Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e16 Episode Script

Brickmuda Heptagon

[opening theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
Welcome to the dedication ceremony
to launch our city's new deep sea vessel
in honor of Lt. Duke DeTain,
Chief Freya McCloud, and Harl Hubbs!
[crowd cheering]
These three great heroes
have protected our city once again,
this time by preventing
a run-away lawnmower
from ruining some daffodils
outside the post office.
[crowd cheering]
Being honored is always nice,
but isn't this a bit much
for steering a mower
away from some flowers?
Yeah, all I did
was shoulder roll and switch it off.
And I was just honored last week
for building that lawnmower.
Today, our heroes stand aboard a vessel
that will explore the oceans,
deliver goods from around the world,
and also host fun pirate-themed cruises
every Thursday.
-I love pirate cruises!
-[man #1] I work on Thursdays!
Speaking of which,
I would now like to introduce
an actual descendant
of the infamous pirate, Nosepatch,
the man who will helm this mighty ship,
Captain Facepatch!
Yarr! [clears throat]
Pardon me, I swallowed a thread.
While it is true
I have pirate blood in my veins,
it is my hope to rebrand
the pirate's image
with good manners, excellent posture,
and impeccable skin care.
And now, to bring
this dedication ceremony to a close,
we honor these three
guardians of our city
by designating this vessel,
"Guardian of the Oceans!"
Uh Oh. [clears throat]
Well, it seems my dedicating arm is sore
from those twelve
other dedication ceremonies
we had this morning.
[baby cooing]
I'll do it!
No one dedicates things
better than Tread Octane.
Those are strong words, Tread.
Oh, yeah? Then I challenge
those words to a race!
[engine revving]
Ha! I won!
I think! I lost track
of what I was competing against!
Photo op time, Mr. Mayor.
Let's get you aboard,
waving with our heroes.
I can't.
My dedicating arm is also my waving arm.
Plus the ship is gone.
[both gasp]
[all gasp]
So, is this a normal part
of the dedication ceremony?
You know, drifting randomly out to sea?
I'm gonna say, "No."
We need to get back to the city.
The city I haven't seen land in years.
Our heroes are lost,
and my dedicating arm is still useless.
This could cause mass panic.
Panic? Not panic!
[McCloud] Come in! Come in!
This is Chief McCloud!
Good afternoon!
This is Captain Facepatch speaking.
[McCloud] Send food! Water! And land!
No need, old fellow.
I can get you back, not only safely,
but remarkably well-mannered.
[Duke] Thank you, Captain. What do we do?
Well, it's quite simple, really
Just aim to bow 39 degrees
south of the Prime Meridian
and maintain 19 knots on your run.
If there's a southern wind,
tighten the starboard cleats
and raise the jibs
And then
But, whatever you do, don't
Wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy
I was surprised to see
a taco that large
And that's it! Easy peasy!
Oh, sorry, one last crucial
piece of information
Hello? Hello? Captain?
I understood six of those words.
That's it. We're lost at sea.
I'll never see maw and paw again.
Or Uncle Susie and Aunt Gary.
Okay. Duke, Harl,
I need four coat hangers,
copper polish, a giant
Styrofoam poodle head,
and a tin of sardines!
And you want us
to find this stuff on an unstocked boat
they just finished building yesterday?
Right. Sorry. Come on, guys.
How hard can it be to power up, navigate,
and steer a massive
deep sea exploration vessel?
Yeah, remember, we stopped a lawnmower!
A whole lawnmower! To the engine room!
This is high tech.
Have you ever seen
anything like this before?
Nope, but everything I have seen
I hadn't seen before I ever saw it.
-So how do we start the engine?
-A wrench!
A handyman's best pal!
Okay, we're in Harl's world now!
I just need to pull this lever,
push this button, then loosen this valve,
and the engine should start on three.
One, two, three!
[Harl] Thank goodness you're okay!
[Duke] Yeah, we're fine.
[Harl] Sorry, I was talking to the wrench.
[Wheeler] Dudes, the radio
signal's slammed.
This is a serious bummer.
Oh, dear.
I'm afraid it's about
to get quite a bit bummier.
According to the radar,
the ship is drifting
toward the Brickmuda Heptagon.
Wait, what's a Brickmuda Heptagon?
It's a large, mythic area of ocean
where, for centuries, ships, planes,
and single socks
have mysteriously vanished.
It's a way uncool place, bro.
This is a job for the Sky Police!
[Wheeler] Allen, bro,
you've almost reached
the Brickmuda Heptagon.
But I promised my mother
I'd never enter anything
with more than six sides!
Okay, we may not have an engine,
but we can still steer.
Yes. We'll just turn the ship around
-and drift back toward home.
What'd ya say?
Oh, I agree, Wrenchy.
This is very scary.
I don't know how I'm keeping
my wits about me, either.
We're moving too slow.
The wheel won't budge!
Stand back. I got this.
[grunting continues]
Okay. No. Maybe not.
That was embarrassing.
I'm glad the kids aren't watching.
[Harl] Wrenchy, should we be worried
about that ominous wall of fog?
I only ask because of its ominousness.
It's the Brickmuda Heptagon!
It swallows ships, planes, and socks!
We're going in!
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[Harl] Nothing is ever hopeless.
[Duke] Agreed. We'll get out of this.
I was talking to Wrenchy.
-Wait, listen!
-[helicopter droning]
[whirring stops]
That went better
than how I thought it would!
I am here to rescue you!
Okay, now it's hopeless.
Whoa! Allen, dude, come in!
S'up? Dude!
Oh. [sighs]
It's time to tell the city
their heroes are lost
in the Brickmuda Heptagon.
[Duke] Some heroes we turned out to be.
Defeated by mist.
I don't know where we went wrong,
except in every decision we made.
So, you tried Freya's way,
then Harl's way,
then Duke's way,
and each one failed?
You should try my way,
which is not to try
because I know I'll fail.
It's a real time saver.
You're right, Wrenchy.
We tried all of our ways one at a time
when we should have tried them
at the same time.
Hey, great idea, Wrenchy.
So now, you're talking to him?
Oh, right, sorry.
No, I was talking to Wrenchy.
It is with a heavy heart
and even heavier arm
that I must tell you
our remarkable heroes,
well, basically, we misplaced them.
[crowd gasp]
Yes, our city's best are lost at sea.
[man #2] What are we gonna do
without them?
-[man #3] Oh, man! No way!
-And Allen.
Allen of Sky Police is also lost.
[tense music]
[wrench clinking]
That's the best I can do
with the parts we have.
Okay, Freya, we're all set here.
Are you sure you can steer,
chart our course,
-and navigate the ship?
-I hope so.
Allen, are you ready
to not be involved at all?
I'm completely out of the way!
Okay, Duke, shoulder roll!
Shoulder roll like
you've never shoulder rolled before!
[electricity crackling]
Come on, Wrenchy!
We have to stop this thing
from falling apart
under the strain!
Bob, Clemmons, I need
No, wait, um
Freya! I need the closest way
out of the Heptagon!
Forty degrees northeast.
On it.
[suspenseful music]
[light music]
And between auto parts and handcuffs,
the loss of Lt. Duke DeTain
is also a tragic blow
to the city's steel factories.
What? Duke is really gone?
Ha-ha! To the getaway boat!
-Ow! Ahh!
-[ship horn blaring]
[all cheering]
We're home! You did it, Wrenchy!
They're back,
and my dedicating arm healed!
We should have another ceremony!
Returning our heroes to us
is the most heroic act of all!
Thank you!
It was nothing, Mr. Mayor.
I was talking to the wrench.
[crowd] Wrenchy! Wrenchy!
Wrenchy! Wrenchy!
Wrenchy! Wrenchy! Wrenchy! Wrenchy!
[closing theme music]
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