopus armpit."
Teacher's pet.
What kind of pirate
might ye be, eh?
Tropical pirate.
I'm plundering
the sun's golden rays.
I want to steal the sun's gold!
Then you need
to defend yourself.
What? Cutlass?
Ah, SPF 50.
You are a wise pirate.
This next pirate activity
be called "Dodge the barrels."
[exciting music]
Miss Behavior wins again!
You're on track to be Top Pirate
and learn all the secrets
of the ship!
Ooh! I want to be Top Pirate!
Then you'll have to pass
the final challenge,
-[cannon fires]
Stop shooting each other
out of cannons!
[Wanda] It's just so much fun!
[Billy] Captain, this sea dog
wants to be Top Pirate.
Oh, do you think you can pass
the challenge
-of the Captain's Cutlasses?
Then juggle!
Whoa. Whoa!
This is tricky!
You think this is tricky?
The old challenge
was shark boxing!
Hey! I'm getting
the hang of this!
She can't take
much more, Captain!
-We shall see!
Twenty-five cutlasses?
That's a new record!
Everyone, we have
a new Top Pirate!
[all cheering]
Uh, you can stop juggling
the cutlasses now.
Actually, I can't!
She's gonna blow!
-[Rooky gasping]
-[all screaming]
[both grunting]
Now, to become
the official Top Pirate,
I must anoint you
with the sacred peg leg
of Captain Nosepatch!
Hey! That peg leg
is the same as mine!
Redbeard's ghost!
It's the other lost peg leg
of Captain Nosepatch!
Do you know what this means?
-He had a hard time walking?
-Uh, no.
It means we have the complete
map to his lost treasure!
Wait a second.
This looks like a map
of the harbor.
And this "X" means
the treasure
is just below the ship!
To the submarine!
Billy, who knows what dangers
we'll encounter down there?
This sub only has enough oxygen
for six hours.
If you haven't heard
from us by sunset,
assume the worst.
[Facepatch] Now, lower us down!
[water splashes]
[Facepatch] Hooray!
We found the treasure!
Which means
I found my bad guy!
What is the meaning of this?
You hired One-Eyed Bilgewater
to steal the peg leg
from the mansion!
I don't know
a One-Eyed Bilgewater!
Don't play dumb.
This was your master plan
to find the treasure!
Actually, it was my master plan!
-[both] Billy?
I hired One-Eyed Bilgewater.
Our plan was to also steal
Facepatch's peg leg
to find the treasure
and keep it for ourselves!
But then the police
came aboard, didn't ye?
You knew I was a cop all along?
Ever since "dodge the barrels."
You dropped your badge.
Now, the treasure is mine!
Oh, and I'll also be
stealing this submarine,
if ye don't mind.
Oh, I mind, Billy!
[both grunting]
You're shark food now!
Sorry, buddy,
that shuffleboard disk
got away from me.
Great work, Grizzled!
You caught
the criminal mastermind.
Who? Billy?
Right. I knew that.
Less talk,
more treasure opening!
Spit spot.
[Grizzled] It's just a bunch
of old doorknobs.
Gold doorknobs!
What is it
with this city and doors?
These must be worth millions.
Eh, it's no chocolate fountain.
[Wheeler] Rad work, Rooky!
You found the lost treasure
of Nosepatch!
Thanks, Chief!
I finally made my mark
on the city.
And I made a mark
on Billy's face!
Ye sure did!
[all laugh]
-[cannon fires]
-[screaming in distance]
I said stop shooting each other
out of cannons!
[closing theme music plays]
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